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About me

I am a self proclaimed neo-hippie. I prefer to grow my own food, and try to support the local small farmer. i have a love for incence, paisley prints, and sitting in candlelight listening to music. I like listening to ideas, and how others see the world. I try to learn something new everyday. I consider myself restless because being idle makes me feel like i have wasted a precious gift, the gift of time. i am definetly happiest being able to experience the world and learn more about it. I like to surround my self with order and beauty, and i cherish the diversity i find in my friends. I am at peace when my loved ones are happy, and very sensitive to when they are not. I find God in the vastness of the sky, the touch of a breeze, and the smiles of my children. I am amazed by the beauty of the world, and the complexity of its creation; a divine balance in which we can all "be".
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