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Born and raised in OH. Have always found the details of life magical. Used to find treasures and keep them hidden in special places; sometimes I even buried them! I would read instead of play and get lost in my own world. Loved to draw and kept drawings on chalk boards. College taught me that teaching art would restrain me so I just decided to teach and use art for pleasure and gifts.Found soulmate in Kansas and have shared 34 years of joy and sorrow as well as our strong faith in Christ. We are blessed with a married daughter and two adventurous sons. I retired early due to a chronic illness that complicates life as well as opens doors to new opportunities. I value family and friends and love to laugh! I still fill my life with treasures and use them to make art.I have been published and sell things as I please. Most of all I need to still take classes, read inspiring books, see other's interpretations of life and get to know my children, husband and those I love. Photography, collage, journaling, and travel help me to accomplish my goals.
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