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Member Since August 2007, 656 forum posts, 28 public projects

Location: Georgia

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About me

cute little dogs, scrapbooks, pillows, amy butler, anthropologie, attention to detail, dale jr, quilts, cupcakes, rainy nights, crushed ice, lemonade, photographs, eyeliner, yummy mexican food, anderson cooper, little surprises, bed head, snail mail, the lingering scent of perfume, nostalgia, unexpected art, indie artists, mix cds, delayed reactions, forever 21, randomness, dancing, whispers in the ear, vintage, dane cook, movie marathons, double takes and second glances, lightning storms, clever wit, white tshirts, domino magazine, inside jokes, sarcasm, chips and salsa, silly nicknames, knowing the lyrics to a song, necklaces, flats, breezy days, hand holding, dark hair
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