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As a full time college student with two jobs on the side, scrapbooking is my anti-stress and also my passion. When I first began, my style was simple and clean but has now evolved into a more intricate and detailed canvas of my personality. Although I've always been creative I haven't continuously been in to the scrapbooking side of art. My creativity has ranged anywhere from painting, free hand drawing, charcoal drawing and much more. I consider myself fortunate to have the experience of working with a Creative Imaginations scrapbook product designer. Not only have I been exposed to many different techniques and styles but that exposure has caused my creativity to extend outside the box. My scrapbooking styles and tastes are not the same as they were when I started scrapbooking over 3 years ago and thankfully so. I've moved from rustic, natural, and simple to my current obsession of bright and elaborate.
That being said about the artsy side of my life, I just recently moved to Salina from Assaria which I have lived for over 8 years. I attend K-State Salina where by spring of 2008 I will have my associate degree in business management. After that is achieved I will move to Topeka to acheive a degree in elementary education.
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