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Member Since April 2002, 21,473 forum posts, 254 public projects

Location: Western Washington

PeaNut Number: 36135

PeaBoard Title: A Marvelous OlymPEAn

About me

I am married to my high school sweetheart. I found two peas in February 2002 and it was the best life-changing day. I was one that pea?d from work religiously. It was my two peas time, so it was hard for me to become pretty much a lurker when my other life-changing event happened: having our first baby in February. I also at that time became a SAHM (thus not having the job I use to pea from). I also started my own photo biz back in April. Having a little one doesn?t allow for much computer time, but now that he is older, I am hoping to get back into the swing of scrapping, publication and posting layouts and posts!

Oh and due to the new publication rules for many of the mags, i do not tend to post much of my recent stuff, if you wanna see new stuff, email me
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