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Hi! I live near Zeeland, MI. I've been married for 4 years to a wonderful guy, have 2 boys- 4 and 1. I used to train horses and went to college for horse farm management, but now I work in a factory. I love to scrapbook and craft things. This year I started as small business, blue tulip design, and I do wedding invitations and other correspondence. I'm really really excited about it! I also design things for people (T shirts, detailing, even a couple tattoos!). I get a lot of joy from art and serving people. Which is why I'm always busy, because I can't say no! I hate using capitals, but now that I have a better job, I'm trying to type like an adult. I also hate poor spelling and bad grammar, but my mind moves faster than I can type and so sometimes I drive myself crazy when I see what I've written. I really should start editing before hitting that submit button!
Anyway, hello, it's nice to be here and meet everyone! i've learned so much already!
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