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Member Since October 2008, 242 forum posts, 45 public projects

Location: Okinawa, Japan

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About me

My name is Christina, but my family and friends call me Chrissy. I am a domestic miracle worker and a full time college student. I am the wife to one and the mother to 4 and a cat. I am veteran of the Marine Corps but have a soft girly side too!

A few things to describe me: I love fuzzy blankets and good books. Warm fire places and hot cocoa. Hugs and kisses. Belly laughs and boyish giggles. Learning and teaching. Sunny days and summer nights. Patterned paper and embellishments. Scissors and stamps.

My family gives me the best motivation, inspiration, and exasperation (sometimes!). I love to put the "everday" moments onto paper. The big events and "to-do's" provide some inspiration to me; but I prefer the more candid, everyday real life moments.

This wonderful (and addicting) hobby is my creative release and I love just about every moment involved in the creative process. I cannot really define my "style". I like to take a bit of inspiration from others and tweak it to my preferences. I am still in the process of defining myself in regards to papercrafting. I'm sure it will be an interest journey. Feel free to join me in the adventure on my blog!
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