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Hi Everyone! ..... My name is Elaine and I joined Two Peas in a in 2009, but really didn't get into the Gallery, I just bought my scrapbooking supplies from here. One day I started to look through the gallery at all the beautiful LO's and nice pictures and I said to myself, hey, this is interesting and fun and also you get great idea's from looking at other people's projects. I started scrapbooking in 2003 when my granddaughter was born, I really didn't know much about it, only from what I saw on QVC. After watching QVC for about a year I purchased a scrapbooking kit from them. When I got it I started working on the pictures and embellishments, when I thought I was done with the page I sat back and looked at it .... I said to myself ... Wait! ... something doesn't look right. Well I was right, I forgot to use paper, you know card stock or patterned papers, I did all the work on the plain white sheet of paper that was in the page protecter's ... All that hard work I thought, how stupid could I be. I left that page alone, this way no matter how bad a LO I had, it couldn't be as bad as that one with no paper.... Both my husband and I have health problems that prevent us from doing all the things we once loved doing. My husband found an interest with the computer and I live and eat scrapping. I just love it! ...... Oh and do I love buying things for it, I have to watch it, it can become expensive , but we all know that ... right? ... This gave me something to look forward to now, our son lives far enough from us that we don't see him and the family on a daily basis, so maybe once a month we go and stay for a few days by them. I not only love scrapping, but my granddaughter could look at picture's over and over again, she loves looking at picture's.....Whew Lucky me Hope you come and visit with me.... Happy Scrapping to everyone!

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