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About me: hmm well I love to laugh, I trust too much, I wear my heart on my sleeve, I care about animals, and causes! I love to shop and love fashion, I read my People magazine cover to cover every week. I love the web site PerezHilton,com I love Hollywood Gossip, and I am crazy about reality TV. I have the best friend in the world and her name is Glenda. I am obsessed with Bruce Springsteen. My favorite color is RED! I am a Libra and I read my horoscope everyday! I love extra butter on my popcorn at the movies. I love GOOD COFFEE... I love Charleston South Carolina. I have a tatoo. I now have to wear reading glasses and would text way before tlaking on my phone. I love to have a clean house, and love CANDLES! My favorite holiday to decorate is Halloween. Sometimes I always think the best in people. I have a the best pet Katie (she is a black and white cat. My favorite job is being a Mom and I think it is acutally the one thing I did really good in my life. I have a bucket list. I ove to scrapbook it has become my obsession. I have always wanted to be left handed and some people say I laugh like Julia Roberts?! I have over 100 pair of flip flops it is a problem I have. I have met the man of my dreams I call him Greg and fiance! I prefer cats over dogs, but love ALL animals. I LOVE NEW YORK and Broadway. I am a true romantic and still believe Happily ever after does exsist. I would die 100 deaths for my children and care about good changes in this world for their future. I live to scrapbook. I have dreams and hopes and regrets. I always choose a comedy or love story over drama or scarey. I am always the first one to cry at a movie! I love a good debate, I think all people should be treated equally, I don't believe in the Death Penalty. I have loved and been loved. I enjoy taking pictures and laughing every single day. I enjoy my friends and family. I care about this earth and I believe in God. I have two Great loves, and their names are: Ashley and Jacob
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