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Mile Hi Pea

Member Since February 2009, 234 forum posts, 73 public projects

Location: Colorado

PeaNut Number: 411579

PeaBoard Title: PeaNut

About me

I have lived in Colorado my entire life, well should I say from about 3 on up, not a native. Born in Missouri.
Married 24 years with 2 young adults, one daughter, one son. Both in college so needless to say, always broke!!
Have a 2.5 year old pup named Hunter, and yes, he is a weiner dog. So CUTE!
I do scrapbooking for myself and 6 fold books for friends which include: wedding, vacation, graduation, baby and dog books. I also do wedding, party, graduation, baby announcements and birthday invitations and when I have time for myself , I do digital and traditional scrapbooking.
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