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Member Badges

My 5th Pea Anniversary
First earned June 2014
This badge is earned by being awesome. Oh, and being here for more than 5 years. :D

iPhoned Home
First earned March 2014
This badge is for peas that went mobile. :D

Count: 1
Tool School Mini Workshop with Jen Gallacher
First earned June 2013
This badge is earned by purchasing the Tool School workshop and by participating in its creative challenges.

Count: 1
CHA Summer '12 Ready!
First earned July 2012
This badge is earned by being one of the very first Peas to our online social. Welcome to the party!

Count: 12
CHA Gallery Artist
First earned July 2012
Earned by uploading to the gallery during our CHA social! You keep this an inspiring place.

Discussion Starter 2011
First earned January 2012
This badge was earned by creating a discussion on one of our craft-related boards that resulted in a lot of buzz and chatter!

Count: 1
March 2011 Online Crop
First earned March 2011
This badge is earned when participating in the March Online Crop challenges as well as the chats on the Garden Girl message board.
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