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Member Badges

My 4th Pea Anniversary
First earned July 2013
This badge is earned by being awesome. Oh, and being here for more than 4 years. :D

Count: 1
CHA Summer '12 Ready!
First earned July 2012
This badge is earned by being one of the very first Peas to our online social. Welcome to the party!

Count: 4
CHA Gallery Artist
First earned July 2012
Earned by uploading to the gallery during our CHA social! You keep this an inspiring place.

Count: 1
Glitter Girl Challenge 2011
First earned April 2012
This badge is earned when taking on a challenge from Glitter Girl, Two Peas' very own superhero helping the world one crafty dilemma at a time!

Count: 1
Top Gallery Poster 2011
First earned January 2012
This badge was earned by Peas who consistently shared their masterpieces in our member gallery in 2011. They are our heroes.

Count: 4
March 2011 Online Crop
First earned March 2011
This badge is earned when participating in the March Online Crop challenges as well as the chats on the Garden Girl message board.
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