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Location: Germany

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About me

Hello everyone! My name is Tine (short for Kristine), i'm 25 years old (1987) and I come from and live in the Northern part of Germany. I started to get to know scrapbooking end of 2009 but didn't do much. In early 2011 i started to get really really hypnotize with Scrapbooking and started a more professional scrapbooking thingy. In July 2011 i got the chance to be part of one big german Scrapbooking shop which made it possible for me to scrap more often. In January 2012 i was also picked for the Designteam of THE german Scrapbooking magazine. I'm very happy about that. As i don't have children my favourite topic to scrap about is my relationship to my boyfriend Kagiso. He comes from and lives in South Africa. Since end of 2008 we have a far distance relationship and do our best to change that in the nearer future...

For my future I hope to learn more and and more about Scrapbooking and get the chance to experience way more.

Sorry for my bad English though...i try to improve my English but it takes a while...

If you are interested in my Scrapbooking Art, feel free to visit my blog: (Lerato is a Sotho name and means LOVE)

My blog is in german but there is a possibility to translate it (click on the right)

Greetz from Germany

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