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Member Since November 2012, 1,271 forum posts, 231 public projects

Location: Blink in the Road

PeaNut Number: 572322

PeaBoard Title: PeaAddict

About me

Mother-and with that, cleaning, laundry, ball games, dance lessons, fixing boo boos, handing out money(I'm a walking ATM), dishes, making beds, grocery shopping, (Where's my husband? Shouldn't he being doing some of this?) Feed the pets, MORE laundry, pick a kid up from school, PTA meetings, booster club meetings, Oh feed those little people again....... NEED I SAY MORE. Oh and I do work a "real" job. I'm a librarian.
Wife to One for 19 Years
Supermom to Three
Fabulous Friend to Many
Amatuer Scrapbooker at Best
Small town Gal who LOVES to travel.
My family is my priority so scrapbooking is sometimes on the back burner due to the functions my children are involved in. So, swaps give me an excuse cause it's not just for me, right?
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