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About me

Hello, my name is Paola and I have always loved craft and photography.
I met scrapbooking in 2002, because of a friend of mine who told me about a new hobby in America.
When I started scrapping, in Italy there were only few scrappers, no scrapbooking material available, so we were all in contact in a virtual group on the web so we could exchanged ideas, shared techniques and materials.
During this period I have learned to use the web to share my passion, my creativity and my fantasy!
I’ve not a defined style because I love to experiment with new techniques and styles.
In my layouts the photo is the most important element. I like to tell about me and about my life through my favorites photos.
The techniques I prefer are based on paper, my favorite material. I like to decorate with borders of various shapes, to dye paper and chipboard with ink pads, I love graphic and eclectic rubber stamps, recycled materials, but my favorite technique is the binding and construction of mini album starting from paper and cardboard.
I take inspiration from ... from the things I use and I see in my everyday life! I see an object that inspires me and then.. I use the inspiration to create a scrap project! It 's a fun game!
Scrapbooking for me… is not a simple hobby.. it is a way to look at my past and my experience through pictures of our memories .. and remember only the good memories!
So, every project becomes a work of art. The only thing we really need for scrapbooking is not technique or material, but our heart!
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