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Member Since December 2002, 34 forum posts, 91 public projects

Location: Richmond, VA

PeaNut Number: 58946

PeaBoard Title: PeaNut

About me

10 things about me...
1. I have an irrational fear of birds
2. Grande vanilla latte, non-fat, extra hot is my drink of choice at Starbucks
3. Don't eat red meat
4. Nikon gal
5. Purple or red are my fav colors
6. Am not quite as type A highlighted, bolded, underlined as I was BC (before children)
7. Don't know how to answer the "where are you from question" without much bumbling
8. Would choose snow and cold any day over heat and humidity (so much for being a baby of the tropics; I was born in Malaysia and grew up in Hong Kong but am not a military brat)
9. Milk is vile
10. Worry about this world that my children are growing up in
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