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About me

I have a wonderful supportive husband and a beautiful little girl Ava. Ava will be turning 1 in June of 2008! it went by so fast!! We are expecting our next baby, a little boy, in Octoboer of 2008.

I have a Bachelor's degree in Behavioral and Social Sciences with 4 different minors, including Judaic Studies and Sociology. I work in a Psychiatric unit as a Behavioral Health Assistant. I love my job, but I'm pretty sure I don't want to work in the Psych unit forever. I also work as a Tech in the Emergency Room, where I have really found enjoyment in my job. So I'm going to go back to school next year for my RN and I would love to be a critical care nurse or work in the ER. I think it would be a great accomplishment to someday be a flight nurse on a Med-Flight team!
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