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tina cockburn

Member Since July 2003, 991 forum posts, 331 public projects

Location: San Diego

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About me

I am a SAHM to three beautiful chocolate babies and wife to the sexiest Trinidadian man alive. I love to scrap, sing and play with my kids, and to walk slowly with my hubby's hand in mine. I love a cold margarita with salt, Starbucks chai lattes, sushi, vanilla ice cream with fresh blueberries, and Honey Nut cheerios in the morning. I don't like mean people, bad drivers, rude neighbors or telemarketers. I love long, slow, deep, wet kisses from the man who loves me so (um, that's my husband), and I love to feel my kids' arms around my neck. I have ugly toes and lots of gray hair, and the laundry around here is always piled high. Okay. I think that's enough for now.
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