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Scrapbook a Student's Work

All of us have been students at one time or know someone who is.  With education being such a big part of our lives, there is also the schoolwork that we save from that experience and we don't always know what to do with it.

For this challenge, I encourage you to use someone's schoolwork and use it on a scrapbook page.

This can be any sort of school assignment, project, or whatever.  Some examples might be a child's artwork, the first time  they wrote their name, a worksheet (like I did in my page), a science project (or anything you took a photo of), a journal or diary kept in the classroom, or pictures of participation in a concert or music program.

This could also be done with work done by teens, such as a term/research paper, photos of them giving speeches for debate, a history bee, an art project, etc.

Don't forget yourself, either...perhaps you would rather do a page about a final project you did in college for photography, engineering lab, or something else.   You get the idea.


Let's see what your take on the challenge is!  You have until Tuesday, Sept. 1st to complete it!! 

Here is my page.  I scanned a worksheet my daugher brought home and used it as part of  the layout.  I hope you guys like it:

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