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Meet Bailey

It has been almost 1 month and half since I last posted! Mid terms wiped me out and I am gearing up for finals for the next three weeks! I can not wait until the 26th! my last day of class!


Project Scraproom is still going. I have been wrapping my ribbon when I give myself a break from studying. When classes are done it will be back in full effect!

Since all of this I finally have my first dog ever! Meet Bailey


This is Bailey his first day home! I made him a sign to welcome him!! lol I could not sleep and my stomach hurt so bad!

He was 2lbs and 8wks old. He is such a good boy! The breeder's daughter started teaching the litter to sit so that is how I got him to sit long enough for this picture! We have had him a month now and he is 3lbs and so very cute! He has started to develop grey on top of his head so I am excited for that and he is biting everything in sight and very nosey! lol

I love him so much!

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