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WSW13 Snow White Challenge

Challenge Dates:  June 8 - June 17  - This challenge closes on 2Peas time - 12am CST (10pm PST)

Welcome to the Snow White Challenge!

Challenge:   This challenge cannot get much simpler!

Create a card or tag using any technique, product or theme you like.  The twist to this challenge is that there is no white allowed! 

You also cannot use white’s cousins: natural, off-white, eggshell, ecru, or any other name like that.  No white embellishments or ink either. 

Your project must include a stamped image or images.   A sentiment does not count.  

Any other color, including Kraft is ok.  This challenge is limited to cards or tags. (no scrapbook pages)


Have fun!  I look forward to seeing what you come up with.

Other Requirements:  

1. Must be a NEW project created specifically for WSW13.    

2. Upload your project to the Stamping gallery and link to the WSW13 Snow White challenge. 

3: Post a link to your project in the discussion thread:    HERE

4. Leave Praise for at least 2 other participants on this challenge.

Can project be combined with other WSW Challenges?:    Yes

Additional Comments:   

I decided to host this challenge with short notice, but was so fortunate to have some lovely peas allow me to use their projects as inspiration.

Feel free to leave them some praise for their part in WSW13.  They also have beautiful projects in their galleries, along with other examples of projects with no white on them.  

(I put the links in the discussion thread to make it easier for me.  If I can figure it out without wrecking this blog post that has already been linked to the WSW13 badge, I will  put the links here soon)

Other:  There will be a small RAK.  


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SOF 11 - Embossed Art!


***THIS CHALLENGE CLOSES AT 12 am CST Two Peas time (10 pm PST)***


 Challenge dates: 1 October 2011 – 16 October 2011

ART = Whatever you want it to be, right?

Welcome to the Embossed Art! challenge.  It is my very first challenge and it was inspired by these projects:

Project 1 by Vanessa Spencer

Project 2 by Vanessa Spencer 

 The Challenge:

Create a piece of *mixed media-like* art, and then add some stamped embossing.  Or you can also attach some sort of stamped embossed element to your art.  Fancy it up as little or as much as you want. 

It does not have to be a card.  It can be anything you want, as long as you stamp emboss on it.  Embossed words on your project count towards the challenge, too.

Use any coloring medium you want (paint, ink, markers, crayons, pencils, etc).

10/01/11 ETA:  You can heat emboss, wet emboss, or dry emboss for the challenge.  Just as long as you have stamped *something* on your project. 

Some possible *tools* for creating your art:

Bubble wrap, scrunched up foil or wax paper, pencil eraser tips, paper clips, background stamps, forks, masks, netting, rubber shelf liner, etc.  Let your imagination run wild!

Your project does not have to be mixed-media.  It just needs to *look* like mixed media.

  Other Requirements:

1.  It must be a new project created for Stamptoberfest 2011.

2.  Upload your creation to the Stamping gallery and click the SOF11 - Embossed Art! challenge

3.  Be sure to let us know what items you used to create your art.

4:  Post a link to your project in the discussion thread.


Can project be combined with other SOF challenges?:   

Yes, it can be combined with one (1) other challenge.

Additional Comments / Links:    Below are my samples. There is more description in the actual gallery posts. Don't do what I did. I rushed these samples to get the blog posted in time and did not get artsy enough.  Have fun and get crazy with your creations!

 Card 1:  The background stamp was embossed with white embossing powder.

Card 2:  The stamped body parts were embossed with black opaque embossing powder.


 Card 2


Card 1 in gallery

Card 2 in gallery

Here are better visuals of what mixed media looks likeMixed media art - Google images


Each qualified entry will be entered for a small prize.  The winner will be announced by October 18th.

Just for fun, my bundle of fur Bailey will help me pick the winner.  (Maybe pull a name out of his dog bowl?)

Now embrace imperfection and show us your creations!

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Blog Post


(introductory comment if desired)


Challenge:   (describe challenge / requirements of project / links, etc)


Other Requirements:  (any additional requirements not listed above, if any)


Can project be combined with other SOF Challenges?:    (self-explanatory)


Additional Comments / Links:    (additional info that does not fall into section 1 and 2)

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