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Anatomy of a Photo Album Scrapbook. Part Two. (With Pictures!!)

So many have you requested pictures of my latest photo-album scrapbook! Let me give you some information first. You can scroll down to my last post, Part One. There you will read all about how really easy it is - to begin your own Photo-Album Scrapbook!

I've been working on a gift for an upcoming bridal shower/wedding gift. The bride-to-be will be receiving recipe cards from the people in attendance of their fave recipes, and what I've been working on is making a recipe book for her to store all her new recipes in! Something she can keep in her kitchen and refer to, time and time again!

I found a nice black leather 2-up photo album at my local Kohls a few weeks ago, on sale! It had the right number of pages/photo slots so I knew it would be just perfect!

If you read my prior post below, you will read how easy it is to put this together! More detail can be found there.

I pre-cut my papers into 4x6 sizes and 2x6 sizes.
I made title pages, a dedication page, a table of contents, and section title pages.
I used my tab punch and made tabs for the 12 different sections.
I embellished mostly the section title pages with color-coordinated stickers and flowers.
I used a clear label sheet to print my titles, tab titles, etc and adhered to the various papers.

See my pics above and below.

Making a unique book/scrapbook out of a photo-album really is very easy!
Try it and see, you'll be amazed at how quickly it all comes together!

Just remember this - it takes some pre-planning first.
-- Decide on the theme, the colors you wanna use, the papers and minimal embellies you wanna use.
-- Do all your titles and journaling on a document first - ready to print, if you aren't using your own handwriting.
-- If using photos or not, count out the number of photo slots you will need in your album.

Note -- for my project above, I wanted a photo album with 200 slots in it.
* In a two-up album, that's 50 pages, with 2 slots on each side of each page. Four slots per page total, both sides.
* 50 pages x 4 slots = 200 slots.
* I knew the first page/4 slots would be used for the titling and the dedication/table of contents.
* I knew the back page/4 slots would be used for misc journaling and to store blank recipe cards.

That left me with 48 pages in the album.
* I figured out what the names of the sections in the Recipe book would be ahead of time.
* I had 12 total sections.

With 48 pages, that was easy. 4 pages, both sides - per section.
* First slot in each section would be for the section title.
* The rest of the slots in each section would be left open to add future recipe cards received. I added a 2x6 strip of paper in each slot to just add some color to the album as a whole, instead of leaving these slots empty and all black.
* The back two slots in each section are used to store some blank recipe cards. I put in 2 recipe cards per slot, for a total of 4 blank recipe cards given per section.
* Each section has 13 'blank' slots - ready to be filled with future recipes/recipe cards!

In conclusion, putting this Recipe Book together was easy!
It all came together quick, again with some pre-planning beforehand.

Try it and see.
You'll be amazed at the results!

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The Anatomy of a Photo-Album Scrapbook. Part One.

The Anatomy of A Photo-Album Scrapbook. Part One.

Wonderful woman and fellow scrapbooker

Stacy Julian

talks about

this way

of preserving

lasting memories and making scrapbooks

the easy way

, using store-bought PHOTO ALBUMS, not scrapbooks - from your local retailer. Examples: Target, Kohls, Walmart, etc.

Step One
Buy a PHOTO ALBUM at one of your local retailers.

Use a coupon, don't use a coupon. Let it be a photo album that you like the style and the cover. Could be only one 4x6 picture per page, could be a two-up style, meaning there are 2-4x6 photos per page, directly one on top of the other. Either way works just fine. Some albums come with a slim journaling column on the side of where you insert the pictures, others don't. Find an album you like the look of.

When choosing a photo album to buy, think of how or if - you want to embellish the front cover. Do you want to add your own title? Or not? Is there a window opening where you can create your own title box? Think of these things as you are out looking. Think of what the theme of your photo album scrapbook will be, and from there - decide on the perfect photo album.

Step Two
Decide early if you are gonna include photos or not.

How many 4x6 photos are you gonna include in this 'scrapbook'? Know that number, and when out looking for a photo album, be sure to purchase one that has enough slots for all the pictures you want as well as a title page, some journaling and some embellished pages as well.

Try to write out some ideas/page diagrams ahead of time. Think of how you are gonna put your album together. Will it have sections? Will you make 4x6 size title pages before every section? Will you include a Dedication? Make sure the album you choose has enough 4x6 slots in it, to accommodate your entire album, not just the photos themselves.

Step Three
Start thinking of a color scheme/theme early on. Will you be able to use some of your own stash? Some of the patterned papers you already have on hand?

Will you be able to find some great color combinations that will work and pick out your 12x12 size papers ahead of time?

Keep in mind when trimming up one 12x12 size page - that page will give you 6-4x6 size papers. You will first trim your sheet in half at 6 inches.. that will leave you with two sheets of paper, each 6x12. With each one, use your trimmer and measure at 4 inches and trim. You will have 3-4x6 pieces for every 6x12 sheet you have. Think of the amount of paper sheets you will want ahead of time, and think of the number of slots in the album you have chosen.

How many of these slots will be taken by a photo?
That will leave 'x number of slots' that you may want a 4x6 patterned piece of paper in, to include some journaling, some embellishments, title pages, dedication pages, whatever!

Count up the number of slots you will want a 4x6 piece of patterned paper inside, then once you have that number, divide this number by 6. That will give you the total number of 12x12 pieces of patterned paper you will need to choose and trim down.

Once you have your total number of 12x12 sheets you need, from there, decide then - from the colors and themes of paper you have. For example, let's say you need 72 slots filled with paper. Divide that by 6 and you will need 12 sheets of patterned paper. Out of those 12 sheets, you may want them all the same, or you may not. You may want to perhaps pick out 3 sheets of 4 different patterns, or 4 sheets of 3 different patterns. Understand?

Step Four
Let's start putting your album together.

Once you have picked out your color scheme for your papers, and the amount you need to trim, then use your trimmer and start cutting away until you have the right amount of 4x6 size patterned papers in front of you.

If using different colors of paper, sort into piles on your desk.
Have your stack of photos in front of you as well, in the order you would like to put these photos in your 'scrapbook'.

Open up your PHOTO ALBUM that you have purchased. Think to yourself the first page may be a title page, whether it's a one up or 2-up style of photo album. Flip that page over. Will one of these pages be a dedication page? Insert - for now - the 4x6 sized patterned paper you would like to use for these pages.

Start inserting your photos in the order you have chosen, with or without some 4x6 patterned papers above or below the photo if using a 2-up style album - for future journaling or embellishments. Insert the patterned papers in the slots that you have determined you may want to add a title page for a section etc.

Keep doing this until your entire album is full with either a photo or a piece of patterned paper in each slot. Your album/scrapbook is coming together! (Note: if you would like some of the slots to remain completely blank, perhaps for future photos or for future recipes if putting together a recipe book - then instead of putting an entire 4x6 piece of patterned paper into that slot, to add just a punch of color - insert only a 2x6 strip into these slots. You will still be adding some color, but without as much bulk.)

Note that you aren't finished yet. What's ahead - is taking out - as your time permits - your patterned papers in their slots, one at a time, as you have time to make them your own/embellish them or journal on them. Don't forget to tell the stories behind all those great photos! This is where the REAL FUN begins! Your photo album scrapbook is taking shape.

Step Five
Time to embellish and make your photo album scrapbook your own!

Get out matching embellishments you may have, such as ribbons, felt flowers, stickers, alpha stickers, rub ons, rubber stamps - whatever you like to use - and

remember to keep the same theme/color scheme through this entire album!

Include some journaling spots near your photos and don't forget to tell the stories. Keep in mind when adding embellishments to your 4x6 pages, use mostly flat items. The slots in these photo albums aren't made to hold thick/bumpy items.

When making titles on your 4x6 sheets of patterned paper, for different sections, there are

many different choices for you to use.
  • alphabet stickers
  • alphabet rub-ons
  • rubber stamp alphabets, clear stamps or wood-mounted
  • your own journaling/handwriting/doodling
  • or this is what I have used, a clear sheet of sticker paper - size 8 1/2 x 11. You can buy these at your local office supply store.

When using the sticker paper, first things first. You need to do this part first. Open up a blank document on your computer, choose your font/size of font, and type out your titles, your dedication, your journaling, etc. Be wary of the size of fonts you use, keep in mind all you are typing needs to fit on a 4x6 piece of patterned paper, inserted into the slot in your photo album.

When you have typed all you want - save the document on your computer and hook up to your printer. Insert a page of the sticker paper into your printer and print page one of your document. See what happens? Your text is printed onto the clear side of the sticker paper, and there is still a paper backing on intact. Next step is to take out your trimmer and trim out the words, the bits of text you want to adhere to your 4x6 sheet. When you're ready to adhere to the sheet.. tear off the paper backing of the sticker paper and pat down on your paper. Voila! The pattern of your paper underneath will show through, so be careful to not use a loud/bold print, otherwise, your words will get lost in the design.

Remember to add punches of color to your album consistently. Don't add too many embellishments, but at the same time, make it your own!

When planning your 4x6 patterned pages, leave some room for titles, journaling - as well as some fun quotes, flowers, embellishments. You'll be amazed

how quickly

an album like this comes together.

Planning first is key.

Step Six
Add section tabs to your photo album if you want to.

I personally have

a McGill tab punch I always use.

You can also buy sheets of tabs from some makers such as HeidiGrace, etc. Keep in mind when planning your photo-album scrapbook into sections.. you will want to have approx the same number of pages per section. Again, ensure the album you buy has enough slots and pages you want for the album you are planning.

To add the tabs to the pages, I punch out the tabs using coordinating patterned cardstock. Once my tabs are punched out, I can then handwrite or stamp the section names, or use the sticker paper as above. To adhere the tabs to the pages, I use adhesive on both sides of the tab and attach to the photo album page (on top of the plastic slots). Easy! If you don't have a tab punch, you can also make your own tabs from cardstock and a square punch or circle punch - lots of possibilities out there for tabs!


Making a unique scrapbook out of a store-bought PHOTO ALBUM isn't hard!
Not hard at all!

You just have

to think about it first.
Plan your theme.
Plan the size album.
Plan the number of photos you want to include.
Plan how you would like the finished album to look.
With planning first, you will find your album will come together quickly!

Right now, I am working on an Album such as this - for a gift.

I'll share more details and pictures in an upcoming post.

Stay tuned.

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THAT DREADED CENSOR.... would love your advice!

Let me warn you. This post is gonna be all about me ranting about the dreaded censor... if you're a serious writer, you know what I'm talking about.

As one of my writing friends, Robert Masello puts it, 'before you can really get any book rolling, much less done, there's a fearsome beast you've just got to get past. It guards the gateway to any book, and snarls so fiercely that many writers pick up their heels and run for it. This beast represents a big problem, one that you have just got to come to terms with, because if you don't, your book will suffer for it. You'll be writing the whole thing while trying to look over your own shoulder, and that, I can tell you, is a surefire way to run smack into a tree.'
Let me interject here. I've been trying really hard to keep the censor at bay. I've read the best way to write an auto-biography or memoir is to just write, to just let it all flow, then go back later for minor revisions and rewrites. That is the time to tweak the words, the sections, the pages into a real work of heart.
At times, it's so hard writing the story of your life. For the memories you share, are your memories, not necessarily the same memories of those you're writing about. You are writing your story.
I am writing my story. The way I saw things. The way I felt. How I survived. How I overcame. Some may not think I had much to overcome, but they weren't walking in my shoes at the time. How could they know? It's why I'm writing the book I'm writing.
Let me share more from my friend, Robert.

'The censor is the nasty little voice that keeps whispering in your ear, "You can't say that.You'll hurt Harriet's feelings, " or "Better not include that scene, Uncle Ben will know who you're talking about," or "Sex? You're going to include sex? Your mother is going to be reading this book!"

The censor is the one that keeps pushing you away from your own experience, your own true feelings, in a futile attempt to render everything you write, so neutral, so unrecognizable, so foreign to your own real perceptions that not a soul you know, living or dead, could possibly take offense.
Am I prepared to tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth? - As I felt it, as I lived it, as I remember it?'
The dreaded censor.
Writing a memoir is hard work.

I walk a fine line. A very fine line.
Do I write my book as I remember things, as I felt them?
Or do I write my book with the dreaded censor on my shoulder?

I struggle with this every day. Every day.
What are some of your thoughts out there? I welcome your views.

How would you write your memoir, if you were writing one?

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SB Shopping Today!

'Friendly' Friday Shopping.

My friend JoNell

took the girls and I to a nearby Mall here, called

the Moorhead Mall.

The stores were having a sidewalk sale, so we all had fun just walking and browsing around.

First stop: A local Scrapbook Store called K and Krafts.

Huge store. Great products!

I found

a bunch of cool items:

-a shaped 8x8 Noteworthy Album, adorable!

-polka-dot felt decorative 12x12 strips for adorning projects/pages!

-a cute calendar stamp for only 99 cents, Wow! Great for dating photos and pages! Just circle the month, the date, and write in the year, so versatile!

-some really cute patterned papers, especially these black/white ones - perfect for coloring in - so fun!

2nd stop: A most amazing boutique called THE CLASSIC.

Wow, loved this shoppe! Independently owned and just full of eclectic items: shoes, clothing, purses, stationery, ceramics, jewelery, everything! Such

a great place to browse!

I'll be bringing my mom to this store when she comes to visit, for sure - she'll love it!

3rd stop: Hallmark in the mall (not the store I work at, but another one.)

Lots of things on sale, I found

2 metal gift tags with '2008'

on them - perfect for adding onto a tied ribbon around a cute mini-book!

Loved these, on sale each for only $1.25!

I also picked up 3 picture frames on sale - each of them recordable!

Great deals.. these will make great gifts/RAKs.

Loved them.

A fun shopping day together!

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Using Mixed Sized Alphas in your Creations!

Tutorial: Using Mixed-Sizes of Alphas in your Creations!

Take a look at this gal's fine work


See her creation below.

Don't you just love this cute and happy and oh so simple card?

Love it! It speaks excitement and happy times!

I just wanted to call out something that some people have a real problem with, in card-making and in scrapbooking.

Some don't like mixing fonts or alphabet styles.
My question to you is: Why not?

Take a look at the card above & below... the word


was made using

a bunch of different Alphabet styles

- I for one, love it! Not so predictable, don't you think? To me it is quirky, eclectic and fun! (maybe like me? LOL) I'll admit, I mix up letters ALL THE TIME!

It's a great way to use your leftovers!

Maybe it's just me, but I like the look.

How about you?

My challenge:

Make something, anything - using a bunch of

different alphabet styles and sizes and see how it all comes together!

Maybe even combine different colors too! You might just like it!

Leave your comments and let me know what you think! Time to think

outside the box



Have a wonderful weekend! One more sleep for me. Tomorrow is the day we pick up my daughters for 3 glorious weeks with us! I'm counting down the hours. So excited!

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My Recent SB Space Re-do!

Here are a few more shots of my scrapbook space:

My journaling basket.
Full of all kinds of things, to help me - tell my story.

A cup full of colorful rubbery goodness.
Scrapbooking embellishments for my pages and future projects.

Just plain scrapbooking goodness.


Room Shots.

I had a request from a blog-reader, (waves to Kelli) - to include some more expansive 'room shots' of my scrapbook space. I did the best I could tonite with my trusty point and shoot digital.

This is my new creative space.
Colorful. Bright. Lots of inspiration. Lots of supplies.
I'm ready.

Here is the printer's drawer I ordered from eBay a few weeks ago. It's been delivered, we even hung it on the wall in the perfect spot. All I need now is to find some time to sit down and decide what's gonna go in every one of those little spaces.

Stay tuned.


Lots of Photos!

My bowl of buttons on my desk.
I bought the clear hard plastic bowl at Target the other day.

I added the 'anything goes' sign to the mix.
It's how I scrapbook, after all.
I rarely pre-plan my pages.

And don't you love that HUGE purple flower?
It fits perfectly over the buttons!

A little flowery top if you will - from my friend Deanna!

Some of my progress so far.

So thankful I bought this magazine rack from my old boss Julia
when ArtsyTartsy was closing last year.
It's got 32 slots - 4 sides of 8 each - and each slot holds
at least 4-5 magazines or one or two Idea Books! Great storage!

I've been getting asked almost every day for more pics of my scrapbook space as I continue to organize organize! So... without further adoo - here goes!

One of my inspiration boards!
Part of my book collection on a wire display shelf,
found a few years ago at the JunkMarket in MN!

Don't you just love that piggy bank?
It's where I'm saving my coins for more scrapbook supplies!
Oh hold on, I don't need a thing, do I?
(Inside my head, saying to myself,
"but there's a Hobby Lobby just down the road." LOL)

Keep in mind. It's not done yet. Lots more to do. Gotta label a ton more things in here. Gotta unpack a few more boxes still standing in my garage. One thing I am happy about though. Some of my canvas and mesh baskets are still empty. I have two orange travel hanging things, that are totally empty right now. Always room for more, right? And even some of my dresser drawers are empty.

My green dessert holder from Target
filled with polka dot ice cream bowls,

found at the Dollar Spot - each bowl filled with some kind of goodness!

It's all coming together. One thing I have tried to do throughout this whole process - of re-doing my scrapbook space in this SMALLER space, is try to use every available space for something, whether it's for storage, or just for something fun, a burst of color, a cute sign, a little teddy, some flowers, anything.

One of my bookshelves, filled with books, flowers -
and one of the cutest signs
I ever found!
Do you see it? It says, "Complain and Die." LOL

It always makes me smile every time I see it.
It's the little things.

I've tried to intersperse FUN and COLORFUL items into my space on every shelf. So far, I love it. Colorful and fun. It's how I want my creating space to be.

Today, my LetraTag label maker has been my best friend.
Been labeling all kinds of things.

These Art Bin bins, filled with scrappy goodness.

My plastic Sterilite drawers, all 12 of them filled with fun things
such as Bling, Felt, and most colorful
chipboard alphas,
you just gotta have those!
Don't ya?

On my desk I have 3 of the cute metal bins -
again, from the Target dollar spot. These are filled with
1-my most often used writing pens, 2-glue dots,
and 3-other writing instruments and glue pens.

I use all of these a lot, so I wanted them within reach on my desk. I've been doing a lot more of handwritten journaling on all my projects/layouts lately. It's another piece of me I wanna preserve...

Here is a cute little mesh cup from Ikea,
filled with all my WHITE writing pens.
My Signos, my Sharpie Paint Markers, etc.
Sometimes, writing in white directly on a photo is the perfect thing!

Just a little glimpse today, of what I've been up to!




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Blog Post

MY SB Garage Sale this Sat.. you gotta see this!

Scrapbook Sale in my Garage this Saturday!

I've been BUSY getting ready for my Scrapbook/Stamping Sale this Sat, May 17th, from 9-2 pm.
Lots there. Lots.
Come early for the best selection, all you local gals!

A big rolling Cropper Hopper tote for only $15 - in great shape!

Other totes, as well as scrapbooking tote bags on sale for only $1-2 each!

Embellishment storage, ProvoCraft lunch-pail boxes, scrapbook kits, and patterned papers only 10 for $1!

Beading supplies, and other craft items too!

Handmade cards and tags.. priced to sell!

Hope to see some of you this weekend!

You can go to


to print directions from your home to my home at 3921 9th Lane, Anoka MN 55303.

Whatever doesn't go after Saturday, hubby and I will be donating to charity -

so come early!

I hope to see some of you - my friends and blogging friends - before we move on June 7th!

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Blog Post

MN Peas, sb/stamping garage sale, this Saturday!

Hi all,

Just wanted to let you all know of my scrapbooking/stamping garage sale this Sat May 17th...

live in the twincities area of MN???


Come and see!

This Sat May 17th,

9 am to 2 pm, rain or shine!

come early for best selection.. rain or shine!

Address, 3921 9th Lane, Anoka MN 55303


Lots and lots of wonderful items for sale... great prices!

Some of the great products for sale will be:

  • 12x12 postbound Albums
  • Patterned Paper 10 sheets for $1.00
  • Purchased Scrapbook Kits, from some great companies, such as Coordinates Collections, Jenni Bowlin and more!
  • 12x12 size Paper Slabs
  • Provo tin lunch pails, t0p-opening - great for altering!
  • Altered Paint Can kits!
  • Ribbons and fibers galore!
  • Wood-mounted rubberstamps!
  • KI Memories Paper Collections
  • SEI Complete Collections, including matching papers, stickers, and sticker alphas!
  • Rubber-stamping supplies, such as embossing powders and more!
  • Electric embossing gun and tray for embossing powders
  • Electric melting pot with big jar of Utee embossing powder!
  • 8 1/2x11 cardstock papers
  • A full size black wheeled Cropper Hopper tote! $15 only!
  • Misc tote bags and shoulder bags for scrapbook supplies $1-2 each!
  • Vellum quotes and quote stacks
  • And so much more!
Come early

for the best selection!

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Blog Post

Cha Ching! I had a great sb sale yesterday!

It's 10 AM - Open The Gates! Cha Ching!

Wow. I participated in my

first ever scrapbook garage sale earlier today.

It was an experience. I didn't really know what to expect - but man, I could

never have imagined

the people that were there lining up outside the door before 10 am -


When that door opened, I swear - it was like

a herd of cattle squishing through a metal gate, I swear - Look out!

Wow. The first few hours were exhausting. I priced my stuff to sell - not necessarily to make a ton of cash - I was just hoping to not bring as much home with me, at the end of the day! I had a lot of comments while there, from others participating and customers, that said

my prices were GREAT.

Like I said, I priced everything to sell fast, and man, it sure did!

Those first few hours - did I say - they were

exhausting? They sure were.

Between trying to keep an eye on things to discourage theft, between giving change to people, between bagging up their purchases - it was hard work! But you know what?

It paid off.

I kept track of my profit at different times during the day - and by 130pm, I had made over $200 profit. By 5 pm, at the end of the Sale, I counted my cash box, subtracted my $100 float and my $25 fee I paid for a table there, and I was still

over $320 ahead!

It was so worth it.

So worth it, so worth

all the time I spent these past few weeks

, going through some of my scrapbook studio items.. and bagging up in kits, and pricing things to sell. Stuff I just didn't wanna keep anymore.

I was happy I came home with

a profit of well over $320!

After we move, I'll be using some of that money to order the rest of the American Crafts 12x12 Albums I need to complete my Library of Memories system - Yay! And of course, I'll be ordering


later on tonite!

Click on my post here. Yay! So happy!

The rest of the profits will go towards our moving expenses.

To all of you local gals out there - I've really only gone through one part of my scrapbook studio so far.. The other room/part of my scrapbook studio still has to be purged, meaning I'll have

EVEN MORE goodies to sell in the coming weeks!


Scrapbooking/Craft Sale!
Saturday, May 17th, 2008

Time: 9 am - 2 pm.

Email me at for my home address.

I'll be posting this sale on CraigsList as well

so ladies, if you want first dibs - get here early that morning. The Sale will start promptly at 9am.

What was that saying,

the early bird gets the worm? Something like that.

Chirp chirp.


All in all, a great day! I sold more than I thought I would, that's for sure. I didn't come home with near as much stuff as I brought there this morning. A very good thing. For tonight, I'll be totally relaxing with hubby. I deserve it. I worked hard today.

Damn hard.

Enjoying a glass of wine, with my legs stretched out in front of me on the couch - that's my plan.

Tomorrow, I'll be back to work, purging the other part of my scrapbook studio. Packing the stuff in boxes I wanna take with me to Fargo, and putting aside the rest for

my own Scrapbook Sale on May 17th.

Now, where's that glass of wine? LOL

Have a great night all.

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Bubbles, Bubbles.

Bubbles, Bubbles. Library of Memories Post.

Been working on

my Bubble charts

this afternoon.. using the lists I created the other day... now if only I could decide on

the colors I wanna use

for my index tab dividers and Albums! ( I am guessing it's gonna depend on what album colors are available where and for what price... )


So far, I am thinking

All About Us

will be blush pink, to match the pink albums I already have,

People We Love

, I am leaning towards either red or raspberry,

Places We Go

will be lime green, and

Things We Do

will be either red or blue, depending on the Album availability!

Some have said I should just make my index tab dividers for my Category Drawers in white first.. can always cover in the right color later.. for the main categories in each drawer!


It's such a wonderful feeling to get this organized with my pictures and albums, such a great feeling!

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