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Nature and music are inspirations to me as well as my children-they inspire me to be a better mom every day and I am so blessed by God to have what he has given me and put me where I am today.

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I have done blogs before but haven't kept up on them too much and lately I guess it is the fact of writing everything down straight from my mind and heart that seems hard for me to do. I have just got out of writing even when it comes to scrapbooking and journaling so I guess you could say I am starting a challenge for myself to write more-the small and BIG details about life and the things that happen or that I am passionate about. So starting today I am going to make it a point to write alot more about life in gen'l and not be afraid to just put it out there:-) Speaking of scrapbooking-I have printed off about 20+ photos this week that I should be working on right now, I even put them with the paper I wanted to use and then into a cropper hopper style envelope so they will be ready for me when I get to them:-) Maybe that will be my project tonight waiting for Todd to get off of work at 2 AM. We'll see, maybe I could even get the LO's uploaded to the gallery too. Well it's in my mind now so it gives me something to look forward to. It is a beautiful sunny day for a change here in MT and this really makes me smile. I have realized how much I love a blue sky, bird chirping and the warmth of the sun to fill my day!

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