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*2009* DISNEY Challenge #2

Please link your layouts for this challenge on our Challenge Thread:


Walt Disney World:
Animal Kingdom's Kilimanjaro Safari
Conservation Station
Harambe Village
Tree of Life
Circle of Life
Festival of the Lion King
(AK Orlando, Hong Kong)
Kali River Rapids
Epcot's Canada
Animal Kingdom Lodge Resort
Animal Kingdom Villas
Fort Wilderness Resort
Wilderness Lodge
Villas at the Wilderness Lodge

Disney Resort Anaheim:
Grizzly River Run
Redwood Creek Challenge Trail
Magic of Brother Bear Show
Grand Californian

o Pocahontas
o John Smith
o Gov. Radcliffe
o Koda
o Kenai
o Rafiki
o Timon
o Chip and Dale (again)
o Mickey, Minnie, Donald, Daisy, etc. in their safari/wilderness outfits

Donald's Safari Breakfast
(Orlando-Animal Kingdom)
Storyteller's Cafe©
(Anaheim-Grand Californian)

International Parks:
Brother Bear Canoes
Videopolis Lion King Musical
Pocahontas Indian Village

Include a Mickey shape of some sort in your layout.

Please leave praise for others at time allows.

Previous Disney Challenges that fit this theme. Check them out for inspiration.
Wilderness Challenge


About this challenge:

1. It is one year long with 23 challenges, one every two weeks.
2. Challenges remain open. You can post to any of the challenges all year long.
3. Please post only layouts that fit the challenge thread.
4. Put the Disney challenges on your watch list so you know when someone posted a new layout.
5. Thanks for your patience as we work our way though the Disney experience.
6. If you see a challenge and think of something that would fit the theme that I have forgotten, feel free to peamail me.
7. Have fun and get those Disney pictures scrapped!!

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2009 Disney Challenge #1

This is the link to the 2009 Disney Challenge #1


Welcome to the new and improved Disney Challenges for 2009!

You will find that these challenges will cover a large number of Disney attractions, characters, and experiences. Because we only have 23 for the year, I had to condense and do my best to cover the main aspects of the Disney Experience.

I will be trying to include as many things as I can from ALL the parks, including the international ones.

There will be a few ongoing challenges and I will add links to them later on. You are welcome to peruse the Two Peas Gallery and past Disney Challenges for inspiration if you would like.

You may complete as many pages on this topic as you want and it will remain open all year long. And don't forget -- you can always include pages you have already completed, no matter how old they are.


Here we go!

Disney Challenge #1

Entrance to the Magic Kingdom
(Anaheim, Orlando, Paris, Tokyo and Hong Kong)
Entrance Plaza (not the Main Plaza by the Castle!)
Train Station
Disneyland and WDW Trains
Main Street:

    - vehicles
    - dining
    - shopping
    - entertainers - Dapper Dans, Bands, etc
Fire House
City Hall
Opera House
(you will see some of these in other challenges as they appear in different parks and different places)
    - Mickey
    - Minnie
    - Donald
    - Daisy
    - Goofy
    - Pluto
    - Chip and Dale

**Additional challenge** include a piece of Disney memorabilia on one of your pages - ticket stub, map, autograph, napkin, squished penny, etc.

Please leave praise for others as time allows!

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