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Stickles Storage

Hey Peas!!

I know I have seen some super expensive (IMHO) storage contraptions for Sickles, and I just wanted to throw my idea out there incase it might help a few of you :)

Ahhh Velcro.  Such wonderful stuff!  Especially when it's self adhesive.  :)


I simply used the male side, and cut it into strips and stuck it straight to my wall.  I know this might not work for everyone, but you could adhere it to any surface really.  I just wanted mine above my desk in an easy to reach spot.


It really makes life easier when these little guys are stored upside down :)

My favorite bottle, the diamond. (Sold @2peas)

I just cut little strips from the female side of the velcro, and stuck it on the bottles.

And there you have it :)  Super easy, I'm talking minutes, and cheap!  Not to mention it makes me happy to see all the colors lined up like that.  What can I say, I'm a very visual person.

My original idea was to actually do it magnetically, and hang them under the edge of a shelf, and attach a magnet to the bottom of the bottle, and a magnetic strip on a shelf.  But I didn't have magnets, and I'm an instant gratification kinda person when I get an idea, so I searched for something I had on hand.  Voila.


Hope this helps someone else :)




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