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My Two Peas Story

What Two Peas Means To Me

How can I put into words what Two Peas means to me?  Anyone outside the world of scrapbooking would probably never understand.  I am not the best writer, so I fear that I won't truly express my feelings about Two Peas.  


Two Peas is so much more than a website.  There are many scrapbooking websites, but Two Peas feels like another home.   It is a diverse community including people from all over the world brought together here by our common love of scrapbooking.  It is a place where I feel welcome.  Welcome to ask for opinions or advice, welcome to offer the same.  It is a wonderful feeling to be part of something.  I've been a shy and insecure person since I was a child, so it's especially nice that people actually are interested in reading my posts and hearing what I have to say.  It has really done a lot for my confidence and self-esteem.  Believe it or not, I've even spoken about Two Peas to my therapist!


The resources found here are endless.  There is so much offered here, and at the risk of sounding like a commercial, there's no reason to go anywhere else.  It's all here - the camaraderie, the talent, classes, projects, tutorials, challenges, inspiration, and kindness. 


I want to say a little bit more about the kindness I've found here.  There's the day to day friendships and encouragement, and even kind words when someone is dealing with a sad or stressful situation in their life.  But there was one recent night in particular that the kindness of the peas truly warmed my heart, and they probably never knew it.  That night was this past Christmas Eve. I am newly divorced, and while my divorce was quite amicable, it's no less lonely.  I am Jewish and my ex-husband is Christian, so it was agreed that our children would spend all Christmases with him and his family.  After about 18 lovely Christmases with his family, this was my first on my own.  My friends and family had other plans so I was alone. I didn't think it would bother me as much as it did since it's not my holiday, otherwise I would have tried harder to make sure I had something to do that night.  As it turned out, I was literally screaming to myself and crying in my house wondering how I was going to get through the lonely night knowing that seemingly everyone in the world was with friends and loved ones.  I was certain that there wouldn't be a Pea in sight on this evening, but as I sat down and checked the General Scrapping message board, there was a post asking if there was anyone else alone on Christmas Eve.  I found myself calming down as I read the post and the few responses.  I posted my own reply and was grateful to have company that night.  I never told anyone how I was comforted by this because I didn't think anyone else would understand.


But the reason I was so comforted by the company I had that night was because I did feel at home.  It was not a group of random strangers in some chat room on the Internet.  And as much as I loved Two Peas before, something changed for me that night.  It's not only a website to share information, ideas, and inspiration.  It's a place where a huge group of people are brought together by their love of scrapbooking forming a warm and kind community.  I "heart" Two Peas and I'm so happy to be a part of it.

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Song Lyric: Love (can be for anyone - adults, children, pets)

There was love all around,

But I never heard it singing,

No, I never heard it at all, 'til there was you.


From "The Music Man" also recorded later by The Beatles.

I always sang this as a lullaby to my kids.

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