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My Two Peas Story

It's All Good

Last April, we rescued a beautiful gold tabby from a local shelter.  It was my let down - how can a mother tell her 13 year-old no when "it's all he wants for his birthday!"  He was so excited to bring Pumpkin home.  Pumpkin immediately bonded with Philip, but was so skittish - around him and especially around us.  We let Pumpkim be Pumpkin and we encouraged him and reached out to him as best we could.  Over time, Pumpkin ventured beyond Philip's door to other parts of the house - and long story short, Pumpkin will come and look for me when Philip is not home and loves to tease our Yorkie.

I started scrapping in 1994 and immediately became a consultant for "the" direct sales scrapbooking company.  I worked hard and built a million dollar sales team, loving it all - the scrapping, the teaching, the money, the friends.  Over time, there were some on my "team" who had loftier career goals than I did.  After moving our family 3 times, and starting my business 3 times, it was too much to aggressively work as a retail widow.  9 years into my "career", I was heavily scrutinized and criticized and berated by a few members of my team - my friends, the gals who had given me baby showers and birthday gifts.

In 2003, I finally decided the bombardment of controversy from these good Christian women was more than my heart could longer bear.  I resigned.  And I packed away my hobby along with my business files.

For 2 years, I basically didn't scrap any at all - and I withdrew socially from lots of people in my life - hurt over the betrayal and wondering how it had all gone so wrong and how could sales quotes trump friendship.

In 2005, we moved for our 4th time and I looked for a home and a neighborhood with no constraints necessary for a home based business.  Around that time, my one remaining close friend from the scrapbook direct sales world told me about 2 P's and how my "old company" had said their goal was to be the resource that 2 P's was.  So, I immediately had to check this out.  I immediately became overwhelmed by all the info out there and the sense of community.  I found out about CKU from 2 P's and I slowly began to re-engage in scrapbooking.

Because of 2 P's, even though the North Texas metroplex is short on local stores, I have a constant source of encouragement and information and community.  Pea-ing is addictive.  The more you do and know, the more you want to do and know.  The information and resources and ideas on 2 P's have allowed me to fully re-engage in my lovely hobby - and to pursue it's passion without restraint or fear of retribution.  Just the concepts and ideas themselves are so liberating - no more rules on what I can and can't use.  You have no real idea of the freedom and joy I have because I - like the rescued cat - have found a safe place to land and explore and seek community.

Thank you for this gem of an idea.  It's really amazing.  I am so proud of you for having a dream and going for it.  I love the story behind 2 P's and I love that each P has story.  I told my sister the other day, "How can you not love 2 P's.  You go out there and you see what people have created about (for the most part) sublime and happy moments in their life.  It's such a feel good experience."  And, while life may change its cycle for each of us, stories and memories remain constant.  Thank you for being a place where we can be the leader or be the follower, be happy or be sad, be friendly or be elusive, be restrained or be curious.  We can just be P.

2 P's makes me happy.  It's a little happy spot in my life - always there, always fun.  It's all good.  And in the end, life is, too.

Blessings to all of you behind the scenes P's!  :) 

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