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My Two Peas Story

MY 2Peas Story

It was April 2005 and I had just received a handmade card in the mail. It was beautiful. I decided that it was something I could make and went on the internet to try to find more information. I put 'scrapbooking' into the search engine and came up with several scrapbooking sites. I found on and became a member and was thrilled to learn more about this hobby. In a way, I have been scrapbooking all my life, making little photo books for my family. Well, on this scrapbooking site, the members kept mentioning another website. They kept saying the 'veggie site'. I was intrigued but really confused! What does scrapbooking have to do with veggies??!! I was to embarrassed to ask so I googled veggie site and really couldn't find one thing that had to do about scrapbooking. So, I went about my life and a good 2 years passed but I still always kept coming across people who would mention the 'veggie site'. Okay, I thought. I've had enough. I need to know what this 'veggie site' is and where could I find it. So, I threw my shame out the window and posted a message. Luckily, the ladies were nice enough and directed me to 2peas. Yes, I have found the answer! So, of course, I went right to the site and was overwhelmed to find many, many, many more people dedicated to scrapping.  I was excited to say the least! It took no time for me to join but I must admit, it did take sometime before I replied to a topic and let alone posted a new one. Now, no day is complete without me checking up to see whats going on! I love the general scrapping and nsbr boards, they are so much fun and I learn something new everyday! So, that is my story and I am sticking to it:)



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Happy New Year

Happy New Year!

Hope everyone has had a great holiday....I sure did and am ready to go back to scrapping!

It's always hard for me to find time to sit and scap during the holidays. I am looking forward

to scrapping as I just printed off a bunch of photos and just got my AMM kit in the mail.

Nothing better than that, except maybe chocolate:)



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