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WF12 Quilling + Stamping Challenge

Challenge dates: 11 February 2012 – 19 February 2012

Welcome to my Winterfest 2012 challenge! 

My challenge for WF12 is to combine quilling and stamping. Lately, I have seen more and more quilling again, so I thought it might be a fun theme for a challenge. When I first started papercrafting, I was very much into quilling, and I still like to add quilled pieces to my cards and layouts now and then.

Quilling (also known as paper filigree) is an ancient craft, more than 500 years old. The basic technique is to roll strips of papers around a needle-like instrument. Long ago, feathered quills were likely one of the tools used for this. After shaping the rolls, they are glued down to build up a design. It is pretty cool how many different designs that can be done with humble strips of paper, from very simple to very intricate designs.

Here are just a few tips and ideas:

  • Think of ways in which quilling can enhance your stamping, or in which stamping can enhance your quilling.
  • Embellish a stamped image with quilling (such as adding flower centers, leaves, a butterfly, swirls, or many other things)
  • Stamp a background for a piece of quilling.
  • Use quilled pieces as a border or frame.
  • Alter a stamped image into something else with the help of quilling.
  • Quilling can be elaborate or just simple pieces such as swirls, circles and other shapes.
  • You don’t have to use quilling paper. Instead, you can cut a thin strip of paper yourself, the width of which you need for your project. Just make sure that the paper is not too thick or too thin, about 100 gsm is a good weight.
  • You don’t have to use a slotted quilling tool, unless you want to. I almost never use the slotted tool (except for some folded flowers), instead I use a needle tool. Normally, I only start to roll a quill on the tool, and continue doing the rest of the rolling using my hands only. You can also use a hat pin or even a tooth pick instead.
  • Tear your strips at the ends instead of cutting them, it makes the glued edge much less visible.
  • Use a fast and clear drying glue.
  • When I first started papercrafting, I was very much into quilling for some time, and I still like to add quilled pieces to my cards and layouts now and then. 


Challenge guidelines:
1. Make a new card of any size, an ATC, a layout or any other project, using quilling combined with stamping.
2. The project must include some stamping.
3. Post your piece in the stamping gallery, and click the checkbox for ‘WF12 Quilling + Stamping’.
4. Please share your experiences with the technique so that we can all learn.
5. You can combine this challenge with other WF12 challenges and you may enter as many times you like.
6. It is always fun if you link your piece to the discussion thread about this challenge. Also, if you have any comments or questions, please leave them on that thread too.
7. The challenge runs between 11 February and 19 February 2012.

Sample projects (click the link below for more information on the projects)

Quilled Garden


Summer evening

 Fringed flowers

Link to the sample projects.

Link to my blog with more information about the sample projects.

Link to a Fringed Flowers tutorial that I made.  

Each entry will be entered into a random RAK drawing.

Message board thread

Have fun!! I am looking forward to seeing what you create!

Enjoy Winterfest 2012!!


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