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PMA, Part One

I was lucky enough to visit the Photo Marketing Show in Las Vegas last week.  All the camera makers were there with every fabulous piece of equipment they build.  Canon had a display of glass which cost more than my car.  Everybody had rotating teams of famous professional photographers demonstrating their techniques, as well as the new equipment and software.

Hard to believe, but Nikon has a camera capable of 12,800 ISO.  We need never be lost in the dark again.  So long as we bring piles of cash.

The de riguer attire was expensive camera equipment draped around ones' neck.  I, with my razor camera phone, was hideously declasse.

Photobooks are huge.  Quite a number of exhibitors showed either equipment to make the books or services to provide the books through local camera shops. 

And accessories, oh my.  Bags of every size and purpose, tripods in carbon fiber, wood, and aluminum.  Lightboxes, plotters, scrapbooks supplies, photographic chemicals (yes, they still exist, poor sad things), companies who recover silver, software, scanners, digital media, mats and frames, if it had a connection with photography, it was there.

General Electric had an exhibit called General Imaging.  Apparently, they believe there's room in the market for another digital camera maker.

Did I mention printers?  Desktops, mid-format and wide format.  Tiny purse-size printers.  Giant poster printers.  I got all drooly over the 13 x 19 printers.  I need one.  Canon, Epson - Come home with Momma, I'll treat you right!

Enough for now.  If I can pry the pics out of the rayzor, they will be posted.  Especially the contortionists from Circe de Soliel (sp?) one of the Canon lecturers used as his model.  Yowzer!  Hurt just to watch them.

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