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I graduated in college in 2002 with a Liberal Arts degree, now I do math! How does that happen?
I'm very involved in our local Bookcrossing group, the Rubber City Book Posse and I love to read, write and express myself in every way possible.
I just started physically scrapping in June 2008, and it's really cool so far. However, I'd done mixed media art projects, rubber stamping and card making for a few years, thanks to
I used to be a web designer, sports girl, newspaper assistant, bookseller, etc.
I take Wilton Cake Decorating Classes, have partial ownership of a black lab and have even less control of two cats, Max and Peeves. When I grow up, if I absolutely have to, I want to be a writer and live in Disneyland.

Three of my favorite pop culture things, in any order:
-Nightmare Before Christmas
-Batman (anything!)
-Marilyn Monroe

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Every year, I participate in something called NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month), where you challenge yourself to write a 50,000 word novel in the 30 days of November.

When I started in 03, I finished at the wire. The next two years were rough, and I scrapped the ideas. The last two years, I've been able to complete the novels, usually within the first two and a half to three weeks.

Not so much with this novel. It's a continuation of last years because the one I was planning on writing was absolutely hideous. There have been setbacks within the group, within myself. I wasn't going to do NaNo this year because I just wasn't feeling it, but some good friends asked me to do it so they would do it and it happened.

Of course, I'm doing it now, and I haven't written in a few days. I've just been not feeling it. I went out for my friend's birthday party Friday (which I needed), but then I got the news a favorite Aunt passed away and I spent a lot of time in shock on Saturday. Going to calling hours this week, and I've been having scrap ideas, so I will have to try them.

It feels really good to be around people, but at the same time I still felt sad, until I wrote a character that was a lot like my Aunt, in name and character--it made me feel a bit better. Still in shock, but NaNo almost feels like I have a reason to finish this year.

12,622 words down...37,378 to go.

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The Craziest Time of the Year is Nearly Upon Us!


With all the things going on this holiday season, the meals and family occassions and the travelling that I'll be doing, I decided to embark on a journey--I'm going to write that novel after all. It's not going as well as expected, but it's not too bad. I think my sinuses are the worst part of the whole experience, because I keep getting sinus headaches.

I got my submission for the Twilight swap sent yesterday, so I decided to treat myself to buying lunch at the nearby outlet mall and killing time by cleaning out my car. And guess what I found directly under the passenger's seat? Two sets of images for the image swap. It was too late to run to the Post Office (I was at work in the parking lot), and I figure the two sets must have jumped out of the pile when I took all the other sets and about 4 packages of media mail books out.

I'm also saving a set for the girl whose images never got here--will probably just get her addy and send.

Aggh! Just when I thought I had caught up on everything, now this?!?

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