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New Tutorial - Fiskars Threading Water Punch

Have you ever sat and stared at your products or stash just KNOWING there HAS to be another use for it all?  Well, I am one of those that has to play with everything just to utilize the most of my stuff. Even if that means accomplishing nothing in the end. But when something comes from nothing – now that’s sweet success.  I have been on a kick of wanting to use my punches but find new and vitalizing ways to use them.  I get bored of the same ol’ border punch and just can’t afford to buy the newest and coolest out there. So that means – EXPERIMENTING!!

What I’m about to show you is a way to utilize your Fiskars Threading Water Punch other than just as a scallop border. I have done this once  – a while ago and thought I’d do it again but this time I thought I’d share how I did it.


Fiskars Threading Water Punch

Paper of your choice

1. Start by creating the scallop border(See picture #1)

2. Then trim the strip to where the total width is only .5 inches (from edge of scallop to edge of paper. It’s going to be a thin strip. (See picture #2)

3. Then VERY CAREFULLY – line up the hole inside the scallop – see pictures #3 – 6) — *tip*  once I have the top part lined up with the holes – I turn the punch over to make sure the holes line up from the bottom (picture #5). This just makes me certain my holes are lining up and my circle will be good.

4. Continue punching the strip in it’s entirety (Picture #7)


Picture #1


Picture #2 - cut to .5 inch from edge of scallop to edge of paper


Once the strip is trimmed to .5 inch - line up the holes from the border with the straight edge against the back (as shown)


Continue using the holes to line up the punch


Also - to make sure your holes are lined up - turn the punch over and line up the paper that way and punch - this can be a good tip to really get the circle perfect




End Result


Then just embellish your card/layout/item to however you plan to use it.

This is just a quick little 4×4 card I created to use the example.

Resized -ReneeLamb-RandomChaos#29

Card I made using the Threading Water Punch on both sides to make roof detail

here’s the card I made a while ago using this same method of punching for

detail on a roof.

Hopefully this will inspire you to get creative with your punches – Thanks for popping in!!! Have a great day!

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