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Compose Yourself: Journaling on Self-Portrait Pages with Jill Sprott

"It's all about me."

This may seem like the statement of a narcissist, but it does not have to be, especially when applied to a meaningful self-portrait layout.  This month's "All About Me" theme at Two Peas in a Bucket invites you to focus on a subject that you know better than any other: yourself.  Creating a self-portrait layout does not make you a narcissist; rather, it offers you a chance to look within and to share yourself with those lucky enough to turn the pages of your scrapbooks.  From time to time, it should be all about you!  

Today det 2(from Scrapbooking from the Soul)

My recent Two Peas in a Bucket workshop, Scrapbooking from the Soul, explores ways to create layers of meaning in our scrapbooks, with a special emphasis on journaling. Although there are a wide variety of layouts featured in the workshop, some of them focus specifically on journaling about the self. Here are a few tips for self-portrait layouts: 

1. Let others' words inspire you, but don't let them speak for you. When you are feeling tongue-tied, or not quite sure where to begin, turn to a quote, a lyric, or a poem to start you off, but don't stop there -- reflect on those words, and relate them to your own life, your own experience, and your own unique way of understanding the world. 

Plath(from "I Am...")

2. Share what moves you. Articulate your philosophy and mission. What do you believe? What is your purpose? What do you think is the most meaningful way to live your one precious life? If there is anything keeping you from living it that way, talk about that, too.

Today det 1
(from Scrapbooking from the Soul)

3. Be your own audience. Rather than worry about who will read this someday, remove that worry by writing to a person you can entrust with those words: yourself. Compose a letter to yourself. Maybe you need a pep talk. Maybe you need a reprimand. You know what you need to hear, so confront yourself. Compliment yourself. Question yourself. Plead with yourself. Forgive yourself. And then sign your name to it. 

4. Write through the darkness, toward the light. Acknowledge your losses, your failures, your regrets, and your fears -- and in doing so, acknowledge your human-ness. Share the perspective that you have gained because you have experienced adversity, and in the procecss, reveal your true character.

LT j1

(from Scrapbooking from the Soul)

5. Tell a story that only you can tell. Aim to show, and not just tell, dwelling on details that will help the reader walk in your shoes and see through your lens. 

Home j(from "Growing Up Local")

6. Give advice. What wise words can you share about being a woman, a parent, a spouse, a person of faith, a citizen, a creative being?  What has experience taught you?  In turn, you might also reflect on the advice that you have been given, good or bad.  What advice has shaped you the most? What advice has influenced the path your life has taken?

7. Reflect on your origins -- how did the person that you are today come to be that way? Think about what is important to you.  How did you learn to value it? About what are you passionate? What is the source of that passion, and what fuels it? 

Arrow j

(from "A Life in Letters")

8. Don't be limited by the notion of scrapping only when you're happy, or only scrapping the happy times. What's on your mind? Work though your preoccupations. If you're worried, share that worry. Acknowledge your complexity as a person, and respect the complexity of your experience.  Do you want your scrapbooks to reflect a real person, or a persona that you have created? 

(from "On NOT Being Pregnant")

9. Go beyond the photo. Remember that a self-portrait is not just a photo -- we pose and compose ourselves constantly through our words as well. Think not just about what the photo reveals, but about what the photo does not reveal.  What can you see in yourself that others may not see in that photo? 

Dc32b3dffe984bd28da6e1569204cc45_600x600(from "The Bright Side")

10. Embrace a stream-of-consciousness approach.  Don't feel that everything you write needs to be in perfectly composed sentenes and paragraphs. Take a list approach, or jot down a series of thoughts as they emerge, separating them with dashes, commas, or ellipses. Journal the contents of your heart or the contents of your head. The writing may seem fragmented at first, but the pieces, if focused on the same general idea, will still be unified, in a sense. 

4cf0aa7a26e043b9bff7f6ac7707d82f_600x600(from "The Unsteady I")

No matter how you choose to approach a self-portrait layout, keep in mind that the self is not just revealed through images, but through words as well. Take a moment to "compose" yourself -- your scrapbooks will be even more meaningful because of it! 

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Blog Post

This Week's Class Videos 10.20.2013


This week 1) Julie's challenge to use negative space in card making is still open! 2) Shannon invites you to use a pretty piece of mail on a page. 3) Janna creates an Autumn layout using a non-traditional color scheme.  4) Glitter Girl teaches Personal Record Part 2 5) Nancy combines traditional scrapbooking with pocket scrapbooking while using a boy themed collection. 6) Michelle focuses on typography on a layout and card. 7) Lexi inspires us to include more of ourselves in our Project Life pages.

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Garden Girl Style: Shimelle Laine


Today we're sharing the supplies Shimelle Laine loves and reaches for again and again.  Below is a glimpse of how she uses her favorites.  If you enjoy her work (or the work of Glitter Girl!), browse Shimelle's favorite scrapbooking supplies.

Glitter Girl Adventure 092: Personal Record Part 2

Glitter Girl Adventure 091: Personal Record Part 2

Glitter Girl Adventure 090: Cluster Without Complexity

Glitter Girl Adventure 089: Back to Black

And speaking of Shimelle, her friend Glitter Girl has released a bonus workshop chapter that works as a stand-alone video class or a compliment to Glitter Girl's Scrapbooking Survival Guide workshop.  Learn more about Glitter Girl's Guide to Stash Stretching (and if you purchased the guide before 10/2, just log in here and enjoy it for free!).

Glitter Girl's Guide to Stash Stretching

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Project Life Cards 3 Ways

We just got in a huge shipment of Project Life!  If you're looking for more ways to use the cards that come in these kits, consider these three ways to use Project Life cards!

Love You by marthab

1) ARRANGE CARDS IN A GRID.  A grid is a design that will never fail you.  Arrange them in the same orientation like MarthaB in the layout above, or combine horizontal and vertical cards like Jody Wenke below. 

You and Me by Jody Wenke

Never in a Million by Laura Craigie

A grid does not have to be split into equal parts.  Laura Craigie still uses a grid above by breaking up the elements into two columns.  Two vertical Project Life cards balance the left side.

Little Things Mini Book by Kristina Nicolai-White

2) MAKE A MINI ALBUM WITH THEM!  These cards make the perfect "bones" for the structure of a mini album like the one above demonstrated in a video by Kristina Nicolai-White

This is Me mini album by Melissa Stinson

Melissa Stinson loved that she was able to make use of her leftover cards in this way, bringing them together cohesively in an "All About Me" mini book.

Day in the Life mini album by Allison Waken

Allison Waken reached for her leftovers too and created her mini book with a "Day in the Life" angle.

Life card by Laura Craigie

3) And finally, CREATE A GREETING CARD with Project Life cards.  So many of them have phrases or sayings that communicate perfectly the sentiment we're looking for.  Laura Craigie shares this card in our video series, Seeing Double.

We hope these three ways to use PL cards inspires you.  Don't forget to check out our Project Life card selection just in for more!  Happy weekend, Peas.

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Behind the Scenes


Just a little peek at what's going on around here lately.  Lots of caffeine consumption, loving on our pups, laughing and being silly, design planning and shipping of all the new stuff coming in.  Happy Thursday, Peas.

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Trends Watch: Chalkboard + Christmas

Trends Watch: Chalkboard + Christmas

Sources: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 & 6

We don't know the matchmaker behind the pairing of Christmas and chalkboard, but this is a combination that was meant to be.  It's all around us as the holiday season approaches (yes, we're still enjoying Fall too).  We love how customizeable chalk art can be, as well as the contrast that deep, dusty black brings.

Christmas Joy by Dani T

Of course this trend has not slipped past scrapbooking!  Take a look at these amazing projects we spotted in our gallery.

Pillow box by A Pet

Santa & Me

Are you a fan of this trend too? Check out all of our Christmas chalkboard collections!

Christmas Chalkboard Collections

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Scrapbooking All About Me with Paige Evans

Our theme in the Garden this month is All About Me.  We've asked the Garden Girls to share a little more on this topic.  Here is Paige Evans! 

Our theme this month is All About Me.  How do you make sure to get yourself in a photo? Once in a blue moon, more so on holidays, when I actually take the time to shower, shave, shampoo, and shine my shoes (that's a phrase my Grandpa used to say all the time!) and get the kids all dressed up as well, I try to get my husband to take a picture of us. Or even better we use the self timer. Rarely do I ever get photos of just myself though! This happens maybe a couple times a year when I find a really cool background like an ivy covered wall or funky garage door as we're out on an adventure, or my birthday, or after I get my hair done, or somewhere with an amazing view. 


What is a recent favorite photo that includes you? A recent photo that includes me that I like is from my sister's wedding. It's all three of the Taylor children and we're as happy as can be! This is the photo that I used to scrap my October Garden Girl layout, but I cropped out my brother and sister :)


Do you struggle with scrapbooking about yourself?  If so, how do you overcome it? If I like the pictures I don't struggle scrapbooking about myself, it's getting in front of the camera that's the problem! I don't know why I have such a hard time being the one in focus! I'm always the one behind the camera, not in front of it. But I realize it's important for my family and future generations to know about ME so I'll make it a point to try and scrapbook myself more. I also recently gained a lot of weight from stress and have been trying to get fit so hopefully in a few more months I'll feel more comfortable in front of the camera.

What products feel like "you" that you reach for when scrapping yourself?  As always, the first thing I reach for when I scrapbook is patterned paper! My most favorite scrapbooking technique is paper piecing and using as much patterned paper and designs as I can on a single layout, and still let the photos shine through.

How have you scrapbooked yourself in the past?  Coincidentally I've recently had a few "about me/spotlight" layouts due for various scrappy companies and it's the most I've scrapbooked about me, myself, and I, without anyone else in the photos, for almost a year! 


Happy Grateful Joyous

ME copy


Watch Me Grow (Jane)

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Scrapping all about me ... being INTENTIONAL

Like many scrapbookers I have always been more focused on my family and getting them into the picture or capturing our every day moments. At one point I wasn't to be seen in any photographs which suited me as I wasn't happy with the way I looked. No pictures of me also meant no confrontation with my inner demons.

One day my dad started scanning older photos and I got digital copies. I went through all of them and LOVED seeing myself in the pictures but particulary enjoyed the photos of my parents. I felt I got to know them even more and felt immense joy being able to see them when they were younger. I knew I had to get in the picture for my children. I had to accept that what I see isn't what they see. Forcing myself to get in front of the camera also made me analyse why I had such a problem with my image. It has made me discover that I don't have to be ashamed of my looks because what I think is imperfect isn't noticeable by others.

After having realised that I had to hand the camera over, I also had to find ways to make the whole experience enjoyable. This is where  BEING INTENTIONAL plays an important part. I have found that it is easier for me to be photographed when I link the whole process to moments or situations I find enjoyable. Some people might call it staged but I prefer to call it purposeful, willful or deliberate planning. I have the intention to be photographed and have to make it fun.

How do I go about it?

  1. I take selfies of myself and the children. They always make me laugh and we have a blast playing around and being silly. Some of these pictures are my favourites:   254435_10200770738694470_398408572_n

  2. I focus on something I LOVE. I have a soft spot for fashion and love making new outfits with clothes I already have. I also love wearing/buying dresses and each time I have a new outfit or dress I take a photo. Combining something you enjoy with the photography process makes it a lot easier.                 943724_10201252045206832_1926483703_n582459_10200866498688410_1241456999_n

  3. My camera is my best friend and I have a hard time handing it over. Now, I intentionally give the camera to my husband or one of the children. I quickly explain what they have to do and make sure the settings are correct. They make great pictures and at the same time I am teaching my children something about photography which they LOVE.

This picture was taken by my husband on our vacation in the South of France.1045158_10201480245191689_230254864_n

My son Damien who is 10 took these a couple of weeks ago. He loved taking pictures of me. He felt like a paparazzi.



Now that I have pictures of myself that are connected to fun and enjoyable moments, I have noticed that it is a lot easier to make layouts about myself. I am also more aware of how I feel and what disturbed me in the first place. It wasn't the photo but my incapacity to see myself as I am. I can say that I enjoy seeing photos of myself, even the less "pretty" ones. They all are a part of my story. A story that should be told and documented. Please tell your story and get in the picture.

213 in 2013 sept

All about me

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This Week's Class Videos 10.13.2013


This week 1) Be sure to check out how Julie is using the principle of negative space in her card making designs. 2) Lilith has a new set of challenges for you, including using 5 photos. 3) Corrie is inspired by messages of love and flight on a layout documenting dreams. 4) Glitter Girl takes a look into the past (the first of 2 parts).  5) Jen Kinkade scraps with black, white and gold. 6) Jen Gallacher shares 3 ways for using printables.  7) Lilith steps in to contribute to our Project Life series teaching on trying something new.

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If you like...


Sources: 1, 2, 3 & 4

If you consider Halloween a favorite holiday and love to throw a good party, we have some Halloween supplies in the store we think you'll love!


Every party needs an invite!  These Raven stamps by Glitz Desin are as trendy as they are spooky.  Black cards make a perfect canvas for a ghost-like gel pen.  Finally, seal the envelope with some washi tape for a must-open-now embellishment.


Pre-cut banners from Pebbles and ready-to-frame prints from My Minds Eye make decorating a snap.

And lastly, let guests leave with more than just fun memories!  Package up gifts or treats in these adorable bags by Pebbles and Teresa Collins, or make cupcakes with our bargain wrappers - on clearance for just $1!  

Whether you'll be snapping and scrapping your photos this year or throwing a big bash, we hope you have a safe and fun Halloween!

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