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Finally Friday Video - Hi

Good morning, all! For this week's card I'm breaking out the X-acto knife and cutting out some letters. Hope you like it! I also used the All Fall paper pack from Fancy Fants. Awesome papers (and transparencies!) in that kit. :)

You can download the template that I use for the letters and see the rest of the supplies used over here. And as usualy, you can see the video in high quality by clicking here and then "watch in high quality" below the video.

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Weekly Challenge:Lift Something From Your Bookmarks



I have 288 items in my bookmarks.

(If you don't know what this is, when you view a LO in the gallery

you have the option to add it to your bookmarks to view later.

It is kinda your way to saving the greatests hit from the gallery!)

All the items I saved are things I totally wanted to remember.

SO - how many items are in your bookmarks?

The challenge is to lift an idea or a LO from yours.

Be sure to include who the original inspiration was in your write up:)

If you can, you can add a link or an image back to the original.

This LO is a straight much so that it was a lot like stealing....from jen b.

(Sorry the image is so is worth seeing big)

I saved this from the gallery back in 3/07.

 And I still love her lo!

I thought her method of journaling was brilliant for a childhood memory.

Her gallery in general is amazing.

 If I ever were to scrap digitally...and I am so not saying that I am,

but if I were, I would want to scrap just like her.  Fun.  Clean.  Innovative.


I scrapped about the first house I ever lived in and misc. memories I had about it.

I went back and looked at the screen at Jen's Lo over and over to make sure I was lifting it right....because

her style is super different than mine. And I see the joke in there.  I said she was fun, clean and


 So it sounds like I am not.


Welp, today I don't have to be...because I just lifted jen b.

Thanks for the inspiration Jen!

And Happy Halloween!!


10/31/2008 7:30:38 AM | Comments (1) | Send a Message (PeaMail) | Vote for this Blog Post

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1 Product 3 Ways: Crepe Paper Ribbons

I really love everything that Jenni Bowlin creates, and when she came out with these crepe paper ribbons I couldn't wait to get them. I like the texture of crepe paper -- heavier than regular tissue but lighter than paper, with kind of a stretchy feel. The possibilities for these ribbons are endless!

My daughter's birthday is in early November, so I made some party goods for her -- a cupcake topper, a card and a little gift bow.

For the cupcake topper I pleated the pinked ribbon in 1/4" folds, adhered the ends (I used Kokuyo adhesive) and then used a glue gun in the middle to hold it together. Then I glued on the the glitter flower and letter sticker to the front, and a kabob stick to the back.

For the card I layered the scalloped ribbon across the front of the card, trimmed down the sides and added embellishments.

And for the gift bow I made a bunch of loops with the polka dot ribbon and held the bottom pinched together with my fingers. When I was done I stapled the bottom to secure it. I used a glue gun to attach it to the gift.

The crepe paper ribbon comes in beautiful colors and can be found here.

Have a wonderful day!

Rhonda Bonifay

10/30/2008 9:40:09 AM | Comments (4) | Send a Message (PeaMail) | Vote for this Blog Post

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Weekly Digital Challenge

Hi! Sande here with this weeks digital challenge.

The challenge is to use Levels or Curves, if you're using PS or PSE.

If you're using another program, then use the tools on that program to lighten or darken something in your layout...a photo, an embellishment, etc.

I used Levels to take away the gray film on my photo and make the colors brighter and more saturated. Here are the before and after photos.

You can check out how I did it by clicking on the Digital Challenge on the digi home page. The layout will be posted a little later this morning.

10/29/2008 8:03:46 AM | Comments (0) | Send a Message (PeaMail) | Vote for this Blog Post

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Sketch it Out

Hello everyone, Chelsea here.  Im sharing with you one of my favourite sketches that I seem to do with lots of digital layouts.  It looks kind of tricky, but trust me, it's not.  You just pick a cool photo with preferably a dark background, plonk it on your page, chose a colour the same as your photo background and then go nutters with your stamps all off the edge of the photo.  Keep doing that until you have made the edge of your photo grow!  You can use swirls, flowers, Halloween images... anything.

The next three layouts are digital.  Starting with a Halloween one!  My daughter has been a vampire for the last two years in a  row.  Im trying to convince her to be one again this year too!!!!  Love it!

This is a non digital page.  Very very simple.  I took my first ever set of stamps which happened to be Rhonna Farrer's swirls, placed a  piece of scrap paper on my photo to protect it, and stamped away!


10/29/2008 6:59:17 AM | Comments (1) | Send a Message (PeaMail) | Vote for this Blog Post

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Blog Post

And the winner is......

 Michelle Davies' photo: Kissin in the corn!




and....LOVED every single photo....such amazing photography, ideas, colors, textures, compositions, processing, and light!

thank you everyone!



10/28/2008 7:48:17 PM | Comments (0) | Send a Message (PeaMail) | Vote for this Blog Post

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Blog Post

Product Spotlight: KI Memories Sheer Delights

Have you seen Ki Memories Sheer Delight Papers Yet?

If not, you HAVE to check these out!!  They have so many options is unreal :)

KI describes these papers as "...a new concept in patterned paper, only it's not paper at all. Each 12x12" sheet is die-cut from translucent, flexible plastic. Vibrant hues and trend setting patterns combine with elegant die-cut treatments. Bend it, cut it, fold it. Create beautiful cards, scrapbook pages, decor items & gifts...the possibilities are endless!" Acid and lignin free."

Here are a few projects the garden girls and some members of the gallery did using these amazing papers :)


Shannon Tidwell



Jennifer Pebbles



member: eshelman


member: bluestardesign


Have a GREAT DAY!!! :) 


10/28/2008 3:15:02 AM | Comments (2) | Send a Message (PeaMail) | Vote for this Blog Post

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Community Contest: Photos---> fave seasonal

 Hey everyone! It's such a fun time of year right now; Northern Hemisphere Peas are having Halloween & Fall/Autumn, while our Southern Hemisphere Peas are enjoying warmer weather!

Regardless of what weather you have; today let's have a fun 'seasonal' photo contest!  Go out & take one or gather your faves from the weekend! Here's one of our hayride! love this time of year! & of course, I love to embellish with digital brushes!  You don't have to, but if you do, we'll love it, too!

Remember: To win, you must check the box for the challenge, not simply put the link in the feedback for the blog post.  We need you to use the challenge feature.  The challenge ends and begins the same day, TODAY!


Good luck everyone & enjoy the pRocess~!


10/27/2008 12:14:26 PM | Comments (2) | Send a Message (PeaMail) | Vote for this Challenge

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Blog Post

Organizational Tip: Calendar it!

Hey there!

Who needs help with organization? I do! I do!

I love being organized but somehow I never quite feel like I've got it all together! Someday, right? :)  Today's tip is probably nothing new but I've found that it helps a ton to have a big wall calendar in my scrap room. Just having it in my line of sight seems to keep my life a little more organized. I found this dry erase calendar at Target and hung it right next to my desk. It has saved me many a time from forgetting something important! 

Some things I do to keep my ducks in a row is to color code each member of my family. I write down all of one person's activities in the same color.  You can also jot down events that you want to remember or create a layout about. 

And to make it fun, I created my own magnets by printing out photos and putting a little adhesive magnet on the back. I also used some soft charms from KI memories and stuck magnets on the back as well. I can slide them around to note important days or just hang them randomly.

Hope that is helpful! 

-Cherie Mask

p.s. wanted to give credit to tara whitney for the family photos! she's amazing!

10/26/2008 12:09:00 AM | Comments (6) | Send a Message (PeaMail) | Vote for this Blog Post

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Blog Post

Finally Friday Video - Kids

Hi everyone!

This week's Finally Friday project came about because I just LOVE this photo and had to get it in my album as fast as possible! I'm sure you all have photos like that, too, right? So, a quick and easy page was perfect for this. I like to just let the photo speak for itself. :)

Anyhow, be sure to check out more information and the supplies used for this project. And, as usual you can watch the video in higher quality be clicking here and then on "watch in high quality" below the video.


10/24/2008 9:18:27 AM | Comments (2) | Send a Message (PeaMail) | Vote for this Blog Post

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Weekly Challenge--Scrap a Fun Family Event!

Good Morning Peas!

It’s Friday....and that in itself is grand, but it also means we have a new Finally Friday Video by the super talented Kristina Werner AND we have a new Weekly Challenge for you!

I would like to challenge you to scrap a Fun Family Event. It can be a big event---like a birthday or wedding, or it can be a smaller ‘event’, like heading to McDonald’s with the crew (what?! You don’t take photos of the family at McDonald’s???)  ;)

I scrapped a picture of the fam 'fishing' at my parent's lake house. My poor mom was the official 'worm lady' The kids had a blast dunking their hook in the lake and seeing what they'd catch! 

I look forward to seeing what kinds of events you’ll be scrapping! Be sure to check the ‘weekly challenge’ box as you upload your page to the Member Gallery.

Have a great day!!

Stacey Sattler


10/24/2008 6:09:42 AM | Comments (2) | Send a Message (PeaMail) | Vote for this Challenge

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Blog Post

Sharing my Space by Robyn Werlich

Hi Everyone! Today I get to share with you my scrapbook room. Yes, it is a mess...but who's isn't right? :) So, pardon the papers and piles. I am out of town and I didn't have a chance to edit the photos before I left so I'm sorry that they aren't the best - but hopefully you get the idea.

This is the desk across from my worktable. The buckets up on the shelf hold all my single rubber stamps and the wire buckets (with red cardstock placed in them to match my room and hide what's inside) are all my paints. The wood decorative buttons are from Pottery Barn - I just love how they completed that wall. I tied some ribbon through the holes to add some color. The rubon 'create' is new from Stampin' Up! On each side of the desk are shelves and I have jars full of ribbon on one side and my idea books and Sizzix dies on the other. Underneath I have those plastic storage units filled with papers, embellies and so forth.

This is my main workspace - what a mess! :) :)

This is my Expedite bookcase from Ikea that holds all the things that I use the most. Chipboard shapes, my papers and recent purchase, my Stampin' Up! goodies, organizers with brads and flowers, rubons (in blue metal bin) and more. It's my go-to place. Again...sorry for it being so messy.

The red buffet piece against the window wall is an old piece my grandma had - so happy I got that gem from her. I plan to paint it a different color some day! Here is my die cutting area and some other most used items. In the cupboards below are all my Stampin' Up! stamps.

This is my work chair (from Pottery Barn Teen) and the units behind it are all from Pottery Barn. Inside that wall unit are ribbons on spools and a bunch of other things. I love having my glues, pens, etc. right behind me in those cups - it works so good for me. I have a huge collection of 'R's - just love letters - I've been moving some around so that's not all of them! :)

Lots of stuff - I need to clean up! But I hope that this inspires you with some ideas.
Thanks for looking!

Robyn Werlich

10/23/2008 10:39:47 AM | Comments (37) | Send a Message (PeaMail) | Vote for this Blog Post

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Blog Post

Digital Weekly Challenge: Use Fabric or Clothing for Inspiration

Good Day, Peas!  This is Tia Bennett here, bringing you this week's digital challenge:  "Use Fabric or Clothing for Inspiraton".  First, I'll show you my page...

I chose to use the clothing in my photo as the inspiration for the layout's colors.  The blues and greens are from the tee-shirts, of course, the piecey graphics of my brothers shirt echoed in the bird stamp, and the clouds are inspired by the fabric applique on my shirt.  I also echoed the stitching around that applique with more stitching on the page.

Now, I don't know what the birds, my brother, and I were looking at, but I chose this photo because of the profile comparison!  Seriously.  It really freaks me out sometimes, this looking like your siblings thing. LOL!  And no, I swear I did not digitally cut and paste those noses.  No Photoshop Magic Tricks were performed on the above photo.

As far as inspiration goes, you can choose to use the items in your own photos for inspiration, or totally look elsewhere at other fabrics and clothing for total random inspiration!  No rules....just play! 

When you post your challenge layout in the gallery, be sure to check the corresponding Challenge box when you submit it!

Thanks!  tia

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Blog Post

Community Contest - Make a Card - WINNER!

Good morning everyone! 

Thank you all for participating!  Your cards are fabulous!  Way to go!  Unfortunately I can only pick one name (I would loooooove to give you all a GC... but I don't think I am allowed to do that! heee heeeeee!)... I got my hubby to randomly pick (highly technical technique of standing with his back to the screen and pointing) and he pointed to...

sarah&cali!  Congrats!

Thanks again everyone for playing along!

Jen :)

10/22/2008 9:12:18 AM | Comments (1) | Send a Message (PeaMail) | Vote for this Blog Post

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Community Contest! Make a card for your chance to win!

Good Morning Pea Land! 

Jen Johner here today!  Today is Community Contest day!  YAY!  I have never done a Community Contest before... so I am super excited!  We are going to keep it pretty simple.  I wan't everyone to have a chance to win a gift certificate for the store!  So, hopefully lots of you will get a chance to play along!

All you have to do is make a card.  Any card.  Christmas card, 'Hi' card, Thank You card... anything!  Cards can be faaaaast too!  So go! Go go go go!  Make a card and upload it to the gallery!  GO! hee heee!

You have until 11:59pm tonight... October 21st.  Lots of time.  All you have to do (other than upload a card to the gallery) is make sure you check the appropriate challenge box while uploading.  If you don't do that, it won't be 'seen' in the contest entries.  

By the way... drawing for the winner is random. :)

Here is a card I made yesterday (totally into making cards lately!)...

I stamped the owl onto plain white cardstock, and then repeatedly stamped the 'feathers' on to Jenni Bowlin crepe paper ribbon!  Super fun and easy!

So go go go make a card and upload it to the gallery by 11:59 tonight (check appropriate challenge box while uploading) for your chance to win a gift certificate from the store!

Can't wait to see everyones creations! :)


10/21/2008 10:59:41 AM | Comments (5) | Send a Message (PeaMail) | Vote for this Challenge

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Blog Post

Monthly Theme Discussion: Paper Piecing

Hi!  Jennifer McGuire here.

I am here to discuss this month’s Garden theme: paper piecing.

Paper piecing is when you form shapes and such with scrap paper.  This can be complicated or simple… it is up to you!

Looking for something simple?  Check out these inspiring ideas… (Click on the image for more information.)

Robyn Werlich created this adorable page with the help of a fabric pattern:

Looking for something more elaborate?  Check out this inspiration:

Kristina Werner created this incredible piecing of herself:

Are you a digital scrapbooker?  You can paper piece, too.  Check out this great page and some wonderful tips from Jennifer Lessinger.


Here is a project I did last year for the holidays.  It puts a fun spin on paper piecing.  Easy to do!

If you are looking for more inspiration for paper piecing, try checking out clip art or illustrations in magazines.  There are many possibilities.

Jennifer :)


10/20/2008 8:32:28 AM | Comments (1) | Send a Message (PeaMail) | Vote for this Blog Post

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Blog Post

Product Spotlight:Hambly Woodgrain

I noticed that the Hambly woodgrain products were recently restocked here at two peas so I thought I would highlight those papers and overlays  today. The woodgrain has really grown on me, at first I was unsure if I could work these papers into my own style, or what I would use it for exactly. However after seeing how so many fabulous peas have rocked these papers, I now cant wait til my own bucket comes. It is so versatile,comes in fabulous colors, adds texture and richness and is just an overall really cool product.


Here is my favorite Hambly - I love this color!

And here  are some projects from our peas and garden girls...

Garden girl Rebecca Trump has skillfully used tiny pieces of this paper as accents.. in this first layout as little hearts and the second with a great little square. Overall just adds alot of richness to these pieces.

Used in larger pieces here Rebecca uses this paper to ground her photos.

Garden Girl Lisa McGarvey uses a tiny piece in this layout at her photo edge and it just adds so much texture to her layout. I love it paired with the red too.

2peas member Raggafran uses the hambly here also at one edge of her photo and it really visually supports and grounds her photo. A little bit of this paper really goes a long way. Fabulous page!

Ok and because Garden Girl Rebecca Trump just rocks this paper.. here is a fabulous little chipboard piece by her. :)


And Garden Girl Loretta Grayson has used this paper as part of her fabulous paper piecings. Here it is perfect as the groundline.

2 peas member Bluestardesign uses the entire background sheet here.So sweet paired with pink. I love this.

I also notice how many peas used the lighter colors as a background. Some are funky,some are very classy and more graphic. Here Garden Girl Laura Kurz did a fabulous quote page.

And also a very graphic design from 2 peas member Vee*. Isnt this fab!

Here is a perfect fall layout using the woodgrain background by 2 peas member Marcilambert. Love the subtle texture and the accenting with orange here!

2peas member Anai79 pairs her woodgrain background with some great color and funky accents for wonderfully fun piece. See how versatile this paper is...

And if you like more color here are some of the other papers used. Here 2peas member Mama Odie uses the blue woodgrain paired with some orange and green. Looks fabulous.

2peas member Lucrecer B mixes up some brights in this fun layout.. I love it mixed with the Hambly tree too.

And 2peas member Stacey Fike uses a bright mix of Hambly here. Really fun.


And this card by 2peas member Candimandi is fabulous. I love how she paired the blue with that hot pink and just the whole design of her card.

See .. isnt this line just fabulous!!

You can find more inspiration for the use of these papers by checking in shopping and looking at the linked projects!

Joy Bohon



10/19/2008 10:30:41 AM | Comments (2) | Send a Message (PeaMail) | Vote for this Blog Post

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Blog Post

Organizational Tip

Hi and a Happy Saturday morning to you!

I'm Garden Girl, Rebecca Trump, and today I am bringing to you an organizational tip that has added some order to my scrapbook clutter. :)

This tip involves an inexpensive trip to your local home improvement store - I went to Home Depot and was able to find what I needed in no time.



I call this my peg board organizer! (clever, huh?! - LOL!)


The peg board is 2 by 4 foot and fit perfectly to my wall space, but you can also cut this down to fit the size you need.


I use this peg board to organize my embellishments that come in pages that can be stored on hooks.  


The hooks were less than a dollar, so the more categories I want to organize in, I can just buy a new hook for next to nothing.


I chose to spray paint my peg board with Krylon spray paint.  The paint went on nicely and the color possibilities are endless.


I choose to organize by brand and product type.  For example, the Ki Memories accents.  I love that I can easily flip through them without having to take them out of a basket, or dig through a drawer.



Here is another photo of my Hambly rub-on's and Fontwerks cardstock stickers.  Again, the ease is nice and they just look so pretty (and clutter-free) ! :)



This whole organizational tip cost less than 10 bucks and is super easy to assemble.  My work area is much less cluttered and I can still see the product right in front of me.  


Here is a photo to see the height and width of the peg board in comparison to the windows.



It's the weekend, and what better time than a quick, easy, and fun organizational project.


Happy Organizing! 



10/18/2008 7:27:17 AM | Comments (8) | Send a Message (PeaMail) | Vote for this Blog Post

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Blog Post

Sketch It Out

 Hi there!
I wanted to share a sketch that might be helpful when it comes to using 2-3 photos on a layout. 


As you can see, I tend to trim my photos and either layer or tilt them so that they aren't so streamlined. (Although I do do the streamlined multi photos, as well! Just depends on the mood of the photos and layout! ) :)

Here are some of my examples from my garden gallery: 

If you do the sketch, please share it with us in the gallery, we'd love to see it!

10/18/2008 1:46:08 AM | Comments (4) | Send a Message (PeaMail) | Vote for this Blog Post

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Blog Post

Weekly Challenge: Scrap some Style!

The challenge for this week is to scrap someone's style. Whether it is your daughter's favorite crazy get-up, your son's habit of wearing his Superman cape everywhere, or your favorite pair of shoes, scrapping about what your family wears is a little peek into them. It tells a lot about who they are as a person, as well as what styles are popular at this point in history.

Can't wait to see what you come up with!


10/17/2008 9:11:45 AM | Comments (0) | Send a Message (PeaMail) | Vote for this Blog Post

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Blog Post

Finally Friday Video - Clear Card

Hi everyone! Kristina Werner here with another Finally Friday video.

For this week's card I decided to break out some of my Hero Arts Acetate Cards. When I think of the holidays, not only do I think of glitter but also glass and clear bulbs on the Christmas tree. Anyway, I thought a clear card was the perfect background for a holiday card. :)

Be sure to check out the page over in the Garden for more information. And as usual, you can view the video in higher quality by clicking here and then on "watch in high quality" below the video.

10/17/2008 8:26:41 AM | Comments (5) | Send a Message (PeaMail) | Vote for this Blog Post

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Blog Post

Halloween: Seasonal Theme Discussion

Hello!  This is Lisa Brown here to discuss the seasonal theme, Halloween.  I am currently living overseas and don't get to have much in the way of Halloween festivities this year.  Luckily, however I am home in the US for a little bit right now and am getting to enjoy one of my favorite parts about Halloween - candy!

Of course, Halloween isn't just about the candy. ;)  Amy Grendell made this adorable layout about the costume that her sweet little girl is going to wear for trick-or-treating this year.

You can also be inspired to create layouts about Halloween costumes from years past like Erica Hernandez did in this fun layout.

Pumpkins are also a great Halloween tradition and I just love the beautiful layout that Tracy Miller made to showcase the special pumpkins that her husband grew for their family.

Kristina Nicolai-White used her scrapbook supplies to make some cute and creative Halloween decorations.

After you are done decorating, you can also document it with a scrapbook layout as Rhonda Bonifay did with her lovely layout about her home.


Making and sending cards can also be a fun way to get into the Halloween spirit as Jennifer Harrison did with these spooky cards.

As for a place to house all the cards that you might receive this season, why not make an adorable Halloween mailbox like Kristina Nicolai-White did?

 Check out the rest of the seasonal layouts in the garden for even more Halloween scrapbooking inspiration.

10/16/2008 9:41:43 AM | Comments (3) | Send a Message (PeaMail) | Vote for this Blog Post

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Blog Post

Photography - Weekly Challenge Discussion

I have been a member of the Two Peas community for almost nine years and my oh my, how things have changed over the years! Two Peas has added more message boards, more galleries, more Garden Girls and has seen an incredible increase in traffic and in the number of registered users. However, one thing remains constant. Two Peas has always been a wonderful resource not just for scrapbooking, but also for card making, paper crafting, stamping and photography.

When I first discovered the Gallery, I would literally spend hours praising layouts. At the time, the Peas whose work I felt most drawn to were those of miss t (Tara Whitney) and czdesign (Cathy Zielske). The photographs on their layouts inspired me to work on improving my photography. Back then there was no dedicated photography forum like the one we have today.  How I wish there had been - all my photo related questions answered or at least addressed in one place. Imagine that! I could have used all that time I spent looking up answers on the internet on something else - like scrapbooking.

On the home page of the photography forum are these words:  Great photos can touch our souls or make us giggle, and they are definitely the lifeblood of any memory-saving layout.

Whether you are an inspiring pro with a fancy DSLR camera or simply a parent with a point & shoot who wants to take better pictures of your kids, the photography forum here on Two Peas is an excellent resource to help you improve your picture taking skills so that you can take great photos. Have questions? Then the discussion board is the place for you. Need inspiration? Check out the photo gallery. Want a chance to practice your skills? Participate in the Weekly Photo Challenge.

So far in this month of October there have been two challenges with an autumnal theme. The first week, the challenge was to share a photo of a fall family tradition. My family goes apple picking every year so I shared this photo of my two older kids that I took two years ago.

The second challenge is to share a photo of your autumn decor. Here are photos of fall decorations in my home.


New photo challenges go up every Thursday and you have a week to share your picture(s) in the photo gallery. If you do participate, please make sure that you check the appropriate challenge box so that your photo(s) shows up on the weekly challenge page.

If you have any questions or have any ideas or suggestions for future challenges, please PeaMail me.

Happy Wednesday!

Joy U.

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Blog Post

Digital Weekly Challenge: Use a template or a quickpage

Hey there! It's time for another digital weekly challenge. This week's digi challenge is to create a layout using a template or a quickpage.

It's no surprise that using a template or a quickpage helps you make a page in a snap. It is a great way to get a lot of pages done if you are feeling behind or overwhelmed.

I looked no further than one of Erica Hernandez's template layouts.

They are so fun and easy to use. In this page I just dropped in my papers, pictures, added my own text and elements, and bingo! I'm done. You can see that it is simple to customize to make it your own.


And don't forget to link up your challenge here to be entered to win a gift certificate from 2peas. Have fun with it!!



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1 Product 3 ways: Prima Lollipop Fabric Flowers

Hello there from Margie Scherschligt (pearlygirly). When you look at the way I used these Prima Lollipop Fabric Flowers, I have to say that I hope you can see how much I love them. I really love them. There was a time when I went a little crazy for fabric flowers when they came out for us to use on our pages. I bought up a whole bunch and looked at them in their pretty glass jars. Too pretty to use. When I started using them, I went a little crazy with my love for them and put them on everything. A page of my son Peter visiting the fire department, put on a flower on it. My girls playing in the snow, put a flower on it. ;) Of course there were plenty of pages deserving of those flowers, too.


When the big, fabric flowers came out recently, I found myself falling right back into that love of flowers once again. I want to share 3 different ways that I used them for today's blog entry.


I added one of the flowers straight out of the packaging to a little gift box that I had waiting the perfect topper. So quick and easy!


For this little canvas, I removed the center brad and took one of the layers away, adding a patterned paper layer to change the look. The brad was replaced with a button that I sewed onto the flower middle.

The last image shows how I took one flower completely apart and made it into 3 flowers. I love to add  like elements to my page in groups of three. These 3 flowers embellished with buttons and hand drawn circles are ready for the perfect  zoo layout. haaa....I mean layout with my kids happily playing in the garden.

You can find these flowers in the shopping section of Two Peas here.


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User Spotlight: sdavison

There are so many amazing and inspiring scrappers that post here at Two Peas - from clean and simple to over the top gorgeous with details and dimension . . . I love them all!  There is one particular scrapper whose layouts never fail to make smile, ohhhh and ahhh, and just totally inspire me to want to scrap - that scrapper is sdavison (  

Not only does Sally have the cutest kids around, her beautiful layouts always tell a story and her designs are completely flawless.  Here I am highlighting a few of my favorite layouts but please take a minute to visit her gallery - you will not be disappointed!

1st Birthday

I love the detail in this sweet layout!  From the candle "i" to the ribbon on the balloon - the perfect birthday layout!

Look at this fun halloween layout!  From the darling picture to the amazing stitching - just wow!

Halloween Hero

Love the scallops, circles and stitching on this darling layout!  I love how the circles mimic the circles on her daughters top.

Baby Steps

And last but not least this fun layout with just the perfect amount of embellishments to really make the cute picture shine!


Sally I've enjoyed getting to know you through Peas and am so glad you share your incredible work here!  You are truly an inspiration and just an all around amazing person!




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Product Showcase: BAM POP! Volume 4 kit

 It's school picture time here in my neck of the woods and that means in just a few short weeks we'll be getting back those awesome portraits of the kids. I can't think of a better way to showcase the predictable gray background and the color matched uniforms  of those photos, than with BAM POP! Volume 4.....

BAM POP goes back to school with this scrapbook paper collection! a bagged kit containing five 12 x 12 pattern papers and one 12 x 12 die-cut sheet full of classy frames. printed on thick, one-sided 65 lb acid-free, lignin-free paper.

This page posted in the gallery from Heather...


is a priceless example of how all the pieces in Volume 4 can come together to and make a perfect page about school. 

Volume 4 kit by BAM POP!  is in stock at 2ps right now, and has everything needed for the perfect school photo showcase or school themed page. Click here to view more examples on how to use this kit or to purchase it, and please post if you do...I'd love to see the pages you create!


For more BAM POP! products sold by 2ps click here.



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Weekly Challenge - Use REAL Office Supplies

 The weekly challenge this Friday is to use office supplies on your scrapbook pages. Here are some of my favorite supplies to use:


-index cards

-ruled paper




-file folders

-dymo label makers

-paper clips



-paint, colored pencils, ball point pens.

Have fun with it.  And if you are worried about things being acid free there are several scrapbooking products out there that look like real office supplies but arent. Use those instead. :)

-Lisa McGarvey


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Finally Friday Video - Glitter Snowflake

101008-ff1.jpg Good morning, everyone! Kristina Werner here, and I hope you week has been wonderful!

I'm back with another Finally Friday video--and it's definitely finally Friday. Anyone else out there living for the weekend? ;)

When it comes to holiday cards, I absolutely love glitter. Something to do with the memories I have sitting next to the Christmas tree and gazing at all the twinkly lights. Glitter reminds me of that so I love to see glitter on Christmas cards.

Sometimes glitter can be a bit overwhelming and can start to look like it's a "bit too much." When it's used sparingly and carefully, it really can add that special touch to a project.

Anyhow, enjoy the card, and I'll catch you next week!

(Of course, you can see additional pictures of the card here. You can also watch the video in high quality over at YouTube--just click here and then on "watch in high quality" below the video).

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Community Challenge: A Picture of Fall

I love this time of year - it may be one of my seasons. I love the change in the weather. The crispness it brings to the air. The beautiful vibrant colors that adorn the trees. The smells of baking that emerge from my kitchen. Staying inside more and burning my candles. It truly makes me happy.

My challenge to you is to go out (or in!) and take two pictures that represent your favorite things about fall. While you are doing that, play with the aperature and see what effect that has on the photo. The examples I show below all use a low aperature so that it blurs the background and can really showcase the subject of the photograph. If you need more information on aperature, check out this fantastic article in the photography garden from former GG Kim Heffington located here: . More tips for fall photos can be found at the following link from Joanna Bolick

Good luck and I can't wait to see what you come up with. I'll check back tomorrow and randomly select a winner for a 2Peas gift certificate for all those who participate. :)

-Amy Grendell

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Share Your Space: Cindy Liebel

Hey, hey, hello Peas!

Today I am sharing my creative space. I use the dining room as my studio, which is great, because I can be with the family at most times & not feel guilty. However, the two downfalls of having it in the dining room, you have to keep it somewhat clean since it's one of the first rooms you see when you come into my home. Secondly, NO DOORS!! It would be nice to be able to shut yourself in your creative space so you can concentrate for an hour or so. Other than that, I enjoy being close to everything. I can start cooking dinner and chat at the same time or scrapbook or heck, play a game of solitaire.

These pictures were taken from the family room. The first picture shows one side of the room where I store the majority of my scrapbooking goodies. The second picture shows my desk area & other goodies and necessities.

This is my work table, from Ikea 8 years ago. I recently added it back into my studio because my wooden table was just too small for me and the kids. Bought some new legs, cleaned it up & viola! Perfect place for my sewing machine & my tool caddy, which stays in the middle so my little girls hands don't get too happy. I keep a chair on one side & a stool on the other side. A lot of times, my son will sit in the chair to do his homework or crafts. If I'm alone, I sit there to do bead work or sewing & the stool side is where I actually scrapbook. My daughter sits at the little orange table all the time to play with crayons & other fun stuff. Sometimes I will put a booster seat in the chair at the bigger table so she can be involved more.

My desk area. photo storage is on the top in the blue box & brown leather boxes. The plastic containers up at very top store some unmounted stamps & misc. items. Ink & stamping supplies are stored in the wooded drawer box. The four plastic containers underneath Lenny Kravitz ;-) is where I keep my Jenny Bowlin embellishments/stickers, American Crafts metal photo corners & a variety of journaling tag books. The black drawers I keep my glitters, paints & small embellishments. The basket overflowing holds new product I get in the mail or buy locally that aren't used fast enough. I also have my Silhouette to the right of my desk that needs to be used more often. And of course hubby at my desk checking our Chili's menu & little lady, pulling out my books. The expedite shelf next to my printer stores cardstock by color, Quickutz tools & supplies & my other crafting additions, beading, sterling silver, fabrics, etc.

LOVE my printer, Epson 1400 sits nice & snugly on my green dresser. I only print photos from it. I have a small Canon printer that sits on a shelf above my monitor that I print only text stuff & my journaling, too. The dresser holds the majority of my rubber stamps. I have some drawer inserts to help keep them organized & I loved the idea of Keisha keeping stamps in jars & I just had to follow suit.

The labeled baskets on my Expedite holds product by manufacture, Making Memories, KI Memories, 7 Gypsies/Rusty Pickle, Autumn Leaves, Heidi Swapp & Maya Road/Creative Imaginations. The blue We Are Memory Keeper boxes store a variety of items, some items that I rarely use, but need a home. I keep all my 12x12 sheets of felt by Fancy Pants in them, kit club stuff, more ribbons, etc. I also have clear containers that fit perfectly in each cube (Ikea) that stores chipboard & another for PageFrames goodies, too.

Next to the Expedite shelf, I have a place to store random things like stamps, small jars of buttons, vintage books & camera supplies. Below I keep acrylic stamps in the metal buckets & the boxes store current layouts that are ready to be put in albums. The drawers I store items by color & Corinne's favorite place to take everything out & destroy.

Earlier this summer, I bought a new shelf just to store all my American Crafts products. It took some time to get everything organized, but the end result for me is so wonderful. My life is much easier now that I all my goodies in an area of it's own. I use the WRMK blue boxes, 2 of them, to store all my thickers. Stored by colors & by type. Smaller two red boxes I keep all my rubons. Both stored by color, font & type. The red boxes are from Ikea & I store in both all the American Crafts ribbons, one by the box & the other are spools. Green boxes is where I store things like Flair embellishments, one for chipboard embellishments, brads that are still in packages, etc. This shelf sits behind my computer desk.

All the clear jars on my shelf stores lots of goodies, from buttons, to flowers, brads, sheer tags, chipboard, etc. This is where I store my bucket of adhesives & all three of my trimmers, up high from little hands. Pattern paper stored by manufacturer & labeled. I am currently in the process of putting all my pattern paper into the Cropper Hopper clear paper files. I like the idea of just grabbing the paper files rather than keeping everything in the paper holders.

My adhesive bucket & Making Memories tools caddy.

These are stickers I tend to use on a regular basis organized onto binder rings.

So, that's it. Thanks for letting me share a little piece of my creative space with you.
Cindy :-)

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Sketch it Out

Sketches are such a great way to jumpstart your creativity when you just aren't feeling it. Periodically, we'll be sharing some layout sketches with you to help motivate you to create another page. If they don't work for you as-is, try flipping them or rotating them to get the photo orientation or look you're after. Replace photo placeholders with paper or another accent. Add or subtract whatever you need to be happy with the finished product The sketch is just a springboard. These sketches can also be modified to work for cards!

For this sketch, you need three photos, 2 different papers and some type of decorative accent...chipboard, a rub-on or stamp - whatever you'd like! Here is my interpretation:

Fancy Pants Breaktime

Fancy Pants Chalkboard

Fancy Pants All Fall Chipboard

Fancy Pants All Fall Rub-ons

Fancy Pants All Fall Embellishments

K&Co Eclectic 3D Alphabet Stickers


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Tips & Tricks

Technique Discussion: Quick Color Correction

Today I wanted to share a quick technique for color correcting your photos.  This is an easy way to make colors look more natural, especially on shots taken indoors.

Open your photo in Photoshop:

Select the image drop down menu > then adjustments > the curves:

Once the curves box pops up, select the eye dropper on the far right.  This is your white balance eye dropper.  Once selected, your mouse will turn into a little eye dropper and use it to click on something that should be white in the photo.  I chose the "mini molly" sign:

If your colors are still looking a little off, select the eye dropper on the far left.  This is your black balance eye dropper.  Click on something in the photo that should be black.  The eye dropper in the middle is for mid-tones or grays.  Using this one can be tricky, since photos may not contain any gray, but the white and black eye droppers should do the trick for you.

Then just close out of the curves box and you're done!  Now the photo looks so much brighter and more natural.

Have fun!
-Kelly Purkey

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User Spotlight: Kaynenmom

Hi, Shannon Tidwell here.:)

In honor of World Cardmaking Day I thought it would be fun to spotlight someone who has a lot of cards in the Gallery.  That's how I came across Kaynenmom.  And perhaps because I have baby on the mind her cards really caught my eye!!


Love this baby carriage card!


And this adorable baby bottle card...


I simply adore this baby bib card!!


And a little Halloween goodness...



Thank you Kaynenmom for all the inspiration and for sharing it with us!!

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Finally Friday Video - Trick or Treat

Hi all! Kristina Werner here, and I'm so excited to introduce a new video series here at Two Peas in a Bucket. Finally Friday videos show you a completed projects (card, scrapbook layout, etc.) from beginning to end. And hopefully you'll learn something new along the way. :)  Today's project is this quick Trick or Treat card.

So, enjoy the video and I'll catch you again next Friday!

(To view the video in higher quality--it totally makes a difference, believe me!--just click here and then below the video, click on "Watch in Higher Quality").

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1 Product/3 Ways: KI Lace Cardstock: Hopscotch (numbers)

Hi Peas!

Right now, I am currently hoarding my last sheet of "Hopscotch" KI Lace Carstock:

I think it's one of my favorite patterns of all the multitudes of lace designs available in the store! So, when I do get a chance to use this precious sheet, I want it to be on something special- so I thought I would take a look to see what my fellow peas have done with thier precious Hopscotch papers:

I really like how jbarksdale used it here on a back to school page as a major design element on her page! It's like pattern paper, but it's also an embellishment! The color and the design just pop right off the screen!!

I really, really like the idea of using the lace cardstock on top of an acrylic sheet, they way fellow Garden Girl Shannon Tidwell did in this page! It maintains the negative space but also frames the paper and gives it a solid foundation:

and last but not least, I really like the little tiny twinkle of the lace cardstock peeking out from the side of this amazing page by fellow Garden Girl Lisa McGarvey! I think this look is really sharp and sophisticated, something I would expect to see on a great design piece in HOW magazine:

So there you have it! 3 unique ways to use the KI "Hopscotch" Lace Cardstock on a scrapbook page. I really liked all three of these examples, I think I am going to have a hard time deciding whether to keep my sheet intact, or cut it up! Either way, these pages have given me lots of inspiration!

Jennifer Pebbles

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Digi Inspiration Challenge

 This weeks digi challenge is so easy and fun!

It's an inspiration challenge where you get to use any product packaging to inspire you. 

It can be the colors of the packaging, the font, the layout design...WHATEVER inspires you!

I found my  inspiration in the simple design of some cookies from Target. 

I used both the color scheme and the design for my layout. 

You can see the challenge here.

I can't wait to see what you choose for your inspiration and what you create from that.

Don't forget to link it to the challenge when you upload your layout so that you will be entered in the drawing to win a 2 Peas Gift Certificate!

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