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Sharing my space :: Welcome to my sweet shop!

little pink chandelier

Well, I was hoping for some sunshine this week to show things in a better light, but this is London and it's grey, cloudy and rainy.  What a surprise!  Perhaps that explains my need to keep everything in my scrap space in very happy, sweet-shop-inspired colours!

This room would probably be used as a formal dining room by most people but we have plenty of dining space in another room for just the two of us, so I am lucky enough to call this room my creative home.  Can I show you around?


I scrap and sew standing up, and this island in the middle of the room is my work surface. It's made from two kitchen units and topped with an offcut of kitchen counter surface. There are three drawers on the left and one drawer plus some cupboard space on the right. The bulletin board has been painted and recovered a dozen times to fit with different rooms, and I think I paid £2 for it in the first place! It magically fit here so I covered it with pink polka dots and add happy things to the board as it's the first thing I see when I come here to work in the morning.

letter sticker storage

Each of the three drawers holds something I use on almost every layout. The top drawer holds pens, adhesives, scissors and paper flowers. This is the middle drawer, which holds letter stickers in a big box, envelopes in the corner, rub-on letters in the large red box and bling in the small red box. Plus a box of my favourite pens!

paper rack

This letter rack sits on top of my desk and holds papers while I am working on a layout. It's great to be able to see all my supplies without taking up lots of work space.

stamp storage

Like any scrapbooker who used to live across the street from Ikea, I have an expedit! These squares show my stamp storage: a basket in the top left corner holds all my Banana Frog stamps. Stamps I don't use very often live in the pink boxes at the back of that cube. Below are two metal buckets that hold more clear stamps -- designs on the left and alphabets on the right. Then the hanging baskets hold wood mounted stamps. The baskets are also from Ikea -- they are meant to hold spices and such in your kitchen cupboards but they fit perfectly here too. Below that you'll see my typewriter on the left (love her!) and to the right there is a binder filled with unmounted red rubber stamps, my heat gun and the pink zip case has all my basic inks in the small size so I can grab that when I crop away from home.

above shelves

Most of the top of the expedit is covered with a line of 12x12 albums, except for this corner of storage + happiness. You can see the stuff stacked up behind waiting for a project, so I just put cuter things in front to hide those boxes. There's a chalk board I found in a market on a trip, a broken and ancient camera, the camera I used when I first learned to take pictures, a photo from a very lovely day and an Alice mug with the White Rabbit. There are Alice mugs with different characters dotted all over the room. They won't fit in my kitchen cupboards and they are too cute to hide away anyway! Instead, they hold all sorts of little things that need a home.

gocco storage

This shelf holds my gocco inks and bulbs in a little tray that is easy to cart around. We went to Japan last month so I stocked up on pretty ink colours!

gocco corner

And this is the corner where the gocco lives -- on a little folding table. That door goes to the hallway but I don't use it as the other end of the room opens onto the living room. The ribbons that hang there hold bits and pieces right now but when I am printing something I take them off and hang the prints there to dry. The storage cupboards in the back hold boring stuff and supplies for classes so I don't accidentally use them for myself! The pink cabinet to the left is a radiator cover -- there's a giant radiator down that whole wall.


cubby holes

These little shelves are from the children's section at Ikea and they sit right on top of the radiator. Each cubby hole holds something different, like the jars in the bottom right hold all my brads. The top of the shelves hold lots of minibooks plus some rather silly but happy paintings.

fabric storage

I repurposed a CD shelf to hold small pieces of fabric, mostly arranged by colour. The ironing board lives out in the open like that. I asked for the pretty cover for Christmas last year because I thought it might make it a little more acceptable just out all the time, as our flat doesn't have a good spot for hiding it away. You can also see wood mounted letter stamps in the last cubby hole there.

sewing machine

My sewing machine lives on this table made by my husband. It started life as a demonstrating table for trade shows but it is very heavy and we live upstairs so it mostly stays put now. The top is another offcut of the same kitchen counter material. Behind the curtain there are basket-style shelves to store more stuff! The table is the perfect height for near-sighted me to stand, sew and see my stitches all at the same time. The clipboard holds my to-do lists and assignment details.


More storage and more Ikea! These drawers hold all sorts of small things, like markers, ink pads, embossing powders, paints, chipboard and more stamps. The print on the top is from The Black Apple and the frame is from Urban Outfitters.

ribbons and buttons

Round the corner and you're now looking out the window that I face while I scrap. I tried having my table right under the window but the light and shadow was too harsh, so I moved it into the middle of the room. Now I have shelves under the window and jars hold ribbons and buttons on top. The baskets hold things I ought to put away!



Which leads us to the all the paper! I bought these paper racks from a store that closed. I have four but can only use three as one is in the dead space in the corner where I can't really put the paper into the shelves. But three is plenty -- I use one for cardstock (sorted by colour) and two for patterned papers, mostly organised by brand. I put wooden planks on top to make a shelf to hold more mini books, this cake stand of bits and pieces and some framed layouts.  The fabric you see at the left wraps around the back of all the shelves to keep the sunlight from streaming in and bleaching the papers.

And that is the tour!  Now just don't ask how long I can keep it nice and tidy like this -- that is an entirely different discussion!

Love and glitter,

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Blog Post

User Inspiration: Mary-Mac

Happy Saturday everyone!  I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday and survived all the family and yummy food (and black Friday of course).

Today i want to spotlight one of my favorite scrappers - Mary-Mac (  I know that Mary can be seen in Creating Keepsakes and Scrapbooks Etc and lucky us that she also posts her amazing layouts here at Peas!

Please take the time to check out her gallery - you will be truly inspired!

Here are a few of my favorite layouts of Mary's!



Thanks for always being so inspiring Mary!  Your baby girl is adorable and the perfect subject for your beautiful pages!

Sarah Klemish


11/29/2008 9:45:05 AM | Comments (4) | Send a Message (PeaMail) | Vote for this Blog Post

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Blog Post

In My Bucket

With Christmas being less than a month away, my cart is FILLED with tons of Christmas papers and embellishments.  Here are some items that I can't go without this year!

Alphas-Foil Christmas Magic Cardstock Stickers (Little Yellow Bicycle)

Christmas Designer Eyelets & Snaps (We R Memory Keepers)

Christmas Cheer Adhesive Gems (K & Co)

Garland Product Kit (Scenic Route)

and I can't go without these AMAZING digital kits!!

DigiKit - Joyeux Noel Trees

DigiKit - Candy Christmas Gift Wrap Set

Happy Holidays and don't forget to stock up on you FAVORITE HOLIDAY items!!

:) Wendy

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Blog Post

Finally Friday - So Grateful

Good morning, Peas!

I hope your Thanksgiving holiday is turning out to be wonderful, and that you're truly grateful for all you have. I am, and that was the inspiration for this week's Finally Friday video. Click here to see more info and the supplies used. :)

So, I hope you enjoy it! And Happy Thanksgiving!

As usual, you can view it in higher quality over at YouTube (click on "watch in high quality" below the video).

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Weekly Challenge: Mix Patterned Papers and Stamping

Hi, everyone!  It's Jennifer McGuire here and I wanted to share with you this week's challenge.  It is a fun one.

I challenge you to mix patterned papers and stamping.  The layered look can be fun.  Here is my challenge page...

For details on this project, click HERE.

Hope you can all play!  Be sure to click for the challenge when you load your project into the Gallery.

Have a good weekend.

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Blog Post

Sharing my Space

Loretta here, sharing my space :)

I don't have a dedicated scrap space, but my family and I have allocated a part of our large living/dining room for a general art/craft storage area and workspace.  A few years ago I experimented with turning a spare bedroom into a craft room, but found it too quiet and lonely in there by myself.

Here is a blurry photo of the space (sorry - it was cloudy when I took the photo, and there wasn't a lot of natural light)

The small writing desk stores a cd player, adhesives, stamp inks, tools, photos, and lots of other bits and pieces.  The desk part folds closed, but is usually left open because my sewing machine is often set up there.  There is a small table behind the desk, that you can just see the corner of the photo below.  I usually work either at the desk, this small table, our large kitchen table (at the opposite end of this room), or on the floor.  There used to be a dining table in this room, where you can see the sofa, but it collapsed under the weight of unfinished craft projects, and is away being fixed (true story... although in my defence it was a very old and fragile table...)

To the right of the desk is a basket of yarn waiting to be turned into crochet when I find the time. Then there is the ubiquitous Ikea Expedit unit.  It doesn't match the room because it wasn't initially intended for this space, but we don't notice that anymore, as there is so much more happening with it now!

This shelving unit is currently holding way over its load limit, so I thought it would be interesting to list just how many things are stored there.  When I clean out the other craft storage cupboard in the hallway (but we won't mention that one!), some of this stuff will be moved.  Listing everything has motified me to do that very soon.

Top of unit (left to right):

Albums, boxes of layouts waiting to go in albums, watercolour/printmaking paper, a box of Basic Grey lettering (yes, they do need their own box!), a box of rub-ons, trimmer, paintbrushes/knitting needles/crochet hooks, fabric waiting to be made into things.
Top shelf (left to right):
  1. Rubber and acrylic stamps
  2. Print Gocco, Bind-it-all, silk for dyeing, various bits and pieces
  3. Ribbon jars, old buttons, colour pencils, oil pastels, watercolours, acrylic paints, Lomography camera
  4. Glue guns, wire cutters, various glues and mediums, wire, coloured tissue papers and cellophane

Second Shelf:

  1. Beads/jewelry supplies and tools, paper trimmers, a henna tattoo kit we haven't used yet, journals and sketchbooks, patterned papers, diecuts.
  2. Cutting mats, photo paper, specialty papers, more patterned papers
  3. Print Gocco stuff, linoprinting supplies, sketchbooks
  4. Books and magazines

Third Shelf:

  1. Stamps (mostly foam stamps)
  2. even more patterned papers
  3. Stickers/letter stickers
  4. cardstock, chipboard, more books
Bottom Shelf:
  1. Chipboard letters/elements
  2. More Chipboard
  3. Mini-albums and cards
  4. Embellishments (buttons, brads, stickers, trims, etc..)

To the right of these shelves is another table that I haven't photographed because it is too much of a mess - and you know it must be bad when I just happily shared those shelves!  You can just see it in the first photo.  It currently holds boxes of papers and embellishments waiting to be sorted/donated, another sewing machine, a large box of merino wool tops for felting and a sequin collection.  Underneath the table there are wire drawers holding postage and ziploc bags, bubble wrap, chipboard and other things that I'm sure must be important.

On the floor between the sofa and the bookcase there is a large space near a window, where my children and their friends often sit on the floor to work on craft projects.  Every now and then I go through my collection and put items in a box that they are free to use.  They are also free to use most of what is on the shelves, such as ribbons, glues, paints, pencils, cardstock (which is my cardstock collection fits easily into three paper holders at the moment!).  Certain things, like very new patterned papers, lettering and rub-ons, they need to ask first before using.

If you go out the door at the end of the room, you'll be standing on our side verandah.  We often work on more messy projects out there, and the light is nice so I photograph layouts there, too.  There is an old cubby house in the yard out there that Ruby is turning into her own art studio.  I should have taken a photograph as it is currently being painted inside and out with murals, and is very colourful!  When her friends come over, they add their own touches to the paintwork.

Well, that's my space.  Not mine, as such, but rather a shared family creative space.  Most of the time I enjoy working among the bustle and noise of the rest of the family.  On my days off work, when the kids are at school I can work on my own if I need to... and turn up the music if it gets too quiet :)


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Blog Post

Weekly Digital Challenge

The challenge for this upcoming week is a simple one....create your own Word Art!  It can be handwritten on a tablet, created from fonts, or a combination of both.  There are so many great kits and brushes out there that do all the work for you, but why not take a few minutes extra this time and custom-make your own to fit your exact needs?  Have fun...and don't forget to post your page in the gallery and check the appropriate "Digi Challenge" box so we can find your work!  Here is my page...a handwritten "wish you were here...xoxo" sentiment on my tablet (and turned into a brush):

Happy scrapping....and Happy Thanksgiving to all my American friends!!!!!

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Blog Post

1 Product 3 Ways: *New* Christmas Brushes

I love Christmas & I love all the ways we can create our own little holiday magic with Digital Brushes!

Today, the New Away In  A Manger brushes came out! I wanted to show you 3 different ways to use these festive brushes...even if you aren't a digital scrapbooker, you CAN use your computer to create some fabulous Christmas memories!

1st way: Photography!  Whether we are all doing photo cards, scrapbook pages, blog posts...whatever...we have photos, right? So, dress up your photos for the holidays with these brushes!  Once you have your brushes's easy to add them to your photo, simply:

A. Go to: LAYER>NEW> This will create a new layer for you to stamp your brushes on. 

B. Select the color you want in your Color Box.  Here, I chose a red to contrast with the old vintage look I have on here. Now, simply stamp the brush on the bottom of your photo. This brush set is designed to be a Border set, but, use your creativity...there are no limitations! (I also added the ornaments on the tree from the Ornamental kit.)

C. Now...for some funky fun!  Create another New Layer by following Step A.

D. Select Black for the brush you want. (Here, I simply turned my border brush around to give an edge.) Stamp on the edges. Now, yes, it's black BUT>>>>here's a cool tip!

E. Go to your Layers Palette & select Overlay Mode where it says Normal. (A drop down menu will come up.) And if it's too dark, simply adjust the Opactiy.  Cool way to use the product, huh?


2nd way: Create a Gift Tag.  Ok, you can do this on your computer easily! Either with digital tags (here, I've used the Tag Teasers Digital kit, printed out & then cut out) OR you can simply follow the steps below & print out on cardstock & cut out your tags!

1. Go to: LAYER>NEW & create a new Layer.

2. Select your color of digital brush in the Color Box.

3. Stamp the blue border brush. (I also, enhanced it with the Merry Brush.)

4. Create another New Layer.

5. Select another, I chose green. Stamp on top of the blue to give dimension & depth.

6. Add your text & voila! You have a fab tag!


3rd Way: Card or Stationery

Use this digital kit product to create your own, unique card or stationery! (Here, I used the Graphix rub on, too)

Ok, by now you are a pro...follow the steps above.

The KEY to creating anything with digital brushes is creating NEW layers all the time. This way, if you ever need to change them, delete, can click on that particular layer!

Have fun with all the ways to use your digital border brushes this Christmas to create your own holiday magic!

enjoy the pRocess!



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Blog Post

Theme Discussion: Family

Hi! Tracy Miller here to discuss with you this month's Garden theme: Family. Specifically, I want to talk about some of the projects that were posted in the mid-month Garden on November 15. That garden tends to be filled with seasonal layouts (this month was Thanksgiving layouts), but a few people sneak in some themed layouts and projects.

Speaking of projects, check out this amazing 7 Gypsies Photo Carousel that Sande Krieger made:

Wouldn't you like to sit at her house and flip through this to check out her adventures in 2008?

I love this photo frame project that Erica Hernandez made:

Everyone say it with me....Awwww....

This layout by Stacey Sattler contains the most awesome family portrait ever:

With light sabers! Excellent.

Jennifer Johner focused on each member of her family individually, by profiling what they are "into" at the moment:

While Rebecca Trump did a layout about one family member who is important to her:

Finally, in this layout, Shimelle Laine talks about what connects her family across generations:

As we enter the season of family togetherness (for better or worse!) check out the garden for ideas to scrap all of those familly photos you are about to take!



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Blog Post

Technique: Microbeads (thanksgiving placecards)

Hello! It's Rhonda Bonifay and I have a super simple project to share today using microbeads. I wanted to do some placecards for our Thanksgiving table -- quick and easy, and this is what I came up with:

You can use any chipboard shape (I used these from Maya Road), glue and microbeads. So simple I bet you don't need a how-to but here is what I did:

I used a thin white glue that was included with the microbeads (martha stewart). The applicator has a fine tip which makes it easy to fill in any gaps with glue if you have some spots that were missed.

You could definitely do the same thing with glitter, but the microbeads have a really interesting texture, and it might be fun to try something different.

Thanks and have a wonderful day!!


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Blog Post

Sketch It Out!

Good Sunday morning, fellow peas!  Rebecca Trump, here this morning to share a fun sketch with you!

I thought this would be a fun sketch to create a layout about comparisons, or before and afters, or like the layout I did as an example: about my husband and I - and the things we share together.

It's an easy sketch and was really fun to do.  2 square photos and a rectangle for the journaling! 

Hope you enjoy this sketch and if you use it, please share yours in the gallery - I'd love to see it! 

Happy Sunday before Thanksgiving!

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Tips & Tricks

Organizational Tip

My organization tip has to do with organizing digital files. Because all my layouts are created digitally, it is important for me to keep my files organized in my computer. I have been scrapping digitally for almost three years now and I have tried several ways and methods and seem to have settled on one that I like best. This is how I organize my files:


I created a folder for each store. Inside my 2Peas folder I have created a folder for each designer:

When I open the designer folder, I have created folders that correspond with the type of product:


This is the list of folders I have in my designer folder:

Coordinating kits
Frames (because I am always looking for them)
Papers Packs 
Templates and Quickpages

I like keeping the same designers in one folder because I find that each designer has their own style and I like keeping their products together even though I love to mix and match different designer's products. 

I have found this to be the best way for me to organize. You can go even further and make folders within your elements folder that distinguish the type of element like flowers, stitches etc.. I also own the program ACDSEE which has been helpful also. I have not had the time or the patience to tag everything that I own so I love using the search function. I am able to pick a folder and search for "stitch" and it will pull up all the files with the word "stitch" or "stiches" in them. I have found that to be very helpful when trying to locate a particular element.

Thank you and I hope you have a happy Saturday!


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Blog Post

Weekly Challenge!

Going to see Spongebob in 4-D was something Vani was looking forward to on our last trip to Vegas, but it was located underground in a terribly lit arcade so the only way to see how the kids measured up to get on the ride and get that photo of them posing with Spongebob... I had to turn on the flash. "Imperfect" photos are inevitable part of every scrapbook I have seen, but sometimes we just have to pop on the flash and catch that special moment.

So, show me your imperfect photos!

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Blog Post

Finally Friday Video: Happy Holidays


Good morning! For the card for this week's Finally Friday I wanted to create a square card--just 'cause they're fun! And especially with this little penguin from Hero Art's Jolly Christmas stamp set. Isn't he cute?

Anyhow, enjoy the video and I'll catch you next week! Oh, and as usual, you can catch the video in higher quality over at YouTube (just click on "watch in higher quality").

11/21/2008 8:29:17 AM | Comments (1) | Send a Message (PeaMail) | Vote for this Blog Post

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Blog Post

Product Spotlight: Dot Papers

Hi everyone! It's Robyn Werlich here bringing you an awesome product spotlight. I LOVE anything with polka-dots! :) I use them a lot, I know...but they are so fun and so versatile. There are some great papers in the store that are staples for when I create...must haves! Check out these great papers...

Bazzill Embossed Dot Papers - I got the 25 pack of the white (salt) and just love them! Embossing is so hot right now and these papers make it so easy! Grab some of these - you'll love them!

Bo Bunny Double Dot Papers - these are a staple in my stash! I use them on about every layout that I create. The tone-on-tone dots and background are just perfect for any project that your working on. The 'Coffee Dot' is a wonderful brown that I seem to use a lot.

This cute flocked-dot paper from Doodlebug is so cute! I got the white and I love the way that the flocked dots stand off the page - great paper and super cute too!

And I love this dot paper from Amy Butler for K&Company! So so pretty! There is also a grey version that is amazing too! I can't stop using this stuff! :) :)

And this die-cut dot paper from Creative Imaginations is so cool! And it even has a scalloped edge all the way around - can't beat that! Love love love this paper! :) :)

There are so many great dot papers out there that I could go on FOREVER! But they are a great staple to have in your supplies - they will never go out of style! Happy shopping and scrapping! :)

Robyn Werlich

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Blog Post

Community Contest Winner: Cosy+green

Cosi+green was randomly picked as the winner of the 11/18 Community Challenge to make a 10 minute accent. Thanks so much to everyone for playing. :) Cosy+green will be receiving a 2peas gift certificate.

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Blog Post

Digital Weekly Challenge

An easy one this week! For this challenge, all you have to do is convert your photo to black and white or desaturate the color. Couldn't be easeir, right? You have until next Tuesday at midnight to upload your layout fitting the criteria and CHECK THE DIGI WEEKLY CHALLENGE BOX for a chance at winning this week's challenge GC Make sure to pop in to our weekly chat next Tuesayd night as well - always a good time!

You can see the list of elements I used for this layout here. Have fun!

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Community Challenge: Make a 10 minute Accent

I have a really quick challenge for today. It's the perfect thing to do when you only have small amounts of time to use your creativity. This is very much how I work. I will sit down and make accents with no specific use for them in mind. I have lots of little accents waiting for homes that sit in a container on my desk. When it comes time to make a layout, if something fits, it gets used. Here I made this little tree by piecing together scraps of patterned paper that were about to hit the garbage. I wiped some paint over that circle, sewed on some buttons and added a trunk. A month later I got the bug to paint a mini canvas. Actually I painted 10 of them and set them aside for another time. When the time came where I had a few extra minutes, I added the ribbon and the tree I had made earlier and had a little piece of art to put on my daughter's bedroom shelf. Little pieces of time add up to one cute little project. Today's challenge will get you creating without the pressure to make an entire page. Just an accent.

To be randomly chosen for a Two Peas gift certificate you must check the box for the challenge when you upload your accent to the gallery.

I will randomly select a winner at the end of the day. Don't spend more than 10 or 15 minutes at the most! Find a little pocket of time to have some fun with your supplies today.



-Margie Scherschligt

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Blog Post

November Theme: Family

 In light of this month's theme I decided to look through the gallery and my bos and share some cool family layouts from 2peas users. 

This first one is from elizzylee .  I loved the design of this page and how its justified on the right side.  There is such a casual look to the design and yet I think its quite timeless.

This next sample is something Ive had in my bos for a while. Its done by howjudi_ofyou.  I thought the way she used this Love Elsie product was adorable.  Those cute little Basic Grey rubon people inside the frames is so darn cute.  


I really enjoy seeing double layouts. This page by divinghkns  had so many cool pictures of a family birthday gathering. 

Generation pages always look so cool and this digital page by bmdutoit makes me wish I knew how to scrap digitally. I love the aged look of the papers and the paper clipped frame. 

And this last family page was done by  kerry lynn .  It totally caught my eye from the thumbnail and when I opened it up to get a better look I was struck by the honestly of the journaling. I think its a great example of how family isnt all rainbows and happy feelings. In my experience family can cause lots of hurt feelings and hardships. IMHO, those memories are just as valid as the good ones.  These layouts also have a place in our scrapbooks because they give the viewer a broader picture of the person who created them. As Kerry said in her notes for this page it can be good therapy.

Thanks for sharing your family layouts users!  Its always a treat spying layouts in the gallery.

-Lisa McGarvey

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Blog Post

What's in Stacey's Bucket?

At this moment, my bucket is a big variety of things-

This line of Lego papers and embellishments couldn't have come at a better time. My boys are BIG into Legos these days.  I KNOW the kids would love to take photos of their Lego creations and make a page about them!

Here are a bunch more Lego products:


Huge 'cute' factor here...these Fancy Pants Valentine cards are a must!

And because Valentines Day is not ALL that far away....

I adore these Jenni Bowlin Bingo cards....which, actually, they aren't just for Valentine's Day...

You can see more here:

Finally, one of my favorite products of ALL time...this Amy Butler baby caddy.

Campbell saw mine and immediately claimed it for her own and filled it with babies and blankies. Now I need to buy one for ME!

Thanks for touring my bucket with me!

Have a Great Day!

Stacey :)



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User Spotlight: Miss Katie

This is Lisa Brown here to spotlight Two Peas user Miss Katie.  She's a college student whose fun layouts caught my eye in the gallery.  I've highlighted a few of my favorites below.

I love the creative topic that Katie used for  "See?"  The overlay of the punched hole paper and the transparency journaling block are great touches.


Katie's "College 2007-2008 Junior Year" is a fun digital layout that does a great job of showcasing a bunch of her photos.


I love the way that Katie staggered the photos in "1.2.3 Boston" and the color combination is fabulous.


I thought it was a great idea that Katie documented all of her journals in "Journal" and the photo of them all stacked up is great.


With the layering and the cute photo of her shopping cart, I just loved Katie's "Food Snob" layout.

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Seasonal Layouts - Thanksgiving!

Good morning! Have you had a peak at the mid-month Garden? Lots of inspiration in advance of Thanksgiving (and ideas for photos). 

Speaking of photos, I love this layout by Tracy Miller. Definitely reminds me of the "calm before the storm." AKA - the only time the table actually looks pretty! 

I have never taken a whole lot of photos at Thanksgiving (I'll try to do better this year!), so I did a page about what I am thankful for this year. Some of the other Garden Girls did the same thing, including Jennifer Pebbles. I love this simple scheme and the way she used her handwriting. Magnificent!

Erica Hernandez had the same idea, but instead did a layout documenting what her son is thankful for. I adore this digi design!

I am loving the new Gardens and seeing all the new Garden Girls talent! Look at this crazy-creative thankful purse from Jen Gallacher! So cute - such a sweet gift to give to a little girl - and such a great use of the Creative Cafe felt paper!

Finally, I know there are people out there that take a lot of photos at Thanksgiving and I wanted to highlight Joy Bohon's layout - what a great way to get a TON of awesome and colorful Thanksgiving photos on one layout. Love it, and I love the journaling along the side.

I hope everyone has a great day, a great weekend, and a great Thanksgiving in a few weeks. 

Laura K.

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Weekly Challenge - using patterned paper and lots of it!

I love patterned paper, and over the years I have acquired quite a collection. Honestly though, I didn't use it as much as I used to collect it way back when I first started scrapbooking. It can be quite the challenge trying to mix patterns and colors - and on top of that trying to select the perfect embellishments into the mix, all the while trying to let our photos keep center of attention on our layouts. For some it is easy peasy, and for others it can be quite the daunting task.

Here is the layout I created for this week's challenge along with some tips for using patterns on your layouts:

  • Select coordinating patterned papers from the same product line. 
  • Create a layout with a monochromatic or analogous scheme. 
  • If you have patterned paper with large designs, cut them out and use them as embellishments on your layout.
  • Use embellishments that follow your color scheme or are neutral in color.
  • Here are recent layouts from other Garden Girls full of inspiration for mixing up patterns:

    Robyn Werlich used a bunch of different patterned papers to create the hearts on this page. She used paper from one product line and stuck with a blue & brown color scheme which contributes to the cohesiveness of this layout.

    Jen Johner is a pro at mixing up patterns! One thing she does often if using bits an pieces of patterns on her layout. You'll notice that she included ribbons, buttons and letters stickers with patterns as well.

    Another example from Jen showing that using patterns in small doses keeps the page from being too overwhelming.

    Here's an example from Kelly Purkey. She used patterned paper from one product line and then chose a color that was common in all the papers (yellow) to use as her backgound. This makes her layout pop and creates a fun feel to the layout.

    Please make sure that when you load your layout in the gallery, check the correct challenge button so that your project can be seen underneath the weekly challenge. Can't wait to see what you create!

    -Joy U.

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    Finally Friday Video - Noel

    Good morning, Peas! This week's card came about because I just can't resist anything new and tech-y! When I saw the Making Memories Slice I just had to try it! :)

    The Slice is a small digital cutter that uses memory cards. Just slide a memory card in and you have access to many different images to cut. And what I LOVE about it is that it's small and doesn't take up too much space on my crafting table. Pretty sweet, eh?

    And if you're looking to see it in action some more, you can also see Jennifer McGuire take it for a spin over here.

    Anyway, enjoy the video and I'll catch you next week! Be sure to check out the supplies and more details, too. :)

    (As usual, you can see my video in higher quality over at YouTube--just click on "watch in higher quality" below the video).

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    Digital Weekly Challenge: Shadows

    Good Morning! It's time for another Digital Weekly Challenge. This week's focus is to use shadows. You can interpret that a lot of ways. I chose to use photos and elements on my page that need drop shadows to give the illusion of depth. The key to using drop shadows is to try and make them look realistic as possible!

    You can use the preset that comes with your program and mess with opacity/depth/spread etc. to give it the effect you want. And you can also change a drop shadow in Photoshop by right clicking on the layer effect icon on that particular layer and selecting Create Layer. Now the drop shadow will be on it's own layer and you can use Edit>Transform>Warp and change the shape or angle of the shadow to make it look curled or bent. Playing with these options can create more depth and a realistic look.

    I also use the burn tool to create areas of darkness on the paper underneath the elements!

    Just play with it and have fun!! :)

    -Cherie Mask

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    1 Product 3 Ways: KI Memories Sheer Delights!

    Hello Peas!  Jen Johner here today!  Sorry for the late blog post... technical difficulties on my end! :(

    A fun new thing that I am reaching for over and over again are the fun new KI Memories Sheer Delights.  They are just sooo versatile!  The first example is a layout I did for the last garden.  I used it as a background for a layout...

    So, after I decided that this was what I wanted to use for this blog past, I got brainstorming... I immediately got thinking paint and kids... kinda finger painting, it just screams "paint on me!" lol!  That led to this.  I have wanted to incorporate my kids handprints into my albums somehow, and I didn't want to do it on cardstock... excess paint on cardstock tends to warp it.  But this plastic... it is perfect!  The best part (especially for young babies/toddlers) it is sooooo easy to wipe down and do again if needed! :)

    This next example, is a fun one!  It is my daughters birthday party this coming up weekend, and we are having a 'pixie party'!  So I made this as a fun welcome sign for her party (to hang on the front door I think).  I am thinking maybe after, the kids can sign their names is white paint marker and then I will add small index sized photos of her friends beside their name!

    If you haven't played with these yet, you gotta try them... sooooo fun!!

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    Community Contest WINNER!

    Thank you all for playing along. Our winner was stefdesign! Hope you'll continue to participate in our contests and challenges. We love your creativity!!

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    Weekly Challenge: Layering Titles

     Hi everyone!  Shannon Tidwell here today to talk about my Weekly Challenge this week.  The Challenge is to layer your titles.  Simple, huh?  It's one of my favorite things to do with letter stickers.  I love mixing fonts and product types.  I seem to use theDoodlebug Loopy stickers a lot when I do this.  


    Here is my layout:

    Now, show me yours!!  Just upload your project to the Gallery and be sure to click the box for the Layering Titles Weekly Challenge.


    Thanks for playing along!



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    Finally Friday Video - Thank You

    You never can have enough thank you cards around--especially heading into this Thansgiving holiday. This week's Finally Friday video gives you an idea for another thank you card, and I hope you enjoy it!

    Be sure to check out the full description and supply list. And as usual, you can view the video in higher quality over at YouTube (just click on "watch in high quality" below the video).

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    Community Contest: Write a Note of Gratitude!

    It's the season of gratitude, and with that comes feelings of thankfulness for the many blessings in our lives. (I think for me the changing of the weather starts this for me--and it snowed yesterday--yes SNOWED!!)

    No matter our circumstances, we have a lot to be grateful for. And one of them is the people in our lives.

    For today's challenge, I want you to write a note of gratitude to someone that you care about. It could be a letter that you send in the mail, an e-mail that you type, it could be a handmade card to a neighbor. Just find a way to share your feelings with the person that you love.

    I created a digital list/tag that I will print out and give to my sweet husband who does so much for me. (I used the following digital kits for this list: Woo Hoo Kit, and the Thankful List Printable.) Here's mine:

    Whatever you decide to create, show me a picture/scan of it! And be sure to mark the challenge box when posting your layout so that it appears here.

    One winner will be randomly selected to receive a gift certificate from 2Peas!! So no excuses.Show me who you're grateful for! It's a great way to start the holiday season!

    ETA: This challenge ends at midnight CST today!! :)

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    Photography - Weekly Challenge Discussion

    Hi there!  Kelly Purkey here :)  I want to chat briefly about the Photography Challenges going on for November.  There are new challenges posted every Thursday and you can find them right here.  This week I wanted to get you geared up for Thanksgiving (one of my favorite holidays!!!) by taking some great food photos.

    The challenge this week is to go on a little photo scavenger hunt for to take some great food pics.  To participate, just upload your photos to the awesome photography gallery (and have you taken a peek in there... some amazing work being shared).  Don't forget to check the box challenge box because I may have a little surprise at the end of the month for participants!

    Can't wait to see your photos and don't forget to check back every week for a new challenge!

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    In My Bucket

     Hi Peas!

    Sande Krieger here.

    This is the time of year for shopping.

    Of course, for me, all times of the year are a time for shopping! 

    I fall into the same category as most scrappers - I have more product that I could ever use.

    But it's such PRETTY product - I can't resist!

    So here are a few of my favorite new products:

    Scenic Route's new Garland line. Especially their chipboard pieces.

    The ALL FALL line from Fancy Pants. The colors are really rich and I love this argyle patterned paper.

    Amy Butler is a genius and she's done it again. Made some "must have" products!

    And last but not least - Basic Grey.  

    While I love their patterns - I collect their solids. No one can make a distressed solid paper quite like Rachel. They're gorgeous!


    I also can't fill a bucket without adding in a few packages of the tiny letter stickers by Making Memories. I use those on almost every project.

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    Sketch It Out: Photo Tag

    Good Monday morning Peas,

    When inspiration hits me, I usually sketch out my ideas. If I am in my car driving around or at a restaurant & see something that sparks my interest, I pull out my little note book & either jot down the info or quickly sketch it out. As I was trying to come up with a sketch, I found a sketch I've not used in a long time in my sketch book. Instead of creating a layout. here is the sketch...

    my project...I created a little photo tag. Something you can keep on your bulletin board, on your desk at work or send to the grandparents. Tag measures approximately 3.5x5.75 inches.

    below is a sample of a layout I did back in the summer using the same sketch...

    Using sketches are easy & fun to use when you need that spark of inspiration. You can use the same one to create a lot of projects, the possibilities are endless.

    Please share your photo tag or layout or project you create using this sketch. I'd love to see it!

    Thanks & have a wonderful day :-)

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    Product Spotlight

    I LOVE spots to journal on.  Soooo today Im goign to share with you three of my favourite digital kits of labels that I kind of thrash and use ALL the time.  Yes, they are digital but you can also print them out.  I love to print them onto transparancy and rub them onto paper just like a rub on.

    First.... My Oldie Mouldy Lables

    Second... Rhonna's Petit Journal Label Kit

    Third... Tia's Journaling Frame Printables

    What are some of your favourite lables or tags to journal on?

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    Theme Discussion: Family

    I loved this month's theme of Family. It is one of the main reasons each of us scrapbook and for many of us our inspiration to scrapbook. It seemed perfect to dedicate a whole month to just that! Each Garden Girl took such a unique spin on it and there are some amazing layouts in sprouting in the Garden. I picked a couple to spotlight that inspired me to share with you. :)

    Lisa McGarvey  never fails to do amazing layouts. I love her. This Family Report layout was such a great twist on the theme. She did a check on how each member of her family is doing right now. I love how she quartered the page and did a little section for each person.

    Tia Bennett chose to do a layout about her house. What I loved about this layout is the journaling. It was about the actual house - but what made it home and the things that they've experienced together within the walls of their home.

    Robyn's Art layout totally caught my eye! I loved how she included her daughter's art on the page. So clever and they make the perfect embellishments! I am going to have to remember this idea!

    This layout from Jennifer Pebbles is another amazing one. I love how she gather little bits of stuff and make it look so wonderful and effortless. I also really appreciated that her layout of family included no human children. :) This isn't just a theme for those with children of the human variety :) Also loved the color combination here.

    Kelly did this layout about her brother. I love that she did one about her siblings. I need to have more layout about mine in my scrapbooks - so this was a good one for me to see and try and remember to do in my own scrapbooks. I also loved her honest journaling about their less than perfect relationship with him. I'm sure we all have relationships like that we could scrapbook honestly about.

    Jamie's family vacation caught my eye too. I love how she included 7 photos on one page and it doesn't feel the least bit crowded. That girl has talent! :)

    These layouts are just a small sampling of the inspiring layouts you can find in the garden this month. I encourage you to go and check them out for yourself and get scrapping about those special people in your life! Enjoy!

    -Amy Grendell


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