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Community Contest: Participate in a 2Peas Challenge!

Posted by: Maria Grace Abuzman

Hello gals and guys! It's time for a Community Challenge!

This week we're challenging you to take part and participate in one of the three Garden Girl Weekly Challenges: Designer Garden Challenge, Digital Garden Challenge, Photography Weekly Challenge.

Rules: Join in one of the weekly challenges listed above and upload your work into the approriate galleries. (Make sure, also, to check the boxes to Weekly Challenge and Community Contest Challenge to your layouts or photos when you upload.) Once uploaded, leave a link to your work in the comments section to this post. Each submission with be an entry into winning a gift card from the 2Peas store! Take part in as many challenges and submit as many times as you want - there are no limits. All submissions are due by 10pm Pacific time today, Thursday, July 31st.

I know whenever I get into a creative slump, I seek out the challenges here in the 2Peas Garden or on the various message boards. I especially enjoy seeing how different people interpret the challenge rules. So if you're looking for some inspiration, why not participate in this Community Challenge and join in the fun? You'll be glad you did. :)

Here are my entries into this week's challeges.

Designer Garden Challenge: Scrap a Series of Events

 I spent time with the Uzarraga family this summer. Here, I've scrapbook the shots I took while taking their family photo. Each one is precious in their own way. :)

Digital Garden Challenge: Color Match Your Elements Using the Eyedropper Tool

I found the cutest colander in a sea foam green last weekend. And my first thought when I saw it wasn't how I would use it in my kitchen, but how it would be so awesome as a stamp holder. ;)

7/31/2008 11:30:42 AM | Comments (2) | Send a Message (PeaMail) | Vote for this Challenge

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Digital Challenge!!

Hi everybody!  Tia here, with a little weekly digital challenge for you!  This week's challenge takes a little leg work (or, finger-work, as the case may be!)  but with a little patience and a few tips and tricks, you can master the art of distr---, er, extraction   and make your own photo embellishments!

In the page below, I've extracted a wooden doll from another photo and added it mulitple times to the layout as an embellishment.

When extracting in Photoshop (I use CS2) it can be relatively easy, using a cross-section of different tools.  Here's how I did mine:

1.  Make a copy of the photo.

2.  With the Magnetic Lasso, trace object desired just outside the boundaries of the image you want to extract.

3.  Select SHIFT+CTRL+(the letter i) to invert your selection.  The marching ants are now surrounding everything BUT your desired area.  Hit DELETE, and all the extraneous imagery will disappear.

4.  Zoom in 100%-300% and with a hard round brush, erase any extra pixels still remaining.

5.  Once the extracted image is to your liking, crop and save on a transparent file background.

TIP:  If you're doing a lot of erasing, apply the default 3 pixel, red 'Stroke' Layer Style to your image.  This will quickly give you a visual of any "stray pixels" floating around, as well as a general idea of where more smoothing is needed.  Just remove Layer Style before saving.


Good luck and have fun!  I can't wait to see all the cool ways you interpret this challenge!!

7/30/2008 5:01:31 PM | Comments (1) | Send a Message (PeaMail) | Vote for this Challenge

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Stamping on Transparencies Class Challenge

 I thought it would be fun to do a class challenge. 

Here's what to do: 

Create a project using stamping on transparencies (or anything else clear) and load it into the gallery by August 6th at 11:59pmEST. The project can be anything - a layout, card, etc. Be sure to click on the box under member challenges for "Stamping on Transparencies Class Challenge" to participate.

Shortly after the 6th, I will pick three winners from the entries. Here are the three prizes: 

Prize 1: 
A Heather Bailey Autumn Leaves Clear Stamp set and Clear Stamp Ink Pad Set shownHERE and HERE. 

Prize 2: 
Three Autumn Leaves Clear Stamp sets shown HERE and HERE and HERE. 

Prize 3: 
Three Hero Arts Clear Stamp Sets shown HERE and HERE and HERE. 

Hope you can all play!


7/30/2008 12:08:58 PM | Comments (1) | Send a Message (PeaMail) | Vote for this Challenge

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Blog Post


I am a big fan of Janine Langer a.k.a. Aline76. I always look forward to seeing her work in the gallery! Nothing but pure eye candy for me! Her layouts are filled with so much texture, attention to detail, depth, richness, layers & just good ole scrappy goodness! She makes me wanna "use" my supplies and scrap!

Her Advent, Advent layout is AMAZING. Love how she crinkles the edges of her page & frames the photo with elements shes chosen.

Her most recent layout in the gallery, Wild Animals, is Super! Love how her title work is curved around her sons hands in the photo, without taking away from focal point. Seriously clever!!!

I'm a sucker for lots of mini pics on a page & Remember is one of my favorites of Janine's'. She has lots of good things happening here: touches of stitching at the top, journaling strips accented by the double scalloped border & layers of fabric/lace trim underneath the title work along with yummy flowers layered around. Most of all, the photo of her mom & grandma...just BEAUTIFUL!

Janine's A Very Special Soccer Ball layout is eye catching in many ways. Layers of accents forming circles to go along with the theme of her layout and how she wrapped her title around them, guiding your eyes to the awesome photos!! A sports page with a twist!

Lastly, A Moment Like This is undeniably lovely! A classic vintage photo of her grandparents on their wedding day, framed so elegantly with pretty flowers, bold black & teal colors and intricate details of hand-cut flowers. I adore the added touches of the lace trim along with memorabilia & journaling.

I know I could go on & on, sharing what I love about Janine's' (Aline76) layouts, but I would probably be typing for a long time. But that is alright, because her gallery is filled with inspiration & attention to details that makes you want to create something!

Have a lovely day, SMOOCHES!


7/30/2008 10:11:56 AM | Comments (7) | Send a Message (PeaMail) | Vote for this Blog Post

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Blog Post

Technique: Multicolored Stamping

Multicolored Stamping

Supplies Needed:
            Acrylic block
            Ink cleaner
            Scrub pad

           Stamping is a lot more fun with multiple colors. My trick for one shot stamping with 2 or more colors is to use markers to color directly onto the stamp and then stamp my image.



1.           1. Gather your supplies. 

      2. gently color the stamp with various colors.

      3. stamp the image onto the paper


 It's really that simple! No need for boring one color lines when all you have to do is color and stamp.


Thanks for Looking,

Jennifer Harrison


P.S. Special thanks to my husband JJ for being my hand model :)

7/29/2008 11:31:52 AM | Comments (2) | Send a Message (PeaMail) | Vote for this Blog Post

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Blog Post

Digital Organization

I always have a series of elements from all of my digital kits that are my "GO TO" elements and papers. These tend to be cardstocks, kraft papers and neutral backgrounds and then essetinal pieces like staples, stitching, journal pieces, sometimes buttons, string etc.  I have loads of frames in these folders as I love love  frames!

What I do with any new kit that I make or download is make a COPY of the item that I know I will use over and over again and place it into my Kate's faves folder. I have afew of these folders as well. One is all of the faves from my own kits, then one just for TwoPeas kits and a last one for faves from other designers. It makes making a page that much quicker and easier! I then just add in little extras from any new appropraite kits and my page is done.

Happy scrapping and have fun making a FAVES folder!









7/28/2008 10:14:55 AM | Comments (2) | Send a Message (PeaMail) | Vote for this Blog Post

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Blog Post

Digital Product Spotlight::


Digital products are so fun & versatile. Every Tuesday, the digital designers release new kits & fonts!  There are so many great things about these kits; but one of my favorites is how much use you can get out of one kit.  


Last week I released one of my favorite kits; Damask R*evolution.  It’s bright. It’s fun & is so incredibly versatile! At first glance, you see the bright colors, flowers & damask designs with a twist. ... but there is so much more than meets the eye!


At closer look, you’ll notice that the kit is chock full o’ goodies that can be used for boys and girls; young & old! And...the kit includes one of my favorite alphabets made into a font!  

Check out the frames;






rub ons;



and the brush elements!


So many ideas & possibilities!  In this layout, I wanted to share some techniques that can stretch your digital kits to create hundreds of layouts with a different look!


Create your own backgrounds.  Here, I created my own polka dot paper with the polka dotted overlay.  I simply added a blue background with my paint bucket, dragged & dropped the Dotted Overlay (which is white) & adjusted the Opacity level to get a very subtle pattern.  Try adding different colors behind the Overlay Transparencies for a variety of looks; both masculine and feminine.


Use the patterned papers in a variety of ways.  Backgrounds. Photo Mats. Tags. Strips of Paper...the list goes on!  The green floral photo mat is created with one of the patterned papers: Bold Pink Damask.  The majority of the paper is a subtle green damask pattern that I love.  So, I loaded one of the brushes & stamped it on its own layer creating this floral damask look.  Then, I added a Clipping Maskto group the layers together giving the color & design of the patterned paper the shape of the brush I created.  Try using the patterned papers in a variety of ways & even re-color them to lend itself to a boy or girl layout!


Elements & Tags can be used for many things, many times.  I used the same tag here to create a color punch behind the photo.  It’s one tag, but copied 3 other times.  I love Digital for this very reason!  One element can be used over & over again! Try using your elements over & over in your layouts, changing the colors, sizes or cutting them to give different looks!


Resizing Elements.  I wanted the photos to be the focus of this layout, but wanted a little color in the corner.  The corner rub on is  a larger element, but with digital, I just resized it to be the perfect corner embellishment!  Try re-sizing your digital elements to get the most out of an element pack!


Printing out your digital elements!  Another fabulous way to stretch the use of your digital kit is to bring it into your tactile world!  You can use them in your traditional pages by printing them out!  There are ink jet papers, sticker papers, and even transparency pages to use.  Try printing out tags, stickers, & rub ons on Avery’s Sticker paper for a very cool look.  Or add the frames to your photos in your photo editing program & then print out on your favorite photo paper.  


One digital kit=many, many layouts all with different looks! Just think with one digital kit, you don’t have to worry about running out of something! You can use it over & over again! What a great way to use digital products here at Two Peas!


enjoy the pRocess~



P.S.Join us over at the Digital Scrapbooking Message board where we ask/answer questions, have weekly chats, weekly challenges, share & inspire each other in the galleries!! 

7/27/2008 12:14:59 PM | Comments (1) | Send a Message (PeaMail) | Vote for this Blog Post

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Tips & Tricks

Organizational Tip: Hang it Up!

I have a little organization tip to share with you today. I find it’s easier for me to scrap if I can see my things. These little 3M Command hooks are a great solution. I simply apply them to any unused vertical surface, and I have instant storage.

They are super easy to attach and supposedly, easy to remove (I haven’t tried removing them yet). I love clipping items with big binder clips or office rings and simply hanging them on the 3M hooks. If I need a sheet from the bunch, I just grab the binder clip or ring and bring it to my table.

Here they are on the side of a shelving unit...

Inside a cabinet door...

On the side of my Expedit...

I love these little organizational gadgets! :)

Have a great day!


7/26/2008 8:46:04 AM | Comments (4) | Send a Message (PeaMail) | Vote for this Tips & Tricks

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Weekly Challenge - Scrap a Series of Events

For this week's challenge, I would love to see you create a layout that captures a series of events. Sometimes I feel like there's nothing that captures an event like a series of photos - on this page I am describing a flurry of e-mails that went between my best friend and I. 

These pages can be funny or emotional, whatever you want. They don't even need photos! Perhaps you want to do a page that documents a day in your life hour-by-hour. Whatever it is, capture that series of events!

Thanks for participating.

Laura K. 

7/25/2008 1:14:51 AM | Comments (2) | Send a Message (PeaMail) | Vote for this Challenge

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Tips & Tricks

Technique Discussion: letter stickers

Hey, everyone! Jen Lessinger here. I'm really not a technique person. OK, that might be a bit of an understatement. But I do have a few faux-technique tricks that I rely up on pretty regularly. One of them is to make use of my American Crafts Slick Writer. I tend to buy white or black letter stickers. If I need another color, I can color it in with my Slick Writer - the colors are limitless. Or if I'm in a really funky mood, I can doodle or outline or stripe or polka dot my stickers.


The best part? Super easy, and virtually no cleanup. My kind of technique.




7/24/2008 2:53:00 PM | Comments (4) | Send a Message (PeaMail) | Vote for this Tips & Tricks

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Blog Post

Digital Weekly Challenge: Eyedropper Tool

Hi, everyone! This is Erica with the weekly digital challenge. This week’s challenge is to use your eyedropper tool to complete your layout. There are a lot of ways to work this tool into your workflow so I’ll just describe how I used it for my layout.

My photo didn’t have a lot of competing colors in it but I wanted to pick up and emphasize the soft green in the stitching on her shirt cuff. Using my eyedropper tool, I was able to do that. I used the green to create the cardstock block to the right of the photo, to stamp the journaling brush and to create the text. I varied the intensity of the green on the text and brush by changing the layer mode to “multiply.”

One last element I was able to use the green on is the strip of patterned paper along the bottom edge. It was already a shade of green but I wanted to match it a bit more closely. TO modify the color, I opened the paper, created a new layer above it and color filled the layer with the green using my paint bucket tool. Then, I changed the layer mode to “color” and voila! A recolored paper that is a perfect match to the rest of the layout. I flattened the image and drug it to my layout canvas to complete the look.

You can find this challenge here in our digital weekly challenge – if you participate, be sure to click the weekly challenge box when you plant your seed so we can see all of the entries together – have fun!

7/23/2008 9:20:15 AM | Comments (0) | Send a Message (PeaMail) | Vote for this Blog Post

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Blog Post

Product Spotlight: Favorite Stickers

Hello Peas, it's Jennifer Pebbles again, today I am back to talk about some of the fun products for sale here at 2peas. Tonight, as I logged in to post, I noticed in the shopping section that we have a total of 1000 stickers for sale in our shop. That's not 1000 total, that's 1000 different sticker PRODUCTS!! Wow.
In honor of the big 1k- I thought I would share a few of my favorite stickers with you:

Soft Charm Stickers:
KI Memories La.di.dah Soft Spots
KI Memories Bloom Tiny Accents
I am a big fan of these "softie" stickers from KI Memories!! If you haven't seen them, they are like a soft and flexible plastic material- each detail of which is dimensional- they kind of remind me of the material you find on some keychains. I really like the color and texture they add to a page or project.

Adhesive Stickers:
Doodlebug Daydream Adhesive Stickers
Adhesive stickers are a great addition to any crafters arsenal- these double stick images are meant to be coated with loose glitter or flocking powder, or foil sheets. They are easy to use and can be custom coordinated with the colors of your project, they are great for an accent on a page or a main embellishment on a special greeting card.

Border Stickers:
Heidi Grace Baby Girl Border Cardstock Stickers
Border stickers are so easy to use, I find myself reaching for them over and over again when looking for more accents to add to my pages. They can be used all in one piece, or trimmed to fit around a photo, or just a tiny bit here or there for fun. My favorite border stickers have unique shapes and edges, like these ones shown, that just aren't as easy to replicate with shape scissors and pattern paper.

Shape Stickers:
KI Memories La.di.dah Courtyard Trinket Stickers
I admit- I fell so in love with these sticker sheets, I bought 4 of them! I love all the designs, colors and shapes- the matte finish makes for a soft look and ease for writing, and the quanity of images in one package makes for endless ideas for use. These stickers are like a favorite necklace that looks great with any outfit.

Letter Stickers:
Jenni Bowlin Studio Red Chalkboard Alphabet Stickers
American Crafts White Daiguiri Foam Thickers Stickers
Making Memories Aqua Metro Shimmer Alphabet Stickers
Making Memories Mixed Ledger Tiny Alpha Stickers
Letter stickers are probably the most widely used sticker in all of scrapbooking! With countless colors, sizes, typefaces and materials; they help create the mood for your projects and give visual expression to the story behind your scrapbook pages. I have an entire box in my scrapbooking room dedicated to my collection of letter stickers- I might not use them all, but I like knowing that I have many options available to me depending on my mood.

Stickers are simply fantastic!
I hope you enjoyed seeing some of my favorites, I would love to see some of yours! Please feel free to share some of your favorite picks with your fellow peas in the comments below!

Until next time, Happy Scrapping!!


7/23/2008 3:53:50 AM | Comments (0) | Send a Message (PeaMail) | Vote for this Blog Post

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Frame Your Page

 Adventurous Ella
























Good morning everyone!

I was thinking of this week's challenge and "framing" quickly came to mind. Lately I have found myself incorporating this technique into a lot of my pages. I love how it gives pages a neat and finished look and the best part of all is that it can be used for paper, digital or hybrid scrapping equally!

There are many different ways to "frame" your page. Since I scrap digitally, my technique will probably differ from paper scrappers but for my hybrid pages what I do is, print out the final digital design and then mount it on cardstock. A frame (or edge) gives even layered, blended collage-type pages a clean, symmetrical look. The key is to design your page and then add the frame at the end. In my example here, I designed the inner part of the page first, then flattened it and "mounted" the flattened page onto a digital background paper.

Here are the Rules and Guidelines for entering this contest:

* One entry per user member.

* Post your page in our 
Layout & Project Gallery . Any size page, any style (digital, paper, hybrid). Decorate as you wish...the only requirement is that the final page have a "frame."


 * Deadline for entries: due by 11:59 am CST tomorrow, July 22, 2008.

 * A randomly selected winner will be notified on Wednesday, July 22, 2008.


That's it! Have fun with it. I can't wait to see your pages...


~ V


7/22/2008 11:25:04 AM | Comments (0) | Send a Message (PeaMail) | Vote for this Challenge

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Blog Post

User Spotlight: Ashley GG

I have enjoyed following AshleyGG's  gallery for awhile now. Her strong photos (and adorable kiddos) and way of telling the story are wonderful! I especially enjoy seeing how different her 2 pagers are.. and am constantly inspired by them.. like this one:

that little patterned paper spot in between the 4 photos is so great! and her single pages aren't so bad either :) this one screams classic scrapbook layout to me and i love it sooo much! her little doll in the photo- dressed in that suuuper cute dress with her lovely cupcakes totally makes me smile! i love how she used blues for the background, instead of the normal birthday bright colors. 

sigh, so wonderful! i wouldn't have thought to use the blue in this layout, but it works! i love the big title on the top! 


and this one makes my patterned paper heart so happy :) the 4 pics with the white border.. when i normally would have squished them all together-- totally works with the spacing! love this layout!!!


there you go! some inspiration this monday morning.. hope it makes you want to scrap! 
:) jamie



7/21/2008 10:21:16 AM | Comments (2) | Send a Message (PeaMail) | Vote for this Blog Post

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Blog Post

monthly garden theme discussion -- multiple photos

since joy did a fantasic job sharing examples of multi photo layouts from the garden this month, i thought i'd share some layouts with more than one photo from the gallery that caught my eye. :)

this layout from jana eubank is in my bookmarks for inspiration. i have been trying out 12x12 more and more, and i love the way she has used the space on this layout. the clustered photos, the ribbon, the die cut paper and the chipboard girl. i like the variety of photos that she included -- a close up, and a couple different angles to show her daughter playing with her doll. the three photos really capture the whole story. check out  jana's whole gallery -- tons of multiple photo inspiration!!

another layout from my bookmarks from way back in december is this one by mguray. talk about packing a lot of photos on a page in a beautiful way. the colors in the photos go perfectly with her paper and embellishment choices. i also like how she labeled her photos and then put the title along the bottom to give the photos some room to breathe. so pretty!!

this layout by pharmgirl caught my eye in the gallery yesterday. what a unique way to display a lot of photos while telling a wonderful story. i would have never thought to stack the b/w photos like that, building to a larger color photo. it all adds up to an amazing layout (and journaling that brought a tear to my eye).  

i am so inspired right now to try out some new ways to scrap multiple photos. strolling through the gallery will do that to you!!

have a great day!


7/20/2008 12:42:41 PM | Comments (1) | Send a Message (PeaMail) | Vote for this Blog Post

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Blog Post

Product Spotlight: Digital Kits & *NEW* Making Memories!

Hello Everyone!

Are you all excited about everything that is going on this weekend here at Two Peas!  I sure am! 

I have a chat going on later this afternoon (4-5 CST) that I'm looking forward to and all the hype with CHA just makes me want to scrap!

Today ,I am going to highlight two different types of products.  The first being digital.
Here is a layout I created using Paint Shop Pro XI.  I know most of you digital scrappers use Photoshop but since I've been a PSP user even before I started scrapping, that's what I know best :)

For this layout, I used Sande Krieger's AMAZING digital designs.  I just love her use of colors and creativity.  Here are  just a few of her recent digikits that I used to make this layout:

DigiKit - Note To Self

DigiKit - Basic Backgrounds

and for my staples, I used Sande's DigiKit - Altered Elements (another kit I used often!)

I also used Tia's Stitches found here:  DigiKit - Joined At The Hip Elements (my ALL-TIME FAVORITE kit!)

And now for my paper layout :)

Here is some ***NEW***, just released, Making Memories!
I absolutely LOVE everything that this company comes out with. 

Here is a layout I made using their new "Paperie" line.  This collection is Poolside.  Oh girls...wait till you see it!  You will LOVE IT!
(everything here is new making memories except the cardstock and jewel circles.)

Thanks for stopping by and have a GREAT DAY!
See you later this afternoon!

7/19/2008 3:32:15 AM | Comments (3) | Send a Message (PeaMail) | Vote for this Blog Post

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CHA Chat: 12 o'clock Challenge : Make a Name Tag :)

Good Afternoon my friendly fellow peas!! It's me, Jennifer Pebbles...I hope you are enjoying the kick-off of CHA and the fun and festivities of the CHA Chats here at 2peas!!

I am just getting ready to start our 12 o'clock round, and thought I would share our challenge with you:

Since one of the fun things some people do for CHA is make a cute name tag to wear to the show, I thought it would be fun if we made some too!! If you have a little photo holder like I have, you can use your tag as a little nameplate for your desk, and then take it with you when you head out to a convention, a crop or a class!!

You will have until 8pm (CST) Sunday night to complete your tag and post it in the gallery (be sure to check the box next to our challenge title when uploading), and then I will draw a "name" for a fabulous prize pack containing:

Tim Holtz Grungeboard
A pack of Pink Paislee goodies
and a cute digital page template made by our sweet Chelsea Parsons

So come join us for the chat and show off your tags this weekend here at 2P's!

7/18/2008 11:59:01 AM | Comments (4) | Send a Message (PeaMail) | Vote for this Challenge

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CHA Summer 08: 10am Chat Challenge: CHA MUST HAVES FROM THE PAST!


Shannon Tidwell here, I have the first chat of the day so I thought I'd go ahead and get the challenge posted.  

Here we are, once again going crazy for all the new releases and sneak peeks.  Let's not forget, it was a mere FIVE  months ago that we were swooning at the CHA-08 Winter releases!  

My challenge to you for the weekend is to create a layout, card, project with a product that you were just dying to get your hands on 5 months ago and that you now have in your possession.  


The specifics:

1.  Create a project using a CHA-08 Winter released product that you HAD to have.  

2.  Upload it to the Gallery by midnight on Sunday, July 20th, 2008.

3.  Make sure to check the correct CHALLENGE BOX.

4.  Include in the description the product you used and a brief story of your lust for the product.  

5.  The randomly chosen winner will receive a gift bag full of La Di Dah Goodies!!



7/18/2008 8:58:54 AM | Comments (0) | Send a Message (PeaMail) | Vote for this Challenge

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Weekly Challenge: Do a Comparison Layout!

I love layouts that make connections between things. For example, layouts where you see a child progress over a year of time. I did this one a long time ago - an overview of Meredith's 3rd year:

(As seen in Creating Keepsakes's Kids Idea Book, many years ago!)

Instead of a progression, I also like seeing just a glimpse of time. For example, this layout I did for the garden a couple of years ago:



For the challege this week, I did a layout where I compared my daughters' pictures on the first and last days of school.

I love how it shows how they have grown and changed, but I also like that it shows such a difference in attitude and confidence too. On the first day of school, everyone is carefully dressed and very prim and proper. They look a little nervous even. But on the last day of school, the girls are relaxed and carefree.

So, I challenge you to do a layout comparing photos over a period of time. Show us how something has changed, or how much something has stayed the same. I can't wait to see what you come up with!



7/18/2008 7:11:27 AM | Comments (1) | Send a Message (PeaMail) | Vote for this Challenge

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Blog Post

User Inspiration: _sri_

 My book marks are full of this girl, _Sri_'s layout!  

This girl has a knack for bright colors, pattern papers, and details.  I LOVE the mix of her products, and ability to put things together that I would have not thought to use together. 

First up, the pattern paper mixing!!!

Okay, I have both of those pattern papers in my collection.  But NEVER would I have thought to put them together on a layout.  never.   Sri just did it so flawlessly, added some more color (the pink ribbon), and some details, and BAM! a layout that is so pleasing to my eyes.  How DID she do that?  This layout inspired me to pair pattern papers like crazy.  

Next, the details!

There is so much I could say about this layout.  I'll start with the cute strand of flags (again, made out of different pattern papers - LOVE that!).  Then I looked closer and noticed the stitching.  WOW.  The stitching.  It added such a feel of softness to the whole layout.  It's not just in one spot on the layout, but several.  It gives the layout an over all feeling of BABY!!!  Look even closer and notice more detail: 

  1. the fact that she did not center the green flower over the red flower (something that I have always do).  It inspires me to leave things off centered for a touch of whimsy.
  2. The alphabet stickers - a mix of them with the centers left in some!  Love the difference it adds.
  3. the cute frames around the photos - and even more that the title is also in a frame.  That adds repetition - and draws my eyes to it!

So much detail on this layout.  In my opinion - scrapbooking at it's best!!!

And finally, details in the photos...

I've seen layouts with photo contact sheets, but this one spoke to me.  LOVE that the photos are all themed around her baby!  And so nicely done, too!  There is just enough blank space on the rest of the layout, that my eyes focus on all the photos, and still have that blank space to rest.  And then the little Fontwerks stickers add some room to journal a bit about some of the photos.  Product usage at it's best!  

Sri has a lovely family and I am sure they will LOVE looking at her albums in the years to come.  She is documenting her life (and the lives of her girls) in a colorful, bright, and fun way!  

Thanks so much for posting your work in the gallery, and continuing to inspire me (and many others, I am sure!).  You rock, Sri!

~Rebecca Trump

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Blog Post

Community Challenge Winner: prospurring

Congratulations, Anne! Take a look at the winning event tag in her gallery. Notice how her photography is being showcased in a gallery. Now that's a special event.

Thanks to all who participated!



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Blog Post

Digital Weekly Challenge: Using Filters

 Hey all!

It's me, Cherie. Just wanted to let you know about the fun digital challenge happening this week. It's all about using filters! You might be wondering what in the world a filter is. Think of it this photography you can change the way a picture looks (brighter, redder, fuzzier)  by placing a filter over your lens. Photoshop filters are just the same, except you can do a whole lot more than just that. There are filters that can make your photos look like a charcoal sketch, a watercolor painting, or even add a funky neon light. The list goes on!

For my challenge, I chose to focus on my favorite and most frequently used filter. I always use the Sharpen filter on every single photo to give it a pop, enhance the color, or make eyes sparkle. I also use the Sharpen filter to enhance brushes if they seem a little blurry.

In this layout, I used the Unsharp Mask filter on the photo to brighten the colors a little and to make his eyes stand out. I also used the Sharpen filter to make the date stamp a little clearer.

Here's how in Photoshop:

Go to Filter>Sharpen>Unsharp Mask. A dialogue box will open for you to make selections. If I want to sharpen a high-resolution photo for printing I select Amount: 20%, Radius: 2 pixels, Threshold: 0. If I am sharpening a low-resolution photo for the web (like this one) I select Amount: 338%, Radius: 0.2 pixels, Threshold: 0. You can experiment with these numbers to get the effect that you like. 

Another tip for using the Sharpen filter with brushes: If you stamp a brush on your layout and it seems a little blurry, go to Filter>Sharpen>Sharpen and it will instantly give your brush a crisper look!

We'd love to have you join us over at the digi challenge, so go ahead and give your filtering skills a try and link up to the challenge so we can enjoy and learn!!

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Monthly Garden Theme Discussion-Multi photo layout design


One of the things I loved about this months garden theme-multi photo layouts- was seeing how the garden girls designed their pages. I found that despite the unique styles in the garden, there were many design consistencies. I mean really, there are only so many ways you can place photos on a page right :).  Some of the common patterns I noticed were “clustering”, “lining it up”, “filling in space”, and “balancing”. Oh and yes I am sure there are more specific design "terms"-sorry I am not a graphic designer! 

Here are some examples of photo clustering:

Sarah's layout shows a photo cluster but with some asymmetry in the placement. I love how she balanced the photos with a little curve.

Veronica lines up and clusters her photos with one offset here.What a great series of photos. Only a multi photo layout could do them justice!

Jackie's cluster treats all  4 photos in her layout as one in her design.I love how she talked about her process in her garden write up.What a sweet layout.

Laura clustered her photos on one side of her 2 page spread here. It gives so much visual interest to her work yet also maintains her classic white space signature.

Here are some examples of "lining it up".

Here Jennifer Pebbles lines her photos across the page but  balances them with some assymetric embellishing. She manages to soften the linear design with her funky accents and some great color.


Amy's and Jennifer Johner both line their series of photos across the pages here, yet their distinct styles make the layouts so very different as a finished product.

Amy's layout is clean and crisp and very focused on these great photographs (which are a perfect series for a multi photo spread! Look at that doll baby! Totally precious...

Jennifer Johner softens and distresses her page so that it just appears less linear overall. Such a fun and happy page too. love the classic "Johner" touches here.

And here Tracy and Kelly also "line it up" but add a focal point to their design-Kelli's by enlarging her central photo and Tracy by adding a circular element to her design.

Kelli's layout. Isnt that tree great! And did you read the journaling here? Kelli always has these fabulous little snippits of information about her kids. Love it.

Tracy's Layout. Here notice how her photos "break out" of the central design and then she adds that great little circle on top. Love this. Oh and this makes me want to be a kid again!

Jamie lined her photos up too, but in a vertical fashion. I love the way she balanced her clustered accents with some white space. Oh and Elsie always makes me smile..isnt she so sweet...

Here are some examples of "filling up space". I loved how full of life these layouts appeared with their photo collections.

Margies layout. What gorgeous photos and this just makes them standout so much. Love the button touches here. Fabulous.

Emily's layout. Isnt this gorgeous. Notice the way Emily finished off the collection by sewing around the edge. Those subtle touches are so style defining.

Here are some examples of layouts in which a 3 photo design was well balanced.

Sarah's layout here is so well balanced with the 3 photos, some curves and some linear journaling. I also love how soft this layout appears. It is classic "Sarah".

Rebecca's layout also shows a great balance of 3 photos. Then I love the color and funky way she accented this.What a great "sick layout".

Chelsea's layout. Notice how her photos are a little larger here but still so well balanced. And arent the photos gorgeous!

So I thought this garden was a great one for illustrating various design principles, yet also for highlighting how very different the 2peas designers are in terms of their finished products. Good stuff!

Joy Bohon


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Community Challenge:Create a tag with 3 or more event photos


For today's Community Challenge here at Two Peas in a Bucket from me, Margie (pearlygirly), dig out those event photos that you really want to scrap, but aren’t sure how to start. I have lots of those. Certain events are so important to me, and so I put big expectations on myself about how I will get them down in my books. When I do that, I stall. And then they don’t get scrapped.

 So, the challenge that I want to share with you today is for you to just start. Start small with a tag. Tags are lovely ways to just play and get your hands moving without the commitment to a whole theme album. After creating this little 5x7 tag with 3 photos from my sister-in-law’s wedding, I am feeling eager to get going on the whole album. All I needed was a jump start to get me going in the right direction. Complete a tag with three or more photos and post it in our layout and project gallery. The bonus: I'll randomly select a winner for a 2Peas Gift Certificate from the entries.

Can't wait to see those jump starting tags!


Rules and guidelines for entering this contest:

* One entry per user member.
* Post your tag in our Layout & Project Gallery . Any size tag decorated with 3 or more photos. Embellish to your liking. *Check the challenge member box so that your entry is tied to this challenge*. 

 * Deadline for entries: due by 11:59 pm CST today, July 15, 2008.

 * A randomly selected winner will be notified on Wednesday, July 16, 2008.

pink in stitch buttons


"Original" Original Dots / Bold Blue Paper

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Tips & Tricks

Creating Glitter Stickers.

Happy Monday!

I have a quick technique to share.  This is an easy way to create glitter stickers.  All you need is clear stickers and glitter!  Here is a video showing how:

And here is the project..

Here are the goodies I used in this project:

Autumn Leaves Stickers
Doodlebug Glitter
Doodlebug White Glitter
Hero Arts Acetate Tag 
Hero Arts Stamp Cleaner
Doodlebug Trims
Hero Arts Gems
Autumn Leaves Clear Stamps

Thanks for looking!
Jennifer McGuire :)

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Monthly Garden Theme Discussion

Multiple photo layouts are one of my favorite layouts to create. When I do make a layout with many photos they are usually of events such as parties, holidays and special occassions. I not only use 4x6 photos for these layouts, I use 2x3 sized photos so that I can fit more photos on the page and still have room for plenty of embellishments and white space.

I don't normally print my photos at home. However, I do have photo software (Adobe Photoshop) that allows me to crop and size my photos to 2x3 inches. After I've cropped and sized my photos, I create a 4x6 canvas and drop four 2x3 photos into that canvas and send the finished product to be printed at my local lab. I usually go to Costco or Walmart for personal prints which for me ends up being more cost effective than printing at home.

 Here is a 4x6 photo made up of four 2x3 photos.

This is the layout that I created for the Garden using the 2x3 photos above. The large photos are the standard 4x6 inches.

Here is another layout I created a few months ago for the Garden using a bunch of 2x3 photos that I printed out altogether as 4x6 photos and had printed at my local lab.

Fellow Garden Girl Cindy Liebel recently created this one page 12x12 layout for the Garden of her beautiful kids using black & white photos that are sized 2x3.

Joy U.

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tour my scrapbook room

A little tour of my scrapbook space



Oh, and one more thing (I'm such a blather mouth)



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Weekly Challenge - Scrapbook What You Are Grateful For

A few months ago I moved to Japan for a work assignment.  Living overseas and coping with daily life with a foreign language and culture can be a struggle.  Sometimes it is easy for me to get caught up in my difficulties and forget about the wonderful things that bless my life.  When I take the time to stop and think about it, however, I really am quite lucky in many ways.  This weeks challenge is for you to do the same - take a moment to reflect on what you are grateful for and scrapbook it.   Upload your layout into the gallery and make sure to check the box for the Lucky Weekly Challenge.

 Lisa Brown

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Blog Post

Sharing My Space

 Hello, this is Shannon Tidwell.  Today I am going to share a few pictures of my scrap space.  These were actually taken a while back, but not enough has changed to warrant me cleaning it up for new ones.:)  I've had many scrap spaces in the 8 years since I started scrapping, whole rooms to closets.  Right now my scrap space is part of a large loft in our house.  I use about half of the loft plus a large walk-in closet for storage and the other half is a play room for our boys.  So you can understand why it's difficult to keep it clean.  But it works out well to have them right here under me while I work.  

This first picture is just of my desk area.  I use two tall stainless steel tables.  One to house my computer against the wall and another to scrap on just behind my chair.  That way I can swivel and have two work spaces at my fingertips.  Underneath the computer desk on the shelve I keep my printer, recent photos, and a drawer unit that houses odds and ends and enlarged photos.  


Here is another photo of the same area.  You can see that on the shelf of the scrapping desk I keep buckets with recent product in it.  Primarily KI and Love, Elsie.  That is the only manufacturers products I keep together.  You can see that there is a large shelf to the left of my desk (if you are facing my desk) as well as the walk-in closet.  


Here's a close-up of the buckets of product under my desk.  Once a new Collection comes out I rotate out the product and find a new home for the older.


This is the large shelf on the left.  It houses jars of product either divided up by Collection (KI) or product type (everything else.)  I also have a shelf of recent projects.  At the top I have a mail box I painted red and then stuffed with rub-ons.  I want to get some more of those and hang them on the wall together.  They work great!  


This is a quick shot into the closet on my left.  It has the great shelves that I use for photos and product as well as computer supplies.  To the left of this in the closet there is a large shelving unit that is full of bins of products.  Once something isn't 'new' to me I organize it in that shelving unit.  Up above in the closet I keep albums that are empty and other books.  On the right you can see a basket type shelving unit.  I have stamps in that as well as older product I need to keep and odds and ends.  Seems like I have a lot of odds and ends!!

One of the biggest things that's changed since these photos is this.  Instead of housing my patterned paper in these large file boxes I now use these.  It looks so much better now!  


Ok, and now we are back out into the loft.  This is to the right of my desks.  You can see the light coming in from the balcony door.  This little cart is great.  I keep my most recent purchases and frequently used tools on it.  I just pull it right up to my desk when I'm scrapping so everything is at an arm's reach.  I'd be embarrassed to show you what this cart looks like right at this moment....overflowing with product I really need to sort.  I'll either be storing it the closet or putting it in the give away box.  


And so you can get a better idea for the space, on the other side of the room closest to the stairs is this.....

There is a large rug on the floor for them to play on (dump toys on.)  They also have a small table next to my tall shelving unit that has their computer on it (my older iMac.)Then next to the cart I just showed you above (to the left of this photo) we have an overstuffed red chair and ottoman for them to sit on and watch TV (which is on their blue cube unit just to the right of this shot.)


Whew!!!!  Hope you enjoyed this peek into my space and our home!

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This weeks Digital Challenge

Hello from the other side of the world... the side that's in winter right now!

Chelsea here chatting with you about the new Digital Challenge for this week... using stamps/ brushes (same thing, just two words for them!).   I'm utterly in love with curly, whirly, feathery, twisty things and I love it that I can use all these wonderful creations as stamps/brushes in Photoshop on my digital layouts.  You can simply stamp one or as I like to do, stamp a million....

You must check out this weeks Digital Challenge and try out a LO using brushes/ stamps yourself.  This is my example for the challenge. You could even be the lucky person to win a  voucher to spend here at Two Peas! Can't wait to see what you guys do!

And this is one my all time favourite layouts ever!  How cool are all those swirls stamped over and over to create that gorgeous mess!

So while I am about to go to sleep here in Australia and you are about to wake up in the Northern Hemisphere... have a good one!

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Technique Discussion - Inking Chipboard

While cropping at my LSS a few weeks ago I got frustrated when I couldn't find any red stars to go with a layout I was working on.  I had some chipboard stars on hand but they were "undressed" and I honestly didn't have  the time to paint them or cover them with paper.  My great friend Kay Rogers came to the rescue!  She showed me a cool idea for covering undressed chipboard with ink!  Who would have thought? 

I am sure many of you have tried this but for me it was such an awesome, mess free idea that I became completely hooked on the technique!

 I started by placing my chipboard on a paper plate or you can use a scrap piece of paper or paper towel.  Pick the color ink you want to use and simply "paint" the chipboard with the ink by pressing the ink pad onto the chipboard shape.  You can make the color as dark or as light as you wish and WOW does it dry fast!  If the color dries and you are not satisfied with the tone you can darken it by adding more.

Once your shape/letters/etc are dry you can decorate them with rub ons, gems, buttons - whatever you want to complete a finished look.

 I would love to see what you do with you ink!!!  Leave me a message and a link to show me what you do!


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Blog Post

User Spotlight: HelpMeRonda

I have been noticing HelpMeRonda's work for the last little bit here...I love how she puts so many little bits and pieces of this and that on her pages without having them look cluttered at all. 

This first page 'now' is a great example of that:

I love the inked tree and wing cutouts, how she added the green paint onto the background, the little cluster of goodies in the top left and all the great strips of this & that to make up that wonderful border that grounds the photos perfectly.

Another recent favorite...

I think 'ruby beach' first caught my eye in the gallery because it is 6x12 layout and I have been wanting to try one of these for so long now but just haven't! And then looking closer at this page, I was again drawn in by all of the layers that add so much to the overall look but also without making it look like there is too much going. The black negative circles, the red sash around the main photo and the title piece are all such wonderful touches! and just that name itself... ruby beach ~ makes me want to go!!

Thank you so much Ronda for posting and inspiring us all...I hope we'll see more soon. 

Happy Monday everyone and I hope you are having a great start to the summer!!

Jackie Bonette

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Technique Discussion: Doodling with the sewing machine

Machine stitching is one of my favourite techniques, and if you take a look around, scrapbookers are now having a lot of fun with their sewing machines!  When I first stitched on a page, I was still in neat sewing mode: trained by years of sewing clothing, I was sure to carefully align the sewing machine foot with the edge of my page where I promptly stitched a neat line, ¼ of an inch from the edge. Zig-zagging freaked me out because I couldn’t turn the corners without messing up my carefully spaced zig-zags.

Then somewhere along the line I let go of the neatness worry and started to have fun with the sewing machine. I think the trend of doodling on our pages with a pen had a lot to do with it. When you first start to doodle on a finished page, it takes a huge leap of faith to dive in and not worry about the layout being ruined, and drawing with the sewing machine is no different.

Practice on scraps of paper before attacking your layouts. Perhaps even lightly pencil where you want the stitching to go. If one line of sewing doesn’t look right, do a few! When drawing, very few artists rely on one perfect line to create the outline of their image. Most sketch their drawings, with many lines making up the image. 
Quilters drop the feed dogs on their sewing machines before beginning their free-form stitching. The feed dogs are the little grippy metal pieces below the foot that help hold the fabric in place and keep it feeding in a straight line under the foot. With the feed-dogs out of the way, the fabric moves more easily in curved lines. While I find that paper doesn’t grip the feed dogs as much as fabric does (and I don’t have a sewing machine fancy enough to have the option of lowering them anyway), this is definitely something worth trying if you can.
Less is definitely more when it comes to adhesives and sewing machines. Too much glue or tape between the layers of paper will gum up the sewing machine needle, causing the thread to stick infuriatingly to the needle, thus failing to pick up the bobbin thread. I use just enough of a not very sticky glue stick, or teensy pieces of double sided tape – enough to just hold the paper in place until I sew it all down.
There is plenty of machine stitching inspiration in the garden, and I'll share a few of my favourites:
This is one of my all-time favourite projects of Cathy’s – a set of cards using a clever combination of printed digital elements, machine stitching and embellishments. She has completed the pictures by drawing with the sewing machine.
I love how Jennifer used machine stitching in this layout to not only create informal borders for her layout, but the rows of stitching also create lines for her journaling.
Margie created a stitched border here, and I love the informal, sketchy look it adds to her layout.  She used several rows of stitching, and added sequins and gems to embellish the frame.
Guest Garden Girl Lisa Dickinson (bluestardesign) created this beautiful layout for the July garden.  She used squares of patterned paper, pieced together and machine stitched to give her layout the look of a warm and well-loved patchwork quilt.
have fun stitching on your pages!


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Blog Post

My Scrap Space!

Hello everyone!

Jen Johner here!

I wanted to share my scrap space with you!  When we built this house it was important for us to make my area part of the family living area... but separate at the same time.  So, the solution was to add my room onto the family room, with french doors in between.  It gives me the option to have a closed off area, and to still be a part of the 'action' as well!  I loooove it!

Here are a few pictures of my space...

Most of the furniture is from Ikea... of course!  There is another tall cabinet on the other side of the computer desk which holds all of our office stuff.

Is it obvious that my desk usually isn't that clean? hee heeee!

The 'kids' corner. lol  The desk on the right is where my munchkin looooves to hang out.  Her craft stuff is kept in the baskets closest to her desk.  I loooooove the jar of crayons, so much pretty colour!

So, there it is for now!  Always a work in progress and it changes all the time, but I love that!

Jen :)

ps: this post was supposed to go up the morning of the 3rd... so yesterday technically.  I have had internet issues, and haven't been able to get on until now (and even this connection isn't all that lol) ...sorry 'bout that everyone!

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Blog Post

Weekly Challenge: Scrap an Enlargement

This week I'm challenging you to find that picture in your stash that you adore. Then send it over to your photo lab and get it printed up big. Some pictures just need to be englarged and scrapbooked. Let that photo take center stage on your layout and shine.

I love this picture of my youngest. I knew when editing it that printing it 4x6 just wouldn't be good enough so I had this printed up as an 8x10. I like using 8x10 enlargements on layouts once in awhile because it really lets the picture be the focus. All you need to do is add simple title and a couple of embellishments and you're good to go!

I can't wait to see what you all come up with! Be sure to upload them to gallery and mark them as relating to this challenge!

-Amy Grendell

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Blog Post

Tool Saavy Challenge

 Sande Krieger here. 

This week our digi challenge is to get to know one of the tools in your photo editing software a little better. We want you to choose a selection tool - a freeform one if possible, and use it to create something on your layout.

By freeform, we mean one where you draw out a selection that isn't necessarily symetrical. A lasso tool or freeform pen tool would fall in this category. If you don't have those available, then choose whatever selection tool you are least familiar with and use that.

Typically, when I'm making my funky scallop shapes, I use the freeform pen tool. This time I decided to try the lasso tool, since that's a tool I don't use very often.

I made the scallops in this layout using the lasso tool and turning them into a mask.

I mistakenly wrote on my seed that the "Note to Self" kit that I used on this layout came out June 9th. It didn't. It will be released on July 9th. Ooops!

You can find the details on how I used the lasso tool and turned it into a mask here.


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Blog Post

User Spotlight: Purkage and Miss Quiss

Recently I was drawn to Kelly's (purkage) layouts when she posted:

 I think what caught my eye first was the apple Ki Memories paper. It wasn't used on a school layout. it was something else entirely. I love the layered labels, being a big fan of labels myself. I am drawn to Kelly's style. I like the combinations. the colors. the use of patterns and textures.

The Times Square layout below.... the colors, love these colors. I am really drawn to the Daisy collection from Love, Elsie, and I love that she has used the paper out of context that the paper was created for. I am that way, and always take papers meant for some other theme and use them randomly. I enjoy seeing others do that as well. I love that she reinforced the buttons printed on the papers by adding them to the stars on the accents. that they pop off the layout.  I love that Kelly took a photo of this little stuffed guy that she carries around.  And, I had to ask about the letters. because being the lazy scrapbooker that I am, I had to know, if she cuts them out with a quikutz, does she then have to glue them down with a glue or adhesive.... which I know people do all the time. I am too lazy. If I don't have it in a letter sticker, I don't do it. So I love that someone else did and showed me how cool it can be. 

Thank you for sharing your layouts with us Kelly. I enjoy browsing through your work!

And then...

Miss_Quiss. Her profile has been linked to me several times over the last month or so, by our customer service representative, Jamie. She loves  her layouts and as a result, shows them to me all the time. Her work is unique, exciting and always fun. The elements are almost random, yet not. So uniquely put together and always fun too look at. So expressive.
This is her most recent posting:

I love the colors. I love the textures. I think its so interesting the clouds, cut from the Hambly overlays. and the letters all jumbled up. The added doodling and names just made our customer service girl Swoon with delight. 

And this layout: 

I love this. the colors. the thought behind it. the journaling. the extra doodling. 

Miss_Quiss, you  have caught many of our attention with your fun, free and exciting layouts. 
Thank you for sharing your wonderful work in our gallery for us to enjoy!

Kristina Nicolai-White

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Blog Post

Community Contest Winner!

A big congrats goes out to melissadeguate!!! She won the contest for the challenge to make two handmade cards. Thanks to everyone who participated!!!! You made some beautiful cards that I am sure will brighten someone's day.

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Monthly Garden Theme: Got Pictures? Part 2

There was a time in my multiple picture scrapping life where I was afraid of creating double layouts.  I must confess that two page spreads are still daunting for me to make, but because they are so rewarding to look back on I do them anyway. Im not really afraid of them like I used to be; they're just more time consuming.  

So... in the interest of appealing to those single page scrappers, here are some more multiple picture layouts that get it done on one page.  Working on a smaller surface area can be more challenging, but by using some creative cropping and sizing its very do-able.

Thanks for looking. 

And just a real quick FYI: if you havent looked through your old layouts lately, DO IT! Its been such a neat feeling for me to look back on these old pages. Its like seeing old friends I used to know. 

-Lisa McGarvey


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Monthly Garden Theme: Got Pictures?

 This month's theme is one that I have had such a renewed appreciation for in the past few months: multiple picture layouts.  When I look through the pages Ive done over the years, its the ones with lots of pictures that speak to me the most. I love how multiple picture layouts can give you a larger perspective of the activity being viewed. I love how often you don't even need a whole lot of journaling to accompany the pictures. Many times the pictures alone tell the story.  Ilove seeing the photos tumble off the page - one after the other. I love getting a broader picture of the theme being scrapped.

I never tire of these multiple picture layouts... truly I dont.

I went through my old seeds and pages and decided to bring back some oldies but goodies as far as multiple page layouts are concerned. Many of these pages are 5+ years old, but they still resonate with me to this day. 

I see these older pages of mine and I cant help but think how lucky I am to have stumbled upon this hobby. Very very lucky. I also think how fast time goes. My boys look like babies in some of these layouts. Waaah.

And here is the latest page Ive done using multiple pictures.  It will be coming up mid month. Shhhhhhhhhh.



Stay tuned for some multiple picture one page layouts.

-Lisa McGarvey



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