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American Crafts – Summer ’08 – New Products

Hello to everybody in 2Peas Land! Hope everything’s going well for you. We sure appreciate your support and interest in our products (and sincerely hope you know that.)

We’ve got another exciting new release to share with you … it’s our best one yet. It’s also our biggest one yet, so buckle up while we show you images of lots of fun, stylish products.

First off, we’re pleased to announce that we’re finally offering the most basic scrapbooking staple of all … cardstock! AC Cardstock™, to be precise. 

Available in open stock (12x12 and 8.5x11) or boxed variety packs (5 sizes), it’s heavyweight (80 lb. cover), solid core, and textured. In fact, AC Cardstock's unique texture works like a dream in die-cutting machines and is more printer-friendly.

We’ll start by offering 75 stylish colors and go from there – primaries, brights, pastels, tropicals, earth tones and naturals.

A word or two about AC Cardstock™ variety packs. They not only allow you to buy premium cardstock at a great value, but they’re also housed in our innovative patent-pending packaging. The box’s open-but-reinforced corner lets you feel the weight and texture, as well as see every color. Loose sheets mean no messy glue binding and no accidental rips.

And removing the box’s perforated tab coverts it into home storage with easy access ... a great way to keep your cardstock nice and tidy!

We’ll also be offering a selection of specialty cardstock that features the following bold textures and finishes:


Foil: Corduroy

Foil: Linen


Pearl: Alligator


Pearl: Silk.

Last but not least, we’re offering pre-cut AC Cardstock™ Cards and envelopes in 13 core colors. The cards will be available in three sizes … 5.25x5.25; 5.25x5.25 (trifold); 4x5.5 and 5x7. Matching paper envelopes will be available as well. They’re perfect if you need to make a lot of cards for a birthday party, wedding, etc.

Now onto our 5 themed sections – Moda Bella, Christmas, Everyday, Romance and Travel! Of course, each themed section has matching Thickers, Minimarks rub-ons, House Collection embellishments, Details embellishments, Ribbon and a new type of embellishment called Fla!r (that’s pronounced “flair,” but with a lot more enthusiasm).

Let’s talk patterned paper. As you know, we always strive to offer paper with personality. We think you’ll agree that these 5 lines have a ton of it.

First, Moda Bella is inspired by fashion and the cool fabrics and patterns you’ll find there. Houndtooth, plaid, stripes, floral patterns, swirls. It’s all there and all ready for making stylish pages and cards.

Our Christmas patterned paper offers a blend of retro appearance with on-trend greens and reds. Accent colors are silvers and gold (with a subtle metallic sheen to them). Patterns feature mittens, snowmen, snowflakes and tree lights; candy cane stripes, holly, and gingerbread men. It all adds up to the perfect way to remember those joyous holiday memories.

Everyday themed paper is refreshingly simple - cute but not cutesy. Patterns include flowers, word bubbles, and hearts; raindrops, paperclips and stars. It paper that will appeal to beginning and advanced scrapbookers alike. We hope that once you see it, you’ll be inspired to highlight the very best moments of your everday life.

Our Romance themed paper is off-the-charts fun. Yes, you’ll see hearts, but also cupcakes, Xs and Os, and other fun patterns. Not only do we think you’ll love it, we also predict you’ll love recording loving memories with it. (Woah, that’s a lot of love.)

Wrapping up the patterned paper lines we’ve got our Travel line. Inspired by the fun signs you see everywhere when you’re out and about, this paper comes in bright, vibrant colors and is designed for those adventurous travel memories.

One more thing before we jump to another topic… we’re also offering our new paper and our best-selling lines from the recent past in Patterned Paper packs. In other words, you’ll be able to get the new paper lines just mentioned as well as Amplified, Tea Party, Metropolitan, Celebration, Christmas 07, A La Carte and Play in money-saving packs of 60 sheets. These paper packs are available the same convenient packaging as our new AC Cardstock™. And best of all – each paper pack containing paper from our 5 new lines contains exclusive patterns (from 6 to 18) that won’t be available in open stock. Here’s what the packs look like.


In January, we introduced Details layered embellishments – self-adhesive, mixed media pulled together with stitching or buttons. Or “little works of art” as we’ve heard them called. They were so well received that we’re offering a new batch of them. Check them out …

Here’s that other embellishment we’re so excited about … Fla!r. These awesome accessories have been decorating clothing for decades, and now we’ve outfitted them for the scrapbook. With adhesive backs instead of pins, these badges will stick to practically any surface.

As always, each of our themed section has cool new themed ribbon. What can we say? We love ribbon! Check out some of the fun patterns …

American Crafts Remarks stickers have long been a favorite of scrapbookers everywhere.
Great news! We’re releasing two new fonts … Chloe (with a transparent backing) and Oscar (with an opaque backing) and two new fashion accents (all transparent backings). All very cool.

Honey, we shrunk the Minimarks. Okay, that’s silly. But we did make the packaging of the industry’s best rub-ons a little smaller as well as shrink their MSRP – now a pack’s only $4.99.

And did we mention that the designs are more fun than ever? Yes, each themed set comes in either Accents or Phrases, as well as in black, chestnut or charcoal and color. If you haven’t tried Minimarks rub-ons, we think it’s about time. Here’s some eye candy of the Everyday minimarks.


Finally, what American Crafts product release would be complete without new Thickers? The original and best dimensional stickers are hotter than ever. Did you see our mid-release Glitter Thickers? (Click here to see them.) Well, that was just a start.

First, we’re releasing Puffy Thickers that coordinate with our Everyday line. The font’s called Chit Chat and they’re available in Chestnut, White, Tangerine and Grapefruit.

Next, we’re releasing Foil Thickers that go with our Christmas line. Like Chit Chat, they come in a font – called Tinsel – and an Accent. Colors include Black, Silver, Cherry and Cricket.

Dolce Fabric Thickers are the next big thing. Designed to go with our Moda Bella line, they’ve got a cool texture and come in Charcoal, White, Apricot and Aqua.

Vera Vinyl Thickers are also designed to match Moda Bella and come in Black, White, Taffy and Sunflower.

Subway Foam Thickers go with our Travel line and come in Black, White, Cherry and Powder.

Finalmente, there’s Darling Chipboard Thickers. They match our Romance line and are available in Chestnut, White, Lipgloss and Mulberry.

There you have every last bit of it, and we hope you’re as excited about it as we are. Let us know what you think in the comments below!


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