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Pinch Hitting and Free Giveaway!

I made a wish resize[1]

First, things first. Check out the terrific layout that Sarah Eclavea put together from her Simply Obsessed October kit ( Great project!!!! Sarah is married to Ron and she teaches High School Biology in Chicago. Sarah and Ron have a 10 month old daughter and three dachshunds. I gotta tell you, I love this layout! Great job Sarah!


As most of you know, I'm the "back-up blogger" for Cosmo Cricket. I know.....It's just not quite the same as when Julie blogs.

 In baseball I would be referred to as the "pinch hitter." This is the guy who comes off the bench and the team expects something special to happen. And in baseball, you never take your best hitter and pinch hit for them unless they need a day off.

Well....Our best hitter is taking a couple of well deserved days off.

 Julie is the President of Cosmo Cricket for good reason. Her days start very early and finish very late. Saturdays and most holidays at the Comstock home are work days. Honestly, I work hard, but I feel like a slacker when I'm around her and Eric.

  She does the work of four people. She's the butcher, the baker, the candlestick maker.

 If any of you could spend the day following her around, you, like me, would be exhausted.

Let's see, she has four really great kids, a super husband that she cares for, housework, cooking, design work, class projects, the blog, product development, while trying to get her daily workout in, learning spanish,providing direction for the company, doing art projects, designing fabric, signing checks, training employee's, leaping tall buildings in a single bound and much much more.

Sometimes I think she is Wonder Woman, minus the magic lasso, and the invisible plane (I'm pretty sure on the lasso, but need to check with Eric on the plane thing). 

She appreciates  very much each of you. Julie talks every single day about the comments that you leave that make her laugh and smile. She reflects about your concerns and she loves the fact that you offer shared experiences and insights to everyday life.

Okay, I don't want any of this to go to Julie's head, so it time to move on to more important things. Have a nice couple of days off Julie and no working!

Last, let's do a giveaway. Leave a comment either about one of your favorite past Cosmo Cricket blogs or just leave a comment

 Here's what two lucky people will win: Earth Love Paper Crafting Kit and a Nutmeg Paper Crafting Kit with the Ready Set Chipboard. (retail value over $40.00). 

Have a really great day today!

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Ground Breaking News!

Cosmo Cricket is building a warehouse! That's right, Eric, Lindsay and I have signed our lives away, no, not to the devil, as some of you surely think...... but to the Cache Valley Bank. We bought some land and we will own a warehouse and office space soon!

If you are in the northern Utah area, it gets even better..... there will be a Cosmo Cricket outlet store complete with all our products, including fabric.

But that's a few months away. Here's what it looks like right now.


Can you imagine it? It's going to look great!

The whole project from tractors to dirt to money to ownership has brought out the masculinity of Eric. Here's his new photo pose! I can't get him to pose any other way anymore. He's got his sleeved rolled up like he's been tough at work, but don't believe him...... notice the sleek black loafers?


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Thrifty Gifty Wall Decor

All you bloggers that have been reading our entries for more than a year may remember our thrifty gifty ideas from last season. Well, I was sent a couple projects from our fans that would make perfect, inexpensive gifts.

This project is by Sue Jade. I think it is beautiful. You can buy inexpensive frame sets at lots of stores. I just picked up some really cool ones at IKEA. Then, simply put in a mix of your favorite photos and paper (Sue used Earth Love papers) to match your decor.


This project is by Katie Wilson. I think it's fabulous. All you need is a frame you can paint and distress to your liking, some scrappy stuff (Katie used our Clothesline paper from The Boyfriend) and clothespins. Now, if it would get my kids to actually do the laundry, I would be making one, "like, yesterday!"

Maybe you would like to sew some gifts for your loved ones, well, check back tomorrow for a fabric-y sort of giveaway.

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Christmas Cards with Jolly By Golly

I know lots of organized women that are going to have all their Christmas tasks completed by the end of this month. However, I am not one of them! No, not me. I'll still be figuring it out late Christmas Eve when I realized that I forgot batteries, need more clear tape and that nobody left out cookies for Santa... or even made any for that matter.

Oh well! There is a little corner of my mind where I imagine that one day I really put Martha to shame......... A place where the cards are handmade and sent out the weekend after thanksgiving, the lights on the house are all spaced perfectly and pointing the right direction, the children are all happy with clean, bright faces and everyone loves my thoughtful gifts. In other words, I have a great imagination!

It looks like several of you are well on your way to that happy place with your cute, hand-made Christmas cards. Take a look...... I'm so jealous!

By Karola Witzack

Karola_CC_jbgolly1 (2)
Karola_CC_jbgolly1 (3) 

Karola_CC_jbgolly1 (1) 

Karola_CC_jbgolly1 (5)
Karola_CC_jbgolly1 (6)

And the same line done in a totally different way by Dannisdoodles.

Christmas card 1

Christmas card 2

Christmas card 3

And yet another look by Anthea McConachy.

P1020596 (Small) 

P1020621 (Small) 

Here's Debbie Olson's take.





So, how about you? Are you getting ready for Christmas already, or are you like me and you haven't even bought your pumpkins and candycorns yet? I know, I'm hopeless!

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Cards for Fall

There is something about the changing of the leaves and the nip in the air that makes me want to bake things and give them to people. To do this, I like to have cards!

Here are some great ones from our design team.

By Debbie Olson, using Earth Love.

By Laura Craigie, using Nutmeg.

By Debbie Olson, using Earth Love.

By Gudrun Loennecken, using Mr. Campy.


Maybe you have new neighbors. I do.

By Wendy Sue Anderson, using Early Bird.

By Gudrun Loennecken, using Earth Love and Snorkel.

Maybe you have teens. I just bought winter clothes and books for mine. It would have been nice to make a card for them too. I like to write them little notes sometimes. I find they consider that much more special than just a compliment.

By Debbie Olson, using The Boyfriend.

By Laura Craigi, using The Boyfriend.

Or, maybe you just want to let someone know how special they are to you.

By Laura Craigie, using Everafter.

By Laura Craigie, using Earth Love.


Now for the winner of my collagey painting. Congratulations, Karen who said, "This is stunning!! I absolutely would love to have hanging in my house. (I'd like a few lessons too.)" Well, Karen, stay tuned. Eric and I have plans for an upcoming video tutorial. Maybe one featuring me teaching Lindsay to paint! We'll see if I can talk him into it or not.

For now, send your address to and we'll send you the painting. It might not ship until tomorrow though. I used some oils with it and they are taking their time drying.

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Nutmeg Wreath

Nutmeg Wreath

When Natasja sent me this project, my jaw totally hit the floor. It is that amazing! Take a look.




I am not sure if she made the wreath base herself or not, but I intend to make this project for my own home starting with a store bought base. I noticed some on sale for $10 at a large sewing/craft store in my area.

Then, you just need to learn to make Natasja's paper roses. She shows how to do this here. They are very easy! I even taught them at a make and take in August and everyone was able to make them. Once you have your roses, simply hot glue them to the wreath and throwing in a sprinkling of Ready Set Chipboard for good measure.


OK, can I ask you all a question? My daughter Kate has always been a social butterfly. Then, we hit age 10 with cliques, mean girls and loads of drama. HELP! I was a total outcast from about the 6th grade until...... well, let's just say girls still scare me.

I have no idea how to help her with these crisis. Her best friend has been on a vacation for the last week and I found out yesterday that she has no other friends at school to sit by at lunch or play with at recess. I am heartbroken for her, since I know exactly what it's like to pretend you are happy wandering the playground alone waiting for that bell to ring.

Lately, she comes home asking for specific things because the clique she wants into tells her she's not welcome without them. I want to be empathetic to how she feels, but I don't want her sacrificing herself for the group or thinking that these girls are really her friends when they're not.

I remember trying to talk to my mom when I was young. I never felt like she understood me because she would tell me to be myself, which I did not find helpful. Now I am in her shoes and even more clueless as to what my advice should be. 

So all you blog readers out there. What do I do? How do I help her be true to herself, be a good friend and find good friends?

Here's what I've tried so far:
I have talked to her about how I felt as kid and what I went through.
I got her the book Cliques, Phonies and other Balonies
And, believe it or not I bought her a bra...... it's a long story and no, she doesn't need one yet, at least for its marketed purpose!


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Art with Kids


Let's begin with the important stuff. I received this comment yesterday on Tuesday's post.

"........I am sure at one time I thought Lindsay was a girl, and married to Julie. :-)"

I'm really sorry to single you out RitaS, but I have to know, when you thought he was a girl and when you thought he was married to me were two different moments in time, right? I mean, you didn't think he was a girl AND married to me, did you? Just wonderin'.

OK, now I want to share a really fun book with you all.


I love everything about this book. The illustration's are fantastic, it promotes individual thinking and it fosters creativity and imagination. Each page has a question to think about like: What sort of animal would you like to be? Then there are usually follow up questions like: Would you be friends with people? Or not?

This weekend, we are going to use this book to spark ideas for paintings. We often have family art nights but now that my kids are getting older, they are more influenced by what they see their friends drawing and doing. They have also become molded by the school system and forgotten themselves a bit. I am hoping that using this book as part of our activity will help them remember.

Here's some of my favorite pieces from my kids.

Abby did this self portrait at school. In the second grade, she still has her quirky, design-y style. I hope she never loses it!

Ethan's style definitely went more boyish around the 4-5th grades. Now, in the 8th grade, he is really into dragons, ninjas and weapons. But, I still love all the emotion he put into this piece.

I love how each of my kid's styles is a reflection of their personalities. Kate is a softie. She cries whenever anybody cries, she gets sad when she hears sad stories on the news, etc, etc. She loves all beautiful things like flowers, butterflies and rainbows. Even her style is soft.

And where's Jack's art, you ask? Well, Jack prefers match box cars. He doesn't like art. :( But he does a great job of adding sound effects to the pink eraser as he drives it around the table.

OK, enough bragging about my kids, I suppose we should announce the winner of that happy Paisleys and Polka Dots kit. Congratulations, Shannon who said, "i am a scrapper wannabe and this kit is absolutely perfect. i've always wanted to try scrapbooking but never knew where to start. what a great idea!"  Shannon, send your address to and when the UPS man shows up, you can officially call your self a scrapper!

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Three Paper Crafty Things

Papercrafty Thing #1: Torendi Kit Club Giveaway

Have you heard of Torendi yet? They are a brand knew kit club and online shop you should definitely check out. Why you ask..... well for one thing they have some really cool twill ribbons (they are not Cosmo Cricket and I don't make any money at all for endorsing them). Also, they have this really cool tape (same thing as before, I just really love it!).


But, there is another reason to check them out, especially today. You could win their kit this month that features Earth Love (my endorsement of Earth Love is totally biased and yes, I do make money when stores buy it, so keep that in mind.) Here's a sneakie of it, notice that cute twill I was talking about? It's a perfect kit for card makers with 6" papers and fun stamps.


Here's some things their designers made with this kit.




If you want to win this set, you need to visit the Torendi blog and leave a comment there, but be sure to come back here and read the other two Papercrafty things!

Papercrafty Thing #2: challenge winner.

As always, we have a monthly challenge going on over at If you would like to enter this month's challenge, you could win some Nutmeg along with some other Cosmo Cricket goodness that I can't recall at the moment. Anyway, last month's winner was Ami G. She made this beautiful Everafter layout that I just love! Check it out.


Papercrafty Thing #3: A Get Well Card for Lindsay

I really think that Lindsay needs a personal health crisis coordinator. Yesterday, he unexpectedly, had his gallbladder removed. I told him he should have scheduled that for the same day as his amnesia episode so he wouldn't have remembered either. My kids all made him get well cards and I did too, here's mine.




He actually looked really good. In fact, his coloring was better than my own..... in my perfectly healthy state!

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Funny Stories

I had planned to show a fall home decor project today. Unfortunately, as I was about to put it all together over the weekend, I realized that I was out of styrofoam and hot glue.

So, instead, I'll tell you two funny grocery shopping stories that happened this past week.

On Wednesday, Eric and I were grabbing a couple things quickly at the store. We had just gotten into the check out line when I saw some popcorn on an endcap. I left Eric in line to go get some. As I came back, I saw him swiping his card and so I handed the popcorn directly to the cashier and said, "Is it OK if we get this too?" Then Eric turned to me and I saw that it wasn't really Eric at all. Just some other super tall man with sandy blonde hair. 

OK, so fast forward to last Saturday night. We are at the store again buying everything to make beef bourguinon for Sunday's dinner when we ran into our friend, Jon. Eric and he began chatting, I got tired of waiting around and so I left the cart near them and headed down the aisle looking for a good red wine (did you know they don't sell wine at grocery stores in Utah?).

Anyway, I eventually returned to the cart, as Jon and Eric were wandering away the other direction. As we headed down the next aisle, I noticed some linguini noodles in our cart. I asked Eric what the linguini was for. He said, "I didn't put that in there, you did." I assured him that I didn't. That, combined with noiticing a young man running after us, is when we realized I had stolen someone's cart.

The next morning, our friend called our house to make sure we made it to the right home with our own groceries.

So, the point of these two stories? Be careful while shopping at Macey's in Providence! There's crazy people shopping there!!

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