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More new temptations and contest winners

Thanks everyone for your great comments yesterday.  I have the winner's names in front of me.  Are you giddy with excitement and suspense?  Well, I think I'll torture you for a minute longer (insert evil laugh here).   Hey!  Don't scroll down.  That's not fair!  Besides, you don't want to miss what I have to say next!

One of our friends and killer designer, Lisa Falduto, made some incredible projects for us to teach at CHA.  She has posted them on her blog.  She has several days posted with amazing CC altered projects and LO's.  Check out her amazing stuff on her blog:

Here is some more fabulous stuff from our very own designers.

CC_GV_CP_DO2 (2)

Wait....was that last LO from the boyfriend?  Oh, I guess since I'm giving you inspriation from the boyfriend, I should announce the winners.  Two lucky girls have some coming their way to play with!  And the winners are:  Beth- Jan. 26th at 6:36pm from the blog and Emily Williams- Jan. 26th at 7:48pm on Facebook.  Congrats, Ladies!  Just email your info to and she will send it out!

How about some Earth Love for the road?

Night all!

Gym Girl 

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All quiet on the home front. Well, sort of!

Natasja wrote on Facebook that Lindsay and Julie had shown her around Beverly Hills and Hollywood already.   So, if Lindsay tries to pull the ol' Transient Global Amnesia trick again, we can bust him!  I hope they are having a blast out there!  Well, it's been quiet all day for Kristen here at the office.  That is, until I got here today!  My daughter, Natasha, came to work to play with Eric and Julie's son, Jack, today.  So much for Kristen's peace and quiet.  Jack is so quiet and adorable.  Natasha is a toronado of activity.  I think she's scaring Jack to death!  He is just listening to her talk and talk and talk.  The poor boy can't get a word in edge wise.   She just keeps going like the Energizer Bunny.  Natasha is telling Jack how to pretend and what to do and how to play.  All Jack says is "...ok..."  Then she starts in again.  Poor boy!  He's such a good sport.  Don't tell Lindsay, but we've turned his office into Lego central!  (He'll probably be jealous he didn't get to play!)

2010-01-25 12 34 21-1

I haven't seen any footage from CHA yet, so here is some more of what we are missing.  Take a look at these great projects using Joy Ride!

I am so excited to make an album for my friend using this line.  How 'bout you?  Got any ideas, yet?  Check back tomorrow.  If I haven't heard from CHA, I will show you some Garden Variety. 

'Night all!

Gym Girl   

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Blog Post

CHA or Bust!

CHA or Bust!

Lines designed. CHECK

Catalogs printed. CHECK

Inventory ordered. CHECK

Inventory re-ordered. CHECK (We have already sold out of some of our chipboard alphas.)

Trade show booth shipped. CHECK

Make and Takes designed. CHECK

Classes designed. CHECK

Hair cut. CHECK

Clothes. CHECK

House cleaned. It looks like I'll be doing that today!

Are you going to the show? Are you ready? What last minute details do you need to take care of?

If you are going, be sure to drop by and see us! We will be at booth #2269. The lovely Natasja Verbeek will be teaching make and takes. The wild and crazy Lindsay Moore will be hosting field trips and hugging women. The tall and dashing Eric Comstock will be tall and dashing. And, the sly Julie Comstock will be sneaking Tim Tams from the chocolate drawer now that the weight loss challenge with Thom will be over.

By the way, should I lose the challenge and have to wear a LYB tee shirt on the last day of the show, I want everyone to drop by and sign it for me.

Now, for the moment you are all waiting for. The winners of the new lines.


The winner of the Material Girl collection is Angela Fehr whose favorite store is Chocolate Clover in Dawson Creek, British Columbia.


The Joy Ride collection goes to the lucky Sharon Burr who nominated Scrapbook Clubhouse in Westbrook, CT.

Farm back

Aimee K wins the Garden Varity collection for herself and her favorite store, Family Memories in Charlotte, NC.

And, I thought we should also have a winner for the new Ready, Set, Chip Alphas and the Tiny Type stickers. That lucky gal is Nancy Peterson and the store she loves is Pictures in Time in Jacksonville, FL.

Congratulations everyone!

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Blog Post

Sketch Players/ New Sketch/ Sneak Tease

You can always tell how my life it going by this blog. I don't mean because I post all sorts of stories about my life here. All that stuff, although true, is chosen specifically for sharing. There is lots I chose not to share, believe it or not. Here is the blog code to my life.

Early Post: Feeling great, high energy, good day

Late Post: Overwhelmed but hopeful that I can still pull off a good day

Lindsay Post: In way over my head, little hope left

Tiffany Post: Out of town

Tiffany Post, late: Say a prayer....... this means that both Lindsay and I are in way over our heads either physically, mentally or emotionally

No Post on a weekday: Say a prayer and call 911.......same as above, but we qualify for in over our heads in all three categories.

So, I apologize for being missing in action lately, but now you have the scoop.

OK, we didn't have too many people play with last week's sketch, so I thought I would post all the projects that were submitted. I love how everyone took their own interpretation. Take a look at their fabulous work!

From Megan Klauer (she turned the sketch upside down):


From Andi Sexton:


Becky G adapted the sketch for a card:


From Lecia Forest:


From Amy:

Little Jack Horner

And from Diana:


If you would like a new sketch to work on, here is a fun one. I know because I took it from a layout I've already done.......... with one of our new lines. Post a link here if you would like to play again. We'll pick our favorites to post next week.

Can you tell how mine turned out, from this little tease?


Maybe you would prefer this layout's sketch?


It's similar to the sketch for this layout here.


Check in tomorrow for the full sneak and a chance to win stuff for yourself and your favorite store!

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Blog Post

Projects-Winners-Information on our new collections!

Julie used to do three random things on the blog. Me? I'll admit, I'm extremely long winded and would start with that as my intention, but would get off on other things.

Let's see if I can stick to that format this time. First the projects, send us these beautiful cards from the Earth Love Collection. No names, just the email address. I like them!!!!Earth Love Cards

Next, Last weeks three winners of the Early Bird paper crafting kits are:

Jean- Jan 7th, 1:24

Shannon- Jan 7th, 4:23

Lacy- Jan 8th, 6:54

Congratulations! To receive the goods, simply email your address and we will ship these right out.

And finally, later this week, we will posting on our blog, our new collections that we will be releasing at CHA. I love them!!!!

For our store's we will be doing a private screening tomorrow. Watch for an email for instructions on how to view the images and get an order form!

Have a great day!

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Blog Post

Should have made the top ten................Cool Cool Projects........2010 and a chance to win!

 I didn't have a chance to read the last couple of blogs until just this morning. I love the top ten Cosmo Cricket things of 2010 that Julie wrote about. Great job Julie. Fun!

 Julie failed to include "my European suitcase business/vacation adventure", where me and my suitcase........ mostly my suitcase, got crushed by the closing doors, twice, at the train station in Paris and I received for my efforts a full blown body hickey. For a brief few painful moments, I went from a tenor to a high soprano. Kind of reminded me when I was going through puberty, but I have to tell you, puberty wasn't as traumatic.

What a year 2009 was!

2010? Well........Nothing yet, but I guarantee it will be interesting!

Okay, I have to show a few fantastic projects that I received while I was out of the office on business the past couple of days.

I love this persons name, it's Lady Grace Elefano. She created this awesome Girl Friday layout that I had to have everyone come take a look at:


The second is a quilt made by Amber Schumacher once again using Girl Friday:


So cute! Would you agree?

And last, a layout sent to us from Tammi Bennett (I wonder if she is related to Tony Bennett?) using Earth Love:015
Sweet Sweet Layout!

Julie said that we should have a contest today (kind of a shocker huh?) Okay, I have some things I'm going to try and get done this year and number 1 is, I want to attempt to write a book. A short one....Just for me........It probably won't be very good, but I want to accomplish this. I tried last year and got 8 pages done.

I want to know what are some things that you would like to accomplish in 2010! We won't hold you too it but this should be fun! 

Leave a comment and be entered in a chance to win an Early Bird Paper Crafting kit.

How about we give 3 away?

Have a great day!


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Blog Post

Top Ten Moments from 2009

10. Lindsay meets his family for the first time.


9. The soon to be Cosmo Cricket building. I wish I had a more updated picture. It's a lot further along now.


8. Key hole photographs. This post got so many hits. You all seemed to love it.



7. Eric turned 40. Here he is on his birthday, in his new Viagra tie, with little, blue pill tie-tack.


6. The number one line of the year.......... Early Bird!

Early Bird LO

5. Walking sticks. Those of you looking to drop some pounds might want to read this post about my anniversary present from Eric.


4. If you notice my skinny pose in every photo now, you may recall this blog post..... another of our most popular!

3. Oh, we can't forget Lindsay's amnesia. You can read about it here.

2. The failed centerpiece project. That's why it's important to read the blog everyday! Read this post, then this post. By the way, I never did figure out the trick to keep the limes from turning brown.


1. Many, many super projects that we've made and that you've shared! Thanks for the fun year everyone!!







Harvest Carmel Corn


Lil Man Wall hanging


And so many more.......... Can't wait for 2010! Happy New Year everyone!

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Blog Post

We're Back! Or the Really Long Blog Entry!

Get Thin in Twenty Ten

While Tom at Little Yellow Bicycle was eating silk pies, eggs benedict and salt encrusted tenderloins, the Cosmo Crickets were burning calories playing Just Dance. Here's Eric, Cathie (Lindsay's sister and Cosmo Cricket employee), Lindsay and myself humiliating ourselves once again! You should definitely check out this game. It's super fun and a great workout! (I apologize for the grey, but the light was low and the only way to brighten the video was to lose the color.)

If you are feeling inspired to get healthy this year, you can join me in my constant challenge to improve my fitness and physique. I promise to blog better over on my weight journal too! Let's support each other. Grab this icon and link it to (I'll be adding it to the sidebar here eventually also). Then use my journal like a message board to tell everyone how great you are doing. We'll support each other through the low points...... like the day I ate almost an entire bowl of chocolate chip cookie dough..... and the high points.... like the day I fit into a size 10..... I could barely do them up, but it's getting closer!



Christmas at the Comstocks

We had a fabulous holiday break. I hope you all did too. The highlights for me included doing a secret santa...... we totally got caught. Eric fell, face down in the snow as me and the kids watched from the car with a little girl waving at us all, saying, "I can see you."

My favorite gift this year was one that Eric actually forgot to get me...... despite my many hints. Have you heard Nellie McKay? I absolutely love her and the album Eric got me a little late, Normal as Blueberry Pie.


The Sea-Tac Airport

Lindsay promise you all I would recap our Seattle experience, and I never did before the holidays. Well, the day we were to fly out of Seattle, we had an afternoon flight. So, Lindsay told me that we should go to Pike's Market. However, if you have ever gone anywhere with Lindsay you know that he is notorious for getting lost.

While we were trying to find our destination, we passed an antique store. I talked him into stopping. I found these great mid-century end tables that I got for Eric for Christmas. By the time I was done purchasing these, it was time to head to the airport.

Since we were really close to Pike's market, Lindsay wanted to take a minute to check it out. We ran up several flights of stairs, across a block or two for Lindsay to tell me that it was too late and we better hurry back to the car. We ran back across those blocks, down the stairs, got in the car to see the time and I was sure we were going to miss our flight.

We had an off site rental car, so I was suppose to type the address into the GPS, while Lindsay was driving like a mad-man through Seattle. The first problem, I couldn't find an address. The return home feature on the GPS didn't work either. I typed in the airport instead figuring that that would at least get us close. Time lost: 30 seconds.

The second problem: Lindsay got off the freeway before he was suppose to. We couldn't figure out how to get back on. Time lost: 1 minute 30 seconds.

I found directions to the rental location, but still no address. The third problem was that I missed one line on the directions. The one that told us when to turn. Time lost: 2 minutes.

We arrived at the rental location just as the shuttle to the airport was pulling up. Pretty lucky, until we realized that this shuttle driver didn't think he could drive faster than 40 MPH. Time lost: 45 seconds.

Arrive to the airport. Get off super slow shuttle. Lindsay is carrying one suitcase. I am carrying my suitcase, my purse, my jacket and a bag full of product prototypes. Lindsay thinks he can check us both in and so he runs ahead of me, up two double-length flights of escalators. I run up them too with all my stuff, just way behind him. (By the way, I need to apologize to the entire Sea Tac airport. I forgot my belt, and I didn't have an extra hand to keep my pants up. I am sure that everyone behind me knows way more about me than I am comfortable with!) I am just glad Lindsay was ahead of me!

Lindsay is checked in as I get to the kiosk. A gal comes to help me, but for some reason neither of us can find my name on the flight. Time lost: 30 seconds. I get checked in with two minutes to spare.

The security line is long. I sweet talked my way to the front, with Lindsay trailing behind. Time saved: 10 minutes.

For those of you that know the Sea Tac airport, our gate was S-5. This has to be the furthest possible point from where we currently were. Not just that, but you have to take a tram to get there. The tram is located down those double-flight escalators. Running to the escalators, I dropped my phone and had to go back...... did I mention I was in heels. Time lost: 20 seconds.

Lindsay had to put on his shoes while on the escalator. I passed him up, forgetting that my pants were quite low. I think he now knows everything about me. OH WELL!

We got on the tram. We got off on the first stop to realize that this stop is not for the S-gates. We made it back on before the tram had left. No time lost.

The next stop is ours. We get off and have to run back up those @#$#^% escalators! Then we ran down a hall to make it to the S-Gates as the last passengers admitted to the flight.

When it was all said and done, I have to admit that it was a total blast! We were sweaty, we were out of breath, we were laughing hysterically and we were on our way home!!


We are a Scrapbooking Company

It can be hard to tell sometimes with all the craziness we post here. So, here's a little bit of Cosmo Cricket related stuff. Just for those of you that think a scrapbooking company's blog should have something to do with scrapbooking.

From Wendy Sue Anderson


From Stacey Michaud


Wild & free

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