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Happy New Year to our Friends!

New Years 

I know....... You haven't heard much from us the past couple of weeks. We apologize for that and one of our New Years resolutions is to do better a job.

Here's to each of you, our friends for 2011:

 May you have the happiness that you deserve

 May you know that you are important

 May each of you reach for and get those things that you really want

 May 2011 be the best year ever

Take care, be safe, and have a very happy and prosperous New Year


Your Friends at Cosmo Cricket!  

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Moxie Fab World Material Girl Top 10 and we need your help

Christmas tree is down.......Company has gone home..........Neighbor gifts all eaten......The only thing that's left as a sign that Christmas was here, is a quart of Egg Nog with a January 6, 2011 expiration date in the fridge.

This week is officially game week at the Moore household. My wife is a gamer, her mom is a gamer, her grandma is a gamer, and my kids are gamers. Board games not the video type, although my kids are ambidextrous and can play both ways.

They take it seriously. 

There have been numerous conflicts, perhaps even wars, because of the self-induced pressure to win that these games have created. Me? I'm not much of a player. Tonight Eric and Julie's kids went to their Grandma's for a  few days, so tonight is game night with the Comstocks. It should be fun.

Speaking of fun we just found out this morning from Cath Edvalson at Moxie Fab World that Material Girl  was selected a one of the top ten selections of 2010! Hooray!!!

 And also that today people like you guys, have a chance to vote to for the top three collections of the year.

 Were super excited. If you would like to help us out, click on this link  Vote  and we shall see if we can make the top three.

And last, we had a contest (We know..... we are always having contests) in December for a chance for a store to win a Cricut.

 We drew this morning and Amelies Attic in Rodgers, Arkansas won! Congratulations!

Hope you have a great week and thank you so much for your help!




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Blog Post

On Christmas day

HoHoHo...MERRY CHRISTMAS!!! Even though it's Christmas day we didn't want to skip a Saturday blogpost especially not since we have such fun projects to show you. Amy came up with a special Christmas challenge! My challenge is your Holiday Traditions. Taken anyway you want. Whether it is something that you learned from someone, a tradition you want to start with your family, or even one you wanted to stop-anything goes. :D 


Let's start with Amy's layout! Her layout is about this recipe for Christmas bread that she makes in her family every single Christmas. It has only been in her family for 3 generations so far, but they love it so much that not a Christmas goes by that they don't make about a dozen loafs! She is the first one in the third generation to have a child, so she is making sure that her daughter, the fourth generation, experience this tradition every holiday so that she will want to keep it alive for her own children!

Amy Parker Cosmo Cricket Traditions challenge Homemade Circa Mitten Weather

This next layout is by Debbie....yeah it really is! This challenge was definitely a challenge for her, being a card maker rather than a scrapbooker! When she looked for photographs of some of her families Christmas traditions she discovered that some of their most important traditions are not documented in her photograph files. She will be working on getting better pictures this Christmas. The tradition that she finally chose was making wooden ornaments for their tree. She loves the sweet vintage colors of Cosmo Cricket Mitten Weather!



Natasja loves baking, since this hobby doesn't have a very good outcome on her diet she gives a lot away to her neighbors and friends. This Christmas she made cheesecake cookies together with her daughter, especially to give away. To make it a bit more fun she bought this nice jars and decorated it with Mitten Weather. As far as Natasja, and her neighbors are concerned, a new tradition is born :)








Wendy created this next layout using Early Bird and a bit of Jolly by Golly. Wendy has several fun family holiday traditions, but one of her favorites is their "eggless eggnog". She distinctly remembers the first time her Grandma made eggnog for her when she was a little girl. She remembers loving the flavor, bot NOT the texture that was added by the egg. They made their own version of that yummy drink simply by adding vanilla, sugar, and a bit of nutmeg to a blender full of milk and whip it up until it's nice and frothy. Her kids love it too - it's something they all look forward to doing together on Christmas Eve - right after they open their Christmas PJ's, but before they put out Santa's fudge. :o) 





Laura made a special Christmas wish box for this challenge. She wants to start a tradition of every family member writing down a wish for the year to come. It can be simple, or extravagant. It will be fun to look at this year after year to see what everyone wrote and if their wish came true! Laura used Jolly by Golly and Mitten Weather on this project

Christmas Wish Box Front

Wish box top

Wish box inside

Wish box cards

Since this will be Laura Cox her last project as our Guest Designer for the month of December we would like to thank her for playing along with us and to share all these great projects. Thanks again Laura and we sure hope you enjoyed it!

If you have some spare time between Christmas and New Years please play along with us on this challenge. Post a link to your project in the comments section below and who knows, you could win a Circa 1934 craftskit!

And now for last weeks winner....Izzy Bean you won!! Please email cathie at cosmocricket dot com to collect your prize :)

MERRY CHRISTMAS to all you blogreaders and thanks for your sweets comments!




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Blog Post

Cosmo Cricket Christmas Poem and a Friend to Friend winner

First I am a huge slacker.

Yesterday I promised the blog winners from last week and I went out of town on business. I apologize. Okay the winners are....drum roll..... Denise and Dawn from Minneapolis, Minnesota. Hey ladies email Cathie at cosmocricket dot com your home addresses and she will play Santa and get your prizes to you.

Those of you who have been with us through good blogs and bad, probably remember that we have a tradition each year of doing a Christmas poem.

The poem usually gives the reader an update of the status of Cosmo Cricket for the past year.


So without further adieu, here we go:

"2010 we had a marvelous time

we released lot's of fun products

Please try to bare with me

 as I......... try to rhyme

It seems like forever ago

that we released the Material Girl collection

I believe it was the same time as Garden Variety and Joy Ride

to my best recollection

Hmmmm, let's see what else happened

 this crazy ole year

Delovely was lovely

Kristen had her baby

and is no longer here :(

Jade took her place

and then with her spouse

moved up to Michigan

in a two story house

Jack started Kindergarten

And I met my dad

Eric and Julie arranged it

for that I am glad :)

Cathie and Devin

Laura and Carrie

Work very hard

and are cheerful and merry!

We moved in our building

With offices and  space

to warehouse our products

We all agree it's

 a really nice place

Mitten Weather, Togetherness

Circa and Pixielicious

We also released

and are all quite delicious

we attended many events

and met some of you

that has been fun

And we gained more

 Facebook fans too

From all of us

Yes- the Cosmo Cricket team

You blog comments and Stories

 make each of us beam

Merry Christmas dear friends

and with the year turning new

We hope for great things

May all your wishes come true!"

Happy Holidays!















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Blog Post

Getting into the spirit

Can you believe it?! Only 9 days left till Christmas! Are you ready for it? Done with decorating, finished all you Christmas shopping, posted all your Christmas wishes? If you still need some inspiration for some of this you are at the right place today! We have some fun projects to share with you! But first things first :)


Maybe you already heard about Teresa's 25 Favorite Things Giveaway which is going on the Teresa Collins blog?! Well today is day 18 and that's Cosmo Cricket day!

Make sure to hop on over to the Teresa Collins blog to read all the details. Why?! Because you can win this!


Black Tiny Type Clear Black Tiny Type Red Tiny Type

Leave a comment on this post letting us know if and what kind of project you made for Christmas! Teresa Collins will draw a winner and so will we! So twice the to win this great prize :D


Now on to the fun stuff we have been making to show you in this post.

We kick of with our December Guest Designer Laura. She made this fun holiday gift set. A cocoa gift folder with a card to match using Jolly by Golly.

Front Cover Cocoa Gift Folder

Cocoa Folder inside

Cocoa folder open with cocoa inside

Cosmo Cricket Holiday Project Card


Natasja made this cute little box to wrap a small present. She used on old tin box as a base and covered it with Mitten Weather. The tree on top is made out of a bunch punched circles layered on top of each other. She finished the tree by wrapping it with red thread and glitter. On the front of the box is a cut out label and a cluster of ribbon and lace.






There has been a lot of cooking going at Debbie her house lately and since she loves to give food gifts she made this lovely jar together with the cookies. She used the Mitten Weather line for this.


And this fun card is also from Debbie.



Wendy wanted to make some little boxes to hold gift cards and treats for teacher gifts. She used her silhouette to cut the boxes out of a couple of different sheets of Mitten Weather paper then embellished them with borders, stickers, chipboard and buttons. The boxes were fun to make, She was able to make them in various sizes, and they look so cute sitting together - coordinating, but not exactly the same!



This next cute gift bag with matching card is made by Gudrun. Such a fun detail to have those Mitten Weather ornaments "hanging" on that gift bag.




This fun wreath with flowers is made by Yukari to decorate her front door for the Holiday season.

Christmas wreath1



We would like to wish you all lots of fun doing your last preparations for Christmas and hope we inspired you a bit. Don't forget to hop on over to Teresa Collins her blog and to leave a comment on this post!

Bye all, have a great weekend!

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Blog Post

Cosmo Cricket "The Blog is up" and Giveaway

J'aime mon joli poupon (2) 
J'aime mon joli poupon01 (2) 
Jaimemonpoupon 7 
Jamime poupon 4 
Jamime poupon3 
DSC_8086_modifié-1 (2) 
DSC_8087_modifié-1 (2) 
DSC_8438 (2) 

Some of you might know that Julie and I call each other when we finish writing the blog each day. I was suppose to blog yesterday and around 1:00PM yesterday I get a call from Julie telling me the blog was up.

 I think she was tired of waiting around for me and she also knew I was having a bad day. Shocker huh? Lindsay having a bad day. Honestly they are few and far between. :) It started with shoveling snow for 2 1/2 hours at 6:00AM.

 I'm running  late again today and will feel guilty if I get a call today from her. I'm afraid because I KNOW that she will call and say,....... " the blog is up.......SLACKER!

So here I am. Are you guys wondering about the projects above? These come from Aurelie Laverdine who I think resides in France. Her projects are really cute and I love what she created with Togetherness.

 I didn't email Aurelie and let her know that we were featuring  her projects today. I hope she's not mad.

Next, we have people from all over this world who use our products. Leave a comment today and let me know where you are commenting from, city and state, or city and country, or city and.....well I think you get the picture.

Also, because it's the holidays and we haven't had a drawing for awhile, when you tell us where your from, give us a friends name and we will draw on Monday for a Circa 1934 paper Crafting Kit for you and one for your friend.

If you win, you will most certainly gain favor with your friend. As a bonus, we will throw in one Black and one Red Tiny Type Sticker that coordinates with Circa. Let the games begin!

Have a great day!

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Blog Post

Crocheted Embellishments You CAN Make! And a Story about my Booty!

I love crochet, but I am horrible at it! About 8 years ago, I heard that homeless and women's shelters in my area needed baby booties. Well, I thought, "I'm sure I could crochet some for them." My mother had taught me how to make granny squares as a girl afterall. So I got online, found a simple pattern, bought some yarn and hooks and went to business. 

"Hmmm," I thought as my bootie was taking shape, "This seems to be a bit smaller than it should be." Oh, well, I just told myself that I was making the stitches too tightly and that this pair would be for a premie. When I got a bit further along, I realized by baby booty was barely big enough to fit my thumb!

Oh no!! I called my neighbor and asked, "do you know how to crochet?" She did and she came right over. We still laugh about my bootie (I'm laughing again just reading that sentence!).... I had made the entire thing with slip stitches instead of crochet stitches. It was a bootie for Thumbelina. The smallest bootie I have ever owned!!! LOL!!!

So, I was a little hesitant to try the darling crochet patterns that are free on Little Birdie Secrets. But, I got over it and take a look.


I have also done some of her other flowers, butterflies and hearts. They are super cute on paper projects and they are easy enough for the crocheted challenged like myself. You can whip them up in a few minutes.... if you can find any!

Have fun everyone!!

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Blog Post

Fan Features!

I don't know how I missed these awesome projects when they were posted to our fanpage.

By Angela Fehr

Christmas Craft Wreath

By Jennifer Beason

Christmas Craft Penquin

And by Kayla Dupont

Christmas Craft Candy Dispenser

Maybe I was at Kate's ballet recital. Can I tell you she danced amazingly! She has come such a long way in the last 6 months and it was all I could do to not jump up and yell, "that is my daughter.... do you see her..... THAT IS MY DAUGHTER!!!!"


Maybe I was at Abby's basketball game. The are 1-4 this season. Last Saturday was their first win and Abby actually touched the ball 4 times...... major improvement! GOOOOooooo ABBY!


I know I wasn't at the piano recital, because that is later this week..... Along with a couple Christmas parties, physical therapy sessions, ortho appointments, birthdays and other stuff. I think I have mastered the art of cooking dinner with my right hand, helping the kids with homework with my left hand while wrapping presents with my toes. If I survive the holidays, I promise to have a fantastic and spectacular CHA release for you all in January!


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Blog Post

Scrapooking.... What's the Point?

Why do you scrapbook?

Is it an art you enjoy and you want to create something beautiful?

Is it a way to keep your photos and memories organized?

Is it your family history that you hope to pass down to generations?

Sometimes I hear women talk about how, "you don't have to cram every photo you've ever taken onto a layout" or how "that layout isn't even real life.... she probably dresses her kids to match that paper."

Well, both statements could be true, but in my opinion, they both miss the point.

Is there a wrong reason to scrapbook?

I don't think so. I think every reason has it purpose and in fact, I am motivated by them all.

My family photo albums are made effeciently. There are 6 photos to every page mounted to a single background with no embellishments of any kind. I have four kids, there is no way on earth I would even get all those photos scrapbooked..... it would become drudgery long before it happened in any case.

Sometimes I'll have a beautiful photo or an idea for a beautiful layout. Then I will take the artistic approach. Do I feel bad that I sacrifice parts of the memory for the esthetic of the layout? No way! When I'm in this mode, I see myself as an artist. I am making art. I love the creative outlet and it serves an equally important need in my life!

Over the weekend, I made this layout.


My focus here was the memories. My grandma turns 90 on Thursday. All the family was given the assignment of making a scrapbook page with their favorite memory. Well, I chose ten of my favorites.

Although I was concerned with how the layout was looking, I was more concerned with getting the memories down. I realize the peas don't match and the element card from Everafter is a bit bright. I also used my own everyday handwriting because I thought my grandma would appreciate the personal touch. If I were in my artistic mode, I would have lettered it nicely in pencil first, making it look perfect, then going back with pen. I have to tell you though..... even though I thought I was making artistic sacrifices, there is something beatiful to me about the realness of it all.

So, I think I may have found my point. Sincerity. I think that's what I really hope will come through in all my layouts whether crammed with photos or beautifully designed.

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Blog Post

A spotlight on the Cardstock stickers

With every line that is released you can find the sheets with fun and great to use cardstock stickers. 


Since they are so much fun to work with we thought it was about time to spent a blogpost on them!


Let's start with the projects our guest designer Laura made using Circa 1934 with the cardstock stickers. A jar like this is great to fill with chocolate kisses or some other candy. Whant to gove is as a gift?!

Cosmo Circa Treat Jar

Cosmo Circa Treat Jar1 

She made this next great card to go with it.

Cosmo Cricket Cardstock sticker project


Wendy Sue used two cardstock stickers for the Mitten Weather line on her gift project. The first is a border sticker she wrapped around the box, just below the snowman border strip. She wanted to add some red to the box wrap, and loved the little touch of color the sticker added. She also used a cardstock sticker tag. She actually cut off part of the tag - the purple and blue just weren't working with the color scheme - and mounted the sticker on red paper. She added a button and some ribbon to finish it all off!




This layout by Natasja shows the use of an oldy, Snorkel. As you can see on the detail pictures she used the cardstock sticker as fun elements on her page.




here Natasja used some 3d tape under the cardstock stickers to let it pop


Hope we inspired you a bit more in using these cardstock stickers:)


Now of course for last weeks winners! Lzzyb and Jess you are the lucky ones!! Please email your address info to cathie at cosmocricket dot com and then keep an eye out for your local UPS delivery guy :)

Have a great weekend everyone!



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Blog Post

Cosmo Cricket Giveaway & Studio 5 Feature

Well, it looks like another of our holiday lines will get its 15.... ok, maybe 5..... minutes of fame! Mitten Weather is being featured today on Studio 5, a Utah daytime show. Robert's Craft put together this fabulous project. Take a look!







If you like what you see, click the link to download a instruction sheet so you can make your own!

Download Paper embellished wreath

OK, it justs get better and better. Follow this link for your chance to win this SUPER AWESOME prize!

Material Girl Garden Variety Double Deck
Black Tiny Type
Red Tiny Type
Clear Black Tiny Type


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Blog Post

Paper Stars

I should be working, but instead, I have been trying to master the art of the paper star.

You can see some are better than others!


They are fun to make.... a little tricky, but I think I am getting the hang of it. You can see a tutorial for making them here.

Have a great day everyone!

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Blog Post

Cosmo Cricket Moxie Fab, Craft Diva, a Flashback, and Mandy your big box is waiting



Moxie Fab World Cosmo Cricket Giveaway

Our good friend Cath Edvalson from Moxie Fab World is having a Cosmo Cricket kind of day. Today on her blog she is featuring none other than Mitten Weather with all the trimmings.  Along with the showing the whole kit n kaboodle,she's having a drawing for two lucky winners.

For the skinny, you can click on the link  Moxie Fab World Cosmo Cricket Giveaway and then send messages telepathically to Cath to have her pick your name.

Next, tomorrow at 2:00PM MST we have been asked by Craft Diva Lounge to do an interview for them. Looks like I drew the long straw and get to have fun with Danielle tomorrow. This is an online audio chat and I have no idea what we will be talking about. If you're bored with nothing to do, you can check it out at Craft Diva Lounge  I get really nervous doing interviews. I seem to always say too much.

We love that we have some good friends that are so nice to invite us to participate with them on things that they are doing. This Friday we will be doing something with Roberts Crafts stores and also Salt lake City's CBS affiliate, KSL.

 For you local blog followers you might want to see what they have in-store.....And I hear there might be a giveaway there too.

And next week we will be doing something fun with Teresa Collins.

And last I wanted to do a little "Flashbacking". This past Saturday I was at home and I went back through our old blogs. Kind of a trip down memory blog lane. I laughed and had a blast reading through our posts and your comments. I asked Julie if she remembered how many comments were a good day back then and she did. We both would get really excited if we received 6 and we had a little over 500 blog watchers. Now we have over 12,000. Simply amazing!

I decided to share part of one that uses our Buck Naked Ornaments. Do you remember when we encouraged everyone to get Buck Naked at their LSS? (Julie's idea was the Buck Naked products, my idea was for everyone to get Buck Naked in their stores)

 I love the snow man and the recycled game board! Take a look and a read!

Look What Our Friends Can Do

We receive several emails each day from Cosmo Cricket fans showing us what they've made with our product. They're are some amazinglytalented people out there. It's a shame that there aren't more publication opportunities for everyone! Here are a couple though that really stood out to me. The first was sent to us from Shellye. She took our Buck Naked Ornaments and Oh Joy Die-cuts to the next level! Look how cute this is!

Then, an idea I personally haven't seen before. Stacey Daubenberger took a game board and our Oh Joy collection and made this amazing home decor piece. I think this is such a fun idea. Games with missing pieces are always available really inexpensively at local thrift stores and tag sales. She just really got me thinking about the possibilities!
Hey Mandy I know you commented after you won our big box from our warehouse but we need your address.
If you would email cathie at cosmo cricket dot com your home address we will have Devin load it on the big brown truck!
Have a great day!

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Blog Post

Home is where the heart is

Hi everyone! Guess you didn't missed that Laura Cox is going to be our guest designer for the month of December. So we thought it would be nice to introduce her to all of our readers :)

Pic for Cosmo GDT My name is Laura Cox, and I'm sooooo excited to be the Cosmo Cricket guest designer for the month of December! Just ask my DH, my 2 DS and my, probably the neighbors too...yep, I think I screamed that lud when I found I'm a SAHM, I love to spend time with friends and family, I love to laugh, and I love to craft!! Growing up, my mom always had us making projects out of oatmeal boxes, or bits of yarn or old cards. Thi is probably why I LOVE to save and recycle my packages and make all kinds of altered projects! I love scrapbooking and card making too....I've done beading, soap making, well, let's just say, I don't think I've met a craft project I didn't, but paper crafting is definitely my fav!

I must admit, this was all on a back burner, with kids, and work to be done, crafting always took a back seat, but when a young friend/neighbor passed away early this year, I decided life is too short to forget to do the things that inspire I decided to "get active" in the paper crafting world again! I've been member of an awesome yahoo group of talented crafting gals (shout out, to my friendz!) and this year, I started a crafting blog, despite my being techie I also tried out for and made my first design team, attended CHA this summer and Scrapfest this fall, and now a chance to design with Cosmo Cricket for a month!! This has been a roller coaster ride of a year, and I have learned so much about crafting, blogging, and yes life in general, all in a short time and I'm so enjoying this ride!! I feel blessed and grateful for the opportunities that have come my way this year, I'm looking forward to what the New Year will bring, and right now, ringing out the old, playing with some Cosmo Cricket goodness....and hopefully bringing some fun projects to inspire and remember to....ENJOY the RIDE!!!

Here are some of the projects Laura made for the contest

Cox- Believe Christmas Card

Cox-Celebrate the Season Easel Card

Cox-For You treat box

Laura we are really exciting to have you on board for this month and can't wait to see what you will share with us!

For this week we have a new fun challenge up for you all! This time it was Gudrun coming up with one. Here it is; Make a christmas ornament, or make a layout or card with a home/house theme. Hope to see some really cute little ornaments and some cosy layouts and cards. Can't wait to see what you all create. :)

To help you a little here is a template Gudrun made for us to use!


Let's start with the projects Gudrun made herself for this challenge, yes projects...she did two! The first one is a layout she made using Mitten Weather. The title says Our Christmas home. Journaling tells something about what she and her family love most about this season in their home. They love creating things, decorate and spend time together. They want their Christmas-home to be filled with warmth and love.


Gudrun loves to create little paper-ornaments, it's a fun thing to do with the kids, and they look great on the tree or around the house as decoration. Here are two little houses she made with the template above also using Mitten Weather.



Debbie also made a house but she used a chipboard house to alter. You can see she put quit some effort in it! Isn't it just the cutest?!



This next project, a little Christmas village, is create by Natasja. She used the template above together with the Jolly by Golly line.





We hope you would like to play along, if so, please leave a link to your project in the comments section! Now let's make it a tiny bit more appealing to do so....we have a Mitten Weather and a Jolly by Golly craft kit to give away!!

Have a great weekend and happy scrappin'!



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Blog Post

A Thrifty Gifty from our Challenge Winner

Do you have lots of bits of paper? How about random leftovers from a bunch of different collections? What really?!?!?! I can't imagine that! ;)

Well if you do, you have the makings for a fabulous Thrifty Gifty present!

Homemade Christams Present

It's no wonder that Ginny Hughes won the challenge with this project! It looks like she had some scraps from Togetherness, Early Bird, Garden Variety, Mr. Campy and even a star from Matilda. I'm amazed how she pulled this all together so beautifully in one spot!

Ginny, I think you have inspired me to make some for my friends. Thanks girl!


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Blog Post

3 Random Things: Foreign Toilets, GDT Contest, Circa Layouts

I'm back from China and just about recovered from all the different time zones!

Here's a completely amazing tid bit for you all. I left Hong Kong to fly to Japan for my first connection. On that flight I sat next to a man that lives less than 5 miles from me. What are the odds? He ended up having all the same connections..... Japan to Seattle, Seattle to Salt Lake..... and since I had learned Kung Fu while in China, I let him give me a ride home so that Eric could take our kids to his parents for Thanksgiving. It was a holiday miracle really!

If you're reading this Joshua a special thanks to you and I hope you had a great holiday weekend! What were we doing traveling on Thanksgiving anyway?!?!?! Oh well, it does make you remember the things you're thankful for, like toilet paper for instance!

OK, onto my first random thing (that previous bit was just a bonus): I know we all had a good time looking at my photo of the squatter toilet!

Well, the squatter I encountered my first day in China was a bit different. More like a hole in the floor with traction areas on either side. But, it wasn't at all raised like this one. I would have gotten a pic, but I had left my cell phone with my belongings so that it wouldn't fall out of my pocket.... if you'll remember my sister's advice!

Here's what I said in my email to Eric and Lindsay about it:

"One more matter of business before I go (literally). When faced with a squatting toilet, one can hold their pee for twelve full hours. But not more. Eventually it does come out! But at first, when you assess the situation, it goes backwards up through your bladder, back into your kidneys, not to be heard from again, until you hope you are back at the hotel. I didn't use a bathroom yesterday from morning until eight thirty at night!"

That statement is totally true. And Becky was right, I was super happy to have my little pack of tissues!

Now, contrast that with the toilet I encountered in the airport when I got into Japan.

Those buttons each perform a different toilet function. Confused? So was I, but never fear, they had instructions hung on the wall.

I love the cute little bum drawing (or buttocks as is written on the instruction sheet). Future chipboard piecs anyone?!?!?!

Random Thing #2: A special thanks to everyone that played last months GDT game. I will sincerely miss Amy Tsuruta's daily projects. I thought for sure she would win with so many entries.

It reminds me of a date I had with Eric. His friend was working at the club where we had gone dancing and they were giving away a trip to California. His friend gave us tons of tickets..... at least thirty and there wasn't more than twenty people in total at the club that night. We still didn't win! I don't know what the odds of losing like that are, but I know it feels lowsy!

So, I wanted to thank and feature some of you that worked so hard to increase your odds!

Amy Tsuruta

I love this tree technique Amy used and I thought you may too. If you want to see more Mitten Weather projects, she has lots on her blog!

Rockin around the christmas tree...

Art School Emily

Emily showed some of everything on her blog from cards to layouts to this fabulous tag. I love it!


Izzy B

Izzy's projects were posted on our facebook fanpage and the twopeas' gallery. I loved this layout she did.


You should also check out the fanpage for some other great Christmas inspiration with this line! You won't be sorry, there's amazing stuff there!

Again, thanks everyone that played. We are working on next month's challenge and will get you the skinny on it soon!

Random thing #3.

Everyone is rocking Circa! I haven't even had a chance to play with this line yet, but you guys are sending us amazing work every single day featuring these papers! I do plan to make a layout for my grandma with it (she's turning 90!). I'll share when I get it done.

Until then, check out this artsy layout by Sonia Bortolin:

Circa layout1

Have a great day everyone!


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Blog Post

Cosmo Cricket: Look and see who our Guest Designer for December is

"Nothing could be finer than to have our guest designer for Decem........ber!" 

We were blown away by all of the great projects, the participation, and the effort that was put forth. we would like to thank all of you for playing along!

Next month, we will be changing things up a our blog in the next few days for details!

The person that will be our guest designer for December is Laura Cox. Laura email me, lindsay at cosmocricket dot com and I will make sure you get all of the details and everything that being a guest designer entails.

 Are you really sure this is what you want to do? (lol)

On another note, over at SRM Stickers they are doing the 12 days of Christmas and today they included us!

There is a blog hop going on so you might want to check it out SRM Blog Hop . They are also having a drawing for some of our very own fun Circa 1934 products.

Here's a little glimpse of what you will see when you start hopping:

Amy Heller (2) 
Created by Amy Heller

Jen Martakis (2) 
Created by Jen Martakis

Jing Jing Nickel (2) 
Created by Jing Jing Nickel

Have a great day and enjoy!

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