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The Second day of CHA

This second day at CHA was an other great day. I taught a whole lot of Gluber make and takes today and every one loves to see how easy flower making will be from now on!

I have some new pictures to share with you, today it's Salt Air.





And this little video of Lindsay!



To finish today post I would like to share with you some more fun Salt Air projects!

by Debbie



by Gudrun



And last a layout made by myself :)


The flower is, of course, create with a Gluber!


Thanks for stopping by, see you tomorrow!




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Blog Post

Good morning on the second day of CHA

Good morning blogreaders, here is an other post by your CHA-reporter :)

What about starting the day with 3 winners?!

Social Club craft kit is won by Audrey Yeager

Salt AIr craft kit is won by Bea

UPcycle is won by Kristy


Congrats ladies!! Please send you address info to cathie at cosmocricket dot com

I will make sure to check back in later today with some more pictures from the show!




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Blog Post

First day of CHA

Hi everyone! Like promised here I am again, for the second time day. Now to show you some pictures of the booth. Since we have 4 days at CHA I thought I would show you a small part every day, Today starting with Social Club.





We also have this nice couple at the booth :)



So that's it for today, hope you all enjoyed this little peek at the booth. Tomorrow I will be back with an other line...and the winners (yes there will be multiple) of today! If you haven't entered your comment jet make sure to check the post that was put up this morning!




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Blog Post

Shortest post ever

Goodmorning Cosmo Cricket blogreaders, I am Natasja Verbeek and I was thinking it would be fun to keep you updated during this CHA! I am about to go out for breakfast and than I will be of to the Convention Centre :) The booth looks awesome so we are ready for every one to visit us.

I will make sure to make lots of pictures during the day so I can show you everything tonight.

Before I leave I would like to ask you all to let us know which line of the new release is your favorite.....who knows, you could win it!

Bye for know, will be back tonight!



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Blog Post

Congratulations to our New Design Team Member

You all have voted and a winner has been chosen!

Congratulations to all who were originally nominated. A special thanks to everyone that promoted our sneak peek in an effort to become part of the top ten. And, huge Congratulations to the top ten who must all be amazing in a variety of ways to have such awesome support.

Before we get to the winner, can I tell you that these contests give me a great way to discover new talent. Out of the many people that were nominated, I only had heard of a handful of you. I have checked out several since then and am hoping to feature many new artists on our blog in the near future.

If you would like a shot at being featured on our blog, we need to know about you. We love it when we receive emails with projects, or get to see what you've posted to our fanpage! Did you know that the magazines and many other scrapbook companies also follow our blog and facebook page? They may discover you too! Besides, I love when you solve the problem of "what to post" for me! So, let your artistic talent shine!!

Onto the winner.... It is with much excitement that we add Lady Grace Belarmino to our design team! We are so excited to have her join us and can't wait to see what she does with our product!

We are off to the show super early in the morning. If I find a minute I will update you all from there. We had a planning meeting yesterday and here's the rough schedule.

Set up Booth.

Frisbee on the beach
Lunch at an outdoor cafe
Antique Shopping

Well, after we got the important stuff planned, we decided to end the meeting. See you at the show!

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Blog Post

A Big Reveal

I asked for special permission to be able to spill the beans on a HUGE project I have spent over a year of my life with. And guess what?!?!?! I got it!

You, my dear blog followers, are the first to hear, see and learn about a line of products I have designed in partnership with EK Success. It has nearly killed me keeping this secret and so with great excitement, I would like to introduce you to what I call, "Fashion Crafting."

Fashion Crafting is a little bit different than jewelry making (although it can result in jewelry), easier than sewing (although you may use a needle and thread) and as much fun as scrapbooking (especially if you love to embellish things).

Well here, let me just show you.



Remember all those days when the blog was not published. All those days when I complained of being totally overwhelmed? All those paper flower tutorials? Well, now you all know why I was so busy and so fascinated with flowers!

Below are some of my prototypes. Before anything in this set could become a product, I had to create a mock-up first. I have literally hand cut hundreds of fabric flowers in the past several months! I thought it would be fun for you to see a little bit of the process.

(The yellow push-pins will not be included. But there will be kits for making gorgeous headbands and hair accessories like this one.)

Cuff bracelet
(And kits for making jewelry cuffs, bibs, necklaces and more.)

(And everything you need to make all the flowers shown in this post!)

Here's a prototype of the packaging, in case you were curious.

So, if you're going to be at CHA, please drop by EK's booth, #1547 to see the complete line. The below schedule shows when I'll be in their booth myself. Come see me so we can play!

Make and Takes
Saturday, Jan 29th, 12 noon – 2pm
Sunday, January 30th, 10am – 12 noon

Every day of the show from 2-3:00pm

While you're there, check out the display item I made for them out of products in the collection..... and get a photo of yourself with it...... it would make an awesome scrapbook page! Here's a sneak.


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Blog Post

The Winners and The Hopefuls!

What a week! Thanks for all the support and excitement over our new lines. It's now time to announce our winners.

Congratulations to our lucky commentor, Mary... AKA Biker Granny who said, "Beautiful papers. I would have to say that Salt Air is my favorite! Thanks for the chance to win! :)"

Congratulations to our lucky Facebook Fan, Lea Lawson!

And, I am just finishing figuring out how to post our first official poll. It should be up momentarily for you to vote on our lucky DT hopefuls. So, please don't vote by commenting below because we will not be counting those votes, although congratulations comments and such would be welcomed.

While you wait, here are your top ten. (Ladies, if you send us links to your blogs or an image of a Cosmo Cricket project you would like to show off, we'll add them here!)

In random order:

Angela Fehr


Carisa (ladyguineveresinkyfaeries)

Carly Gannon


Diane Campbell Payne (Capadia Designs)
It's all Good card

Fabi Ormerod

Gini Gagle


Jennie McGarvey

An Ordinary Day 

Tammy Skinner

Tammy skinner

Lady Grace BelarminoBuzzy

Kelly Vandermolen
Cosmo cricket 002

The poll will start immediately upon posting (as soon as I figure out how to do that.. I am hoping mere minutes) and will continue until midnight on Tuesday, January 25.

Thanks again everyone! I hope you all have a great weekend and come back on Monday for my big announcement!

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Blog Post

Design team - Tips and Tutorials

Hi everyone! Wendy Sue here - and I'm excited to share a simple little tutorial with you all today.

I used my silhouette die-cutting machine to cut out this fun little gift box from this pretty yellow paper from the Togetherness line.


It's cute, but it looks a bit naked, right? Let's dress it up a bit with a simple little flower/bow.


Step 1: Cut several strips of paper. This one is a bit larger so it would be easier to show the steps, but the strips for the finished project I'm sharing here are each 1"x3". This is something you could vary depending on how big you want you final piece to be.



Step 2: Fold in the top two corners. After you fold the corners, fold the top down about 1/4".



Step 3: Gently fold in half length-wise. Don't crease it, just bend slightly.



Step 4: Fold each half in toward the center and than back over on itself

Cc_flower3b Cc_flower4


Step 5: Flatten the center fold and tuck the two outside folds underneath - staple to secure.

Cc_flower5 Cc_flower6



Step 6: Repeat steps 1-5 for each paper strip...I made 10 for this project. Don't worry if they don't all look exactly the same. (with the smaller size (below), I actually stapled most of them lenghtwise because the staple was bigger than the folded end - it doesn't matter which way you do it, but with the larger size, it's easier to glue them down if they are flat)



Step 7: Puch a circle from patterned paper and use hot glue to attach each piece. 
**NOTE: This would be an excellent way to use the new Glubers! You could either place the Gluber directly on top of the punched circle or just skip the punched circle altogether**

Cc_flower9 Cc_flower10


Step 8: Continue attaching all of the pieces. You can bend, twist, and otherwise arrange as desired.



Step 9: Cover the center. I used a large button with ribbon tied through the holes.



Step 10: Add to your gift box. You could also use this as an accent on a card, page, gift box, gift bag etc.



Have a great weekend!


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Blog Post

Introducing Glubers!

UPDATE: I just watched this and realized the lighting is so harsh it makes it hard to see what we're doing. Maybe we can pull off a better video for you all tomorrow. We shall see. Thanks evryone, have a great day!


Here it is! It would have been posted sooner, but I was working on another HUGE reveal for you all Monday morning........ I know, you didn't think it could get any better right?

Well, just wait!!! I think Monday's post will blow you away!!!






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Blog Post

There's More to Come!

Remember these?

We'll be showing you our brand new products we used to make these super awesome flowers tomorrow! You won't want to miss it!

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Blog Post

Cosmo Cricket CHAW 2011 Sneak Peek, 3 Ways to Win!!!!

Well, what are we waiting for? Let's just jump right in with my personal favorite Social Club! Think Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, a sweet tune and a dry martini!


The next image is a paper that took us a really long time to design...... just kidding!

Now, we have printed solids that coordinate perfectly with Cosmo Cricket colors, in fact, they are our own custom mixes. These Color Picks will be available in open stock and for free in all the new Cosmo Cricket Paper Crafting Kits!Social_club_preview8
WARNING: The following layout is about Jack's little boy jokes and earns a PG5 rating for its use of the "P" word and "F" word. If you are offended by kindergarten boy humor, look away!

Also, I apologize for the dark photos on the projects. The winter weather here is leaving us with very light.

Social Club Boy scrapbook page

Social club papercraft

Ok, onto Eric's fave. He is madly in love with the yellow and gray paper and I think we're going to print it poster size for Kate's room. Think hip girl with a crafty knack for taking cast-offs and making them super fabulous!


Some more really awesome Cosmo Cricket custom colors!Upcycle_preview10
Upcycle teen scrapbook page


And, you guessed it, the last line is Lindsay's favorite. He just loves the nostalgic look. I think it has to do with his age! ;) Ok, for this one, think beach, mermaids, bubbles and simple summer days.


Below you'll find my personal favorite of all the color picks. A good cream is so hard to find. This one is neither too yellow or too pink, it is perfection! A little slice of heaven, in my opinion!!! Oh, and the blue (I say blue, others say green) does happen to be my favorite color in the whole world too. Salt_air_preview8
Salt air beach scrapbook page


And, for some extras!

Finally! I think we said something about three ways to win?!?!?!

Well, the first is to be a really lucky commenter because we will pick one random winner to receive the line of their choice (by the way all the product will be in mid-February, so this shipment won't go out until then).

The next way to win is to be a really lucky Facebook Fan because we will pick one random fan to win the line of their choice!

And, the final way to win is to be nominated by your friends and family as one awesome person who would make a great addition to our design team. The top 10 people nominated will be featured here on our blog for you to vote on again. The winner of that vote will become the newest addition to our team for at least 6 months and they will also receive tons of Cosmo Cricket goodies including the new lines.

All winners and the top ten vote getters will be announced on Friday. Good luck everyone!!!

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Blog Post

January's challenge

A new challenge by Gudrun Loennecken.


This new challenge is all about January. Here in Norway January is often the long, cold, dark month. The month after Christmas. The month a lot of people wish they could just skip. I kind of feel a bit sorry for I wanted to celebrate January, celebrate just the ordinary days, the winter here in Norway in January...

So my challenge to you is: make a layout about your January, January the place you live, or just an ordinary day in January. Or make a card to a person you think needs a little "hello" in January - just because... :)

Here is my layout


This layout is about some of our favorite things we do in January. We love to stay outdoor, when the weather is nice, go sledging, skating, skiing or play in the snow. We love to stay outdoor as long as we wear our warm woolen gloves and winter hats. We love to go to the cafe after school, drinking hot cocoa.


Also Yukari created a layout. It's titled "Tradition" and is all about Japanese New Years.


If you play along with this challenge than please post a link to your project in the comment section below. The winner will have her project published here on the blog and will win a Circa craftkit :)

Have a great weekend!




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Blog Post

Cosmo Cricket Sneak Peek on Monday, Unity Stamps Itty Bitty's, Winner

 As most of you know, we are really good friends with Angela and her team at Unity Stamps.

 Angela works very hard, is incredibly passionate, and flat out knows how to make stamps.

Today on her blog, you will be able to find some very fun new stamps that they call Itty Bitty's.

We love them and we love Unity Stamps!

 Here's what they created using our new CHA Winter 2011 artwork:

Cosmo itty bitty (3) 
Next, CGummerson who commented at 5:10PM early this week just won yourself one of our new 6" x 6" Mini Decks.

 Email cathie at cosmocricket dot com and you will be the first to have for your very own, one of our new mini decks.


And last but not least, Sneak Peek on Monday. :)

We hope you like what you see!

Have a great weekend!

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Blog Post

A Tiny Bit Bigger Sneak and A Giveaway!

My 2011 To Do List, gets it's first item checked off! Tah-Dah!!!

Here are some fabby badges to help you show your love for all things Cosmo Cricket!




And it gets even better! Update an avatar pic, facebook profile photo or place one of these buttons on your blog sidebar, then let us know in the comments here. We'll pick one random winner to receive the brand new mini deck from the line represented in their badge choice.

Have a great day everyone!

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Blog Post

The Tiniest of Cosmo Cricket Sneak Peeks

Take a look at these cuties!






I made them with at least one new product we are releasing at CHA. It's the product I'm most excited about because it makes creating these flowers super easy!

Is it a new kind of tool? Is it a new kind of fabric or paper? Is it a new kind of glue? Is it all of the above?

Do you really think I would tell you that just yet?


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Blog Post

Cosmo Cricket Sneak Peek Date, New Collections, and Projects

So guess what? We, meaning Julie and I went somewhere colder than here last Friday and did a presentation with everything  new that we will be releasing at CHA in a few short weeks.

The room was full of people that all had their poker faces on. We lead out with a new product that you can create very fun _ _ _ _ _ _ _ with, lots of different kinds, lots of different colors. 

We even played for a half an hour with the group and I must say they created some stinking cute things!

Next we brought out a collection that Julie is incredibly partial to, _ _ _ _ _ _  _ _ _ _ ,with all the embellishments. We got some oohhhhhh's and I counted at least two ahhhhhh's.

As we finished with Julie's favorite, we then pulled out of the bag  _ _  _ _ _ _ _, Erics favorite. The people in the room were doing a lot of pointing with their index fingers at the images, with many shaking their heads up and down, not side to side.

And last but not least, we sprung on them my favorite, _ _ _ _  _ _ _. There was one other man in the room. When he looked at it and looked up at me, our eye's met a the same time and I sensed complete joy and satisfaction.

So,  I don't know..........I think the meeting went okay. :)

These new products and collections we will be showing on our blog, I want to say next Monday January 17th. 

Maybe it was the 18th? I'm not sure, it could have been the 20th. Heck, you guys are probably really patient and the date doesn't matter at all, does it?

By the way, Coordinates Collections have been playing with our products lately. You can check it out at Cosmo Cricket Giveaway . Yes I think there might be a giveaway. I was late getting this information to you so if it's too late, Leave a comment there and I'll let her know that we will have another drawing. :)

You should also check out the layouts below using Circa 1934.

These beautiful layouts come from Nadia Cannizzo.

Nadia 1 
Nadia 2 
Thanks Nadia for sharing your talent.

Have a great day!




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Blog Post

Design team getting off easy

Hi all you Cosmo Cricket fans out there! Today we will be sharing some great projects we spotted on the web. Not only because we think you need to see those but because the design team needs their time for some serious training. We need some fitness, running..think serious blood sweat and tears.


Maybe something like this will do the trick for us. Why you might ask? Well we need to get in shape to create lots and lots of amazing projects with all the great new releases that are just around the corner!


This first layout that just makes you happy is created by Kelly Goree using Joy Ride



We loved the flower cluster on this next layout by Frances. She used Mitten Weather.



Jody created this simply perfect layout using Circa 1934



Here are two digital layout we wanted to share with you (visit Jessica for digital kits)

This first one is created by Christy using Earth Love digital



This next is by Eummel using Girl Friday, the digital kit



Have a great weekend!


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Blog Post

We Are Women! We Can Do This!

As I was reading your comments on yesterday's post, I noticed some "trends." Most of us want to lose weight, clean up something (house or scraprooms) and be better people.

Reading all your thoughts made me feel like getting a loud speaker or a cable channel or something so that I could tell all women everywhere, "We can do this!"

Then I looked around my house and wondered why I believed that anyway. My scrapspace is always a cluttered jumble of stuff! Last Thursday I went out with Eric for a couple hours and came home to a huge mess. That's when I lost it, not only with my children, but my own mother who happened to call in the middle of my tyraid.

So, who am I to tell you how to figure it out when I am treading water as fast as I can just to keep my own head up? But, however unqualified I am, I wanted to respond to the many comments and this comment in particular.

My plan this year is to be more vain. I know that sounds awful but I don't take care of myself the way I should and part of that is not caring how I look. I realized my looks really effect how people treat me and I'm embarrassed to say it may have cost me the chance at a job recently. So I've set a 50lb weight loss goal for myself with a reward for every 10lbs. First 10 I'm getting a real manicure..never had one. Next 10 I'm getting my hair cut at a real salon not at the beauty college or some place with $10 cuts. The 10lbs after that I'm getting a make-up consult and buying real make-up. No more $.99 mascara and Chapstick I know I could look better but don't know how. The next 10lbs will earn me 2 pairs of shoes I LOVE not just pairs that were on the clearance rack. Finally when I hit my goal I'm buying all new clothes and they WILL NOT be frumpy, are you sure you are not pregnant, did you just wake up, ultra-way-too-beyond causal stuff. So that's my plan :)

Although she and I have never met, I know this girl! I was this girl.

My transformation came when I went to a friend's for lunch and she was dressed up..... with make-up...... with jewelry....... with un-comfortable shoes!

How dare she?!?! She had small children! She was a stay at home mom! Didn't she know that she was just taking care of kids all day..... that they would wipe their noses on her outfit.... that her baby would pull her necklace right off her neck.... that all the time and money she spent on herself was so selfish?!?!?!?

I pondered that for about two weeks. Then, I bought myself an entirely new outfit. I bought my first pair of heels since becoming pregnant with Ethan. I bought new, but inexpensive jewelry. I bought a skirt and a blouse and I put it all on.

I still had only dollar store make-up and not much of it, but being dressed up, for the first time in years, I was amazed at how people responded to me! I never got so many compliments!! I was on a huge high for days. I felt great!

It was then that I realized taking care of myself was good for my kids! They should know I am happy, that I am a valuable person and that I have needs too. It teaches them courtesy and respect for me and others, and that they are important enough for me to get dressed up for.

Shortly after that first day, I started eating better. Then I added in some exercise, a couple more pairs of heals and a few more nice outfits. Two years later, I went to the MAC counter for my first ever make-over. I came home wearing fake eyelashes!

My daughters tell me all the time that they love it when I wear skirts on normal days. Their friends often ask why I get all dressed up even though I never leave the house. I tell them that it makes me happy.

Don't get me wrong, there are many afternoons I find I am still wearing loungy pants. But, I no longer feel guilty for spending a little time on myself.

So, to our friend that left the above comment, YOU CAN DO THIS!!!! YOU ARE WORTH IT!!!!

To our friends that want to drop a few pounds, STOP READING AND DO 25 JUMPING JACKS!

To our friends that want to clean up their houses, STOP READING AND CLEAN AS FAST AS YOU CAN FOR 15 MINUTES!

To our friends that want to be better people, APPRECIATE HOW GREAT YOU ALREADY ARE!

To our friends that want to scrapbook more, HERE'S SOME GREAT INSPIRATION!

These layouts are by Ladie Grace Belarmino, enjoy!

Multi photo circa 1934 layout

Scrapbook family layout

Cosmo cricket paper flower layout

Oh, and our winner from yesterday is...... Patchi who said, "I had 3 simple resolutions this year: wake up before 7:30 am, get to work before 10 am, and wear lipstick every day. I managed to break all 3 by the 3rd day of the year! However, I'm hoping that my hubby's resolution of going to ballroom dancing classes every week is something we can stick to - we start today!"

Patchi, send your info to cathie at cosmocricket dot com. She'll send you the goods. And, stick with the lipstick goal...... it's a great one!

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Blog Post

To Do List for 2011 and a Giveaway!

1. Pull a really good practical joke on Lindsay.

2. Choose one day to compliment every single person I interact with.

3. Get Laura and Cathie over to my house to dance with me.

4. Use my new Cricut machine. (Provo Craft gave me one in November, but I haven't even opened it yet. All you women that watched me do flowers at Scrapfest, joking that I use punches because nobody ever gave me a free Cricut....... well, my to do list from 2010 got at least one checkmark!)

5. Get Eric a really awesome, totally unexpected gift for no good reason at all.

6. Print my favorite photos that so far have only been stored on my mac.

7. Take a ride on a double tricycle with someone I love.

8. Sew a pincushion.

9. Sew a cute shopping tote so that I don't have to carry so much loose stuff. (Eric and I are trying not to use any plastic bags, but we keep forgetting our ugly re-useable shopping bags. Everytime we try to leave the store, people think we are shoplifting because our arms are full with our purchases. Maybe if I make a cute one, I'll remember to bring it!)

10. Teach my dog to play dead and roll over. We are still working on down which I have read is the beginning for these tricks. Any advice is appreciated as she will only go down if lured with treats.

11. Buy cut flowers at the farmer's market even though they are completely impractical, don't last long and could be considered a waste of good money.

12. Wear a party dress and get all dolled up on an ordinary day of the week when there is absolutey no logical reason to do so. Then take Eric to do the grocery shopping.

13. Design some cute Cosmo Cricket avatars and buttons for facebook.

14. Learn to dance the complete choreography to Thriller and the really hard part..... convince Lindsay and Eric to be my back-up dancers.

15. Create more great lines so that you all can make more fabulous layouts like these ones from our facebook fans!

By Aubree Greenspun Cosmo Cricket Circa 1934 scrapbooking layout

By Kary Lim

Circa 1934 Cosmo Cricket card

By Angie Ibbott Blom

Circa 1934 scrapbooking layout

And by Savannah O'Gwynn

Circa 1934 card

I think if I accomplish these things it will be a very successful year! So, what's on your list? What one.... or more..... thing are you wanting to do? Tell us what it is and you could win 6 different chipboard alphabets, 3 different Tiny Types along with Togetherness, Material Girl and Pixie-Licious 12" chipboards. We'll pick a random winner tomorrow morning.


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Blog Post

10 Awesome Memories from 2010

Welcome to 2011 everyone! I hope you all had fabulous holidays and are ready for a great new year. I am. Tomorrow I'll share my hope list for the coming year, but today I wanted to recap my favorite Cosmo Cricket related memories of 2010.

Here they are in no particular order:

1. We moved into our building and opened our outlet store!


Showroom peak

2. We took our facebook fans with us to CHA. I think we may have lost a few in the bottom of my purse, but we got photos with most of you! ......... and, we had a great time trying on hats at Target!


3. We survived the Hotel Penn, no small feat, let me assure you!

Hotel penn NY

4. Early Bird became fabric, my favorite line to do so!!! It is carried in our local quilt shop on main street in Logan. I get such a kick out of seeing it there..... that never gets old!


5. I tried to learn how to dance..... I'm still trying!

6. Lindsay met his dad.


7. And, Lindsay turned 50.


8. And, Lindsay became a grandpa! It was a big year for Lindsay!!!

Lindsay cosmo cricket

9. Enough about Lindsay..... I became Wonder Julie to protect you all and your blog candy.


10. We broke an all time blog comment count with the release of Circa 1934, racking up well over 2,200 comments!


It was a great year, but I have a feeling 2011 is going to be even better! Stay tuned!!!

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Blog Post

Happy New Year!!

HAPPY 2011!!

We hope everyone had a great new years eve! 2010 was a great year here at the Cosmo Cricket design team, but we think you already guessed that ;) We can tell you....or maybe we can't...sttt...2011 will even be greater!! But don't tell anyone we just told you that!

Since this Saturday is also the first day of this brand new year we thought it would be fun to do a little looking back on 2010 and let you know which one line and project was our personal favorite.


To be honest I'm always "knocked off my chair" with delight and happiness by all the releases from Cosmo Cricket. Delovely, Circa 1934, Joy Ride, Material Girl, Togetherness, Pixie Licious....

I love all the lines so much, and I had a hard time picking one favorite. So I ended up with two ;)

DeLovely went straight in to my heart. It is perfect for pictures of my colorful, happy, fun little girl. Besides: I love colors, and specially turquoise.

This layout is about Sol, my youngest daughter (8 years old) She played solo trombone, with our little family band, at a large gathering and a special price-event in Oslo. She was so sweet when she played. Because I played in the band too, I had no chance taking any pictures, but I have captured the story, and how proud of her we all are, in this layout , "you bloom"



Circa 1934 is the perfect vintage, yet colorful and fun line.

It reminds me of old fun fair and good old days. I love the circles, the letters, the colors, the ladies with the wonderful hats...This layout of my kids at the fair is no perfect designed layout, it just makes me happy, and reminds me of happy summer memories.


Happy new year to you!




My favorite release for 2010 was DeLovely. I made tons of projects throughout the year, but my favorite was definitely this Easter layout - it's one I made when we teamed up with the sweet gals at Ella. I loved that the colors in my photos and the colors in DeLovely were almost a perfect match. Easter morning was lots of fun for our little family, and being able to create a page that reflects that fun morning definitely makes me happy every time I look at this page!



Speaking of Happy...I'd like to wish all our Cosmo Cricket friends a very Happy New Year! May all your dreams come true and your wishes be fulfilled and may you have time to MAKE lots of fun memories...and then scrapbook them! :o)

Happy New Year!

Wendy Sue



Making up my mind between two beautiful things has never been a strength of mine! I'm still trying to decide whether MItten Weather or Togetherness is my favorite Cosmo Cricket line of 2010. For Mitten Weather, I loved how this line gift ensemble turned out.


For Togetherness, I'm pretty attached to the wooden birdhouse that I altered, but since you've seen that recently, I'll pick a card.


Give me a few reds and aquas, and I'm one happy camper! Speaking of happy, Happy New Year to you!!




Hi everyone! Hope you are having a wonderful New Year so far!

My favorite line has been Togetherness. There is a new layout I made with it.

Amy Parker Cosmo Cricket Togetherness Proving to Be




What a year 2010 has been! It started of as one big dream, I gave make & takes at the Cosmo Cricket booth during CHA in January. It was so much fun, not only being there but working together with Julie, Eric and Lindsay! New releases were Joy Ride, Garden Variety and Material Girl. Couldn't tell you wish one was my favorite, loved them all 3.

Then we had the mid-release coming, DeLovely. I have to be honest first I was a bit scared by all the color! But now looking back, this is one of my two favorite lines from last year. This next layout, made it with DeLovely, is definitely one of my favorite layouts from 2010.


So after DeLovely we had Togetherness, Pixie-Licious and Mitten Weather coming our way. Again, wow!! I loved Togetherness for it bright colors. Mitten Weather in my opinion is the most diverse Christmas/Winter line EVER released. Pixie-Licious first wasn't my favorite but after playing with it I made this layout which I also love.


Last line of the year....Circa 1934! Now that one kicked me right out of my socks! LOVE the vintage feel of that line. I made my favorite home decor of this past year with it.


I know all this has been a bit more than one favorite line and one favorite project...I just couldn't help myself okay?! ;)

Happy New Year to all!!




We would like to thank all of you for your support this past year! We know you love Cosmo Cricket just as much as we do and we hope to share much more fun and inspiration with you in 2011!

Happy New Year!

the Cosmo Cricket design team.


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