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What are you doing New Years Eve?

Hey everyone it's me Lindsay! Please tell me that you haven't forgotten me already :) I'm not sure if you are aware but I spent the last 6 months filming "Survivor-Logan Utah" with host Jeff Probst. Maybe it was "Fear Factor Logan Utah". It has been a crazy 2011 that i can't even remember. Today Julie had to beg and plead with me to do the blog. Lol Actually after reading Julie's fun blog yesterday I thought I would share with you some of my New Years Resolutions. I have five this year. Thanks for humoring me. So without further adieu:

1- I am going to spent 2 hours each night writing this fantastic book that I think I have a terrific idea for. It has to do with a girl that falls in love with a vampire and then there's another vampire who gets jealous and then there are some bad vampires that are trying to kill them. I'm thinking of calling it "Daylight." Any thoughts from you guys?

2- I have set a goal to travel back in time. I set this goal every year and disappoint myself. I have come close a few times. The plan is to decorate my home office with nothing but things from the time that I want to travel to. It seemed to work for Christopher Reeves until he took out that dang penny from his pocket. This is my YEAR!

3-Give all my change to the Comstocks kids ( for that reason see #2) Oh wait, I think I already do that!

4-I want to race cars, play tennis, and have fun selling products to scrapbook women, I want to have weekends off, and be my own boss. (I borrowed this from my Uncle Dudley Moore.) and Blog more. :) (I know painful for you guys)

5- And last, I want to help make 2012 magical! I was at Disneyland last week and by golly if Walt could do it, I can too, maybe on a smaller scale. :)

Just so you know, some of the above are true, you have to figure out which one's.

From all of us at Cosmo Cricket and Advantus, May 2012 be the best year ever. See ya next year!

We love all of you!

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Changing for Good

Update: You could win the following prize today. Please check out Canadian Scrapbooker's blog and facebook page if you would like to enter.
Cosmo Cricket

??Yep, it's time to start thinking about New Year Resolutions, or in other words, time to start thinking about things I should be doing, but probably won't.

Did you know that researchers have studied how people make significant, life-long changes? First, let me point out that this means some people actually do! Second, let me point out that when they do it is a cause for investigation. Makes you feel slightly better, doesn't it? I mean it's not only possible, but if you haven't done it you are the normal one!

But wait!!!! Isn't this a crafting blog? What does self improvement have to do with that? Where's the projects?
Card by Sandy Ang.

Where's the techniques?
Card by Beate Johns

What does this have to do with anything Cosmo Cricket?

Well, I happen to believe that we are all traveling in this "handbasket" together. I happen to believe that I am not the only one struggling to exercise and eat healthy. I can't be the only one feeling like my house is a chaotic mess most of the time. I won't believe I'm the only one overwhelmed with kids and work and all the other crazy things going on in my life. Please tell me I'm not the only one thinking, "Calgon, take me away!"

I believe that a portion of you, maybe even most of you, are like me. You want to make positive changes in your life. You want to become one of the unusual ones.

So, what does the research tell us about how to do this? Well, you can read all about it in this book that I cannot recommend highly enough. (No, this is not a paid endorsement, just something I'm excited about and wanted to share.)
Changing for good
What's on your To Conquer List for 2012?

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Confessions of an Online Junkie

December 23, 9:38am. I posted on facebook that I would be turning off my computer until after the holiday.

December 23, 10:06am. My keyboard isn't working. My Wacom isn't responding. My computer won't wake up. Call IT, call 911.... oh yeah, I turned it off.

December 23, 10:37am. I have to know what they are saying on facebook. What if they are writing bad things about me under my post. What if Lindsay has posted embarrasing photos. Why did I tell them I was going "dark"???? I'm hyperventilating! I need a brown bag to breathe into. Where are the brown bags?

December 23, 10:52am. Tapping on the keyboard still doesn't wake it up. I will learn this lesson about ten more times through the day. I slink away from my desk slightly dejected feeling that somehow my life has lost meaning.

December 23, 2:49pm. I cheat and check my email on my phone. Penis growth samples shipped for free. Who, I ask, wants a sample of something growing on a penis??? Now I'm even more depressed. It seems my lack of online presence hasn't even been noticed!

December 24th, 8:00am. I make my breakfast and, as I almost always do, head to my office to eat it while I return emails. The keyboard still doesn't wake up my Mac. I eat sitting in front of a black screen. I can almost imaging what my Pinterest boards look like... almost.

December 24th, 10:30am. Somehow I get distracted from thinking about online things.

December 25th, 8:00am. Christmas. I love spending time playing games. Why don't I do this more often? Abby, let me show you how to use your sewing machine. Kate, let's paint our nails. Jack, can I have a turn with your remote control car? Ethan, how about another game of Qwirkle.

December 26th, 8:00am. Taking one more day off for the holidays isn't too lazy right?

December 27th, 8:00am. I should really update the blog. I should really get some work done. I sould really play another game of Qwirkle!

December 28th, 9:27am. I have to get back at it. I drag myself down to my desk. I hear the Mac chime as my screen illuminates. I press the browser icon...... internet!

December 28th, 9:46am. I am working on a blog entry. I am chatting with a friend on facebook. I am about to tell said friend how great I think they are and how much I appreciate their friendship when CRASH my screen goes black!!!! I'm not even kidding.

December 28th, 9:47am. Maybe this is a sign. Maybe I can get away with another day of no computer.

December 28th, 11:04am. Nope. I have readers than NEED me... or so I like to believe.

Decmeber 28th, 11:36am. Published.

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A Secret Compartment Book and Gift For Myself

I have four children out for winter break, so today's entry will be short and sweet. Then, I'll be taking some time off from blogging to be with them.

Happy Holidays everyone and enjoy the following projects!

From the amazing Angela Fehr! A secret compartment book made out of an old book and Odds and Ends papers. I think these would be super fun to make for my kids. I must remember it for next year!
How to make a treasure box out of an old book
How to make a secret compartment book inside 2
The next project is special to me. I am often amazed at the thoughtfulness and kindness of people! I got an email from Donna Budzynski asking for my address. In a couple of days I recieved this hand-sodlered ornament in the mail.

Donna took the photo from my facebook album, backed it with some Circa 1934 paper that she stamped with a message and soldered it together. I love it! I may have to find a class to learn how to make these myself. Aren't they wonderful?!

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Kindle Cover Tutorial & Ribbon Bookmarks

These two projects were planned for two separate entries. I have a hard enough time coming up with stuff to post for you all, that I need to ration my good ideas. I allow you only one per day and sometimes not even that! But, the holidays are a time for thoughtfulness, right?

So, I hope that if you are in need of some last minute gifts, that these can be useful to you.

First up, quick teacher gifts. I plan to cover the composition notebooks with cute paper, and awesome phrases about how great teachers are, but if it happens, it will be a Christmas miracle!
Ribbon bookmarks teacher gifts

To make these fun bookmark/journal keepers, all you need is 20" of ribbon, one ponytail holder and one button. Sew the ribbon around the ponytail holder. Sew the button onto the other end and you are done!

Next up, the Kindle cover.

Is it just me, or do you feel like you would be violated as a person if you were to pay the amount they ask for these things?
Make a kindle cover tutorial
This is for a certain teen-aged boy child who loves reading. Knit, fabric, girly paper or anything of the sort just wouldn't do. So, I started with a discarded book that I picked up for .50¢.

I cut the insides out without cutting the spine.
How to make a kindle cover from an old book
At first I thought I could just use some book binding tape to strengthen the binding. However, it was still a bit flimsy.
Making kindle book cover out of an old book
Having removed the insides of the book, it needed something down the spine the same width as what was taken from it. I cut this out of chipboard. I also cut a piece to lay over the back inside cover. You'll see why as we go.
Tutorial for kindle cover
Next I covered over the spine piece with more bookbinding tape. Then, I marked where I thought corner elastic tabs would go. It turns out if you want corner tabs, you will want to bring them in at least 1/2" to 1" further than I did, otherwise they won't hold the Kindle in place, but just slip off the corners instead. (I tell you this now so you won't make the same mistake, unless you want the effect I eventually devised as a solution.)
Handmade Kindle cover out of old book
I put eyelets in the holes, just for the fun of it. Right now is where I learn that the holes are in the wrong places. Never fear though. I think my elastic technique adds a cool touch... and that baby isn't going anywhere! Here's what it looks like on the back. I glued the elastic to each other and to the chipboard on the backside. (By the way, even though you can't see it, the Kindle is on the other side so that I know how tightly to pull the elastic.)
How to make a kindle cover
Then I turned this whole thing over and glued the entire unit to the inside back cover of the book.
Make a kindle cover tutorial
Here's what it looks like closed.
Kindle cover out of old book handmade
One of my very favorite parts of it is the title.... Twilight Stories, which will be somewhat of an inside joke for him.

This project will not be embellished or decorated in any way. It was designed with Ethan in mind and plain/industrial will suit him perfectly. But, of course, you're welcome to dress yours up however you like.

Hopefully my instructions can help you save 20 bucks or so. I made the entire thing with items that were already lying around my house.... of course, I have a lot of things lying around my house that average person may not, but we are not average, we are crafters!

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Coffee Cup Cozies: Free Pattern

Paper Coffee cup cozy pattern
If you ever find yourself in Logan, Utah you definitely need to drop by Cafe Ibis. This is mine and Eric's favorite place to go for Saturday morning breakfast, live music on Friday night and lunch any day of the week (may I recommend the veggie sandwich). In fact, on one cold Cache Valley night in 1993, two college students went to Ibis for some hot cocoa on a date.... and look, now we've been married for 18 years. I guess it's just our spot!

If you do drop by, be sure to say hi from Eric and Julie... especially if Greg is at the grill.

Quilted Cup Cozy pattern
I saw something very similar to these cup cozies on Pinterest, but alas I couldn't find a pattern to make them.

Well never fear. After a couple trial and errors I have devised a pattern for myself and thought I would share it with you. Don't worry if you don't sew! You can easily take this pattern and make it out of paper. Simply cut on the inside line and glue the ends where the overlap is shown. Then you can decorate it however you like!

Free Coffee Paper Cup Sewing Pattern
(This pattern looks like a macaroni noodle to Eric. It looks like something slightly more feminine to myself. Please don't get confused! It is only to be used for cup cozies! ;)

I made mine out of two layers of quilted fabric from our Circa 1934 collection with Moda. I also made one with two layers of cotton and one layer of batting. (I didn't photograph that one because it didn't match the others, but it turned out great.) The buttons are really just decorative, although I did make them to actually open and close, but you sure don't need to.
Quilted Coffee Cup Cozy
You can whip these up in a jiffy. Not only will they keep you from burning your hands, but you won't have to throw away a cup sleeve with each drink order and they will insulate your cup a bit to keep your beverage of choice hot!

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Julie's Too Honest Christmas Carols

Cardmaking_baker's twine_christmas_card
(This card is by Annelie Maddock. She coiled the Baker's twine onto a Gluber. Genius!)

Christmas is Coming

Christmas is coming and I have gotten fat.
The only clothes that fit are my mittens and my hat.
If you haven't gained a pound, a half-pound will do.
If you haven't gained a half-pound, I hate you.

("Good for you" would be a nicer ending, but........)

Jingle Bells

Dashing through the house
Putting things away
Over the rooms I go
Cursing children all the way
Handprints on the walls
Clothing on the floor
Toys scattered down the halls
I can't take it anymore.

Jingle Bells, Jingles Bells,
Guests are on their way.
Oh what fun it is to clean
An entire house all day.

(I actually love company. Cleaning the house... well, not so much.)

Oh Christmas Tree

Oh Christmas Tree, Oh Christmas Tree
Thy leaves are plastic wrapped on wire.
Oh Christmas Tree, Oh Christmas Tree
Your UL lights can't catch on fire.

Stored in a box when summer's here
Dusted off, for Christmas cheer.
Oh Christmas Tree, Oh Christmas Tree,
Thy leaves are plastic wrapped on wire.

(Since our tree is artificial, I find the Christmas tree tradition funny. Instead of going out as a family and picking out a live tree, we pull this compressed mass of green out of a cardboard box and then spend and hour as a family shaping it.)

I really do love the holidays! Some of our family's traditions include driving around to see lights with our kids while singing Christmas Carols at the top of our lungs. We are really bad singers, all of us, so this is actually hilarious.

I love taking my kids to the store to pick out food for the food bank. It's fun to see what they think is important for family's to have.

We have a funny tradition for Christmas Eve dinner. Only h'orderves are allowed and we eat them in the dark with just the Christmas lights sparkling. Eating in dim light quiets our children and helps everyone settle down for the night.

What does your family do?

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Check Mate! A Simply Fabulous Thrifty Gifty!!

I am not a great chess player. I have only ever won against Eric a handful of times and I don't think I've ever been victorious against Ethan (I am not the type of mom to let my kids win). But, even I wouldn't mind losing if I got to play with this set!
This amazing project was sent to us by Sue Astroth and when I saw it, my jaw dropped. She thought of everything... down to the tiniest details. Check out the board pieces.... Circa 1934 paper and fabric together at last!
Handmade chess board pieces
If you're not into chess, how about checkers? Follow this link to see a checker board using cut felt for the pieces. You can see it on the C&T Publishing blog. Just think, you probably have some fabric around you could use, so your cost will be low. You will be able to roll it up like a burrito with the felt pieces inside for simple storage. And, it would work in the car because the felt wouldn't slide. I think I am in crafting love!!!

PS: Thanks for all the comments this week... on everything from Jack to Kate to Lindsay's poem. Jack is doing really well. Kate is too... I have talked a lot with her and shown her lots of videos on the topic of healthy bodies and healthy eating. I think this is an issue that we as women will need to come together to address. As much as I love to blame advertisers (even though I use to be one) they wouldn't market that way to us if it didn't work. Don't give in women! We are strong. We are smart. And, we are beautiful just the way we are!

Also, on the horizon, CHA sneak peek teasing! Stay tuned.

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Kate Thinks She's Fat

Cosmo cricket_scrapbook_layout_scrapbooking
(This scrapbooking layout features Kate right after her ballet recital. I did the stitching effect by running two different color threads through my machine at the same time. Then I lowered the feeddogs on my machine and using an embroidery foot I freehanded the stitches.)

Sometimes you hear young girls talk about how they are "soooo fat" and you wonder if they are just being overly dramatic, looking for attention, or afraid that if they admit that they think they are skinny their friends will think they are stuck-up.

So, when Kate first started complaining she was fat I wasn't too worried.
It all started after a family picnic where Kate learned that her same-aged-cousin weighs 30 pounds less than herself. I explained to her that not only is she an inch taller, but she looks healthy, with well-defined muscles from ballet. I explained to her that muscle weighs a lot. I re-iterated that she is a size 0, the smallest size at the store. How can that be fat I asked?

A few months later I had her to the doctor for a well check. She asked him if he thought she needed to lose weight. He showed her the height and weight charts and where she plotted on them. He told her she is perfect, but if she is going to change in any direction it should be the weight gain side. Not the weight loss side.
Why would a slim 12 year old be so worried anyway?
Why would she be convinced that at a healthy weight she is fat?
Is it something wrong with her, or her environment?
I went on a search for information so that I could be aware and able to help her. Did you know one in five girls has a serious eating disorder (anorexia or bilemia)? Did you know almost all girls start to feel bad about their bodies at Kate's age?

What can we do?

By the way, there's a Cosmo Cricket feature and interview of myself over at the Fat Quarter Shop blog. Drop by and check it out!

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Happy Holidays and Here's to Next Year!

So it's Cosmo Cricket tradition for Lindsay to grace our annual Christmas party with a poem. This year is different. Here's a look back on the first 6 years of Cosmo Cricket with us as the owners.

PS: Lindsay has not been able to blog due to technical difficulties with our firewall. He sent me this email and of course, I have not asked permission to post it here. I also managed to find some of our old photos.

Hello Julie Comstock
I know I owed you a rhyme
so this little poem is about our
Cosmo Fun times
First we had sign off's
instead of our names
One example would be signed
Cosmo Insane
We also did limericks
let the competition begin
I thought I fared well
But I have to admit that you'd always win :)

Driving the wrong way
on a one way street
in every city we traveled
was a popular feat
Speaking of driving
While I had the wheel
We never got lost
not even a wreck, no pips and no squeals
In Atlanta I remember
a laser being shown on my head
When people were staring
My face it turned red
Do you remember Las Vegas?
And code 954
The security guard let us pass through
the Memory Trends door
Later he found us
and said not to let it happen again
So we changed our code number
to code number 10
We even pretended
that we were participants on The Amazing Race
"Lindsay and Julie you're team number 1
and that meant first place
In Minnesota through hotel back doors
Seattle running for planes
laughing the whole time
as we drove in the rain
Hotel penn NY
Then there was Dallas
and missing the flight
You distracted the front Desk
and me out of site
Snuck into a room
and booked another hotel
It was a 5 Star property
And the price was real swell
You line danced with Justin
sang Sound of Music with me
did the $5 dollar diet
and always had to pee
You were hungry at airports
We did HSN
While we were there
we met Greg and Aunt Jen
It would have been fun
to don a wig and sun glasses
Played Private Eye's
maybe next time they ask us to teach fun scrapbook classes
So many stories
I can't name them all
But what I can say is this that
I had a real ball!
I hope you did too
and that you remember all this
We need to make more of these
They are something I miss
Lindsay's_celebrity_look-a-like copy
You promised me fun
that was our deal
People would never believe
that all this was real!
Friends_scrapbook_archivers__lindsay moore_scrapfest_cosmo cricket
If you have some fun memories
I'd love to hear
When you need a true friend
I'll always be near
Friends_scrapbook_archivers_scrapfest_cosmo cricket
Thanks for the funnest time I have ever had :)

The End
Lindsay_moore_scrapfest_class_cosmo cricket

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Jack, Can You Hear Me Now?

(Jack ready for surgery with his funny "I don't know how to fake smile" smile.)

Today Jack had his third set of ear tubes placed.

The nurse gave Jack a "doctor's suit" to dress up in. She showed him the "doctor hat", "doctor slippers" and "doctor scrubs". She told him to get dressed up and that she would come back to see if he looked like a real doctor.

I had him take off his shirt and we put on the scrub shirt.

I had him take off his pants. Then told him he would have to take off his underpants too. He said, "Do doctor's not wear underpants?"

I told him he would have to ask a doctor. It turns out they do which left Jack a bit confused.
Jack did absolutely great, except for his left eardrum which may not hold the newly placed tube. We'll see. His hearing is much improved!! Apparently Eric is very noisy when he eats and Jack's voice sounds different in his head now.

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Kate & Abby's Easy Paper Gift Bags

I love sewing on paper. It's so much easier than sewing on fabric!

First, you never have to iron. Paper totally holds a crease. You don't ever have to pin anything since you can just use a tad of adhesive to keep things where they need to be. But maybe the best part is that paper never has to be hemmed. It simply can't fray!

So, when Kate and Abby had some small, but oddly shaped gifts to wrap, with no boxes around to put them in, sewing these paper gift bags was the perfect solution! Made out of our cardstock, they have enough structure to them that they won't rip..... at least until Christmas morning!
Handmade_paper gift bags
These are ideal for fairly flat gifts like these flowers and headbands they wanted to give to friends (that's one of the perks of being a "craft-lady's" kid). We layed them out into sets and self-contained them as well as we could first.
Gifts for Craft lovers
The one above, fit perfectly using a single sheet of paper to make our bag. However, the one below was bigger. Never fear, you can piece paper together in a snap! (Notice the bigger bag with the Santa panel on the front.)
Gifts for crafters
Sew your paper into a tube by bringing the edges together with the right side facing out (wrong sides together) and without creasing the fold. Stitch this down using 1/4 to 1/2" seam allowance. The seam will be on the outside, but don't worry you can make this decorative by folding it out after it's sewn. When that's done, sew across the bottom.
Kate and Abby did this themselves. I did help them fold open the seam by first folding both halves to one side. After that crease was made, it's easier to open it up and fold one half to the other side. Put your gift inside and then stitch across the top. After this is done, you can cut down the sides of the fold and bring the tops down for a decorative border.
Punch a pretty edge and embellish with paper, stickers, fabric and ribbon.
And there you have it. Wonderful, handmade, gift bags. Sewing on paper is a great way to introduce young hands to a sewing machine. If you have never tried it, see all our tips for sewing on paper to get yourself started!

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Snowmen Ornaments

I am in love with these little guys! Maybe it's because they remind me of a childhood couplet we use to think was soooo funny. Being married to Eric I find it less humorous now, and have even used it as a threat on occasion.

Fatty and Skinny went to bed.
Fatty rolled over
And Skinny was dead.
Depending on your snowman preference, use a three inch and 2 inch Gluber for Fatty. For Skinny, you will need a 2", 1.5" and 1" Gluber. Then just twist a strip of guaze around a knotted end starting in the center of the Gluber. You can see this technique here.

If you want your snowmen to live on cards, layouts or decor items, just peel and stick them in place. For ornaments, I used a craft stick: shorten slightly with a pair of scissors, paint and then punch a hole in the top with a crop-a-dile. You will need to back your ornaments with something. There are several options, but I just punched patterned paper in coordinating sizes to the Glubers.  However, you could back them with fabric, glitter, or another snowman.

For the scarf, simply cut a slit in one side of your ribbon. Then thread the other side through and you won't have to fiddle with a knot. Glue in place for extra security if you want. Mine isn't glued and stays just fine.

One last tip: For the eyes, I used brads. You can either cut the ends off and simply glue in place. Or, you can poke a hole with a needle and wiggle them in through the fabric and glue (what I did). If you don't have black brads, don't worry, Skinny's eyes were colored with a Sharpie.

I am attaching mine to neighbor gift boxes and I plan to make some cards featuring them too. Enjoy!

Today is the final day of the Moda hop. Be sure to drop by the following blogs for more free blocks and recipes.
Basic Grey
Brannock & Patek
American Jane
Pieces From My Heart

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Happy Egg Heads

I have been on a self-improvement kick. I know, I know, being nearly perfect there isn't much room for improvement, but I need something to keep myself busy with right? (sarcasm here!)

So, I have been dragging my lazy bod out of bed no later than 6:30am. I head straight to the kitchen to make the first meal of the day. Lunch. Yep, I have committed to making lunch for Ethan and Kate before they leave at 7:00 to catch the bus.

Since my early risings, I have learned a thing or two. Kate use to skip breakfast. It seems the most important meal of the day isn't nearly as important as having your hair done just right! So now, after her lunch is packed, I get her breakfast to go. This usually means a clementine and a hard-boiled egg.

Beware! In the early morning hours it is difficult to differentiate a boiled egg from a raw egg and if you get mixed up you will not please your 12 year old! Here's a fun solution that will not only put a smile on a grumpy, pre-teen face, but get you out of peeling the egg because she will want to show her friends. It's a win-win!
Happy egg heads
If you want to get more creative than boiled eggs. These links will take you to the free recipes and quilt blocks of the day. Enjoy!
Kathy Schmitz Studios
Kate Spain
Primitive Gatherings

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I Know What's Wrong With Me!

I called Lindsay in a state of excitement yesterday. When he picked up the phone I said, "I found a name for my disorder." He said, "Which one?"

Do you remember this post from last month? It's the one with the altered lampshade and the story about how nervous and awkward I was at the party where I made it. Well, what I was describing is called social anxiety and somehow, just having a name to call it makes it seem like a problem I am going to overcome!

How you may ask?

By ordering a book of course! It's called.... you guessed it... Overcoming Social Anxiety and I can't wait to get it. No more staying home on Saturday nights (two weeks ago I sent Eric to a party by himself because I was afraid to go). No more retreating from groups of would-be friends. No more, being completely honest typing a post in the privacy of my own home when if I were faced with you in person I would be terrified of saying the wrong thing. After I get done with this book, I will be a social butterfly, I just know it... don't burst my bubble, I am eternally optimistic and it won't work anyway.

So, while I am contemplating my inner psyche, check out the following blogs on the Moda Blog Hop today.

Cotton Way
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The Long Thread

Then enjoy this fabulous quilt that my sister, Emily, made with our Chemistry fabric. Now you all know who got the quilting talent in our family!
Chemistry Quilt_cosmo cricket
If you are not a sewer, here is a fun project I found on Pinterest. I think these would be super-cute done for the holidays as gift containers with Christmas fabric. They simply covered the pots with the fabric using Mod-Podge (I prefer acrylic medium for stuff like this).

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Our Day For Moda!

Fabric_christmas_box_circa 1934
If there were a Julia Child of the crafting world, I may be her. Do you remember the clip where she is buttering the chicken and it slips onto the floor? All I can say is that I'm glad you don't have to use butter in the craft room!

I really wanted to be part of this blog hop. But my dear friends, I am not a great quilter. So, when I got the challenge (because to me that's what it was) I dove in following Julia Child's words of wisdom..... some of which I've edited slightly here:

“The only real stumbling block is fear of failure. In "quilting" you've got to have a what-the-hell attitude."

“Always start out with a larger "scrap" than what you think you need.”

“One of the secrets, and pleasures, of "quilting" is to learn to correct something if it goes awry; and one of the lessons is to grin and bear it if it cannot be fixed.”

“...operational's all theory until you see for yourself whether or not something works.”

My first attempt didn't exactly work. Somehow, I invented a rectangular block that was suppose to be a square.(I think the image is getting stretched here, because it's much worse in person.) I really didn't think Geometry was ever going to be useful!!! And how did my seams get to be so crooked? I promise I was completely sober.
No need to worry though. I had a secret weapon called Lisa Christensen. Lisa took my sorry rectangular block photo and sent me a great pattern. You can download this free quilt block pattern and my hot cocoa recipe here, but please be sure to thank Lisa.

Unfortunately for me, my second attempt still isn't quite right. I swear I was super careful with my cutting and seam allowances. However, instead of trying a third time, I just made my block slightly smaller. Hey, it works for me!
Quilt attempt #2
It now measures 12" square which is a measurement I know something about and so feeling encouraged, I decided to make my block into a cube-shaped box.

This feeling was short lived when I realized that I didn't have enough of that cute green fabric that I was planning for the lining. "Oh well, I guess, this will not be a cube since the sides now have to be six inches wide." I pressed on.... well, not literally because I was in too much of a hurry to iron anything. (Hmmm, maybe that's the problem with my block!) Anyway, I had this great cardboard box in the garage that I thought would add just the perfect structure to my project. With exacto in hand, it was cut into squares and rectangles in a jiffy.

Did you know that cardboard adds quite a bit of dimension? My inner fabric box was now a bit too big for my outer fabric box. "Nobody will be able to see that," I told myself and stitched on.

Did you know that once you put cardboard in between fabric it is nearly impossible to still run that fabric through you machine? Yes, I guess I knew that too, but somehow it didn't occur to me until the cardboard was already in there.

Needless to say, I will not be making another one of these boxes until I devise a new plan. Nor will I share my isntructions with you because I wouldn't wish this project on my worst enemy.

So, download the free quilt block pattern and make a cute tote or something! Life is too short for a project this hard!! Then check out these other blogs on the hop today:
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Moda's Winter Blog Hop!

Do you like free stuff? Well then, this is the blog hop for you. Each day this week, you can find a free quilt block pattern that uses no more than three fat quarters and a free recipe to try out too. I will be following this myself in hopes of improving my quilting skills and my cooking skills (or lack thereof).

Check out these blogs today!
Minick & Simpson
Bunny Hill
Me & My Sister
Deb Strain

Kansas Troubles
Fig Tree
Cosmo Cricket (That's us!)
Liz Scott

Cotton Way
French General
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The Long Thread

Kathy Schmitz Studios
Kate Spain
Primitive Gatherings

Basic Grey
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American Jane
Pieces From My Heart

Now if you don't sew, don't worry. We have a super cute snowman holiday card you paper crafters can make today. To make your snowman, cut a 1 x 12" strip of cardstock and a .75 x 12" strip of carstock. Score and pleat at .25" marks. I use a score board for that tedious task! Then glue the ends together and glue you two rosettes in place. You can use hot glue for a secure hold, but I find Glubers work really well and are super easy! Then decorate him up and start singing, "Thumpity, thump, thump....Thumpity, thump, thump."
Snowman_card_happpy_holidays_cosmo cricket_dear mr claus
(Again, this is dark, indoor, winter-time photography. Please be forgiving!)

In other news, my parents ran me out of town. It seems my dad is doing as well as can be expected and they are just not ready to "need" any help from anyone. They are independent and stubborn.... that must be where I get it!

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