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Mini deck fun

LG here sharing with you a fun and easy layout that I did using only 4 patterned papers from DeLovely's Mini Deck line. 

Aside from making cards, have you ever wondered how you can maximize the usage of these lovely Mini Decks? I initially made some Easter cards that I'll be sharing to everyone soon but I end up with a fun idea using my butterfly punches. Just grab several pages from the mini deck and start punching. I have used 3 different kinds of butterfly punches on my page and punched over 100 butterflies. Don't worry about the excess butterflies since we can still use them on other projects later on.

Fly High


What I loved about this technique is the time you can save by just coming up with a design. Once you are ready, just stick them randomly on your main background paper. Pretty easy right?

And another tip, before throwing away small pieces of patterned papers that you've used, grab your punch and use it. Set aside these punched scraps in a small bottle or container and organize it by color. You'll find them very useful when you need to fill up some space on your pages.

Have fun scrapping!

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Another Gluber Flower Technique with Lindsay and Julie

Happy Friday everyone!

Things to know while watching this video.

1. I still haven't gotten my hair cut.

2. Eric got mesmerized at one point during the filming. He is watching us instead of looking through the camera. He's sorry that he is showing me, instead of what I'm working on. What can we say, these are not professional quality videos!

3. We think this could have a difficulty level of 3...... a man can do it, with practice.

4. For more information on how these would work as hair accessories, check out the line of products I designed for EK Success under the Laliberri line.


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Lindsay, Julie and Glübers

Lindsay and I got together to see if Glübers really make flower making so easy that a man can do it.

As you watch, here are some things to know:

1. Lindsay has not provided proof that I scraplifted his layout.

2. Eric never really turned red during the filming of this clip.

3. Eric was right. The flower did look good on my green shirt. I apologize for criticizing his art direction abilities.

4. I need a haircut, but I'm waiting because I will be attending some events later this month. If I get it cut now, it will be too short to be cut again, but too long to look good.

5. Have a great day!

Oh, and here's a photo of the layout too!


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Lowri McNabb: Cosmo Cricket Loves Your Art!!

Hello everyone,

It's time to feature another new artist I found. Lowri McNabb was nominated for our guest design team spot. So, I headed over to her blog to check her out! What I found were fab card sets, tons of mini albums and projects with tutorials.

Take a look at a few of my faves.


She had another drawer set like this one done in Material Girl too.



Aren't these bookmarks so simple and cute?

If you are into mini's she has lots of really great ones!


And I love that when she makes cards, they are usually done in sets.


If you love papercrafting, but need a break from layouts go visit Lowri's blog. She's sure to inspire you. Because of that inspiration factor, we want to celebrate Lowri by offering her our special button!

CC Loves My Art

And, here's to all artists working to make life a more beautiful experience. Add this button to your blog and link it back here. Together we will inspire the world.

For the Love of Art


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Cosmo Cricket Layouts and a Moxie Giveaway

If you're not aware, we have a Friend who lives in either New Hampshire, Conneticut, or Maine ( we really do love her even though I can't remember what state she moved to this past year- I know I need to be better with details) who we love to pieces who used to live in Utah.

 She has a super fun blog that details the world of scrapbooking. Not only does she tell you what's hot, she gives tips, and provides opportunities for her followers to win fabulous prizes selected just for you..

 Her blog is Moxie Fab World and Cath is Moxie Fab herself. Today she is featuring UpCycle and she' will be drawing two lucky winners.

 I know Julie told you that my favorite new release is Salt Air.

I must confess, I love all three new lines, but especially love the color palette from UpCycle. Pinks, Greys, Yellows, Greens. The colors are hip, cool, chic, and work lights out together.

Oh by the way, here's the link for those interested in a chance to win: Win Cosmo Cricket UpCycle Collection

We have another friend and I think we have mentioned her before. Her name is Heidi Sonbul and she is a huge Cosmo Cricket helper. She creates crazy great layouts in a very short period of time.

We've included a few for you to see from Social Club, UpCycle, and Salt Air:

Heidi Sonbul Social Club number 1 
 Upcycle Layout Heidi Sonbul Number 1
Salt Air Heidi Sonbul 
Heidi Sonbul number 2 Social Club 
Social Club Heidi Sonbul #4 

Great job Heidi and thank you so much for all that you do!

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Design team spotlight

Hi's me...Wendy Sue...and today it's my turn to tell you a little bit about myself. I'm not really sure what you'd like to know. You know how much I love scrapbooking and paper crafting. You already know I love Cosmo Cricket! You might even already know that i'm a late-night (sometimes all night) creator (with four kids, late night scrapping is usually my only option.

I recently moved to a new home with my handsome husband and kiddos - and much as I'd like to say my new office is all set up and looking cute, it's not.(yet) It's slowly being unpacked and put no fun photos to share today - but hopefully within the next few weeks I'll have some fun new scrapbook room photos to share.

Maybe you'd be interested to know that I love diet coke (especially if it's from McDonald's). MY favorite treat is chocolate - in any form - ice cream, candy bars...I'm not picky! I always wear socks in the house...I hate having cold feet. I HATE mice - I cry and scream and shake uncontrollably if I see one. I like writing - and really need to make more time to write. I love having a clean house & my mood is about 100 times better if I know it's clean, even if I'm not at home. I love singing, and sing a lot, but I have a terrible poor kids have to listen to me all the time. I wish I knew how to play the's on my list of thing to learn someday. What? You don't have a list of things you want to learn? Oh, that's another thing...I'm a list maker. I LOVE a good list...especially one with everything crossed off at the end of the day! I love date nights with my husband. I love movie theater popcorn. I love junior mints. I love the color green.

If there's anything you would like to know, please ask - I'm an open book and I'll do my best to answer anything you want to throw at me! :o)

Oh, and because it's always more fun to finish a blog post with a project or two, here are a couple of recent layouts I've created with fabulous Cosmo Cricket products!




Have a great weekend! :o)

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Oh Salt Air, Please Cure My Wintertime Blues!

Last spring break Eric and I took the kiddos to California. We spent one day on the beach soaking up the sun. This was Jack's first time at the ocean and he loved every minute of it. So did the rest of us and now we have a dream of moving to the coast!

Salt Air Beach Scrapbook Layout

If you looked outside my window right now, you would know why! I think we got at least 6" of snow last night. I've got some serious cabin fever, or as John Hyatt would say, "A little jump of somethin' I call wintertime blues." His song hits the nail on the head!

I looked for a clip of him singing it, but I couldn't find one. Here's the lyrics which are almost as good. They totally crack me up.... it's like he's in my brain!!!

I've been too long with my nose in a book
I hope you sing just as good as you look
Come on over baby, I got a song for you
A little jump of something I call
The wintertime blues

I wanna hear those mockingbird wings
I want gravy on everything
Lovin' in the kitchen
What have we got to lose
Just a nasty case of
These ol' wintertime blues

Cold as snot with a big frozen smile
Ain't foolin' nobody after a while
Time to let the cat out
I've got a real short fuse
I'm just about to blow up
These ol' wintertime blues

There's no spring
There was never any spring
Spring's a long gone thing
There won't ever be a spring no more

At least that's the way it feels when your
Skin is cracked and peeled
And you've been livin' under
Sixty pounds of blanket
And the snow's drifting up to your window
And you're out of firewood
And the wolf is howling at your door

Three hours of day light
And all of them gray
The suicide prevention group has all run away
I'm running out of groceries
I ain't got no rubber shoes
Bring the bacon baby
I got the wintertime blues

I could cut a hole in the floor
Catch you a fish by a quarter to four
But I'm stuck up this mountain
Where I got a bird's eye view
Of couple more months of these
Ol' wintertime blues

And it's a one, two
My lips are turning blue
Come on over baby
What have we got to lose
Just a nasty case of
These ol' wintertime blues

And it's three, four
I'm stiff as Al Gore
Come on over baby
What have we got to lose
Just a nasty case of these ol'
Wintertime blues

Well, it's the same old drill
For Punxsutawney Phil
If he sees his own shadow
I'm shootin' to kill

Come on over baby
I stand accused
There's a man going crazy up here
With the wintertime blues

At least Puxatawney Phil didn't see his shadow! Come on spring...... do your thing!

Hey, we have a winner from yesterday too! Congratulations go to Cheri who said, "I just now heard about this fabric from em's scrapbag blog. It really is de-lightful. Hopping to find some when I shop around here locally and will ask about it if I don't and give them your webpage."

Cheri, send your information to cathie at cosmocricket dot com and she will cut your fat quarters and send them your way. When you make whatever fabulous project you have planned, send us a photo, we'd love to see it and maybe share it here.

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It's DeLightful, It's DeLicious, It's DeLovely In DeFabric

Well, I have been playing with our newest line of fabric. In fact, another of my 2011 to do's is done. Check out my pin-cushions. I have plans for lots more because they are super fun to make and I think they will be great gifts! These first two are for my girlies.


Would you like to play with DeLovely too? What you would?

Well, all you have to do is tell us where you have found Cosmo Cricket fabric, if you have been so lucky, so that the rest of us can find it too. Or, if you haven't been able to find it, tell us what you would do with it when you do. We'll pick a random winner to win a set of fat quarters.

Have a great day everyone and best of luck!

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Blog Post

Me + Love = Awkward Moments

I hope you all had a fabulous Valentines day. Lindsay called me last night and asked what we were having for dinner. I told him chicken salad.

He replied, "Is that your Valentine's dinner, or your regular Monday night dinner?"

I replied, "Should there be a difference?"

I have never really gotten the whole sappy thing. In fact, the first time Eric told me that he loved me..... after a very long pause, I said, "Thank you."

This was the man I was HOPING to marry and yet I replied, "Thank You!"

What's up with that?!?!?

And, it's not just romantic love I struggle with, it's all sorts of affection. If you have ever hugged me at an event, maybe you know what I'm talking about. I give the most awkward, stiff hugs you have ever seen because I am not comfortable hugging anyone I don't live with.

Now, don't worry that you may have offended me by leaning in for a hug. I realize I am the odd ball, not you lovely people. In fact, when Lindsay's daughter Kiley got married Lindsay tried to hug me. At first I resisted..... just leaving him there with his arms out. Then, Eric gave me a good push and Lindsay got the stiffest, most awkward hug of his life. We still laugh about it.

Maybe it's my DNA, or maybe it's the way I was brought up. My parents were very affectionate in my early childhood, but as I got older, the hugging eventually faded away. Now don't get me wrong, I always knew my parents loved me.... we just like our personal space!

My little sister, being the baby, got hugs into her teen years. They were so funny and unique that they have become known in our family as Hairball Hugs. Here's how you give one: The receiver of the hug will be seated, most likely reading the evening newspaper. The giver will be on her way to bed or out with friends and as she passes, the receiver will say, "aren't you going to hug me goodbye/ goodnight?" Then the giver will bend down, turning her head AWAY from the receiver and give a side hug so that just the shoulders touch. One arm of each person involved, and one arm only, will be wrapped around the other. If you have never been given a Hairball Hug, you may make the mistake of turning your head toward the giver, thus receiving a lot of hair in the face.... hence the name!

So, if you are like me... maybe cards are the answer! You can easily tell someone that you love them. If they don't know how to respond, there isn't an awkward silence because they can just pretend to be a slow reader. Or, even better, you can mail the card and then you don't have to be present at all!

Here's some great cards for letting those special people in your life know that that's just what they are!

By Debbie Olson

I love you card debbie olson

By Laura Craigie



By Wendy Sue Anderson


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Blog Post

Cosmo Cricket Loves Beate Johns' art!

A while ago I told you I would be featuring some great talent I've come across. I learned about some of these artists from our DT contest, some from our facebook page and some have emailed our company personally.

But, what they all have in common, is amazing skills! I find their work totally inspiring..... just take a look at this card.

Cosmo Cricket Discovered Artist Beate Johns Quilt Card

The artist is Beate Johns and I found her when she posted the next card on our fanpage.


I had forgotten how much I loved Everafter until I saw this creation. So I looked Beate up. Wow, you seriously have to check out her blog!

She is a fantastic cardmaker, her colorings are beautiful and I especially love that she shows a sense of humor at times.


So, here's to you Beate! We love your art and appreciate so much that you put it out there to inspire us all. Thank you for your contribution to the creativity and craftiness of the world.

If you, like Beate, love art, creativity and inspiring others to explore their right brains, then add this fun button to your blog.... just link it back to us!

For the Love of Art

We made the following badge to give out to the artists we feature. You could be the next one to recieve it. But, until then, wish Beate congratulations because we love her art!

CC Loves My Art




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Blog Post

We would like to introduce you to...

Our new design team member Lady Grace Elefano, "LG" for short, who will be joining our team for at least 6 months :)



My name is Lady Grace Belarmino but everyone simply refers to me as "LG". I live in Manila, Philippines and have been married to Regie for 3 years. I am blessed to have a family who is very supportive of my craft to the point that they too, dabble with scrapbooking. We currently have one gorgeous 2 year old daughter Hannah, who serves as my model for most of my pages. I have a Bachelors Degree in Fine Arts and I Majored in Advertising Design.I currently work from home as a full-time Training Manager.

I started scrapbooking on December 2008, just a few months after my daughter was born. I was searching for the right hobby that incorporates my family and my passion for arts. It took me a few months of researching and reading about this hobby before I decided to give it a try. My first works were definitely a far cry from my current ones. It was the challenge of making a better layout that kept me going on. There was no looking back since then. I was hooked and I don't intend to stop. I have already created more than 400 layouts to date and it will continue to grow.

I started this hobby to preserve memories in an artistic way. It was not for fame or recognition, but simply for the joy and fulfillment that the craft brings. Being accepted in design teams, winning prizes, and being published are only additional perks. What I am really passionate about is telling MY FAMILY'S STORY in the best way I know how, and that is through scrapbooking.


Here are some lovely projects that LG has created using Cosmo Cricket

All Smiles



The Moments

Tres Marias


We are happy to have you on board LG!


Have a great weekend!

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Blog Post

Cosmo Cricket Glubers and their many uses

2011 glubers_Page_1 


By now you know that Glubers are the word. The projects you can create are simply amazing. Flowers, Flowers, and more Flowers.

We have this sneaking suspicion that as creative as you are,  you will come up with some brilliant ideas.

Julie and I came up with some of our own that you may not have thought of!

So with that here we go:

#10- If your child has been really naughty, put them in the corner with a Gluber on their nose, and press them against the wall (caution- the timeout may become permanent)

#9- If you like talking on the phone, it could work as a hands free option

#8-  It's more painful than waxing but more effective

#7-If you're a Klepto, just think you can pick up anything without leaving a finger print

#6- One pair can hold-up your strapless bra for many evenings of  salsa dancing

#5- It can hold your coffee cup to your dashboard, But your going to need a really long straw

#4- Your husband will never lose the remote. It will be stuck to his hand permanently. Oh we forgot, it probably already is

#3- Convince your friends you can perform Circus balancing acts. For example, place a Gluber on the end of your chin, then place the handle of your Swiffer on your chin. You will be a huge hit with the kids in your neighborhood . To really impress, then adhere a Bowling ball to the other end of the Swiffer.

#2- If you accidently cut your finger off with your paper trimmer, and it has been less than 5 minutes, simply re-adhere with a Gluber 

#1- If it has been longer than 5 minutes, Don't worry, you can use a Gluber to keep your hospital gown closed.


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Blog Post

Cosmo Cricket Die Hard with Flying Bean Sprouts


It's been a week since we arrived home safely from CHA. Safely being the keyword here.  Honestly it's all a blur. A Big blur.

I talked to Julie yesterday, and she said it feels like CHA was  years ago. Time moves fast.

We had a great time at CHA. Social Club, UpCycle and Salt Air, along with our Glubers registered 9.5 on the "Awesome New Product Richter Scale." We all felt the earth move under our feet. lol

Julie's new product designed for the Fashion Crafting segment of the world was off the charts. Everyone loved the new concept and we are all very proud of Julie. She has been and still is a very busy girl.

When we go almost anywhere we have stories to tell when we get back. This trip was no exception.

So you want to know about the Bean Sprouts?

Here's the scoop- After finishing setting up the booth the Friday before the show, we decided to take the afternoon and go to Santa Monica Pier. We had people from Holland and Germany with us and thought that would be fun.

Our GPS wasn't working quite right in LA, so we had to rely on my "Spidey Senses" and a few people on the street to point us in the right direction.

 What are Spidey Senses you ask? Well........It's kind of like the force but only different. I confess that I have this inate ability to get us where were going no matter what. It may not be the fastest route but we always get to where were going.

My passengers only yelled at me twice, (which in itself is somewhat of a minor miracle). Once for driving the wrong way on a one way street, and the other not justified. They said I ran a red light and although there were four of them, I'm sticking to the fact that the light was yellow with a shade of red or that the sun was in my eye's.

 As far as driving down the one -way, the wrong way, look it's a tradition. Every new city we visit, we have that experience. Not on purpose neccesarily.

Now for the skinny on the bean sprouts-......

 I, Lindsay Moore single-handily saved the life of Eric, Julie, Natasja, and Birgit from a near death experience.

 I had to use my cat like reflexes to stop our van as a car came through an intersection in Chinatown and hit another car. 

 I kind of felt like we were in a Bruce Willis movie as the bumper came flying towards our vehicle. I slammed on the breaks, our car skidded at least two inches and we were able to escape without injury or damage to our rental.

 It was LA you know. No joke....This really did happen.

  I got out of our Mini Van ( I love Mini Vans) and checked to see if the driver who got hit was okay, and after visiting with him for a few minute about scrapbooking, determined he was fine.

The only casualty was as near as I could tell approximately 300-5Lb. bags of Bean Sprouts that were packed inside this Volvo Wagon.

I think the Bean Sprouts may have saved the mans life.The back windows blew out of the car, because of the impact, and the Bean Sprouts flew out like Space Shuttle Booster rockets. I have never in my life seen so many Bean Sprouts. I started to wonder because of the volume that this man carried, if Bean Sprouts are becoming a national trend.

After the terror had left everyone in our cars bodies, I asked them to describe exactly what they saw. The only thing that they could agree on, was that I had saved there lives, and for that they were grateful. :)

Okay, now for our winner for January. It comes from Izzy Anderson. It's entitled "Signs of Spring."

SignsofSpring - Izzy 

Thanks Izzy!

Have a great day everyone. More stories later and a chance to win later this week.


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Our First Quilting Cover!

Early Bird is famous in fabric! Eric saw this and brought it right home.

Cosmo Cricket Early Bird Fabric

Early Bird Quilt Feature

Can I tell you that I absolutley adore how the designer, Jean Ann Wright, used the border fabric to frame in her beautiful quilt!

Ohhh, I wish I had more hours in a day!

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Blog Post

Paper Jewelry.... I love you so!

Paper Jewerly Bangle Bracelets Up Cycle

These lovely bangles were worn by our mannequin girlfriend, Dinah at the recent CHA trade show. Dinah made quite a fashion statement. In fact, I was a bit envious of her, so when she wasn't looking, I took off her hand and stole her bracelets for myself! Don't worry, I did give the hand back.... I'm not totally heartless.

I plan to coat these Up Cycle-d gems in UTEE for added protection and then wear them all spring and summer. I think they are FABULOUS!!!


Social Club Paper Jewelry Cuff Bracelet

I made this cute cuff to wear at the trade show. It features Social Club's Cocktail Paper, a 1" punch and a plain silver cuff. I used Glossy Accents to make it, well, glossy and accentuated....... it's amazing how it does that!

PS: I wish I had a better photos for this post. You're enjoying a combination of poor lighting and cell phone camera photography.

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Blog Post

Product review - Social Club

Hi everyone, here I am again, home save and suffering from a major jet leg...but it was worth it :) Thank for all the great comments on all the design team projects that were featured at the booth!

Today we have a product review for you all and this time it was Gudrun putting this together for you.


Hi, its my turn up for the product review this Saturday, and I have choosen the wonderful "Social Club". Love this new line!!!

The colors, the elements, the patterns, it all suits perfectly for my boyish layouts, and for my happy travel layouts as well as cards for friends. Not to forget these blue, green, yellow colors are some of my all time favorite colors. :)

I have created a layout with pictures of my silly boys on a trip down central Oslo a Saturday at noon...well, actually one of the "boys" is my husband (40). The other one is my son, 15 years old.


The two can do such silly things...they can make me so embarrassed, make me laugh so hard, make my life fun and wonderful...I love them so much :)


This card is made for an old friend of mine, she is finally getting engaged. SO happy for her!!


On this last layout is a picture of me and my husband taken last weekend during our trip to New York.


Have a great weekend,





And now for the 3 winners drawn from the comments on the last CHA post...

A Social Club craft kit goes to.....Angela H.

The Salt Air craft kit for....Julie E.

And the UPcycle kit goes to...Cherie Nymeyer


Ladies congrats on winning the prizes!! Make sure to email you contact info to cathie at cosmocricket dot com

Have a great weekend,


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Blog Post

All packed up

I can't believe it's over already! 4 days of CHA and they just flew by. Today was the last day so I made sure to make some more pictures of the booth since I promised you all.

Here you see the display of UPcycle.




Here is a mini album I made with UPcycle



On this page I used a Gluber and than covered it in glitter. Now I am stunned by this because the glitter doesn't come of!! You know how usually when you use glitter in a mini album you, your clothes and your whole mini album get covered with glitter when opening your album?! NOT WITH A GLUBER! O and I sew straight trough it without any problem, no sticky needle :)  






This card is by Debbie


And this cute layout is made by Laura



Next to the new releases there was also Circa 1934 on display


Now I still owe you all the picture of the finished wreath of which half of it was shown a while back, here on the blog.


Speaking about this wreath...I would like to thank every one who complimented me the last few days on this one, it really means a lot :)


At two o'clock the show closed so we started to take down the booth


and that meant saying goodby to this cute couple as well


Since this was my last full day before flying home again I went to a mall to did some shopping and we ate at the Cheesecake I must say, for me, a not American girl, thats quit the experience!!

Now I have packed my suitcase and am heading back home again tomorrow afternoon. Of course not before I have said goodby to Julie, Eric and Lindsy.... Not looking forward to that part, hate to say goodby to my Cosmo Cricket family :( 

Since I will be leaving tomorrow...lets do an other give away! Leave a comment and we will announce 3 winners, this Saturday during the next design team post!

Julie, Eric en Lindsay ik wil jullie bedanken voor alles. Ik had een paar te gekke dagen. Heb genoten van het begin tot het einde, jullie zijn echt de beste! Zal jullie missen en hopelijk tot snel. 






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Blog Post

Time flies!

Time flies when you are having fun, that just like how it was today!

I was teaching more make & takes with the Gluber and it's just so great to see that everyone loves this product! In my opinion it's genius :) As you might know I have been making quit the amounts of flowers, but that was back in the old days, when we didn't had any Glubers. I think I will now make even more and just put them up on about everything!

The down side of being so busy is that I wasn't able to make any new pictures today at the booth. Hope you forgive me! I do have some more projects to share with you though! Let's do Social Club so we can save UPcycle for the last day. 







And I made this layout using Social Club




Before ging to sleep so I will be all ready for the last day of CHA I awe you a winner on yesterdays blog! Erin Glee; you won!! Please make sure to email your info to cathie at cosmocricket dot com.

Natasja Verbeek

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