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Three Random Things (Fans, Butts, A Kit Winner)

Good morning everyone.

We have the most awesome fans!! They rock every collection we come out with. Take a look at these projects.

I know we've featured Lowri McNabb before, but check out this awesome piece featuring Salt Air! Any mermaid loving girl would die for this.

Lowri McNabb Salt Air Paper Craft

The next layout is by Elizabeth Carney using Social Club. I love the cutwork!

Elizabeth Carney Cosmo Cricket Social Club Scrapbook Layout

Another one using Social Club was sent to us by Angela Fehr. I didn't even realize the letter "C" on the Wack-A-Doo chipboard was made to look like a car until I saw this layout. Eric is so sneaky with his letters!

Angela Fehr Scrapbook layout cosmo cricket
Tessa Buys got her hands on some Glübers, UpCycle and awesome photographs to knock this layout out of the park! Somehow, the paint splatters, the sunlight and the wasi tape make this layout seem sparkly to me.

Tessa Buys gluber fabric flower scrapbook layout

Melanie Jarocki took a mix of UpCycle and Social Club and made the cutest boy layout...... something that can be in short supply! Look at that face, what a cutie.

Melanie Jarocki Cosmo Cricket Scrapbook layout boy

If you want to see more great layouts, you have got to check out our facebook fanpage. I personally get the best inspiration there!

Random Thing #2. But, that's not your butt.

So, last week I posted about the plus-sized model I saw online claiming my same height and weight. You all know that Eric said she's pretty much what I look like. Lindsay, who I pay to sell things to people, took a more diplomatic approach. He tried to convince me on the idea that she is heavier than she says she is and that I don't look that big.

Whatever the truth, can I tell you a dirty little secret? I spent an hour online looking at celebrity butts. I know, it's not like it's an important issue and it does make me seem really shallow. BUT, or BUTT, did you know that Jennifer Lopez insured her booty for 27 million dollars?!?!!?

Since, I'm fairly certain that mine is bigger, I think it should be worth more. Don't you? Kind of like a price per square inch sort of thing?

Now, many of you said that you've met me and you think I look great. Thank you very much. No worries, about me. I am in a healthy weight range and I feel awesome. But, I would like to be in better shape. That's all.

However, it does bring up a point about our society. While on my image escapade, I came across people who thought the photos of the following women were fat. What does this say about us?


I think the above woman looks freakin' awesome!

Yep, that's right, Serena Williams.... who has got to be a solid mass of muscle.... was labeled as fat by many of the commenting public.

You may ask why I didn't post the photo of the plus-sized model.... well, I don't want you all to know what I look like in a bikini!!!

Random Thing #3. The winner of the fabulous Singin' in the Rain Kit. Congratulations #442 commenter, Tricia C. who said, "I am loving the sing in the rain kit. Would love it to come home to me!!!" That's proof that it's never too late to enter a contest! Tricia, send us your info to cathie at cosmocricket dot com.

Picture 15


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Blog Post

Cosmo Cricket and Studio Calico Giveaway!

Hello, Cosmo Cricket fans! It's the crew from Studio Calico, and Julie is letting us stop by to tell you about a fun collaboration that we did with Cosmo Cricket. Our April kit, Singin' in the Rain, contains two double sided patterned papers and a sheet of labels designed just for us by Cosmo Cricket. Our April add-ons also feature papers, embellishments and a chipboard alphabet from the new CHA-W release. Singin' in the Rain has already sold out, but keep reading because we have one to giveaway here. ;)

We've got a few little peeks of how our design team used this kit - you can see the full pages over in our gallery. As an added treat, we've asked some of Cosmo's design team and friends to work a little magic with our kit, and we'll be posting their pages on our blog on April 5th.

This page by Waleska Neris features three of the Cosmo designs - the green polka dot, the pink gingham and the ledger. The polka dotted arrow is from the exclusive label sheet.

We love how Davinie Fiero turned the polka dot paper into an oh so trendy folded rosette! I wonder if she used a Gluber to stick it to her page??

Lisa Truesdell used the Cosmo Cricket ledger for her background, and you can see one of the label stickers peeking out along the edge. She also used some of the Cosmo items found in the add-ons - the Heart in the Dark chipboard alphabet, and the Upcycle Butterflies and Doilies.

Kimberly Neddo used the soft cloud patterned paper as a background - it looks beautiful mixed with the pinks and greens on her page.

If you like what you've seen, we've got a little something for you...  we have one SINGIN' IN THE RAIN kit to give away to one of Cosmo's blog readers! Leave a comment today to enter yourself into a drawing for this awesome kit. We'll pick a random winner tomorrow morning.

Thanks for letting us stop by, Julie and Cosmo Cricket. We love using your products in our kits, and it's been fun to get to say HI to all of your fans!

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Blog Post

Glübers on the Half Shell and 2 other Random Things

Good morning everyone!

If you have tried to get your hands on Glübers, you know they are in short supply. I don't even have a full pack of my own..... so I have resorted to rationing them. Cards only get 1/2 a Glüber each!

Butterfly card handmade gluber flower

Gluber_card_handmade_salt air

Random Thing #2: Science projects for children of artistic parents.

Am I the only one that has a panic attack everytime the science fair info comes home? Well, I thought I had two more years before I would be faced with that again, but Abby has a super over-achiever-type school teacher that is having her own in-classroom science fair to coordinate with the 5th grade fair.

What to do!!! We only had three days notice, so we couldn't pull up our old standby of watching real food and happy meal food decompose.

Here's what we came up with. It was actually really fun and right along both mine and Abby's interests. I am posting it here for any other right-brained, science-fair-challenged mothers.

Science fair

Random Thing #3: When is it OK to lie? Is it ever?

I grew up believing that pancakes were pan-a-cakes. My mom thought it was cute. I also thought that patty cake, patty cake, was pan-a-cake, pan-a-cake. In my mind they were the same thing... the nursery rhyme was all about making pan-a-cakes. It wasn't until my college roommates were laughing hysterically at my expense that I realized my mother had withheld some truth from me. (I also thought the phrase was "Nell's Bells" until about a year into my marriage when Eric shocked me with the truth....Hell's Bells!!!!..... yep, I live a very sheltered life!)

My daughter, Kate, use to call cell phones, cell-o-phones. I thought it was cute. But, I burst her bubble in the 4th grade before I thought it would become embarrasing.

Yesterday, I was looking at a plus-sized model that happened to be my same weight and height. She was brave enough to be photographed in a bikini!!! So, I asked Eric, "is that the size I am?" Here's where I think a lie would have been really nice. But, instead, I got "Pretty much." Needless to say, I didn't eat any of the strawberry pie Lindsay dropped by my house last night. Maybe it was good he told me the truth.

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Blog Post

Fun Projects with all of our new collections!

Projects projects and more projects. Our friends at SRM Sticker's along with their design team has been busy creating fantastic projects using...our papers and their stickers. They have really talented people and we would have posted all of the projects but if we did, this blog would have ran into tomorrow and perhaps Friday.

AmyCrockett (2) 
Amy Crockett looks like she's been "socializing" with her kids using "Social Club". Her project is Wow!

AmyHeller (2) 
Amy Heller Amy Heller you're Salt Air layout as the youth of America would say, is just plain "Sick". My kids tell me that's like the highest compliment. It gives a new meaning to "Life's a beach".

Christine Traversa (2) 
Christine Traversa- Have you been Upcycling again? By the way christine, Life is good, and your card is terrific!

Jane2 (2) 
Hey Jane your Easter Egg project is egg-xactly what we needed. Very clever, very fun!

Tania Willis (4) 
Tanya Willis figured that Salt Air wasn't intended just for the water. Love the photo, love the layout, love the whole dang thing.

And Last, we also have a special little project that a sweet gal named Pam Bray sent to me the other day:

Cosmo Cricket Quilt 010 (3) 
If you would like more details, click the link: Quilt Project

Hope you like! Have a great day!

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Blog Post

Kate is Great and Gluber Dooby Doo where are you?

Have you ever heard the song "Smile" by Tony Bennett. I love this song, the tune, the lyric's, the artist. Some days smiling is easier said than done. You guys already know that at Cosmo Cricket our theme is, "We do comedy and we don't do drama."

So yesterday I was having a really, really, not-so-good of a day. Gluber drama to be exact. Our shipment has been delayed and we pride ourselves on taking care of our customers and I take it personally. It totally stresses me out.

 It was a Monday and I'm super glad that it's over.

My day got better when first Eric called to cheer me up, then he handed the phone to Julie, who know's the best way to cheer me up is to tease me, then my wife called, I got an email from Matt, our sticker printer, also my friend Matt from Bo-Bunny, Laurie from Scrapbook Island called just to say hi and see how I was doing, and my my sister-in-law Lisa ( I love her to pieces) in Florida sent me a really cute email with a picture of the cutest niece and nephews in the galaxy!.

All of these things made me smile and then late in the afternoon I got this email from Kate, Eric and Julie's 11 year old daughter. I think Eric and Julie must have told Kate I was having not so great of a day.

 Here's an email and a poem that she wrote. Any sign of a bad Monday went away:

Dear Lindsay,

     Just recently I have written a poem for Kalle, my Mom, and my Dad. Then I started thinking and thinking and I realized, something was missing. I just couldn't figure out what it could be. What could be missing. Then before I knew it, it came to me as plain as that. You want to know what the missing thing was? It was that I hadn't ever yet written a poem for Uncle Lindsay. So really quickly here is a poem since Kalle, my Mom, and my Dad have allready gotten one here is one for you.


                 You're my incredible Uncle Lindsay, and today I'm here to say, just how great you are, maybe even make your day!!!

                 You aren't really my Uncle but it wouldn't hurt to say, you are wonderful Uncle Lindsay and we all know it HEY HEY HEY!

                 I love coming to your house, I love how nice you are to me, and everything you do, I appreciate you see.

                 Now to finish my poem, I want you to know, what you mean to me, wich is simply everything.



                                                               To: My Incredible Uncle Lindsay






 After a culmination of each of these events and the awesome layouts that Josee Gingras created from Montreal Canada, my bad day went away :)

Moral of the story: When you're friends are having a not so great of a day, there are lttle things we can do to brighten their bulb!

Josee your layouts are fantastic! Thanks for sharing. All of you that were extra nice to me, thank you so much for being my friend and brightening my day!

 Okay, now yesterday's blog winner is Holly R. from Minnesota who commented at 12:27PM!

Email cathie at your home address and you'll be paper crafting faster than you can figure out what UPS stands for. :)

Have a great day!

(By the way, having the blog up this early is a record for me:)


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Blog Post

DeFunking With Funky! And, a Giveaway!!

So, I have been in a funk. Maybe it is the unrelenting grey skies. Maybe it is the cabin fever. But I suspect it is really the feeling that I am living my own version of the movie Groundhog's Day. We've all been there, right!?!?!?

The laundry pile never seems to get smaller. The family expects dinner.... every night!!!! Then there's bedtime, catching the school bus time, getting the piano practiced time, homework time and all the other endless, menial tasks that have to be done every single day midst wheeping, whailing and gnashing of teeth! Why does it have to be so hard?

(PS: If it isn't hard for you, today's not the day to tell me about it!)

So, I took a break from reality and made some fun and funky layouts with UpCycle! This was a breath of fresh air not just because of the bright colors, but because I threw caution to the wind, broke lots of design rules, forgot to measure, forgot to stress and just played. And, you know what? I think that's just what a hobby should be.... a way to escape into a place of pure joy!!

Friendship_layout_scrapbooking_upcycle_cosmo cricket
(Inspiration credit for the above layout goes to Wilna Furstenburg who I love.)

This one was done in to go with the one below that I had done previously.

Upcycle teen scrapbook page

I think we should DeFunk one of our fans. Leave us a comment on today's post for your chance to win the Mini Decks from all three new lines!

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Blog Post

Tutorial time and two winners!

For todays blogpost Gudrun Loennecken created this fun step by step instructions for you to create your own paper beads necklace! Since some of you are probably way to curious about the winner of the Scrapbook Trends Magazine sketch winner...lets start with announcing that winner so you don't just skip on Gudrun's great tutorial ;)

First I want to thank all the ladies who entered their layout. It was so much fun going through all of them and to see how everyone interpret the sketch in their own way! 

Yesterday I got the email from STM with the roolllllssss please......the winner, who will get her layout published in the August issue of Scrapbook trends is......Nathalie! She created this lovely layout

Congratulations Nathalie! Please make sure to email me at nvcats at gmail dot com so I can bring you in touch with the right person from Scrapbook Trends Magazine. For everyone who didn't got their layout chosen this times...keep your eye on the Saturday blogposts, who knows, their might be a second change ;)  


Now on to Gudrun's tutorial!

Creating paper beads is a great way to reuse and use up scraps of paper.The beads looks great in a necklace and as embellishments on all kinds of paper crafts.

I love this simple, fun technique – that also works great to do with kids.

1. What you will need to get started:

Scraps of paper, a paper trimmer, scissor, double sided tape or your favorite glue and a thin wooden stick.

2. Cut stripes of paper. The size of you bead depends on the size of the paper stripes. I created different sizes, and my stripes varied from 1 ¼ inch wide and 12 inch long to ½ inch wide and 5 inch long.



3. Now, cut the paper stripe in half to create two triangles.



 4. Straighten the lower edge to make the triangles straight and even.

 5. As I am a “double sided tape girl” I used my super strong tape for this project. But you can use the adeshive you prefer. Make sure it is strong. I added tape on the back on my first triangle. MAKE SURE you don’t add tape / glue to the first ½ inch of the triangle, or it will stick to the wooden stick when you start rolling it!! ( see area marked with circle in picture )


 6. Grab the thin wooden stick and start roll the stripe of paper on to the stick. make sure the paper rolls straight on both sides to make the bead even.


 7. Make sure the tip of the paper is well glued. Because I used double sided tape I used a strong gluestick for this last thin tip to enclose the bead securely.


 8. Now take the ready made bead off the wooden stick. The beads are ready to use for what ever purpose you like.


9. I created a necklace out of some of my beads. he paper beads added the perfect whimsy and color to this long necklace with glass beads, silver beads and charms.


Have Fun, and happy creating!




Before wishing you all a great weekend we also owe you the winner of last Saturdays challenge.

Marja, you won! Please email cathie at cosmocricket dot com to collect your prize :)

Girls just wanna

Have a great weekend!

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Blog Post

Edmonton, Oh Edmonton!


Here are the top eight things we learned north of the border.

8. If you live anywhere south of Edmonton, the weather will seem fabulous when you get home! It won't matter if it's cold. It won't matter if it's overcast. It will seem like paradise! Now, if you live north, well then I am truly sore-y (that's the Canadian version of sorry).

7. We met some people from Cold Lake. Cold Lake is North from Edmonton and so we are pretty certain that these new friends are insane which is good because by comparison, we seemed normal. But, if you love to skiddo, apparently Cold Lake is thee place!

6. If you pretend you are from the location of every Canadian you meet, you will eventually learn the geography. Prince Albert is 3.5 hours north of Edmonton in Saskatchewan, and I had a fairly convincing story about my life there by the end of our trip! If only I had known about their local high schools..... that's what blew my cover.

5. Canadians are too smart to believe that you come from a long line of Gretsky's and that your parents named you Wayne. Just ask Lindsay!

4. Apparently there is more than one use for the elastics that hold your broccoli together. I don't know what they are, but Lindsay seemed very interested in discussing them.

3. If you run out of fabric strips for your make and take, just tear off the edge of your tablecloth. It works really great, but you may get labeled as a trouble maker...... me really? I love my new mischevious reputation!!! (The above photo of the tag features our tablecloth.)

2. Only in Edmonton have we ever found the perfect breakfast for Lindsay. It was the Fun Guy Benny!

1. As famous as you think you are in the industry, you can never let it go to your head. One store owner commented about how she liked that Lindsay and I hadn't ever changed to a different company. She thought we were very loyal. Maybe it was because earlier in our conversation we had tried to convince her that we were from Saskatoon, but she didn't believe us when we told her that we couldn't leave Cosmo Cricket for another company because we were two of the owners.

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Blog Post

Wanna get published?!

Hi everyone, Natasja here. I am so excited about todays blogpost!!!

I bet you all know Scrapbook Trends Magazine! How cool would it be to get published in that magazine? Since it is my #1 favorite magazine out there I will keep on dreaming while you, the Cosmo Cricket blogreader, actually have a big chance in getting published in this magazine!!

No, I am not kidding! Since Scrapbook Trends magazine loves Cosmo Cricket as much as you and I do they teamed up :)

What do you need to do? First take a look at this sketch


You can use this sketch as it is, turn it over left of right, up-side-down, shake it up....well you get the idea :) Here is the layout I did for some extra inspiration

When you created your layout make sure to upload it to your blog or online gallery. Post a comment to this post with a link to your layout. Make sure to do this by March 13th. 

The editors of Scrapbook Trends Magazine will pick a winner who's layout will be published in the August edition!! The winner will be announced here on March 19th. Now how is that for cool?! 

Good luck to you all, I can't wait to see what you all come up with!


Before wishing you all a great weekend I have something to confess....On January 15th we posted a challenge and probably with the CHA excitement on it's way....we totally forgot to announce a winner! So while spring is knocking at our doors here are some great January layouts from the two winners!

Jing Jing





Last but not least we are also on the hunt for a CHA blog post winner who never claimed her prize! If you posted this comment on January 31st you need to email your address info to cathie at cosmocricket dot com!

"Erin Glee said...

Lidsay, you are so funny~ "how'd I do?" at the end of your video! You were sweet as ever, except for the tease about nameless famous people...
All CC's new lines ROCK!"

Now I am all going to wish you a great weekend and happy scrappin'!


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Blog Post

Flower challenge

Hi everyone, this week Yukari came up with a fun challenge for you.

Create a project with your own handmade flowers. You can use paper and/or ribbon just like on this layout Yukari made.



Of course Glubers would come in handy here so I hope your lss or online store already has them in stock. If not....we hope you still play a long! Not only because making your own flowers is fun...but also because you can win a Social Club craft kit!! Make sure to post a link to your layout in the comment section below before Saturday 19th.

We are happy that we can let you know Yukari and her family are ok after the big disaster that struck Japan last Friday. Our thoughts and prayers go out to everyone in Japan and to those who are waiting to hear from family and loved once.


Good luck with the challenge, we can't wait to see the results!


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Blog Post

Glübers Tags Make and Take

I love making tags! They are so much quicker than layouts and cards. Here are a couple I made for a make and take that I'll be teaching this weekend in Canada.

Blue tag


Did you know the high in Edmonton is going to be 11 degrees tomorrow? I love all you Canadians, but come on...... 11 degrees?!?!?!?

I am not prepared for these temps! I live in Utah and all. It does get pretty dang cold. I have several inches of snow in my yard still. But, I happen to have a thing against socks. Hate them. They bug my toes and they make my shoes feel too tight. I also hate long sleeves. I will wear them on occasion, but not happily unless it's a thin tee and I can push the sleeves up a bit. I also HATE sweaters! They feel so bulky and fuzzy. Yep, I have issues.

Why oh why can't I have a Canadian distributor that lives in California? I know they're different countries and all, but they do both start with the letter C. Trudy, I think it's time for you to re-locate sweetie!

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Blog Post

Old Is New

Hey all you Cosmo Cricket fans! I saw this layout on our facebook page and my jaw dropped!

Digital scrapbooking love notes cosmo cricket

Yes it's amazing. Yes it's beautiful. Yes it's digital.

But, what really caught me by surprise is that it's Love Notes! Love Notes was one of our four originally debuted lines. It was not the top seller being beat out by Wanted and Storytime, but it was always one of my favorites! And now, Christine Guido, an amazing scrapbooker by the way... digital and traditional, has found it. Christine, thanks for doing this, you made my day!!!

Here's another one from her using Halfway Café. This is the digital version of the original release from 2007. If you want to see more from Christine, go to our facebook fanpage. I couldn't find a blog for her, but she has one more layout there and we could all comment on her photos and beg her to upload more!

Digital scrapbooking cosmo cricket

Hey Christine....... we Love your ART!!!

CC Loves My Art

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Blog Post

Eric Comstock Wild and Crazy Cosmo Cricket Guy!

As most of you are aware, Julie and I are the extroverts of Cosmo Cricket. Julie's shared a few embarrassing stories, eye lash demo's, how to shop for a swimsuit, wear to get a great haircut in SLC, fashion tips, robot wars, $5.00 Diets, video tutorials, and super fun projects.

Me? Well, I have shared trade show near death experiences, tours of Belgium Chocolate stores, field trips of our warehouse, crazy video's, me drawing a tattoo, lessons in being a secret agent, Area 52, me with a fake moustache, and a photo wear I was wearing Depends over my Jeans. 

(Julie just informed me that she hasn't posted that one yet and is holding it as blackmail.) 

Just so you know, the 6ft. 6"  handsome, gentle, introverted,  man, who by the way could be an underwear model , you know as Eric Comstock, does have a wild side. Take a look:

Purple haired Eric 

A little secret here, but you can't tell anyone. When Eric gets "artist block", and he can't finish something that he's working on, he don's the purple wig, puts on his team USA man-kini, slips on his fuzzy slippers, sticks a #2 pencil behind his ear, and off he goes, creative juices flowing again.

Speaking of creative juices, we would love to see what you are creating with our new CHA releases, Social Club, Upcycle, Salt Air, and Glubers. If you have something that you would like to share, please email (that's me!)

Have a great day!    

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Blog Post

Yep, It's Just Another Maniac Monday!

Lindsay was going to write a really funny and fantastic blog for you today. I was going to take the day off. So, why am I here? Well, on the way home from the grocery store this morning, Lindsay got a flat tire.

He decided to remain calm. Afterall, he knows how to fix a flat. So, he jacked up the car, loosened all the bolts and pulled off the tire....... only to realize he had taken off the wrong one!

If only he had some Glubers with him! He could have fixed that flat in a jiffy.

So here I am.... and I wouldn't even have anything to share with you if it weren't for Lindsay's wife Tehawna. She just sent me the funniest email I have seen in a long time.

It was a government warning.

She didn't want anything bad to happen to me because she loves me so much, so she wanted to make sure I knew about this.

It's in regards to bubble gum.

DON'T SWALLOW IT! Or this could happen to you!

Chewing gum

Thanks and have a great day!


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Blog Post

Gluber Slogans and Bumper Stickers

If you don't already know,Glubers are fastly becoming almost as popular as Justin Beiber, Charlie Sheen, and the cast from Glee.

It's been over a month since we released Glubers at CHA and It's been impossible to keep them in-stock. Those of you who haven't found a place to purchase them yet, and those store's that ordered them and haven't received them, we want to let you know we have a whole boat load (really a boat load) on their way and they should arrive in the next few weeks.

 We thought to promote Glubers, we should come up with a slogan or tagline that say's just the right thing about Glubers. Today I wanted to prove to Eric and Julie, who as many of you already know, have an extensive advertising background, that I might be able to come up with something semi-original.

 I've listed a few of my ideas below:

"Give us Glubers or give us death." ( We actually paraphrased what a few store owners who actually said,"Give me Glubers or I'm going to beat Lindsay to death)

"My eighth grade student is NOT an honor student but WOW can she make one heck of a Gluber flower.

"Glubers.....the choice of a scrapbook generation."

"Honk if you know what a Gluber is"

""Eighty percent of success is showing up using Glubers."

"Mmmm- Glubers! Finger sticking good!"

"How do you spell relief- G-L-U-B-E-R-S"

"When Harry met Sally..... and Sally showed Harry how to make a Gluber flower"

"I'm spending my kids inheritence........On Glubers."

"A day without Glubers is like a day without sunshine which is like a really really crappy day."

On another note, last month our challenge winner was Jill Sarginson. All of us at the office voted and Jill recieved all perfect scores on this fantastic Togetherness layout!

Sweeet project!

Have a great weekend all!

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Blog Post

10 Ways to Socialize with Social Club

Hey, I think I've started a theme! Here's 10 great ideas for get togethers. Afterall, it's a blizzard today and we need some fun indoor inspiration!

10. Revamp the labels on your bubbly. Take them to friends or have your friends over to join you! (You can't see it too well in the photo, but check out the bottle label from our trade show display..... see how much fun our European friends are having!)
Cosmo cricket CHA tradeshow craft social club

9. Make up a bunch of oversized cards that each have a number from 0-9 on them. Invite some friends over to play dance games on the Wii. Give the guests that aren't dancing the cards so they can hold up scores at the end of each song.

8. Invite some girlfriends over. Tell them to bring any old bangle bracelets they have but don't wear anymore. Dress them up with Social Club, then wearing a minimum of 5 bangles each go out for dessert.
Social Club Paper Jewelry Cuff Bracelet

7. Make up a bunch of cards with one of these stamps, take them to all your friends with a date and time for a get together!
Cosmo Cricket Unity  Stamp Social Club Cheers
Cosmo Cricket Unity Stamp Social Club Good Times

6. Cover your coasters..... I don't actually have coasters, but if I did I would cover them in Social Club. Instead, I'll have to cover the ends of the ribbon spools (see yesterday's post)!! Invite your friends over after the kids are in bed for hot cocoa!

5. It can't be a party without party hats, right?!?!

4. Get a mix of some really hot guys and gals. Cut out a Social Club element card, hold it to your lips by sucking against it. Pass it to the hunka-hunka standing next to you..... then pretend it was an accident when it drops.

3. Button, button, whose got the button?!?!!?

2. One of our favorite games is Don't Eat Pete. You will need to make a checkerboard out of 2" squares of paper. Ours is 8" x 8". Place an M & M on each of the squares. Send one player out of the room while the rest of you pick an M & M to be Pete. When the player returns, they get to eat M & M's until they try to choose Pete and everyone yells, "Don't Eat Pete." My kids LOOOOOOOVE this game!

1. Forget all this fancy stuff and just invite all your friends over for crop!
Scrapbooking boy layout social club Cosmo cricket
Do you have more ideas? Let us know!!!

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10+1 Things to Upcycle with Upcycle

Did you know I worry about the environment? That is why Cosmo Cricket papers are FSC certified and printed with soy based inks. It's also why I am constantly looking for ways to reduce mine and my companie's environmental footprint. In fact, at Cosmo Cricket, we have been known to save boxes to re-use for shipping orders. Every single kit we have ever sold on HSN has been packaged in re-used packaging.

So, how can one justify their hobbies when it means using environmental resources? Well, first of all I think art and creativity are incredibly important and should be fostered. Second, in comparison to most everything else, art has a very minimal impact on the environment. But these things don't mean we shouldn't try to be responsible in our choices!

So, here's 10 ways to craft and be environmentally conscious.

10. Now that all my contacts are either in my phone or on my computer, my poor rolo-dex needs a new purpose. If I cooked well, I could make it into a recipe holder. Unfortunately, I don't. So, my plan is to cover it in Upcycle Papers and then fill it with all my ideas I never find time to do..... like this one! And maybe some happy thoughts that will remind, when I flip through it, of how great life is.

9. At the thrift store, you can get old records for about 25¢ each. Some of these are the double albums that open like a book. I think they would be super-fantastic covered in Upcycle and used for the cover of a scrap album!
8. Empty ribbon spools. You can take these apart so that you have two cardboard circles. Cover these in Upcyle and string them together to make a hip garland..... or bind them together for a fun mini-album.
7. Revamp a lamp by covering the shade in Upcycle papers.

6. If you only have the lamp shade, cover it and hang some cute little craftiness from the lower edge to make a mobile.

5. Frame your favorite Upcycle papers with old embroidery hoops. Then, hang them on the wall. I saw something like this about a year ago on one of the design blogs I frequent. I wish I could find it to show you.... it was so beautiful!

4. I love to line the drawer of my nightstand with my current favorite paper..... the grey and yellow Upcycle pattern approriately called Re:Love. A 12" x 10" sheet fits my drawer perfectly. When I pull it open I get this happy little surprise of prettiness that always makes me smile!

3. Each year, our school libraries discard tons of books. Some of these have really fun artwork on the covers. I like to take them, cut the covers off and set the insides away for future use in collage, paper flower making and paper maché projects. I then, use the covers for covers of my own artsy books and journals. I like to fill in the artwork on the covers with cut paper..... think dresses, kites, etc.

2. Also, look for old board books at the discard sale and at second hand stores. Upcycle these into your own mini albums by covering the pages with Upcycle, of course!

1. I'm sure you know our landfills are full of discarded packaging. A lot of this can be Upcycled! Tags from clothing can be covered and used as page accents or gift tags. Cereal boxes make great templates! I use them all the time. And, we've all seen Upcycled tins done up for gift giving.

Now, I'm not suggesting you become a pack-rat and save everything...... no, that will overwhelm you and not make your life happy! I look at it this way, instead of saying to yourself, "I need to go buy this __________" (fill in the blank). Say, "what do I already own that could work instead." Not only will you save money, but you will be doing something great! It's maybe not the most profitable message for a manufacturer to give, but it's the one I live by personally!

And a Super Bonus Idea!!! Do you have old paper that might never be used?!?!!? Do you want to make a difference in the world?!?!!? Well, third world countries are often in need of educational supplies. In the past I have made and donated Alphabet books, stickers, paper etc. It cleans out my scraproom, sets a great example for my kids and makes us all feel good! Maybe I'll post specific instructions on how to make alphabet books to donate along with organizations to send them to in a future post. Let me know if you all are interested!

OK, onto yesterday's winner, congratulations Tracy who said, "These are gorgeous Julie!! I think the middle one is my fave. I am not much of an accessories girl myself. Mostly I just pop my nose ring in each morning as I head out the door. I'm a simple kind of gal!" Tracy send us your info to cathie at cosmocricket dot com and we'll send you your prize!

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Laliberi by Julie Comstock and an Upcycle Giveaway

I have been working on an idea book for EK Success with the Laliberi products I designed for them. I don't know which projects they will pick to featured in the book..... and I still have lots more to do. BUT, yesterday I had this wonderful light in my office and so I took a minute to photograph what I've done so far. Here are three of my faves.




These were all made with products in the line that will hit stores June of this year. The inspiration book will have all the instructions you need to make everything shown. I am super excited about it!!

Tell me which one is your favorite and what type of accessories you love wearing most (I love bracelets). I will pick a random winner to send all the new Upcycle papers to along with the buttons and blingy gems! Good luck everyone!!

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