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A look back Cosmo Cricket style

You have to excuse nostalgic old me.The other day I was going through some of my email files and came across some fun older projects and hilarious emails. Most of these are real old. As I sat reading through them, I started thinking about some of our older blog topics.

You have been a fan/friend for along time if you remember:

Fake Eyelashes, Jon the Warehouse Man, Mouse in the House, Quilts, Thrifty Gifty, Rub-on Candles not press on nails, Butter Lovers, $5 Diet, Dance Dance revolution, Julie's Red Shoes, Paper Flower Tutorials, Flying bean sprouts, Robot Wars, Tim Tams, Nerdy Teenage years, Bicycle wrecks, Area 52, and giant Julie in Japan.

These are just some of the ones that for some reason have stuck in my head through the years. I went back and read a few and realized we haven't changed much the past almost 6 years. (Thanks for putting up with us.)

As mentioned previously, I still had some projects that I kept safe that I really like a lot. Take a look!

M is for Mario 
This was created using Lil Man by Kim Arledge. It seems like forever ago when we released this collection. Its been 3 1/2 years. I love this layout!

To Love Someone Deeply (2) 
Ever After was released at the same time as Lil man. This layout was created by Celeste Brodnicks.

Made with 100% Love 
Stacey Michaud Early Birds it in this layout. Early Bird was released in the Spring of 2009. Seem like yesterday.

Jan Paul Wildenborg was ahead of her time with Girl Friday released Winter 2008. 

Best friends by Sherrie Siemens also using Girl Friday.

Hey- I just thought of a few more blogs. Tom Hanks, Cosmo Cricket Confidential, Weigh-in Wednesday's, Julie's braces. You probably remember more than me since we also blogged about my amnesia. :)

We hope that our blogs have brought you as many smiles as they have brought us writting them.

Have a great day!

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Blog Post

Odds & Ends

All of the design team girls have been playing with the brand new release Odds & Ends and here are the first projects to show to you.

Wendy Sue create this first card




The next two cards are created by Debbie




We will be showing you more soon!

Have a great weekend! 


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Blog Post

S + S + CCSFP(square) + GCCP + R (square) + DC =SHD

If some of you wonder why some days our blog is not updated, I'll let you in on a little secret. Julie and I decided that we would only blog on days when it's not raining in our town as a sign of protest.

 By that you can probably surmise that it has rained almost everyday for the past three months, scratch that 4 months.

I think were all ready for a reprieve from the rain.

 We have a very successful formula that we use that you might be able to use too.

 Here it is: S + S + CCSFP (square) + GCCP  + R (square) + DC =  SHD 

It's a simple formula that most of you have already figured out I'm guessing. For those who need a little help with our Cosmo Cricket algebra here you go:

 Sunshine + Scrapbooking + Cosmo Cricket Super Fantastic Products + Great Cosmo Cricket Projects + 2 Reese's Peanut Butter Cups + 1 Diet Coke = Super Happy Day!

So below is the GCCP part of the equation:

Amy Tsuruta- We just like to call her "Early Bird Amy". Love when people help to make our day!

Early bird card Amy tsurutu 

Next card, Angela Fehr is doing her part to assist us in our happy dance, on this rainless day ( it's still early folks) - How about we just call Angela- "Upcycle Angela"?

Upcycle Angela Fehr 
And finally, Laurel Seabrook adds her fantastic project to make us smile be Upcycling herself.

Laurel Seabrook Upcycle 

 Winner from Monday- Kendra Storm! Email cathie at cosmocricket dot com your address and you'll be a winner winner chicken dinner!

I think it's now time for a Diet Coke and a Reese's :)

Have a great Memorial Day weekend and be safe!

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Blog Post

10,000 Facebook Fans and a giveaway

10,000 Leagues under the Sea. 10,000 Maniacs. $10,000 Pyramid. 10,000 Helium Balloons attached to Carl Fredricksens House in the Pixar movie "Up.

And now 10,000 Cosmo Cricket Fans (we like to call them friends :)).

10,058 to be exact.

This makes our day!

Each of you are important to use and we appreciate so much your support!

Thought we would show you a few Facebook Fans (friends) projects, have you leave a few comments, and maybe, just maybe, a little giveaway this week.

 Facebook Fan page Mod 

 This fantastic project is a trip or should I say a "joy ride" down memory lane by Mod Paperie.
Next up -Mom of 5! Way to create girl!

And last but not least, Laurel Seabrook's Boyfriend project.

Laurel Seabrook 

Leave a comment today for a chance to win a Circa 1934 Mini Deck,  a 12" x 12" Ready Set Chipboard, and maybe a little Circa Fabric.

 Oooo La La and have a great day!

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Blog Post

Yukari Glübers with Glitter

Yukari used a super-creative technique to make these glittery Glüber flowers on this fun mini book featuring UpCycle. Take a look at her tutorial.

Handmade card_glitter_chipboard_cosmo cricket_ stamp

Step one, stamp the Glüber with the plastic overlay still in place. Yukari used our Material Girl stamp design from Unity Stamps. After you have stamped, use a craft knife to cut around the shape.


If you want to use multiple colors of glitter on the same flower, you can coat and stack multiple levels. You can see how Yukari cut her's into sections and put them back together on her card. Another technique is to use your craft knife to carefully cut throught just the plastic overlay of each section, then peel and coat each color area one at a time.


Sprinkle with glitter and shake off excess.

Coat gluber in glitter

You can still see Yukari's stamp lines, simply because she pulled off the plastic side that wasn't stamped and the Glüber is clear, showing the back side of the plastic. I let you know, just to avoid confusion. When I first saw this, I thought that I was seeing the top layer of plastic still in place.

Gluber_stamp_paper carft_cosmo cricket

Peel and stick glittered flowers to your project. Stack as desired. Add bling to centers to really make them cute!

Handmade card_glitter_chipboard_cosmo cricket_ stamp

Now go, create, make a fun glittery mess and get a little sparkle on yourself because sparkly people rock!!!


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Blog Post

How Do You Glüber?

While I was in NY, I got these pics from Julie Kelly. She didn't send any info, just the images. But, as they say, a picture is worth a thousand words!

Handmade fabric flowers_glubers_julie comstock_Cosmo Cricket
(Five beautiful Glüber flowers made with pleated trims.)

Glubers_fabric flowers-Cosmo cricket_julie comstock
(The talented crafter that made those awesome flowers. We do not know your name, but we love your flowers so much we wanted you to get credit in some way. They ROCK!!!)

Glubers_fabric flowers_cosmo cricket_julie comstock_tag
(So it isn't just me.... others love putting flowers on tags too! Again, we don't know who these lovely crafters are, but doesn't that tag look awesome?!?!)

We'd love to see how you create with Glübers. Upload your faves to our facebook page, or send them to us. Come on, share the love!!

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Blog Post

Gelaskins Winner is...

Julie and Lindsay are in Salt Lake today presenting our new fabric line Circa. So it’s me, Eric here announcing our Gelaskins $25 gift certificate winner. And the winner is…
angela said...

“What a wonderful idea. Cosmo Cricket is already on my screen as a background, and now I can cover my phone and iPad too. This will be fun.” May 11, 2011 at 10:59 AM

Congrats Angela! Please contact for your prize.

We will be at Quilt Market tomorrow and then off to Surtex on Saturday. Have a great weekend.

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Blog Post

Cosmo Cricket Meets Gelaskins

If you love Cosmo Cricket patterns, we have some exciting news! Now you can use them to decorate the electronics in your life with printed Gelaskins covers.

110_CosmoCricket_KeyCaps_Gelaskin_iphone case
Why carry around a plain Ipad when you can coat it in lovely Cherry Pie from Early Bird?

Maybe your boyfriend would love his phone coated in The Boyfriend.

110_CosmoCricket_FittingIn_Gelaskin_ipone case
Salt Air is one of our most popular lines currently....... they have flip covers, laptop covers and more in Sea Garden.


Currently Gelaskins has eight Cosmo Cricket patterns available for all sorts of cell phones, laptops, gaming systems, e-readers and more. They plan on releasing more patterns in the future. Let us know what pattern you would like to see become a Gelaskin next!

Leave your comment today and we'll pick a random winner to get a $25 gift certificate to Gelaskins so that you can coat your world in Cosmo Cricket!

Have a great day everyone!

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Blog Post

A tough act to follow and a whirlwind week

The crickets started chirping at approximately 8:45AM this morning. Seriously! That's my ring-tone for Julie. For Eric, my ring-tone is an old phone because of his love for vintage stuff. 

Here it is 11:30, make it 11:40, make it 12:30, make it 12:45, and I still haven't finished the assignment that she gave me. She asked me to do the blog today. A day after her great blog about one of my favorite people, Abby .

That's like following Bach's Toccata and Fuque in D Minor, with Chopsticks. She's a very tough act to follow.

So you won't be hearing from us for a few days. You might hear tomorrow, I'm not sure. Quilt Market is coming to town and yep.....were super excited!

Julie and I have to do a presentation to a large group of Moda Fabric sales people early early Thursday morning. Then that evening to Modas International Distributors. It's a good thing Julie speaks some Spanish and I am fluent in English, Australian, British, and a little pig-latin. (The Comstocks kids love by Simon Cowell accent) We are a multi-lingual international company! 

Then Friday, all three of us will be at the Quilt Show during the day. Julie's task will be to do make and takes with our Glubers and fabric, while Eric and I handle the hard job of deciding where the three of us should have dinner. I know...A tough job but someone has to do it. :)

Saturday- "start spreading the news", "were leaving that day", "we want to be a part of it, New York", New York." Were headed to Surtex. We love meeting people and showing them fun stuff that Eric and Julie have created.

We will be thinking of you while were gone. Oh, I almost forgot, here are the three winners from last Friday. Lori W. who commented at 11:29AM, Cami Haveman, and Annette A. Email cathie at cosmocricket dot com your address and the mini decks are yours!

Have a great day!











Last Friday we promised that three people would each win an Odd's and Ends 6" x 6" Mini Deck. Some of you may wonder how the "picking" happens. It is rather scientific.

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Blog Post

Different is Good

Maybe it begins with Sesame Street and all the talk about one of these things not being like the other. Maybe it starts when kids are told to "x" out the items that don't fit whether it's the "M's" that are mixed in with the "A's" or the short vowel words that shouldn't be with the long vowel words.

(Woman by Abby.)

Whatever it is, for many different is not good. Different is different. It cannot fit in, it cannot be made sense of and it either needs to become like the things around it or it needs to be "x-ed" out.

It's only when different becomes exceptional that it is appreciated. The problem is, most things different get assimilated into average before they have the chance to become exceptional. This is my fear for my nine year old, Abby.
(Man with Hand on Chin. By Abby.)

She is different. I have been told repeatedly that she is, as if as her mother I was unaware of this fact. She thinks differently. She dresses differently. She IS different! But in the words of Roald Dahl, "We're all different. Especially [her]. But there's something kind of fantastic about that isn't there?"
(Father and daughter giraffes. By Abby)

So, I try to show her the fantastic-ness of her differences. I try to find ways to compat the onslaught of criticsm from unappreciative peers, the molding of well intentioned teachers and the judgement of a society that wants to "x" out the ones that don't fit in.
(Man in hat. By Abby)

On that note, I emailed some of her drawings to an artist that she finds very inspiring. Her name is Ingela P Arrhenius. She was so kind as to post two of Abby's pieces on her blog next to her paintings that inspired Abby. And, as her proud mother, I was so excited to have my "different" daughter appreciated, celebrated and declared wonderful. It really is the best mother's day gift ever. Thanks for letting me share it with you!

(Man in suit. By Abby)

Here's to everyone out there that is different. Here's to all their friends and family that let them be so. Here's to all the teachers that inspired them in their differences and didn't try to make them fit in. Here's to all the different ones that found exceptional. The world is beautiful because of you.

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Blog Post

A challenge and a winner

Hi everyone, it is me Amy!! Happy National Scrapbooking Day! Hope you are all having a great weekend so far! I have a little challenge for you all today, and I hope you will join me in it cause I had a ton of fun making it for you all!

One Cosmo Cricket product that more often than not goes untouched by me are the Mini Decks. They are so stinkin cute I love them, but I just have a hard time using the papers cause they are so small. They are ideal for card makers, but I am horrible at cards. Laugh!! So I challenged myself to using them on a layout! I took it a little further and used only my Mini Decks for patterned papers, but you don't have to go that extreme!

 Amy Parker Cosmo Upcycle Heart
I decided to go through my Mini Decks for UPcycle, Social Club and Salt Air to find my favorite patterns, and mixed all together on my layout. They worked so well all together!! I made a patchwork heart with them (this let me display as many patterns as possible)! I punched butterflies out of them! And I used little cut strips to add some fun to my page!

I really hope you join in and give this challenge a try! You can win your own Odds & Ends Mini Deck! Like I said I had a ton of fun, and definitely will be using my Mini Decks more in the future because they are so versatile! 


Of course we also owe you a winner of the sketch challenge for Card magazine!! We got an email telling us there were so many great choices this time and that is was hard to pick just one! But they managed :)

If you are the Sara who created this next card than you are the winner!!!

Please email your contact info to Natasja (nvcats at gmail dot com) and she will get you in touch with the editors of Card magazine. Congrats, we can't wait to see your card in print!!


Have a wonderful weekend, and Happy Mother's Day to all the amazing mom's out there!! Take Care!



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Blog Post

And now to my world

My world is a world where I get to meet the most incredible people, visit with our blog followers occasionally, tell a few funny stories, and be the first to see the great new designs and products that Eric and Julie create.

My world consists of tons of comedy and no drama, where Murphy's law is the rule, and not the exception, and where everyone in the galaxy has a stash of Cosmo Cricket products in their homes. :)

 Pretty fun world and no imagination needed for this.



It's also a world of giving fun product away- Maybe I'm the crazy one!

Leave a comment and three lucky winners will be picked on Monday to receive an "Odd's and Ends" Mini deck.

Have a great weekend!


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Blog Post

Join Me in My World

The Surface and Textile design show in New York city wil be opening May 15th. Since Eric and I do lots of surface design, that's where we'll be..... along with Lindsay of course!!!

Surface design refers to anything you may see printed on a surface. For example, are you only wearing solids today? Because if not, someone designed the print you are sporting. How about your coffee mug, purse, chair..... well you get the idea.

This is how our paper became fabric. And, stay tuned because in the next little while we'll be announcing lots of other ways you can have some of our designs in your life. 

But, until then, would you like to enter my imagination? The following images are not real. They only exist in my Photoshopped world, but isnt' it a pretty world? I live there. It's very nice really. You should join me, the real estate is quite reasonable! And, just maybe, if we all wish at the same time it will become reality.

(Odds and Ends featured on my imaginary handbag. I use this one when visiting the imaginary diner for lunch with my imaginary friends.)

(My imaginary blueberry scones serve up quite nicely on this imaginary plate. I enjoy dining outside in my imaginary gardens where the temperature is always 72% and the imaginary birds sing just for me.)

PS: I just pre-read this blog to Lindsay who said that one of you will comment that there are doctors that can help me with this "problem." He says, he knew that the stress would get to me eventually. He's afraid this post is a little too freaky for you all. I on the other hand, think it's hilarious.... but, you may have noticed, I do have a whacked sense of humor!!! And, it seems it's getting whackier by the minute!




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Blog Post

Three Random Things: Tea Towel, Homework, Mombook

Moda_quilt_market_slc_2011_cosmo cricket
I am being totally spoiled by Moda Fabrics and it's getting pretty hard to keep my head from swelling. I'm not too worried about it yet, I do still work with Eric and Lindsay who both have a way of keeping my ego in check by amusing themselves at my expense.

Just the other day, Eric was comparing my ability to dance with that of Lois from Malcom in the Middle. Maybe you remember the episode where Lois takes dance lessons. She and Hal end up dancing in the kitchen and in her mind, they are moving perfectly, gracefully, beautifully. Then, the camera pans to her kids that are watching her. Then back to the dancing couple, where we see what their dancing looks like though the kid's eyes. HILARIOUS!!

So, yeah, for now, my head isn't too big. But, when I master the quickstep.... watch out!!! There will be no living with me.

Random Thing #2: End of year school projects.

Another helpful tool in keeping my me real is the constant opportunities provided by our local school system for me to fail. I know I'll regret it about mid-July when my house if filled with bored kids that think it's too hot to go outside, but I can't wait for school to get out!!!

For science, Ethan and his friend had to do a video demonstrating "physical change." Think about that for a second. Two fourteen year old boys going to school with a movie titled "Physical Change." Anyway, this is one of the many assignments my kids have been given this month that they have no way of doing on their own.This is parent homework people!

I am suppose to be teaching Kate how to sew and cook for one hour each day complete with forms for me to fill out about what we did together.

Abby's teacher is freaking out over end of year testing. I mean really, I am starting to worry about her health. She could blow a coronary any minute! I know the government puts inordinate amounts of pressure on teachers and their end of year test results, which are amped this year, but come on.... nine practice tests a night?!?!!? I have to use my computer sometimes too!

Then there's Jack who has the sweetest, most down to earth teacher you could ever meet. But, it just happens Jack's star week coincided with all the end of year chaos. Here's the poster we made about him. Notice Jack's homework. When Eric took this to share with the class, he pointed this out to the kids and one little boy asked, "Is that really what you feed your dog?" Eric replied, "Yep, everyday."


Random Thing #3. Mombook or Facebook improvements for moms.

If you're like me..... ummmm..... a little more human than supermom, you really need to check out the blog, Snarky in the Suburbs. It is hilarious!!! I found the link about this women's suggestions for an improved facebook for mom's on my sister's facebook page.

Among her recommendations she suggests a ghost page for your mother-in-law complete with updates about how you're not worthy of her son and how your children got all their talent from her side of the family. Along with a photo enhancing feature called the "Create a Happy Family Tool."

For a good laugh, please read. I also thoroughly enjoyed her post titled, I am not a Crack Whore!


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Blog Post

Married Designers: Yep, We're Different

Snorkel_quilt_cosmo cricket_fabric
(Quilt by Linzee featuring Snorkel fabric and the cutest darn baby I think I have ever seen... well, besides the four of my own.)

I was recently interviewed by Linzee, for Moda Fabrics. Many of her questions regarded how Eric and I, a married couple, live and work together as designers.

With that in mind, let me relay the following story. It was Saturday morning and Eric and I were parking at Sam's Club. The car in front of us happened to be a Land Rover. Eric commented that he loved some of the design details of this car like the headlights and the angles.


I took one look at the Land Rover and replied, "Look at the kerning! All I can see is Lan DR. Over."

Eric, being so enthralled with the headlights, hadn't noticed. But, when I drew his attention to it, he got very upset. "If they gave me one with the type set like that I would send it back. I would be sick. I would lose sleep. Can you imagine spending that much money on a car and having the type look like that?" And so it went.

A side note: We judge entire movies based off the typography for the opening credits. Yep, we're different!

Now, take a look at this winning layout by Lisa. Her kerning is awesome and so is her layout. Way to go Lisa!!

Circa 1934_scrapbooking_page_cosmo cricket

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Blog Post

Excuses, Excuses

Circa 1934_fabric_fat quarters_ jelly rolls_moda_cosmo cricket
(I have fat quarters, charm packs, jelly rolls and layer cakes in my hot little hands! Yep, I love making you all jealous.)

So, I just got a lovely email from my sister-in-law, Tami. Among some other very nice things, she said this, "Also, I still check the blog daily, and I have to tell you I miss your "voice", Julie.  I know you are busy, but your humor and writing style are so appealling and it feels like I haven't heard it for a while."

I want you all to know that I am still here. I still really, really care about Cosmo Cricket and all our fans. So I thought I would appeal to your kindness and offer up some more excuses for my absence..... in complete Julie-honesty fashion.

Handmade-card-patterned-paper-craft-Cosmo Cricket- circa 1934
(Card shared on our facebook page by Denise Hamblin January.

1. Winter is a REALLY hard time for me. It is so cloudy for so long where I live (it was snowing yesterday.... yep, snow in May). You know when you pull a blade of grass out from the bottom and there is that white, limp part that doesn't ever see the sun? Well, that part is me during the winter. OK, I'm white all the time, but in the wintertime, I am limp and life-less too. I can't pretend to be happy Julie, even on the blog, and nobody wants depressed Julie on the blog, trust me!

When the sun comes out, so do I. It is out today. I am happy. I am singing. I have more energy than June Cleaver on 10 cups of coffee. Eric is wishing he could turn the sun down just a tad, because I am driving him crazy!!! But, I love my sun-induced mania...... shine on me lovely, round globe of light, I have missed you so!
Scrapbook-journal-collage-cosmo cricket-circa 1934
(Layout by Dria, found on her blog.)

2. Have you heard the phrase, "Your eyes are bigger than your stomach"? My mom would say this to me when I would put more food on my plate than I could eat. I seem to still suffer from this dilemma...... except now I manage to eat all the food, hence the voluptuous thighs. Who would guess that this tendency would find its way to my worklife?

We will be at Quilt Market in SLC, Utah on May 13th. I will be doing make and takes for Moda with our Circa 1934 release.

The very next day, we will fly to NY for the SurTex trade show at the Javitz Center.

Then, a few weeks later, Eric and Lindsay will be in Las Vegas for the another show. I won't be joining them, because I will be in Ohio, being filmed for Crafting at the Spotted Canary PBS show.

Don't forget I have four kids and Kate's recital is on May 6th. Jack just had his birthday last week. Ethan and Abby have their's June 3 and 4. School gets out June 2. Whewww!

So, I am letting slide the things that can slide. For example, it is 11:30 and my breakfast dishes still aren't done. I am sporting an Ace Ventura morning hairstyle that rocks, I must say! My desk is piled with what I like to refer to as SHtuff..... (Eric calls it something else, but we won't write that on the blog.) My current dinner menu includes grilled cheese (Ethan's specialty), cold cereal (Kate's specialty) and take out pizza (Eric's specialty).

And, I can't find my laundry room anymore, it's somewhere under the laundry. Chop, chop Eric. The laundry is your job!!! (Really, he does do the laundry, when he's not so swamped.... neither of us do it when we are swamped which is why my shirt stinks right now.)

I hope you are all laughing, because without a good sense of humor, this would not be funny!!!

Scrapbook-kids-circa 1934-cosmo cricket-papercraft
(Layout by Jing-Jing Nickel, found on her blog.)

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