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The weekend, Odds and Ends, and a chance to win.....

One of our motto's at Cosmo Cricket is to "work hard, play hard." We have lots of motto's, helpful safety tips, cuss words, and maybe even a few Confucius type sayings that we like to use.

This weekend we have plans, big plans! ( Julie said to me, "Lindsay today only Thursday")The Comstocks will be joining the Moore's and the Shumways for some  extra curricular activities. (Julie said I should just say activities- not sure why)

The Shumways? Long story some of you already know. It's my dad who I met for the first time last year that Julie contacted without me knowing. Sound familiar? Ten members of the family coming, eight for the first time. The Comstocks, well......I claim them as family too! :)

Car Shows, fireworks, sleeping in the backyard, golfing, BBQ's (yum yum), movies on my garage door, games, 4 wheeling, talking....a lot, swimming, I'm hoping Karaoke ( Julie says Lindsay and Karaoke do not mix well), and a concert that my wife is singing in. Whew!

We will all need a few days off to recover.

Now tell us what you have planned by leaving a comment and we will be picking a winner for an Odds and Ends Collage Kit and a Salt Air , Paper Crafting kit( Julie say's nothing says Summer better than Salt Air).

 Drawing next Tuesday!  If you tell me you are scrapbooking, I know you either live out of the US or you have an addiction that you may need help for.

On another note, Heidi Sonboul has been at it again. Take a look at what she created with Odds and Ends.!


Heidi Sonbul Odds abd Ends 

Everyone- Have a great weekend and please be super safe!




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My Artsy Family, How I Love them So!

I love my job! Not only do I get to draw pictures and be creative for a living, but I hopefully inspire others to find their inner artists by teaching classes and showing projects on this blog. This is something that really makes me happy because I love the arts.

So, I was really excited to work on this year's Scrapfest class. Scrapfest is one of the best teaching opportunities I get!

Scrapfest 2011_cosmocricket_odds and ends_handmade cards

I grew up in a home where the arts and creativity were prized above almost everything else. My mom is an amazing artist. Her main passion is hand-carved Santa's and she just released a gift line with Demdaco called Ravenberg Folkstyle Collection. Take a look at some of her cute creations!


I set her up with a facebook page so that her fans could find her and follow her work. Trust me, she carves and paints much better than she uses a computer, but she is learning. If you like her work, won't you please welcome her to facebook! You can tell her I sent you if you like..... 'cause I'm trying to stay in her good graces and beat out my siblings for the favorite spot! ;)


Speaking of siblings, do you all remember my sister Becky? I'm jealous of how pretty she is (the girl puts movie stars to shame!), but also her amazing photography skills! I was just checking up on her blog the other day and I could feel my jaw drop at how good she has gotten!



I have other talented and creative siblings and I hope they'll forgive being left out of this post. But, it's getting late in the day and I don't have photos from them to include. So, just let me say, "I love you all!"

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9th Stop! Happy Birthday

This weekend the designers and creative team at Jessica Sprague will be hosting a blog hop. Here is how you hop...


Each blog will have a freebie, to get the Cosmo Cricket freebie, click here. You can go to Jessica Sprague's homepage listed above or come here  and we will redirect you to the start. 


Next stop click here

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Salt Air and Happy Friday!

I feel great! I feel awesome! Life is fantastic!!!

I hope you are having a super Friday too.

I plan to hit the pool this weekend and get some summer pics of my kiddos. If I do, I may have to scraplift some of these beautiful layouts by Luciana  Minoti. I gotta say, the girl knows what to do with Salt Air!!!

Beach_swim_scrapbook layout_salt_ air_cosmo cricket

Cruise_family_summer_scrapbook_layout_cosmo cricket_salt air

Have a great weekend everyone! Do something nice for someone, do something nice for yourself and smile at everyone you meet.

Congratulations go to Pam Spradlin for winning yesterday's contest. Pam, send us your info to cathie at cosmocricket dot com and we'll send you some Odds and Ends. Thanks everyone!

PS: All those who said they would get a colonoscopy yesterday, feel free to email me and I can give you my tips for making the prep easier! No fear!!! You can do it!!!

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Updates, Benefits, Giveaway!!!

I DON'T HAVE COLON CANCER!!! But, my colonoscopy wasn't free. My doctor removed a huge polyp that is now being biopsied. However, no matter what the results are, it won't turn into cancer in my body and that is the miracle here everyone!

The real truth is this..... I have been scared to death for the last three weeks. My worry has kept me up at night. It has had me in tears sporatically. It has been hard.

And so, I will tell you what Betty Jo (one of my new most favorite people) of the GI Cancer Unit told me. Peace of mind is worth it! It is worth thousands of dollars, enduring a colonoscopy prep and exposing your backside! It is worth it all!!!

My message to you is that if you have a family history of colon or gastric cancer, get screened. It does not matter if you are young, if you are healthy, or if you have no symptoms. And, if you are at an age where you should be getting screened, but haven't.... quit putting it off. It really isn't that bad.

Other things I want you to know:

I did not design, or do any work, whilst in the middle of my "cleanse." Instead, I watched my favorite movies.

I spent a lot of time pondering why anyone would choose to do colonoscopies for a living, but now I know. These people are saving lives.

My doctor told me that I saved my life yesterday and told Eric at least 3 times that he was so glad I had the procedure.

I will be having a colonoscopy every two years for the rest of my life. I am now a colonoscopy advocate!!!

In other news.....

If you are a Cache Valley resident, meet me tonight at a benefit concert for my good friend Alexis Tate. Alexis is suffering from chronic Lyme Disease and it's horribly painful and expensive to treat. The concert will be held at the Episcopalian Church in Logan at 7:30 and it's going to be amazing! (It's the old church house with the red doors, across the street to the north of the historic Mormon Tabernacle on Mainstreet).

OK, enough about health topics. I think we need to celebrate my non-tumor-ness!

How about winning some Odds and Ends (quite apropros dontcha think!). Leave us a comment and we'll pick a random winner tomorrow morning. Then, get ready to make some awesomeness like these cards by Debbie Olson!
Valentine_odds and ends_card_cosmo cricket_handmade_debbie olson

Greeting card handmade_debbie olson_cosmo cricket_odds and ends



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Blog Post

Three Random Things: Humor, Cards, Laliberi by Julie Comstock

Hi everyone!

When life gets stressful, I do two things. I talk... ALOT! and I make jokes about even the most serious of situations.

So, here's the very short version of a very long story. It turns out I have lots of colon cancer on my dad's side of the family and have now become the lucky candidate for early colon cancer screening. YEAH ME! I just spent a small fortune on concoctions to turn my arse into a weapon of mass destruction.

Do you think it's inappropriate to bring a laptop into the bathroom? Are scapbooking papers designed with my pants around my ankles marketable? Hmmm, as I sit like The Thinker, I will ponder these things! They do say that some of the best ideas are thought up on the can afterall.

Wednesday morning, I will have my colon video-taped. I'm sure at some point someone has told me to put something where the sun doesn't shine, but I really can't remember ever doing it. Oh well, if I did, I'm sure my doc will find whatever it was.

Did you know that if you have a colonoscopy and they don't find anything the procedure is a free screening?  But, if you have the same procedure and they find cancer, then it is diagnostic and you will now be charged. Is it just me, or is that like kicking someone when they're down?

So, here's to hoping my insides are beautiful and healthy. But, promise me this, no matter what we are all gonna laugh about it, because I just can't do serious.  No more rolling on the floor laughing your own A$$ off, now we all need to ROFLMAO.... at least any cancery parts!

So, send me great vibes and lots of humor please, it is the best medicine! We'll be sure to update you... hopefully with the best of news!

Random Thing #2: Cards

Debbie sent me some seriously amazing cards. I know Natasja might want some to share with you on Saturday, so I just picked a couple. But aren't they cute!!

Odds_&_ends_cosmo cricket_card_debbie_olson


Random Thing #3: Laliberi by Julie Comstock

It's in stores now! Or, so I've been hearing. I haven't yet gotten a glimpse of it on the shelf...... it's not on the aisles I've been shopping lately if you know what I mean! Anyway, I did spot it online here and was super excited about it. I think my favorite product may be the idea booklet! I don't know for sure since I haven't seen it and many of the other products in person yet. But I did love the work I did for it, there are tons of ideas included and it's only $3.99!

Julie_Comstock_laliberi_how to make fabric flowers


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Get published in Scrapbook Trends Magazine

Hi everyone!

Here is a new change to get published in Scrapbook Trends Magazine! So don't wait, get your stash out and get started!

This months sketch is created by Yukari and she also created a layout with it for some extra inspiration :)


When you created your layout make sure to upload it to your blog or online gallery. Post a comment to this post with a link to your creation. Make sure to do this by June 25. 

The editors of Scrapbook Trends Magazine will pick a winner who's layout will be published in one of their editions!! The winner will be announced here on July 2nd.


Good luck and have fun!!! :)

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My Dad Can Do Anything!

Many a six year old thinks his dad is a super hero. Afterall, to a six year old, he can fix just about anything. He is strong enought to lift you up and fly you through the house. He always has a dollar in his pocket for an icecream cone. He is simply AMAZING!

Well, even at 36, my dad is still a super hero. He has better advice than Dear Abby. He is nicer than Santa Claus.... and I think his eyes twinkle just as much. And, he is more resourceful than MacGyver!

I follwed my dad down to St George (a seven hour drive from my home). On the way, in between Scipio and Fillmore (basically the middle of nowhere), the housing over our catalytic converter came lose and began dragging. But, never fear, my dad, armed with a coat hanger, had it fixed in minutes!

Catlytic converter fix car

We drove the rest of the way using the coat hanger (another 3 hours). Then, at my dad's home, we used a couple pipe fittings (a $4 expense) to fix it a bit more professionally. Let me tell you.... it's not coming lose again!

So, how about some cards to celebrate Dads. Here's some great inspiration!

Kim Kesti paired Social Club with these fun stamps available at Ellen Hutson.

Social_club_cosmo cricket_handmade cards fathers day

This fun Father's Day card is by Marcie S.

Father's day card_cosmo cricket_social club

Crickey's Corner not only made a great card, but a mathing envelop to go with it!

Father's day card_cosmo cricket father's day_envelop

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Blog Post

An Update from Vegas

Did they join Cirque Du Soleil with matching unitards?

Do they have a magic show where Lindsay cuts Eric in half?

Have they gorged themselves on all you can eat buffets?

Well, let's check in with the daring duo and see just what they've been up to!

Lindsay sent me an email telling me he was taking a new job. I replied saying I couldn't believe he would quit Cosmo Cricket for an Elvis Presly suit! But, it turns out it's just a temp job taking down the Dreamworks booth. He thinks he beat out the other applicants with his experience taking down our booth...... this one is quite simple compared to that!!!!

Dreamworks booth licensing show

Eric has been wandering the show floor incognito to check out the competition. Here's what he's been wearing.


I have heard other rumors that they have been hanging with the smurfs. Can you imaging my 6' 6" hubby next to a smurf?!?! I think we may have some video footage documenting this. I'll have to see if we can upload it when they get back!

OK, onto the winner from yesterday. Congratulations Shari Elmont! Send us your info and let us know if you want to paper craft or sew and we'll send you a really awesome prize!

Have a great day everyone!!!


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Blog Post

While the Boys are Away, the Girls Will Play

Monday morning, Eric and Lindsay left for Las Vegas. Can you imagine the two of them on the strip?!?!

I chose not to join them because I wanted a vacation of my own and being a homebody, spending a few days doing whatever I want, eating whatever I want, watching whatever I want is pure bliss! So, this blog is especially intended for all you readers out there that may think my life is interesting....... it's SO NOT!!!

(If you want to skip my boring life details, drop down below to learn about digital freebies and a chance to get some laughs and win an awesome Cosmo Cricket prize here!)

Here's what I've done so far:

I answered around a dozen phone calls from Eric and Lindsay who needed things done that they forgot about: Emails, uploads, downloads, etc. In between, I emptied every drawer in my bathroom, bought a bunch of drawer organizers, put half of the drawer stuff back.... but only half so far...... the rest is scattered about the counter waiting for my return to the project. I cleaned my shower, cleaned my medicine cupboard and then ate a pack of black licorice. I wandered Home Depot for about an hour and imagined buying a patio warmer, but I just couldn't bring myself to part with my hard earned cash! After that, I planted two flower pots and my vegetable garden. I let my kids sleep in sleeping bags in our family room, WITH THE DOG!!! (something Eric would never allow!). I designed three sheets of paper for the Jessica Sprague anniversary (more info below), read a magazine, and went to bed at midnight.

Ahh, a sunny day! I started the day reading about Gobleki Tepe in National Geographic.... by the way it's pretty much all I've talked about since! AMAZING!!! I wandered into the kitchen and decided to clean out my spice cupboard. I had piano lessons at 10:00..... I am learning to play the piano, my current song is, "Lovin' Dat Man of Mine." After that, I weeded my backyard. This took about my entire day. At one point I was on the phone with Lindsay when I pulled out an especially large weed that had a 14" root..... I yelled, "TAWANDA!" Seriously, that weed was as big as a small tree! I chatted on the phone with another friend for about an hour somewhere in the middle there too. I tried making iced tea for the first time ever.... it was yucky and so I poured it on my new plants.... I think they liked it. Then, I watched Tangled with my kids and went to bed.

I haven't done much yet, and am breaking my own rules by even sitting here at my computer. But, I have big plans. I have secretely stashed away some cash, that nobody except myself knows about. I am going to buy plants for my backyard and make it all beautiful for Eric for Father's Day! Then tomorrow, I'll get that bathroom put all the way back together and clean my house from top to bottom before he gets home. It's been an awesome break!!!

So, enough about me and my stay-cation. Here's where the fun comes in for you!

First, let me tell you about Jessica Sprague's anniversary! They are four years old. To celebrate, they're throwing a HUGE Birthday Bash & Summer Sale. As part of the celebration, starting on June 24, you can participate in an incredible 49-person blog hop, picking up a sweet digital freebie at each stop (I could be wrong, but I think our stop may be those three papers I designed)! They only put their site on sale two times a year, so don't miss out on this GREAT savings opportunity! For all the info on the Summer Sale, Photoshop Fridays, blog hop, and the new class, just click here!

That sounds like tons of fun if you are a digital scapbooker, but if you're not, no worries because I thought we could have some fun of our own.

Like, I said, Eric and Lindsay are in Vegas. Leave a comment today telling me what you think they are up to, what show you think they could get roles in, or a show they could put on themselves. I need a little humor to make my stay-cay complete and I think you guys can give me just that! I will pick a random commenter to chose either a paper crafting or fabric crafting prize that will be super cool.... trust me!

OK, I just got these photos emailed to me from Eric. I think they ARE planning a show because they seem to have gotten matching shirts already!!


Eric_cosmo cricket


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Blog Post

Cosmo Cricket on Etsy

If you are looking for crafty inspiration, etsy is a great place to start! Look at these fabulous projects I found when I searched Cosmo Cricket!

This lovely, Early Bird fabric pincushion is by detailsbydes. Don't you just love how she used the flower motif to cover her own button for the center!!!


This Odds and Ends, mini canvas collage art with stand is by FancyThatShoppe. I saw these mini canvases at our art store in Logan and I am dying to get some to play with.


simplyapplesandspice made this cute trinket chest of drawers using Early Bird paper (the red pattern comes from Togetherness).


And, just in time for summer, jamnjelli made this fun pillowcase dress with our Snorkel fabric. I love it and now am making plans of my own!


Thanks for stopping by. If you would like a chance to win some Cosmo Cricket goodness, please check out Moxie Fab World today for a blog-candy giveaway!

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Blog Post

In the spotlight - Gudrun Loennecken

Hi all it is Gudrun here.

I’m so honored to be “in the spotlight” today.

So here is a little bit about me:

As many of you know I  live in Oslo, the capital of Norway.

I live in an old, yellow house with my lovely husband and our 4 kids.

My babies are now 9, 11, 13 and 15 years old. I feel so blessed to have this wonderful, large family around. They are so supportive when it comes to my paper craft, and I find a lot of inspiration in our everyday life.

I love to scrap little bits and pieces of life, and I am mostly focusing on capturing our everyday- life.  I don’t scrap my pictures chronologically; I just go for the pictures I love the most at the moment …

I find my inspiration in all things around: my photos, clothes, interior, magazines…

I’m a pretty messy scrapper, and right now my house is going trough a major renovation and rebuilding, so there will be no pictures from my scrap space ….

I mostly keep my scrappy bits and pieces in huge glass jars, so the colors can inspire and give me new ideas.

I love to paint, decorate and re-do my home as well. I’m a huge fan of colors and I love them all. But amongst all the beauty of colors  turquoise, aqua, petrol and different kind of blues are closest to my heart.

My love for paint, spray inks, mists and color are always a part of my creative process. Trough my 15 years of scrapbooking addiction my style has changed from whimsical, funky, “more is more”, vintage and finally my style is pretty simple. I find my self loving my colorful layouts on white / neutral background the best.

I always find my self totally in love with all the new CosmoCricket releases, and I’m SO totally honored to be a part of this wonderful team. It is a blessing to work for such a gorgeous company.

You can find more pieces of my life and work on my blog.









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Amy Parker has a fun project for you to do!

Hi Everyone!!! Amy Parker here, and I have a really fun challenge for you all today! It took me some time to figure out what would be a good challenge, and so I thought why not do something that I always have a blast doing? I really really enjoy Layout Recipe challenges! So I have for you today a layout recipe challenge that should be pretty clear and easy to follow, but also leaves room for lots of personal touches from you!


The recipe challenge is as follows:

  • Create your own 'die-cut' background: whether this is hand-cut, or die-cut with a machine, your background paper has to be a custom made background!
  • Your layout must include 3 pictures, any size you wish
  • I want to see at least one paper punch/decorative scissor used
  • You must include fabric of some sort on your page :D Fabric is always so fun to work with!
  • I want to see either some Ready Set Chip or Tiny Type stickers! I love using these two products!
  • You need to have more than 3 Cosmo Cricket Patterned Papers on your layout!
  • And lastly I want to see some buttons! Any amount will do as long as it is more than one. :D


You all are gonna have to forgive my awful photo as weather conditions here are less than ideal, and I had to work with a different camera today! The quality here is not up to my normal par, but it's all I got at the moment! :D LOL!

 Amy Parker Cosmo Cricket Recipe Challenge Baby


Here are a couple tips on how to make this challenge go a little easier: For my background I used an already die-cut paper from my stash as a template to trace and then hand-cut my background out. Using your die cut papers this way is a lot of fun as it changes things up from the normal 12x12 square! :D I included using punches or decorative scissors as part of the challenge because it makes getting a whole lot of patterned papers on your page so easy!! All you have to do is use little punched strips or circles like I did and real quick you have the required amount already on your page! Using your tools adds lots of texture and movement to your pages, and helps you get a little bit more out of your papers!


I hope you all enjoy this challenge as much as I did making it! And I really hope you all play along! Can't wait to see what you create!!


~Amy Parker

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Cosmo Cricket Class is in Session and a chance to win!

We know school is out but Cosmo Cricket class is in!

There's a lot to cover today especially with Odds and Ends, our newest most amazing collection, and Glubers!

Laura Craigie from Canada, and also by mere coincidence is on our design team will be your first instructor.

 Laura, or as I like to refer to her as Mrs. Cardmaker, created these two super incredible and fun cards just for you! (One I just now pulled from our blog because it's going to be published.- Hooray for our teacher!)

 She uses our Odds and Ends 6" x 6" Mini Deck and we think she did a splendid job!

LC-bestwishes (2) 
As Jethro from the Beverly Hillbillies would say "Shazammm!"

They say that great teachers show interest in their students, provide quality instruction, take their time with each student, and have plenty of visual aids.

 Laura even went the extra mile by providing a fun "You Tube" video showing how to make them:


Laura gets an "A" in our book!

Changing subjects, literally -A little bird told me, (okay it was Julie) that if you follow this link:

That there is a fun write up about Glubers, terrific projects using Glubers, links to tutorials using Glubers.

Julie along with all of the things I mentioned yesterday, not only has a Bachelor of Arts degree, but an honorary Phd in Glubermania (anything related to the use of Glubers) and flowermaking (not to be confused with Botany) that we at the office gave her.

Just so you know, to help give incentive to our students there is a giveaway on Creating Keepsakes blog featuring Odds and Ends. We call this extra credit! 

I thought it was usually the teacher that gets the apple from the students.

Class dismissed!


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Blog Post

All rolled into one, A super awesome Circa fabric bag, and 2 count them 2 winners!


Julie's been busy, real busy!

I think she's A.D.D like me. Along with being A.D.D, I swear she's Martha Stewart, Julie Child, MacGiver (fill you in on on this one later), Mary Tyler Moore, Sigmund Freud ( my personal shrink), June Cleaver, Duke Ellington, Mauren O'Hara, and Perry Mason (that's another story) all rolled into one. I forgot to mention Albert Einstein (she's super smart) and Mary Stuart Masterson ( the resemblance is uncanny).

Today she's the Creative Crafty Julie. She spent last Saturday, I think until midnight creating this super fun bag from the Crica 1934 Fabric that Moda Fabric released at market a few weeks ago. The detail on the bag is amazing. She was able to put French seams on the edges, which for me, who knows nothing about sewing, seems ( no pun intended) to be very difficult.

The Circa fabric will be hitting stores around October of this year. Got to love it! 

Julie's mom is very crafty too so Julie thought she would give her bag to her mom for her birthday, which I believe is today. Happy Birthday Julie's mom!

How about the two winners now for $100.00 worth of Cosmo Cricket product of their choice?

First is Cindy, who rhymed us June 2 at 3:33PM and the second is Crystal Clayson who's a poet that probably knows it.

Here's what you need to do. Email cathie at cosmo cricket dot com and say "Hey Cathie, guess what? I won 100 clams worth of Cosmo Cricket products that I'm claiming as my own right here right now." Give her your list, rub your magic lantern a few times, and poof! One day in the next week there will be a Genie jumping out of a UPS truck handing you your prize.

Have a great day and thanks to all for being our friends and coming out and playing with us.  


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Blog Post

Salt Air and exploring your poetic side

May CC Layout 
Most of you know that everymonth we have a challenge on scrapbook.coms blog. May's winner was Karen Tarpley. Karen used Salt Air, our fun Summer collection. We have a really great special that were offering to our retailers this week promoting Salt Air. Karen has some fun things coming her way for winning the challenge.

Next to all you poets out there, we appreciate the effort. You guy's make ME laugh! Thanks for being so creative and exploring your poetic side.

We will announce a winner tomorrow for the 100 smackaroo's worth of Cosmo Cricket products. There's still time for a few more comments. You know what, I'm feeling kind of generous. Instead of one winner, we will draw 2 winners for $100.00 worth of Cosmo Cricket product each.

Have a great day!

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Blog Post

We love Circa 1934 projects and giveaway's

We really do! We also love our blog friends, fun projects from all of our collections, fantastic layouts, great food, slow dancing, long walks on the beach, and tons of chocolate.

Take a look at some projects that we went web cruising for:

Circa 1934 Optical Illusion 

  No names just codes- this one thank heavens comes from someone will call- Jenn7

Circa 1934 4 years 
Yabba Dabba Doo thank so much "ceydaboo"

Circa 1934 Family 50 years 
This one comes from "Yara F." I believe that is her on the right, not on the left

Circa Girls Night Out 
Maybe some of you know this girl is one of my hero's.... All we know is she signs it..... Jenny 41180

Circa The writing on the wall 
I think for her it's a scrapbook tradition she signs her name "Final edition".

CIRCA 1934 Cow Girl 
A terrific layout I think you can see comes from someone with the code name "Irish Eye's 3"

All of these are courtesy of our good friends at! For more click on the link: More Cosmo Cricket Circa 1934 projects

Okay, I mentioned in the title that we love giveaways. Lets have fun! Want to know what were playing for?

How about $100.00 of Cosmo Cricket product of your choice.

 Leave a comment in rhyme form before the end of the day next Monday and we will enter you in our drawing.

Your poem can be cheesy like mine, funny like Julie's, plagiarized, memorized, or super sized.

We look forward to hearing from you!

Have a really great day!

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