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3 Great Projects/ 3 Great Things

So, below you will find three really great Cosmo Cricket paper crafting projects. But before we start there, can I share three really great things in my life?

#1. All four of my kids are in school full time!!! Do you know what this means. My house stays clean until 3:00 in the afternoon. I am not in the kitchen all day, everyday making snacks for small people. I think this has freed up hours of my time! And, I am writing this without Jack sitting on my lap.

#2. I am going to Holland on Friday! It will be a very quick trip, but my family is from Holland and so I am super excited.... a little bit nervous, but super excited!

#3. Ohhhh, I am such a tease, because I am not going to tell you number three until tomorrow. But it is really exciting! Not only for me, but all of you too. You are going to LOVE this news because it is going to mean something really great for all your crafty hopes and dreams! Stay tuned and be sure to check in tomorrow!!!!!

Now onto three really great projects!

The first is a fun layout from Daphne, "a German girl in the UK". I love the colors in Clementine with kraft paper next to them!

Clementine_scrapbook_cosmo cricket_beach

Next we have some beautiful simplicity from Jennie McGarvey and Odds and Ends.
Odds and Ends_cosmo cricket_scrapbook_ simple_page.jpg

And, to finish off, Kary Lim brings it all together with some Unity Stamps featuring artwork from Clementine with papers from Odds and Ends.


Have a great day everyone and happy crafting!

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Blog Post

Adventures in Crafting

Odds and ends craft sewing organization altered project cosmo cricket

Some people think that crafting is boring. All I have to say is these people have never crafted with me!

One day, when we were newly married, Eric had a button come off his shirt. I told him to put it in my sewing room so that I could fix it for him. Well, he did and somehow it got covered by the fabric I was using to make throw pillows with. It just so happens that when I cut out the fabric for the pillows, I happened to cut out some fabric from Eric's shirt!

Many of my adventures involve Eric! Another day, I was hanging a shelf I had painted. This required a power drill. Teasing Eric, I poked him in the behind with the drill and "accidentally" hit the power button. Wow, jeans wrap around a spinning drill really fast!!!

Having craft supplies around kids always makes for an adventure! You may have read the story about Kate coloring her entire body brown on the Moda Blog. But, did you know that she cut off her bangs, right to the skin, so that she could add hair to a doll we were making? I had envisioned yarn hair personally, but Kate likes realistic details!

Anyway, next month is National Sewing Month. I altered some old, rusty containers to try to get myself organized in an effort to avoid more personal mishaps. But, who knows when you get four kids, one dog, three sewing machines (yep I have more sewing machines than TVs), at least a dozen pair of scissors and one insaniac woman together!



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Blog Post

Julie Comstock: Arrested in a Strip Club

A day ago, I was tagged in a post on facebook as the one that would get arrested at a strip club?!?!?! What!!! I haven't ever even been to a strip club, well not as a guest... just kidding, really NEVER!

Anyway, it was a hilarious post that you can see on my wall. But it got me thinking of our own game. So, take the friends that show up in your sidebar on facebook and in the order they are listed, add their names to the following descriptions. You can do this here, on facebook, or just in your pretty little mind. It's only for fun, so put on your sense of humor caps!

You're at a store crop with your best friends:
Runs with scissors:
Spikes the punch:
The "Nazi" Instructor:
Laughs so hard she snorts:
Glues something to her behind:
Shares too much personal information:
Gets thrown out of the store:
Kisses scrapper next to her:
Slaps the scrapper who kissed her:
Wins the prize:

Hope this made you smile! Have a happy weekend everyone!!!



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Blog Post

Three Random Things

Random Thing #1: Today is the kick off of our warehouse sale. If you're in the Cache Valley area, or anywhere nearby, you won't want to miss it! We have lots of really great stuff, but on some things I was surprised how few we even had. For example, I think there are only 8 mini decks in the entire sale! If you're looking for a great deal on them, come quick!!!

Random Thing #2: If you think you know every single thing about me, and you're kind of tired of it. Then please forgo this link. But, if you just can't get enough (maybe you're a stalker of something) then here's an interview I did about our fabric line for Moda. I did share one story in there that I don't think any of you have heard.

Random Thing #3: It's the first day of school. Here's some pics.
Kid pics_back to school
Unfortunately, from a photo standpoint, only Abby was on the good side of the bus. I love this pic of her though!

The older kids left when it was still a bit dark. It is really hard to photograph these two together. Ethan is 6' 4" and Kate isn't quite 5' yet.

To cool for school. No, I didn't pose them. They did this all on their own.

Kid_pics_back to school_boy
I can always see this look in Jack's eyes of nervousness combined with excitement combined with "Why are you making me do this mom?!?!?". Hang in there Jack! The first day of first grade is a big deal, but you'll do great!

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Blog Post

Circa 1934 Quilt!

It's so nice to have talented sisters! My sister, Emily Bailey of Aunt Em's Quilts took the fabric I designed for Moda and made them into this gorgeous quilt.

Circa 1934 quilt_moda fabric_Emily Bailey
And, if you think I am biased because she's my sister, just know that she made the cover of McCall's Quick Quilts! GOOOoooo EMILY!!!!

So, if you're interested in the quilt then check out this link where you can find a kit for making it along with more information about it.

Have a great day everyone!

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Blog Post

Cosmo Cricket Warehouse Sale of Biblical Proportions and an offer for our Blog friends

So this week, Thursday (8-6), Friday (8-6), and Saturday (8-1) to be exact, Cosmo Cricket is having a huge, gigantic scrapbook warehouse sale of biblical proportions. We rarely do this, but thought what the heck, you guys deserve it. Our address is 1665 West 2960 South Nibley, Utah. If you get lost you can reach us at 435-755-2999 and we will talk you here. :)

We have some really fun stuff that we will be selling at 40-90% off of the retail price. We know some of you live close by, but others not so much. We wish all of you were here to play with us :(

But.........................since you're not, you are our friends and Julie had a great idea that she thought you might like.

She proposed a Cosmo Cricket Mystery Box for the first 250 emailer backers, at a price of $50.00 with a retail of over $200.00. You save a little over $150.00 thats all.

Sounds like a pretty great deal to me. The box will include paper, embellishments, chipboard, stickers, sticker books, Lacing Card Kits (anyone remember these?)etc.

Those interested email lindsay@cosmocricket ( that would be me) and let me know that you want to participate. Include your name, address and credit card info! Pretty simple!

Have a really great day!

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Blog Post

Time for a new sketch

Are you ready to create a card?!! We sure hope you are because if you create a card using Cosmo Cricket you can win a publication in Cards magazine!!

Our very own Debbie Olson created a sketch and a sample card aspecialy for this challenge.


Card sketch


Make sure to have your link posted here in the comment section by August 27th. The editors of Cards magazine will select a winner and you can found out who it is on September 3rd, right here on the Cosmo blog!!

Have fun playing along! 

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Blog Post

Kate + Mom = Girl Day

When Kate was a tiny, little girl I promised that when she turned 12 I would take her to get a "real" haircut and have her make-up done.

Well, her birthday is Monday, but I could only get two back-to-back appointments for yesterday.

We began the day by getting our hair done. Kate wanted to go second so that her hair would be the newest when we went to lunch afterward.


Here's what she looked like after the cut.

Kate_back to school

Holy Moly! I love Oscar. He is a good friend. But, when he made my little girl look all grown up I had a momentary desire to hurt him. It was fleeting though because I've got to tell you, having a third party tell my daughter that her hair is beautiful, her smile is great, her face shape is so cute, etc. is totally worth it. Why can we never believe these things from people close to us?

Then we headed for lunch were we discussed lots of important topics like the difference between taking care of yourself and being selfish, making goals for the future and not doing stupid things that will mess them up, being nice to everyone, etc. You know, all those good mom words of advice, that girls with new hair-do's are more inclined to listen to.

After lunch we headed to the MAC counter for make-overs.

Kate_make-up_back to school

They did her make-up so that she still looks like a young girl. I love it, and personally I think this girl is just about the cutest thing on earth! 

In some ways it is sad to see her growing up, but in other ways it is so fun and exciting! I really think she is going to make good choices and do great things in the world.

So, here's to you Kate!
Love, mom.

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Blog Post

A Wedding Scrapbook Page

Odds & ends_wedding scrapbook layout_julie comstock_cosmo cricket 

Enjoy the above layout, featuring Odds and Ends with 1" Gluber flowers, while I tell you a story about my wedding day.

Eric and I were married an hour and a half drive away from my parent's home, where I had been staying over the summer. On this drive, the reality of committing the rest of my life to one person started sinking in.

I asked my parents, "How long have you been married?"

They replied, "25 years."

"25 years" I said in shock, "that's longer than I've been alive!"

To appreciate the humor of this, you have to understand that I am the THIRD child of a VERY conservative family. So it was no surprise when my mom answered, "Well, I hope so!"

Now for our winner, congratulations go to Sherry Tasker. Sherry, send us your info and we'll send you your prizes. Email it to cathie at cosmocricket dot com. Thanks!


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Blog Post

Cosmo Cricket Interactive and a contest

Tell you how my day has gone:

1- Arrived at work 7:10AM thinking I could get a great start on the day, only to find that our server was down and I had to wait for our tech to get here to work his magic.

2- Our Printer was supposed to have all of our new products here bright and early this morning. I talked to him Friday and he said that he would bring it on Saturday and me being the chipper guy that I am, said, "no worries, don't come on Saturday, just have it early on Monday." It was suppose to be here last Wednesday.

Well.....It's now 11:30AM and no sign of product. Is this one of those "no good deed goes unpunished" kind of things?

3- And last, I had terrific projects for today's blog all of the way from Brazil and Typepad is being uncooperative. Can't post them. :(

So here's the deal, my bad luck is your good fortune. We love interaction with our Typepad friends. It's kind of therapeutic. We know you have questions about us and would like to get to know us better and we would you too.

Ask a question about Julie, Eric, Sookie, Me, anything. I will attempt to answer them all. Then this week, we will draw a winner for a brand spanking new Clementine Collage kit (If our printer ever gets it to us).

Remember i'm having a not so great day and the pressure is on you guys to ask some really fun questions!

Have a great day!


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Blog Post

Hand Made Cards.... school shopping

Collage_card_odds and ends_cosmocricket_julie comstock

Card_making_odds and ends_cosmocricket_julie comstock

Handmade_card_odds and ends_cosmo cricket_julie comstock

Yep, I'm still here, trying to be a mom, designer, wife and friend. My current battle.... school shopping, specifically jean shopping with Kate. You would think at size 00-0 this would be easy enough. I mean, I always thought my problem was my size, but no... I think jean designers are really just sick and twisted individuals.

The first pair. Kate pulled them up, well almost, her crotch hit the inseam before they came up far enough to cover her butt. When she sat down, the majority of her sweet cheeks rested directly on the bench!

Pair #2. How can you make a muffin top out of a 12 year old dancer with 0% body fat? I don't know, but jean designers have figured it out!

Pairs #3-12. All we can say is really, have you ever seen a girl that looks like Humpty Dumpty 'cause if you have, Old Navy has jeans just for her.

Pair #13. Even at size 00, it was huge. Mental note to self: Come back without daughter. If Kate is swimming in these, I'm probably a size 10!

Pair #14-15. "They're too tight on my calves Mom." This makes total sense, loose on thighs, loose on butt, tight on the really bulky part of a young girl's legs, her calves?!?!?

Pair #16-17. The ultra-tight, little-bit-stretchy, "Rockstar" jean in size 0. What, is that an angel chorus I hear? You like them? What, they are on clearance for $11.95? How many do they have in size 0... only two? Well, I'm still counting it as a miracle!!!

Good luck to all you other mom's out there! And, to that mom that was going for the last pair of Rockstars, I'm really sorry if I hurt you as I grabbed them from your clenched fists.

(just kidding, I would never do such a thing.... although at that point, I may have been tempted.)


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Blog Post

A picture and a layout say's a thousand words

Heidi Odds and Ends 
Heidi Odds and Ends 2 

Heidi Sonboul is a good friend of ours. Do we see her often? Not so much. Do we email or Facebook, again not vey often. I don't even think that Heidi is my Facebook friend. :( 

When she does email she always has something important to say through her creativity. These layouts are terrific. You know why? The focus is on the pictures and the background is beautiful.

Heidi uses our Odds and Ends collection, which has been tough to keep in stock, and totally blew me away with the Boy Friend Chipboard pieces.

Well done Heidi! Enough said.

Have a great day!


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Blog Post

Cosmo Cricket and the correct answers according to Lindsay

Yesterday was super fun! You guys had me rolling with your answers!

Okay because I'm in charge, before I had drawn a winner, I had to disqualify anyone that answered:

 Diet Pepsi over Diet Coke 

Jane Austin books over romantic comedies

Young men  over 51 year old men with distinguishing grey streaks

 and last but not least  those who chose male underwear models over Scrapbook Sales guy :)

Just kidding! I only held it against you for a few minutes :)

Yesterdays winner was Jenny Simon who commented at 7:12PM yesterday. Jenny, email cathie at cosmo cricket dot com your address, and we will send a young blonde scrapbook sales guy who drinks Diet Coke, stops and smells the roses, loves romantic comedies starring  a quilting George Clooney, to you with your prize in a paper sack.

 If he's not available will you settle for a UPS driver?  

The rest of you hang in there! I'm thinking we need a questionnaire for your other halves maybe on Friday.

Oh, almost forgot, June's Scrapbook dot com winner was Kim Kachmarski.This project is FUN!

Kim used a variety of Cosmo Cricket collections that coordinate perfectly. Sorry Kim for the late posting. :)

RollerCoaster Kimmck

Have a great day!


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Blog Post

Cosmo Cricket Coup d'etat

Call it a revolution, a rebellion, an overthrow, or........ the fact Julie is super busy designing some fun very new paper craft related products for 2012. This is day 2 that I have seized "blog power". What that means is, I kind of get to interogate our followers, show them projects that might result in some form of Cosmo Cricket brainwashing, and induce them to comment by offering a giveaway.

First things first. In July, Ms. Izzy Anderson was our challenge winner. Because of the coup and the fact that I like to change things up, we will have June's winner later this week.

Take a look at Izzy's:

CC fish - Anderson
CC bubbly - Anderson
CC frame & mini - Anderson
CC Octopi - Anderson

Izzy you make me dizzy and you are crazy talented!

Next, here's the deal, as your "coup leader", I have questions for you. You answer, you're entered in a drawing for our new Clementine Collage Kit, Tiny Text Stickers, and Mini Deck.


Paper or Plastic?

Vanilla or Chocolate?

Scrapbooking or Cardmaking?

Tom Cruise or George Clooney?

Roses or Shasta Daisies

Diet Coke or Diet Pepsi

Young men with blonde hair or 51 year old men with black distinguishing grey streaks?

Romantic comedies or Jane Austin books?

Cats or Dogs?

Quilting or Collage?

Facebook or blogs?

Elvis Presley or Elvis Costello?

Odds and Ends or Snorkel?

Male underwear models or Scrapbook Sales Guy?

Have fun and can't wait to see your answers!


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Blog Post

Julie did 'Happy Friday" last week, so i'm doing "Happy Monday" today.

Here is what "I" have been up to while I've been MIA on the blog:

I spent sometime in California where I watched Julie having fun making a ton of Gluber Flowers

Yesterday was my birthday. I turned 51. Only 9 years left in my 50's

My daughter Kiley, her husband Steven, and grandbaby Maylee got back from camping. It's probably more exciting when you're 11 year old gets back from camp.

My wife and I learned it is better to hire a plumber than to have me try to fix things. A ten minute job turned into a 7 hour job. I think I'll stick to scrapbooking

I beat Eric, Julie, and Ethan at Settlers of Catan. It was my first time playing and Julie said that she didn't want to hurt my feelings, but that I probably won despite myself

Eric and Julie for my birthday bought me a 6-pack of Kraft Macaroni and Cheese and I was super duper excited! I Love it! Oh they also got me an Itunes card

Now for a super cool project that arrived in my email just today created by Sylvia Alem using Salt Air:

Salt Air Bird Cage 1

Salt Air Bird Cage 2

Salt Air Bird Cage 3

Have a great day!

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Blog Post

Happy Friday!

Here's what I've been up to while MIA on the blog:

I spent some time in California where we had fun making tons of Gluber flowers.

I turned 37. Three years in the thirties left!

My Kate gets back from camp today and I'm soooooo excited!

Eric beat Ethan and I in a game of Settlers of Catan. This was a highly unlikely result!

I beat Lindsay in a game of Scrabble with the word "evade."

I went to lunch yesterday with my best friends. Good times!

And to top it all off, I just got this email with a preview of Print and Pattern 2. Togetherness makes a huge splash in this book that will be a must have for pattern/surface designers! Here are a few sneak peeks, just for our fans. Can we also suggest you check out the Print and Pattern blog. It's superb for inspiration!


Print&pattern_book2_togetherness_cosmocricket_surface desinger


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