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Are you the Winner?

In just a few minutes, we'll learn who we should invite on our next trip to Vegas! But, if it's not you, please head on over to Kate Spain's blog for a chance to win her set!

But first, here is another cuff bracelet I forgot to post yesterday with a cluster of tomatoes on it.
Simple_sewing_project_wrist_pincushion_moda fabrics

Simple_sewing_project_tomato_pincushion_circa 1934

A lot of you wondered if this pattern would work for pumpkins and the answer is yes! It most certainly does.... especially if you bring your thread around and through the center multiple times to divide the pumpkin into segments.

Guess what you get if you make three albino tomatoes and stack them up? A snowman! I will be making some of these in the coming weeks!

Now for the winner! Congratulations go to Dyanne who said, "what cute tomatos and the fabrics are are perfect for your project. hoping i win you give-away." Dyanne send your info to lindsay at cosmocricket dot com so we can send your your bundle of Circa 1934 along with the other goodies. Then we suggest you go into the Cosmo Cricket Prize Winner's Protection Program, change your name, leave your family behind and move to a new location. But don't worry, this fabric is worth it!!!

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Blog Post

Moda Country Fair Blog Hop!

Welcome to the Moda Country Fair Blog Hop, Cosmo Cricket day!!!

For those of you visiting our blog for the first time, allow me to make introductions. I'm Julie, the Mia Farrow-from-Rosemary's-Baby look-a-like. I design most of our patterns, think up product ideas like Glübers and do the majority of the rambling here on the blog.
I am married to Eric, Will Schuester look-a-like. He is an illustrator and designer. I use his illustrations in a lot of my work and he designs some patterns too. He is super talented but prefers to stay in the background.
Lindsay is our business partner, close friend and surrogate uncle to our kids. He is best at giving away free stuff and making everyone laugh and he has the super easy job of representing Eric and me, our art and our products. Lindsay has been accused of not just looking like Steve Carell, but if you have ever seen The Office, then you kind of know what he sounds like too!
Lindsay's_celebrity_look-a-like copy
OK, enough of introductions, let's get onto the fair!!! We'll start at the art show.... it was always my favorite spot because as a kid, my mom entered at least one of my paitings every year.

2american gothic_cosmo cricket_moda fabric

2artist's mother_cosmo cricket_moda fabric

2venus_cosmo cricket_moda

2birth of venus_cosmo cricket_moda fabric

Now, let's move on to the local produce. These tomatoes may not win for size, but I think for color they are a show stopper!
Simple sewing project_fall_tomato pin cusion_moda fabric_circa 1934
This is a simple sewing project that is very quick and easy to do. Here's all it takes:

1. Cut a rectangle on the bias that is twice as long as it is wide. For example, 2" x 4" or 2.5" x 5". Mine are as big as 3" x 6" and as tiny as 1.5" x 3".

2. Fold this in half, with right sides together and sew the short end.
Simple sewing tutorial_tomato pincushion
3. Use a running stitch to gather the bottom opening. Pull it tightly closed and knot off.
4. Fill your soon to be tomato with stuffing.
5. Use a running stitch to gather the top opening. As you pull this in, use your little finger or knitting needle, etc, to push the raw edges into the tomato. Gather tightly and knot off.
6. Cut a topper from felt. You can use the below pattern, but really it's super simple to just cut a small square and trim away little triangles until you have a similar shape. (I don't know how to size this, but obviously it is way too big here. You are looking for about a 1" size, so shrink this down accordingly.)
7. Stitch top to tomato using embroiderly floss. Start by knotting your floss to the underside of the topper. Take the thread up, make a loop using your finger as a placeholder, bring your needle back down and knot on the underside again leaving the loop on the top side. Now, stitch all the way throught the tomato from top to bottom, pulling tightly enough to squish the tomato slightly. Knot off.

After you make up these little cuties, here's some ideas of what to do with them. Line a cuff bracelet blank with coordinating Circa 1934 paper and glue a tomato to the top for a wearable wrist pincushion.
Wrist cuff pincushion_moda_circa 1934_simple_sewing_project
Even cuter, but not quite as practical is to glue a tiny one to a ring base.
Tomato_ring_finger_pincushion_moda_circa 1934
Use them to top jars containing crafty gifts. I love to find vintage and/or interestingly shaped jars for things like this... and who doesn't love buttons???
Gift for sewers_button jar_pin cushion_moda fabrics
Here's an old Alka-Seltzer jar, it fits crochet hooks perfectly.
Gift for crafter_crochet hooks_pin cushion_moda fabrics
Although I don't have an example, I can imagine these tomatoes being super fun glued into wreaths and centerpieces for fall.

Does talking about tomatoes make you hungry? Well I have a great recipe for them, but first please read the following:

WARNING: The consumption of recipes developed, cooked or otherwise affected by Julie Comstock could result in stomach upset, facial grimmacing and skinny family members. Years of scientific study have found a link between Eric's slimness and Julie's cooking.... since Julie lives on chocolate, she has remained un-affected. Please proceed at your own risk!

Ok, it's true, I'm more infamous than famous for my cooking. But, this recipe is so easy that even I can't mess it up!

Rich and Creamy Tomato Basil Soup

2 cans of diced tomatoes with garlic, undrained (You can use fresh tomatoes. The original recipe called for four, seeded, peeled and diced.... way too much work for me!)
2 cans tomato sauce
1 tomato sauce can of water
14 leaves fresh basil (At least! You can use dried basil, just use a ton of it!)
1 can evaporated milk
1/4 Cup butter
1 splash basalmic vinegar
Salt and pepper to taste

Put the tomatoes, tomato sauce, water and basil in the pot. Bring it to a simmer. Add the evaporated milk, butter and vinegar. Blend it until smooth (I use a hand mixer right in the pot). That's it.

Last but not least, state fairs are known for games and prizes. We can't spin a wheel, or toss rings, but if you leave a comment here on the blog, we'll enter you into a contest to win this:
Moda fabric_cosmo cricket_circa 1934 fat quarter prize
Check back here tomorrow when we will announce the winner! Good luck everyone and thanks for dropping by. A special thanks to Lily Ashbury Designs for sending you all here! Please visit Kate Spain's blog tomorrow for the next stop at the fair!

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Blog Post

Farmer's Market Bag with Early Bird

I love getting pictures of the fun things you all make. Take a look at this super cute farmer's market bag by Ilil Ziv. I fell in love at first sight!

Farmer's market bag_cosmo cricket_fabric

Farmer's market bag_cosmo cricket_fabric_lined

Now, if you are the fabric-y type of crafter, on Monday we'll be having a drawing for our Moda fabric line, Write This Way: Circa 1934 as part of our Moda Country Fair blog hop!

I've been working on this blog entry for a long time and I really hope you'll all come to see it.

Have a great weekend everyone!

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Blog Post

Learning to Speak "Mom" and Making fun Tags

If you are a mom, like myself, you may be looking for ways to streamline your life. Well, I had an epiphany I'd love to share with you! It came this morning as I was trying to hustle my kiddos out the door to catch the bus. They have to leave at 8:30 and it was exactly at 8:28 that I realized I really only ever use a handful of phrases. So, quit worrying about all those words you know in the English language because you only need the following 10 sound bites. These phrases can be mixed and matched to fit every occassion of raising children.

1. Stop that.
2. Do this.
3. Hurry up.
4. No.
5. Yes.
6. Not now.
7. Say you're sorry.
8. Please.
9. Thank you.
10. I love you.

You can string these together in a variety of ways with simple words like "and" and "but". For example, "No. Stop that and do this" or "Hurry up and say you're sorry" or "I love you, but please, not now."

Master this simple list and you will free up large amounts of brainpower and memory space for remembering more important things like:

1. Tastiest chocolate bars
2. Favorite Scrapbooking lines (Cosmo Cricket!)
3. Where you left your corner rounder
4. Your best friend's birthday
5. What day it is


Now, take a look at these fun tags that Yael Yaniv sent me. I love making tags... as those of you who attended Scrapfest know.... but mine are boring compared to this! Thanks for the inspiration Yael, now that I don't have to speak English anymore, I just might try some of these!!!

Paper craft_tags_cosmo cricket_friends
And one last thing.... congratulations to Amanda Jacobs who won yesterday's prize. Amanda send your info to lindsay at cosmocricket dot com so we can get you your Clementine!

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Blog Post

Clementine: Stinkin' Cute Home Decor and Giveaway!

Well, isn't this just about the cutest thing you have ever seen? Oh, how I love Clementine's button cards!

Home Decor project_clementine_paper craft_sewing room_cosmo cricket_scrapbook
Designed by local artist, Natalie McRae using a second hand frame she found at a thrift shop. She is coming to pick it up today.... I'm thinking I may lock the door and pretend not to be home because it is so cute I think it should live in my sewing room permanently!

On that note, it is time to start thinking about thrifty gifties again. This project would be a perfect gift. If you have a thrifty gifty example, send it our way. We'd love to inspire everyone with it! If you don't then leave us a comment and we'll enter you into a contest for a Clementine Mini Deck.... what could be more thrifty than winning it free???

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Blog Post

Scrapfest Recap: Free Class Download

So you couldn't make it to Scrapfest? Well, you missed out on a ton of fun! I was attacked by land sharks:

Scrapfest_mall of america_julie comstock-archivers

I was almost run over by Lindsay:
Scrapfest_lindsay moore_cosmo cricket_friend
Lindsay then found his true calling: Answering questions for scrapbookers! I asked him what to do when your feet hurt, he said that you trick someone into giving you a piggy back ride. Great advice Lindsay!
Friends_scrapbook_archivers_scrapfest_cosmo cricket
We met lots of friends and fans.

Friends_scrapbook_archivers__lindsay moore_scrapfest_cosmo cricket

Julie comstock_woody_friend_scrapfest_mall of america_scrapbook

We made a ton of fabric flowers using Glubers!!! I tried to teach you all my techniques and now I expect to see some great things from you all!
Julie comstock_cosmo cricket_glubers_fabric flower demonstration

And, speaking of fans and Gluber flowers, take a look at this super cute rolling case that is decorated not only with tons of fabric Gluber flowers, but ones made in Circa 1934 fabrics from Moda!!!

Scrapfest_julie comstock_fabric flower trunk_gluber

We stayed at our Crop Around Town until after midnight. How did we get through it???? By eating our attendees snacks when they weren't looking, of course!
Lindsay moore_crop around town_cosmo cricket_scrapfest_archivers

That sums it up and now I just have one more photo and two more words: THE END!

Lindsay_moore_scrapfest_class_cosmo cricket
See you all next year!!!!


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Blog Post

Scrapfest: Crops, Classes, Demos, Friends, Chocolate

Lindsay and I are leaving bright and early tomorrow morning for one of the largest scrapbooking events in the world.... SCRAPFEST!

We will be hosting a Crop:


Giving away prizes!
Teaching classes:

Scrapfest 2011_cosmocricket_odds and ends_handmade cards

Doing real life demos.... something like this:

Hanging with our friends:


And eating chocolate for almost every meal:


Hope to see you there! But, if you can't make it let us know what you are doing instead. Hopefully it's something fun!!!

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Blog Post

Christmas Cards with Fabric Gluber Flowers

So, I've been making cards with Glüber flowers and although I have no crazy rhyme for you today, I do have more cards for you to see.

Christmas Card_santa_paper crafting_cardmaking_fabric flower_gluber
The first shows a coiled rosette made on a 2" Gluber. To make the leaves, use the ruffled rose technique with a strip cut into points. Ruffle this onto the backside of the Gluber that you made the rose on, just part way around. You will have plenty of stick on the backside for holding the finished flower, with leaves, to your card.

Christmas Card_handmade_papercrafting_card making
Using more of the green strip that I cut into points, I took a 1" Gluber and ruffled three points around it to make the Holly looking leaves on this card. There was some glue exposed in the center, that I just covered with the large red gem to look like a berry. These are super simple and really fun for the holidays.

Unfortunately, these cuties will be put on display at Archiver's for the Scrapfest event, so I am not getting ahead on my 2011 Christmas Card production! But, if you are going to be at Scrapfest, come see me demo all my Gluber Flower techniques in front of the store each afternoon. It's sure to be fun!!!

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Blog Post

Oh My Darling Clementine

In a scraproom, with her tall groom
Making cards and feeling fine
Dwelt a crafter full of laughter
And her paper, Clementine.
Clementine_card making_fabric roses_gluber_flower_cosmo cricket_julie comstock(Rosettes are made with the 1" Glübers)

Oh my darling, oh my darling,
Oh my darling, Clementine!
Thou art cut and glued forever
I need more of Clementine.

Light she was and like a fairy,
And her patterns, one less than nine,
Used on boxes, without topses,
Made nice gifts with Clementine. -- Chorus

Peachy pinks and greens like water,
Full of whimsy, soft and fine,
But, alas, I had a trimmer,
So I lost my Clementine. -- Chorus
Clementine_card_fabric_flower_gluber_cosmo cricket_julie comstock(Flower is made with a 2" Glüber using the looped flower technique for the first round and then the ruffled rose technique for the inside.)

How I missed her! How I missed her,
How I missed my Clementine,
If it weren't for my Fiskar,
I'd still have my Clementine. -- Chorus

By the way, there is a great blog and give away on the Moda Blog Hop today. Please drop by Minick and Simpson and say Hi!

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Blog Post

Dear Mr. Claus, I love you!

Here is a great project done by a designer in my town, Natalie McCray. Take a look. I'm sure her house is going to be beautiful this holiday season!

Banner_christmas craft paper dear mr claus cosmo cricket

Christmas paper craft dear mr claus cosmo cricket banner snowman

Christmas paper craft santa cosmo cricket dear mr claus banner

Paper crafting for christmas banner

I, on the other hand, haven't even had a chance to think about Christmas. Heavens, we don't even know what we are doing for Halloween. Last night at dinner we were talking about what the kids might be for Halloween when Jack announced that he is glad his dad isn't a gorilla.... in real life. This started quite an interesting conversation about what it would be like if Eric were a gorilla.

I said I was glad he wasn't a gorilla because of all the hair that would be left in the shower drain every morning. Ethan said that he was glad because he didn't want to get woken up by Eric beating his chest and doing his ape yell. Kate said that she was going to write a poem about her dad being a gorilla which made us all laugh when I told her to title it, Do You Have a Gorilla Dad as Hairy as Mine. Jack and Abby imagined him throwing bananas at us when he got mad.

So, I think now maybe Jack will have to be Tarzan, Abby will be Jane and Eric will be the Gorilla. AHHHaaaahhhAAAHHHaaahhh. If you have a better idea, let me know!

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Blog Post

Fabric Fower Tutorial: It is National Sewing Month Afterall

Circa 1934 Moda Write this way_julie comstock_cosmo cricket_gluber fabric flower

It is National Sewing Month and so today I thought I would show you how to make this cute flower. If you are new to sewing, this is a great project to start with!

Here's what you'll need:

• 4" x 25" strip of fabric. Of course, I highly recommend Moda Fabrics and especially Circa 1934! But, I'm sure, if you have to, you could use some other fabric.

• 2"x 14" strip of fabric in coordinating color for center of flower. See above for fabric guidelines.

• One 2" Gluber

• One needle

• Some thread

• 5 pins

• One ruler

• Scissors

Ok, that's it. Have you got your supplies gathered, cause here we go.

Take your long strip and fold it in half lengthwise. Now place a pin every 5" from end to end. You will be stitching between these pins as shown below.

Sewing fabric flowers_moda_julie comstock
I did my stitching in white so you could see what I'm up to. I start by threading the needle with a double length of thread with the ends knotted together. For you first time sewers, take one stitch with your needle and then before you pull the thread all the way though the fabric, take your needle and poke it in between the two threads of the tail. This will make a knot that cannot be pulled out. (I hope that makes sense!)

Once you have started your needle, you are going to make a running stitch by taking your needle up and down through the fabric. Stitch from the folded edge up to the raw edge, around the corner, across the raw edge to where your pin is and then back down. (I removed the pin to make sewing by it easier).

Here is the really important part!!! If your needle ends the first petal on the side of the fabric facing you, then the next poke of the needle needs to be on the side of the fabric away from you and vice versa. Look closely at my photo. See how the thread ends behind the strip, then on the next petal it starts in front of the strip? If you get this wrong your flower won't gather.

Continue stitching petals and start to gather them as you go.

Fabric flower tutorial Moda julie comstock
I want 5 petals and so I have two more left to do. When you have finished as many petals as you want, bring the ends together, stitch them closed and knot off your thread. You don't have to worry about being neat, we are going to cover over the center. If you look closely, you can see my sloppy knot in the photo below.

By the way, this is a ribbon flower technique. With the doubled cotton, we will have a hole in the center because the fabric is too thick to gather in any tighter. No worries, covering over the center not only makes for a cuter flower, but a much more forgiving flower... just in case we made any mistakes.

5 petal fabric flower_moda fabric_julie comstock_circa 1934
Try this flower with the fold on the inside for another look!

Now, we will use our smaller strip of fabric to make a coiled Gluber rose. You can see a video of the technique here.

Then we just stick that over the center of our 5 petal flower and we're done!

Circa 1934 Moda Write this way_julie comstock_cosmo cricket_gluber fabric flower
See, it was simple! Use this flower on any project you like. If it is something that will be washed, please make it removeable since Glubers cannot go through the wash and remain beautiful!

If you need some fabric for this project, head on over to Barbara and Mary of Me & My Sister for a great giveaway, free pattern and tons of fun! I love these ladies!!!


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Blog Post

Dutch Luck

I'm back from the land of tulips, windmills, bicycles and steep staircases!

My favorite things:

The people

The Anne Frank House

A Magnum Ice Cream Bar

The chocolate

The bicycles

I would show you my photos, but Eric already did. So, instead I'll share a story with you.

Before the event, we sent our product for the booth and make and takes to Natasja. Unfortunately, our shipment is still stuck in customs.

I told Natasja, not to worry because I could just bring everything in my suitcase. Well, my suitcase didn't make it to Holland with me. AHHHhhh. So, after an hour of filling out forms we were told that when the suitcase was found, it would be forwarded to our hotel.

Right about now, you are probably thinking I'm not a very lucky person. Well, at breakfast the next morning, everyone was teasing me about not having a suitcase. My clock read 7:56 and we had to leave at 8:00. I told everyone not to worry because in four minutes the courier would walk through that door with my suitcase. At exactly 7:57, she did. She was three minutes early!

I think I'm quite lucky!!! I had brought an extra change of clothes, deoderant, toothbrush and makeup in my carry on just in case. I didn't have any luggage to carry around with me while sight-seeing in Amsterdam. We didn't have to squish everything into Natasja's small, European car. And, my bag arrived early enough to get to Kars on time and set up. Yep, I'm the kind of girl you want to have with you in Vegas!!!

Today you will want to check out the fun post on the Moda blog hop at Bunny Hill Designs.

Now, I am going back to sleep for about a week. See you all later!


-------'s Natasja here. Don't tell Julie I am breaking in on her blogpost. She might think I am making a habit out of it...but I do have some fun pictures of Julie in the Netherlands you might like to see ;)

Julie on the boat during the canal tour:



Julie in a windmill:



Julie on top of a windmill (wel at least close to the top):



And.....Julie reunited with her suitcase!



Now I am getting out of here before Julie catches me!


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Blog Post

Holland, Windmills and Julie

Good Sunday morning everyone. This is Eric filling in for Julie while she is away. Julie sent me these photos of her sight-seeing in Holland with Natasja Verbeek.

Photo2  Photo3




Hi everyone,

Here is a little addition from Natasja :) Since I am having to much fun showing Julie around here in the Netherlands and also teaching make and takes with her at a trade show here, I didn't had any time to announce the winner of the Card sketch yesterday!!

So here you go; Geri you won the contest! Your Card will be published in Card magazine!

Congratulation :)

HERE is the link to Geri's blog where you can see the lovely card she created! 

Geri please email me at nvcats at gmail dot com so I can get you in touch with the magazine :)

From Holland it is over and out since it's already 11.30 PM and we have a fun day ahead tomorrow!

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Blog Post

A poem from Kate to her mom

Hello all. This is Eric posting today because Julie is on an airplane right now headed to Holland for a tradeshow. Last night Kate wrote a poem for her mom. This is what she wrote: Do_you_have_a_mom_as_great_as_me

Hope you all have a wondeful and safe holiday weekend.

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Blog Post

Moda Country Fair Bloghop and A HUGE Announcement

Well, it's September and National Sewing Month. We are super excited to be participating in Moda's Country Fair Blog Hop! Each day from September 6, until the 2nd of October, you will get to enjoy a great project feature, learn about some super-awesomely-talented designers, enter for prizes and also get a recipe. The schedule is below and starts on the 6th with Sandy Gervais.

I happen to know Sandy and love her to bits. She was kitty-corner to us one year at Surtex. She has a lovely daughter with the best taste in shoes and eyeglasses! Other than that, all I really know about Sandy is that she is an amazing designer, not only of fabrics, but also of patterns for using her fabrics. She sews beautifully and the ladies at my local quilt store say her patterns are some of the easiest to follow! Hop on over to Sandy's blog on the 6th and say hi for me!

Sandy Gervais of Pieces From My Heart

Anne Sutton of Bunny Hill

Barbara and Mary of Me & My Sister

Camille Roskelley of Thimbleblossoms

Edtya Sitar of Laundry Basket Quilts

Jen Williamson of Basic Grey

Polly & Laurie of Minick & Simpson

Sandy Klop of American Jane

Liesl Gibson of Oliver + S

Joanna Figueroa of Fig Tree

Lynne Hagmeier of Kansas Troubles

Alma & Barb of Blackbird Designs

Aneela Hoey

Barbara Brackman of Sunflower Pattern Co-Op

Bonnie Olvason of Cotton Way

Branding Inc. Suzie of Cabbages and Roses

Deb Strain

Jan & Linda of Brannock & Patek

Lauren & Jessi Jung

Stephanie Carter of Lily Ashbury Designs

Julie Comstock of Cosmo Cricket (Hey that's me!)

Kate Spain

Karla Eisenach of Sweetwater

Kaari Meng of French General

Lisa Bongean of Primitive Gathering

Kathy Schmitz of Kathy Schmitz Studios

Liz Scott of Paper Pie

Ok, now I teased you all a bit yesterday about a third really great thing happening in my life. Are you sitting down, because I would hate for you to fall over and hurt yourself. Have you swallowed your coffee, because this is the type of news that could make you spit it out! Are you prepared to spread some scrappy gossip throughout your world, because I have some beans to spill! Are you screaming, "Get to the punchline, Julie?!?!?"

Well if you have checked off all the above points, then let me tell you... Cosmo Cricket is super excited to announce that we have been acquired by Advantus Corporation. Now for those of you that aren't in with all the industry facts, Advantus is a leader in the craft and hobby industry. You may have heard of Tim Holtz, well they produce his products along with so many others.

Here's what this news means to you. Eric and I will now have time to take care of the parts of the business we love.... designing great products and being fun here on the blog. Lindsay, yep he's coming with us, will still be there to help you, make you laugh and give away free stuff. We are so excited to have the Advantus team to help us with the parts we don't love.... you know, all those left-brained tasks that people who don't draw get paid to do.

So, here's to a great future with tons more Cosmo Cricket goodness and other crafting ventures too! Stay with us because it's going to be EXCITING!!!


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