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Cosmo Cricket CHAW 12 Sneak Peek

It's what you've been waiting for. ALL THE GOODS!

Let's start with Tea for Two. My favorite thing about this line is the linen texture in each of the papers! By the way, my sister Becky of Ravenberg Photography took all the photos featured in my layouts. The first are of my nieces, aren't they sweet?
Cosmo Cricket CHAW 12 sneak peek_ tea for two
Maybe you want something a bit more graphic. Let's turn to the artistic stylings of Eric who designed this ultra-cool line, Twenty Three. You'll notice his modern 60's design influence with a bit of vintage flair. (FYI: This layout was made with "proofs", not actual product. The color is off a bit and the actual papers will look more like the images below the layout.)
Cosmo Cricket CHAW 12 sneak peek_ twenty-three_23
If you are expecting a little one and feel like getting your domestic goddess on, then Baby Jane is perfect for you. Even though I am featuring my sister's baby on the layout, this line's paper designs are versatile enough for almost any photos.
Cosmo Cricket CHAW 12 sneak peek_ baby_jane
Or, maybe you're a romantic. And what with Mother's day and Easter coming up Evangeline's spring motifs may just sweep you off your feet. By the way, this layout features one of my favorite photos Becky has ever taken. It's shot on a rooftop in downtown Salt Lake.
Cosmo Cricket CHAW 12 sneak peek_ evangeline
Here's some things I'd like to bring to your attention that are new and different for us.

Element Decks
Think of our Element sheets done as, well, a deck. Each line has one. Each one contains 24 sheets that are ALL unique! Each line's shape is a little different. They are super fun for cards, layouts and journals!
Washi Tape I like this better than any other adhesive! There are two different patterns in each package. One set works with Evangeline and Twenty-Three which share two colors in common. The other set works with Baby Jane and Tea for Two.
COS68071_washi_hello COS68059_washi_ruler
Stacked Stickers These make doing layouts so easy, I almost felt like I was cheating! Fun embellishments, pre-cut, stacked with foam adhesive, embellished with bling... what's left for me to do??? Just peel and stick!
Babyjane_3ds copy
You already know about our mini decks, but now they are printed on an even heavier weight paper.
Our cardstock are just the same, FSC certified, double-sided and beautiful. The following pattern is one of my personal favorites!
Our cardstock stickers are even heavier and have more precise cutting.
The chipboards are back in 6" and peel and stick just as good as ever.
It's all so much fun, I can hardly stand it!!! By the way, there are many "behind the scenes" friends that deserve a big thanks for all their help in getting our work produced, but especially Tracey and Bryan. If you like the new items and features, they are the two to thank!

If you own an independent store and have any questions, Lindsay is your man. Feel free to contact him with anything you need and he will take care of you, as always!

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A Real Life Sneak Peek

It's funny, because one of our tiniest products is getting the first big peak!
Cosmo_cricket_tiny_text_CHAW_12_sneak peek

I loved playing with our Tiny Text stickers from the summer release so much, but I wanted more size variation. I don't always have the right space for something long and narrow. So, I designed these stickers in all sorts of different shapes.

This is the one product I don't have yet! See, even I have to wait sometimes.... something that's very hard for me because I am excited to get using these on cards, art journals and layouts. Until then, I'll keep using our Tiny Types with the new lines. Like on this little layout featuring a line we call 2WENTY-THR3E.
Twenty_three_cosmo cricket_CHAW 12
Have a happy weekend everyone!

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Evangeline Tease/ Crazy Lindsay

With all the changes that have happened around here, Lindsay now works from home. Two weeks after he moved into his new office, his wife went back to school. Hmmmmm.

Since he is the type of person that NEEDS human interaction, I scheduled a Monday morning meeting. This means we get together to discuss all the world's problems like how I haven't lost any weight, and how he is going to kick his sons out of his house one day. I also scheduled what we call "Fun Fridays." This means that every Friday Eric, Lindsay and I do something fun like go to lunch, go to the a matinee, etc.

I really thought these get togethers would suffice, but now I'm afraid he needs even more intervention. Why you ask? Well yesterday we went down to Creating Keepsakes to show off the new lines, and Lindsay was his energetic self times 10! I know, you can't even imagine that right!!

I think he may have set a new world record for words per minute... that is, if you can count them as individual words. It really seemed more like one long, continuous word with lots of syllables.

So, please send Lindsay an email today! If you have time, maybe you could chat online with him? If we don't figure something out, I am afraid that his wife may have to pad the room he is using as his office!

But enough about that... here is another little tease before the full reveal on Monday.
Evangeline_scrapbook_cosmo cricket_CHAW sneak peek

Evangeline_layout_cosmo cricket_CHAW sneak peek

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Blog Post

Tiny Sneak of New Line & Booth

Tea for two_layout_cosmo cricket

Tea for two_layout_cosmo cricket_baby

Today's little featurette is brought to you not only by Rana, but also the lovely Sarah of Advantus. Sarah just sent me a huge box of goodies to play with and I am super excited. These two ladies have both been working so hard on putting together a brand new Cosmo Cricket booth for the trade show (it will be part of the Advantus booth). And believe me, it hasn't been easy.

You see, Rana and Sarah are learning what I learned nearly 18 years ago.... Eric is particular! I'm not saying this is a bad thing. In fact, I believe this is why everything he does is so good. He will not compromise his artistic integrity!

The new booth started with an idea I had. When I have a vision it usually goes something like, "Let's try this and see how it works." When someone asks me a question about my plan I am likely to respond, "I don't know, we'll figure that out when we get there."

However Eric took over the project at my request and, when Eric has a vision, he HAS a vision. It goes something like this, "I want the booth to look exactly like.... no, I said depression green, that is retro green..... move that over 1/4 inch...."

So, this post is for these two hard working and persevering ladies just to say how much Eric, Lindsay and I appreciate all they are doing!

Here's a preview, but you're going to have to use your imaginations because at the moment it just looks like a bunch of odds and ends.... and we're not even showing that line!
Cosmo cricket  knobs booth CHAW

Cosmo cricket cork board booth CHAW

Cosmo cricket trade show booth CHAW
Come see it all put together in Anaheim. It's going to be awesome!

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Blog Post

Three Random Things: Baby Sneak & Reveal Date, BOM, Moka Pots

Random Thing #1. We will be revealing our CHA Winter release here on the blog Monday morning. Mark you calendars! But, I do have something to show you today. Please give a huge thank you to Rana at Advantus for bringing this little sneak peek to you!
Baby_jane_layout_cosmo cricket
Baby_jane_cosmo cricket layout
Random Thing #2. The Fat Quarter Shop just presented their fifth annual Designer Mystery Block of the Month™ featuring "their favorite designers" AND, I'm one of them!

I can't tell you all how excited I was when they asked me to participate. Then a bit of nervousness set in, but Kimberly Jolly was so nice and helped me with everything I couldn't do on my own. I'm really thrilled with how my block turned out!

Kimberly even sent me this cute little button to add to our blog.... which I will do as soon as I figure that out again (am I the only one that can never remember how I did these things before?).
You can see a bit of the quilt and get more information about it on the Fat Quarter Shop site.

Random Thing #3. If there is something that Eric is passionate about besides design and typography, it is coffee. He loves it! It's funny because he was a big Coke drinker for the longest time, but two years ago he traded that in for hot Americanos..... so much healthier by the way!

Anyway, until Christmas all we had at home was a drip coffee machine. When I was in Holland I learned that Mario Rossi has an espresso maker that he loves and so I thought I would get one for Eric. I emailed Mario and asked him about it...... HOLY Mochachino!!! I think my car was less expensive!

This set me on a quest to find a cheaper way to make are really great cup of coffee. After a ton of research on the topic, I settled on a Moka Pot. Have you heard of it?
It cost less than a tenth of Mario's machine at a whopping $22.00. After a couple experiments with grind coarseness and heating temps, I have it down. Eric and I have found our way to coffee nirvana!

If you are ever in Providence, Utah... or there-about... please drop in and I will make you some heaven in a cup! If you won't ever be in my little town, and you are passionate about coffee, please check out the Moka Pot! I really can't tell you how much I love it!!! I really can't believe I ever drank drip coffee!!!

PS: If you do get one and you have any questions, email me.

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Blog Post

Before you can say.........

Sorry no pictures today. Any one have advice for my computer? I can load video's but no photo's. I've even checked with our tech people. They don't know whats going on.

So, I was out of town last week when the card kits arrived with our Early Bird and Togetherness designs and all I can say is WOW, Fun! Breeze you commented at 8:46 and you are the winner!

Julie is very kind, thankful and generous. She mentioned to me how excited she was to have a drawing for this great prize.They are no longer Julie Comstocks, they will be Breeze's very soon.

("Julie let go, come on Julie, unclinch your fists, Julie you promised", "Yes Julie I will see if we can get another set just for you").

Last week I was in Minnesota showing off the great new products that we will be releasing in a few weeks and can I tell you, everyone LOVED them.

Not only did I get to show the new Cosmo Cricket products (which by the way are crazy AWESOME!), but also Tim's new things, and the new Cropper Hopper storage items.

Do I have a great job or what? Next stop for us CHA! We are excited to see all of our friends!

Breeze email julie at cosmo cricket dot com and quicker than you can say:




it will show up at your doorstep. :)

Everyone it's Monday! Have a super great day!

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Blog Post

A Giveaway to say Thank You

As I ponder how to start today's entry, the words of a Janet Jackson chorus are running through my mind.... What have you done for me lately.... oooh ooh ooooh oooh yeah!

Just yesterday:
Ethan read with Jack and helped him with his homework so I could get some other things done.

A salesguy went the extra mile and spent 15 minutes to help me with a $4.50 purchase.

Eric cleaned the kitchen.

My sister called just to visit.

And the list goes on and on.

Are these little acts really worth the time and effort of a thank you card? I didn't use to think so, but I got a thank you card from a friend for something really small and I've got to tell you it made my day! I want to make these people's day. I want them to KNOW that I really appreciate what they do for me. Sure, I said thank you, but there's something about a written note that you just can't convey with spoken words. I think it's the time investment. A thank you card says that you are grateful enough to take a minute, reflect on the thoughtfulness of the other person and realize the value of their sacrifice. Will I write a thank you for every little thing that someone does for me? No.... I can't promise that, but I do intend to do better!
Cosmo Cricket Birds of a Feather Thank You Card Set

Cosmo Cricket Thank You Card Set

Cosmo Cricket cherry pie thank you card set
The company producing these thank you cards is called TeNeues, and since they were so kind to send me several sets, I would like to give one set away to a lucky fan.

Tell me something someone has done for you that requires a thank you card on your part. If you do, we will enter you into a drawing for one each of the card sets shown above. I'll announce the winner in Monday's blog post.

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Blog Post

Six Clues about Evangeline

I promise that I won't tease you today! No, today is nice Julie day. So, here are six clues about Evangeline:

Honey Bee

If those don't get your imagination going... well you can't blame me!

And now, since I promised no teasing, I thought I would address a question I get asked all the time: How do you come up with your color palettes?

I have given this a lot of thought and I think I may need a visual aide to assist in my explanation. First, you draw a lot of little boxes. I do this in Illustrator, usually starting with 6-9. Then, you fill them up with color using the color picker and sliding the CMYK values to mix the colors you think look good. Then, if while your working you feel like you need another color, you add it.

See below.
This is what one of my palettes, from some project I was working on, looks like. That's all I can say.

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Blog Post

Life is not Fair!

Life is not fair!

I am currently surrounded by a mess of brand new Cosmo Cricket papercrafting products. Then, for my job, I have to actually use them. I also have to go to the craft store to buy anything else I'll need, and as if that wasn't hard enough, I will have to fill out an expense report to get reimbursed for it.

And, what really pounds the nail in the coffin is this:
I have to keep it all a secret. I have to see what you can't know about. I have to play with things you can only imagine.

Like I said, LIFE IS NOT FAIR!

Ok, seriously, I do wish I could show you! In fact, it's killing me that I can't.... although I do enjoy sharing the pain! Hey, misery loves company, right?!?!

But, here's what I can do. I can tell you something. The only sneak peek rules are about images so words should be OK. Unfortunately for you, an images is worth a thousand of them and I only have one. Evangeline.

Yes, I am cruel and deserve some sort of harsh karma punishment! Even Eric says I'm terrible.

But hey, if you have any of your holiday photos ready to scrapbook, here's a great layout using Dear Mr Claus by Heather Landry  for some inspiration. You should definitely check out her site too. She has some really fun and free sketches.
Heather Landry cosmo cricket layout scrapbook

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Blog Post

What's Going on with our CHA Sneak Peeks?

I spent the holidays working with our soon-to-be-released CHA scrapbooking products. After finishing a layout that I was really happy with, I ran upstairs and declared I would be sneak peeking it on Monday (today).

Eric thought it was a great idea.

I called Lindsay.... and I mention this so you all know who to blame...

I told him to get his self down to my house to see my layout! (See, you never need to feel crazy for being excited about your work and sending it to show us. I understand!)

I told him I was posting it on the blog Monday morning.

He told me that there is a CHA policy with Advantus to not show any images of the new work online until a specific date that I cannot recall at the moment..... but it seems like forever from now!

If only I hadn't called him. If only he hadn't remembered the email memo.... the one that I didn't get and couldn't have been held responsible to. If only he had his amnesia kick in a few minutes before my phone call then, I could have been showing you now and asking forgiveness later.

But alas, I can't. Something about my upbringing precludes me from disobeying authority.

So, we will have to enjoy these wonderful cards I found around the web featuring Odds and Ends.

I loved Lynda Benden's idea of a card within a card. That envelope is so cute!
Linda Bendon envelope card
Next up, a really fun card for all you stamp enthusiasts by Joanna Basile. I have yet to figure out how you stampers do what you do!
Joanne basile_odds and ends card making
And last, but not least. A simple card I spotted on twopeas by Just Helen. I adore this!

Just_helen_handmade card

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