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Preserving Memories with Quilts

It turns out that scrapbooking isn't the only way to preserve memories. And, it turns out that quilters and scrapbookers may have more in common than they think. For example, they love scraps, they have an affinity for 12" squares, they make pretty things and in their own ways, they both create stories and preserve memories to be passed down from one generation to the next.

Before Cosmo Cricket I spent my spare time sewing and one aspect of that was quilting. I know it's hard to believe since I'm having so much trouble even making a simple block come together now, but I actually made this quilt top.
It was approximately 8 years ago when Eric bought me a huge charm pack of random flannel prints for Christmas. I can remember opening the gift and being so excited. I remember the day I cut everything down to make the quilt. Ethan had a great time playing with the pieces and arranging blocks for me. 

I had completely forgotten about this project until Saturday when I was cleaning out a closet. The corners aren't perfect. The strings aren't cut. And, obviously I haven't ever finished it, but still I'm completely amazed that I sewed it!

And that's not all. There were more partially done quilts that I had made in my previous life. A really simple block I copied from a baby quilt my sister had made for Kate. My sister's was baby size and I planned this one to match, but for a twin. It never got to be quite big enough.
This funky quilt is my favorite ever. I traced my favorite art projects from Ethan's first grade year and made them into applique quilt blocks.
Ethan_art_quilt_julie comstock
Next up is a stain glass window quilt that a dear friend taught me how to make. I haven't spoken with her in years and this quilt has motivated me to fix that little problem.

And last, but certainly not least this little block I made featuring Ethan's handprint. I tied the red string on the finger to remember how little he was. 
Baby handprint_quilt block
Maybe one day I'll get these finished up. Maybe one day I'll regain my "I think I can" spirit when it comes to quilting. Until then, I'll pack these away to be pulled out on another walk down memory lane.

OK, now onto our winner. Congratulations go to Gwen Windham who said, "I found it on Facebook! :-) It is a sleeveless top with pleats and white lace flowers appliqued on the left shoulder--- SO cute!! :-) Thanks for the chance to win!! :-)" 

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Fat Quarter Shop Mystery Block Hop & Giveaway

Today is your lucky day because you could win a layer cake of Salt Air fabric.

The people you have to thank for this lovely opportunity are your friends at Fat Quarter Shop! They invited me to participate in designing a block for their Mystery Quilt. Since they didn't need me to sew it, it turned out great!
I can't spot my block in their preview pics, but take a look at the beautiful fabric they chose. It's a line called Vintage Modern and it was designed by Bonnie and Camille. The patterns and colors are so lovely that I felt myself wishing I had designed it!

Even though my final block turned out, it did take some trial and errors. Here's one of my reject blocks. Don't get me wrong, I think it's fun, it just wasn't right for this project. What do you think? I tried to make it easy enough that I could sew it. Should I pursue it?? If any of you do, will send me a pic?
Quilt block idea
Ok, onto the game!

Below is a photo of a vintage wearable I own. This is my very favorite clothing item I have ever owned in my life. I feel just like Julie Andrews in Sound of Music when I wear it. Sometimes I even break into song, "and all those children, heaven bless them, they will look up to me and MIND me." (They step right in line after I promise that I'll quit singing if they do!)

This item was not handed down to me from anyone I love. In fact, I bought it for $9 on Ebay (that included shipping). When I got it, I found that sizes circa 1950 are different than sizes circa 2010. I had to lose a few pound before I could enjoy it. 

Now that it fits, I wear it every chance I get and I'm terrified that one day it is going to wear out! I have worn it at market. I have worn it at CHA. I have worn it at Scrapfest. It's very likely that you may have seen me in it! In fact, I have even worn it on facebook! (I really make this easy for you.)
Vintage Dress Grey
If you think you know what this is, leave a comment to be entered into a drawing for the Salt Air layer cake. Good luck everyone!

PS: Tomorrow hop on over to Sweetwater's blog to have a chance at winning something fun there. Also, I saw a really cute bag on their site yesterday. Great inspiration!!!

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Your Spin on Tins

Take a look at these fun tin/can ideas!

First up from one of our challenge regulars Lowri McNabb. She used Twenty Three to make a mini that fits in a really great tin. (I'm really glad she didn't cover the tin in paper because it's so cool, don't you think!)
Twenty three_cosmo cricket_mini album
  Twenty three_mini album_cosmo cricket
Another regular challenge taker, Mustangkala, made a fun treat jar using Joyride. I love making cute packages for neighbor gifts! 
Altered_tin_cosmocricket_paper craft
And last, but certainly not least, a swizel stick container decked out in Social Club by Amanda Coleman. The colors of those sticks are so great and glittered olives... heaven!
Paper Art Tin
If we count my failed tin attempt, that is $20 for the food bank and 4 cans of food. This brings our Make a Difference total to $145.

Help us raise more money for charity. Our food bank needs a lot of help right now!

This week's challenge is Yellow. It has been a trendy color for a while. I love it's sunshiny happiness. So, this week make something featuring yellow with Cosmo Cricket products. Pick from paper, fabric, buttons, etc. Post your link here and like last week, we'll donate $5 and a can of food for every project linked.

PS: A fabric-y giveaway here tomorrow as we have our turn on the Fat Quarter Shop's Mystery Block blog hop. 

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A Big Box, A Tiny Quilt, Another Mistake

Two days ago I got a 55 pound box from Moda! Inside were all the leftover remnants from cutting down Salt Air fabric.
Box o scraps
So far, out of this huge box, I have made this quilt.
Tiny quilt_salt air_cosmocricket
Just another project gone awry for Julie Comstock!

I was hoping to alter an Altoid Tin into a doll bed. I saw a great example at mmmcrafts and I wanted to give it a try with my own quilty spin.
Altoid tin doll bed
However, as is often the case with me, it's not working out! How are your tins coming along? Anyone got any other ideas of what to do with 55 pounds of fabric strips?!?!?


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